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[THROAT] Starlight calls

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Weighed down, I've been weighed down
Underneath this skin,
waiting to hear my name again
I'm sorry, nothing can hold me
I adore you still but I hear them calling
Light footsteps make little sound on what was left of the autumn grass but a shadow moves about under the moonlight. Had it not been for her pale chestnut and white body, she would have been seemingly invisible but her eyes seemed to glisten beneath the white light above.

Gwen was far lost in thought to even realize where she was going but without hesitation her hooves carried her down a well traveled, beaten down path. The dust behind her was minimal for she was merely walking but it seemed to catch the wind and swirl away just as fast as her mind had hours ago. Hardy hooves were being worn thin, tired of travel but willing to go just a little further but they seemed to have a mind of their own tonight as she swam back to her family in a heap of emotional memories. Memories of her homeland and the bloodshed flashed across her mind.

The young mare shook her head to clear her thoughts, what happened was in the past and she needed to keep those memories at bay. What she what she hoped for by coming to this new land was that she'd find a home. Pausing for a small rest, she glanced around with her bright purple eyes glancing up at the stars, the view of them easy to see. They were beautiful..then again all stars were. Gwen remembered as a child being so fascinated by them but now? They were merely pretty. Balls of light millions of miles away to just admire.

"Where do I go from here?.." She wondered aloud to herself as she glanced around the forest.

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The moonlight shone down illuminating the bone markings on his dunskin hide. Zafir flew ahead searching for anyone in the dense forest while Astarot wondered behind her. Astarot smiled softly as he enjoyed the cool late night air. The young stallion smiled softly as he made his way through the woods. His scarlet and sapphire eyes roved over the dark trees. He wondered if anyone would even be around at this time of night. Zafir was wondering the same thing as she followed a very well worn path deeper into the forest. It was nice to be out of the Throat for a little while especially at night. The pressure at home could be really rough on such a young man, but he actually liked it. Sometimes you just needed to get away from it all for a while. The moonlight and crispy leaves under his large feathered hooves was just what he needed.

Zafir rushed back into view trilling brightly before racing back the way she had come. He chuckled warmly as he cantered after her; his large body rocking smoothly. After a few moments Zafir circled back and landed gently on his back sitting up proudly. He slowed as the scent of a woman touched his nostrils. A warm kind smile slid easily over his bone marked face. He pricked his ears as a voice brushed his ears. "I might be able to help with that." He laughed warmly and stepped into view his eyes moving over the lady.

She was beautiful with a light red coat and red and white stripes. He turned his eyes back to her purple ones because he didn't want to seem like a creep by staring at her body to long. His deep voice was low and warm, "Hello Miss welcome to Helovia, my name is Astarot." Zafir cooed as she leaned around his fat head to get a better look at the horned lady. Her scarlet eyes took her time looking the lady over carefully scrutinizing her. "This is Zafir, my companion. We live in a herd called The Dragon's Throat." Politely he bends his knee bowing low to the pretty lady. When he rises Zafir trills a soft greeting surprising the young stallion. He turns to look at her curiously his brows raised asking her a silent question. It was very rare for her to take an interest in anyone, much less say hello herself. Scarlet eyes meet his dual colored gaze calmly her spiked tail curling around her paws. Her pearly horns flashed in the light as she inclined her head to him.
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