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[OPEN] The future unveiled [FESTIVAL]

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Öde watched with some mild interest as the festival began and dancing and laughter filled the Basin's icy halls. He might have been more inclined to partake if not for the fact he had a booth to station soon - such is the weight of duty.

He's never been one much for parties though. If he thought about it, truthfully he just hadn't had many to attend and make his mind up about them. Maybe if he had a mare he was chasing too they'd be a good opportunity to talk or dance with her, but alas he only had his gods and his stomach to give him comfort. For him, it is enough.

With a frosty exhale the dark stallion turned from the open centre and made his way to the booth they had erected not long ago. It was a beautifully woven tent, capable of housing two horses, though it'd be tight. Mostly he intended to stick his head out a large flap, like a window, and conduct business in his shrouded throne of mystery.


As he settled in for a wait, tipping one of his hind hooves onto its toe, Öde grinned. Reading the future of mortals was certainly a godly thing, and even if it was beyond his realm of actual powers, he could certainly devise some clever shit to say.
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Ingrid gulped down some more booze and headed up to the Haruspex Mirror cave. She'd last walked this trail with Rikyn and Akumi on their way to collect water for the Edge's herd quest, but it felt far more foreboding at night.

She was careful to avoid stepping on the lanterns as she walked, and soon found her way up to the cave.
I wonder if it'll be another storytelling booth?" she thought, Uhh, I'm not sure there's a legend of "I can see what your future holds, step on up!" so maybe not.

She thought about turning back. Ingrid had learned at an early age that the term "fortune teller" was just a fancy name for a con artist. They picked the heartbroken and lonely out of a crowd, spouted vague mumbo jumbo that gave their clients just enough false hope to keep them coming back, and then proceeded to rob them of their money. Back in New Rheven, she wouldn't have been caught dead within ten feet of one of those scumbags.

But this wasn't New Rheven, and the stallion in the cave didn't really seem like the sort of slime she was used to. First off, he wasn't taking any sort of payment, so it wasn't like he could do any damage. Secondly, he was a Wise One in the herd of the Time God.

So is it just the alcohol talking, or could he actually be serious?

She shook her head. It was all in good fun, so it didn't matter if the fortunes were real or not. It wasn't likely that she'd remember what he said the next morning anyway. She marched up to the stallion's table, "So, what do you think is in my future?"


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I want to try everything, the dragonmare had declared upon arriving, and so she would.

Amaris was not one to put much stock in prophecies or premonitions, but she would admit that she was not immune to the curiosity it sparked within her. Could someone really know what was in the future? Was predicting something like 'You will not be standing where you are in one minute's time' really a prediction, if the predictor then forcibly moved the predictee's position to ensure its truth?

Foolishness, came the dry remark from Dramyrth, who had settled quite permanently upon her withers, and so was therefore 'forced' to partake in anything she did. Oh bah humbug, Amaris merely replied, following her (possibly drunk) herdmate Ingrid to the stand where the strange dark stallion with crimson eyes stood.

Ingrid asked her question, and Amaris hesitated, before being unable to hold back that intellectual side who simply wanted to know how everything worked: "How do you receive your predictions?"

Party pooper, Dramyrth added wryly, amusement colouring his thoughts, as he suddenly became more interested in this particular stand.
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The prospect of futures were enticing, and, having quickly learned that she would benefit greatly from foresight during the “game” Wessex had concocted, the wicked one is immediately sold by Ode’s promises of soothsaying.

Giggling along the way, she slinks towards the tent to await her chance to move within. From its folds filter voices which she does not listen to, distracted by the general hubbub of the festival, and the proximity of so many others to her. A naturally flighty and somewhat paranoid creature by nature, the earlier events of the evening have left her nerves quite frayed, and, though the noise of the dancehall is stunted by the expanse of the lake and the light here is dim, she is still quite overwhelmed.

Occasionally her giggles peak into nervous, sharp sounds, but, otherwise, her eyes rove across all about her, and, when her time at last comes, she enters beneath the awning of the tent to find the crimson eyed stranger within it. Thrusting her face towards him in a most forward motion, her silver eye quivers with anticipation, where the solidly black one would, were it capable.

"Tell us," Beloved whispers between her excited giggles, "what do the days to follow foretell?"

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I saw the ivory unicorn - the strange one that can't stop giggling - leave the main festival area. I stared after her for awhile, wondering if she was headed somewhere interesting. Her travel led her toward a tent wherein a stallion stood, dark in the shadows of the tent, his curved horn a sharp point protruding from the darkness. I choose to follow the small female that has routinely attracted my curiosity, and find when I reach there that others have gathered as well. The she-dragon had come as well and despite my desire to remain impatient and stoic, I was astounded by her strange beauty. Another female stood there, grey and speaking to the dark stallion. All three of them seemed to be asking for their fortunes - except that the dragon femme asked how he received the information of his predictions.

It was a curious question and I waited to hear the answer before asking my own question. Do you see my future? I had no expectations. I'm not sure that I would believe anything that passed his lips, for I did not believe in fortune telling. But, that being noted, I was curious to see what he would say. This place was mystical indeed, perhaps he was blessed with a knowledge that I could not know. What do I know in this strange place? Nothing, of course, and my understanding was rapidly changing the longer I stayed here.

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Having gotten quite tired last year after just a few hours, the ginger-kissed filly is glad to be at the festival with older legs, ready to be out and about for longer. Leaving the game areas as the sun began to at last slip behind the mountains, really bringing out the soft blue light of the lamps, and various individuals native to the north began to light the fires set about, the girl makes her way towards one of the few attractions she had made it to, before she’d begun to fall asleep on her hooves, and they’d had to go home.

This year, however, it’s not a pretty white mare and a friendly dragon running the booth. Pausing to look at the dubious individual poised inside the makeshift tent, and hearing, also, the tell tale giggles of the creepy woman far before she sees her, Maude almost doesn’t attend this stall after all. However, reminding herself that Knights and Paladins alike must be brave, the young healer defiantly lifts her chin in face of her fear, and joins those waiting in line for their futures.

Standing among the others in line, however, are at least those she knows. Making her way towards Ingrid with a happy nicker, and bobbing her nose hello again to Amaris, she settles in alongside the somewhat familiar, older paint mare with some of the worry in her breast easing its tautness.

When her time comes, she tentatively approaches the waiting soothsayer, her trusting eyes wide with wonder as she beholds the blood red eyes of the strange man. With a quavering voice, steeped with her trepidation and enthrallment, the maiden inquires:

"What does my future say?"

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