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The reality of her decision doesn’t actually set in till she figures out it’s all real, that the countdown has begun and she’s already spiraling down towards that drain.
I’m gonna die some day.
Her lips ache as her teeth sink down into them, pleading for mercy as the iron taste of blood seeps onto her tongue. They snap back like a whip, frown whisking across her face as her brows tear themselves into a mess of pain and overall upsettedness.
Why would I do that?
Birds chirp in her ears, her eyes now narrowing as she squints to try and see them in the trees. They don’t pay her any mind and she can’t tell if she’s upset with them for it or not, or if it’s just the harshness of her newfound reality setting in. Either way, her chest drums a beat so rapidly that she feels it in her ribcage and all the way to her brain.
Everything, gone.
“Akita?” The trees swallow her voice, soft and feeble as the lump in her throat grows enough for her to feel like she’s choking. Nothing replies back, no one comes through the trees to see her and make sure she’s okay, and Akita definitely doesn’t make an appearance.
One more time. “Akita!” Birds scatter, each making their own way into somewhere else, where they don’t have to watch a small mare crumple herself up in the grass and the dew and shed far too many tears over a name they couldn’t care for.
The newfound silence only makes it worse, hacking up the chokehold in her throat as a few solid tears swell up in her eyes. No one is coming, but she’s completely prepared to let herself believe that. Her ideas of mortals had been that they’d do anything for those that were around them, drawn to each other like flies are drawn to their corpses in the end of their days, always searching.
If she can’t find Akita, then she’ll have to be like them. I’m one of them now. A hesitant reminder to herself that only hurts more to know, but Tsurei would do anything for her sister regardless of the act, and in the end, self-sacrifice was enough.
Shakiness taunts her as she struggles to find her balance, frowning more and letting few tears slide down her cheeks as she looks down at the one leg that misses what remains of her original wings, vacant. She swallows up the pain of it with a sigh, gentle reminder gracing her lips in hope she’s the only one to hear her whispers. “This was your choice, you’ve got to live with it now.”
It doesn’t do anything to help, and instead achieves in only making her feel worse. She should think more, should care more for herself, but the thought never passes over her head when the time really comes.
Except, she couldn’t imagine the amount of agony Akita would feel at the loss of her.
So, with her legs finally finding themselves, tears bothering her every blink as they clot up in her lashes, throat aching with the feeling of coming into attendance, her voice comes out shaky and nearly broken, next to begging.
I can tell you right not that it was intended to come out as something else, but her sister rules her mind for the time being, not wishing to throw everything away only to waste a lifetime written in numbers with an unknown end date just to find the person she gave it up for, and she is the only thing that she believes will save her now.

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had me feeling like a ghost,
and that's what I hate the most
Akita grinds her teeth together, listening to the frantic shouts of her sister as she washes up ashore the mortal world the way Akita did— but she has done it by choice, out of love and a dependency on her sister, Akita was cast out for her recklessness, had the doors shut in her face out of fear. They could not handle her carelessness anymore, could not allow her actions to continue, could not brush it off and pretend nothing ever happens because of her chaotic nature. Akita wished that her sister had remained in the upper world, had not sacrificed her title for her and remained the quiet, forgotten companion. Perhaps without Akita there she would have flourished and become a better known presence among the mortals, been more revered and no longer shadowed by Akita herself. But no, for she has cast aside her immortality to walk with Akita through the mortal's world.

Akita disapproves of the choice, but knows she does not control her sister's actions, furious for her selflessness as she casts aside everything she had to live with her. The fallen can hear her sister's cries through the forest, scattering flocks of birds as she weeps helplessly for Akita, delicate but deliberate steps taking her to her lost sister. Orange sweeps over the pale body and the way it shakes with each laboured breath, the glistening tears that slide down fair cheeks and drop down towards winged ankles. Her gaze stops there, a gasp escaping her lips as Akita catches the missing wings that should be there— they had been when the two resided in the world above, merely observing the mortals, not living among them.

Her brows furrow as she steps forward, listening the sounds of her sister's sorrows before clearing her throat and offering only a quiet, "Yuki." Akita stands over her grullo twin, appearing so much taller with her confident and regal posture as she addresses her despairing sister. "Yuki, collect yourself. I am here," Akita was never one for being the most comforting presence, in fact she may be the complete opposite, but she tries her best to offer her sister some shoulder to lean on when she worries too much or gets too consumed by sorrow. "Everything is okay,
I am here, Yuki."
Dual wings stretch out to blanket her sister, sweeping towards the delicate frame in a gesture of protection, despite Akita's frustration towards the actions of her sister. She will address it later, when she is not in shambles in the middle of a foreign mortal world. "You are safe." The fallen murmurs, fiery orange sweeping over the landscape to check for anyone else, wondering what sort of mortals reside within this land's borders.

Akita has witnessed mortals live as recklessly as she, warring over territory and their gods, the same gods Akita pursued, the same gods who Akita served loyally— she watched mortals suffer great massacres and epidemics, plagues that cleared entire populations, miracle rains that saved dry lands from dying at the hands of droughts, natural disasters that have devastated lands completely— she has witnessed so much in her time separated from the mortals, traversing each side of their lives, from the moment they are born into the world to the moment they pass through the veil into Death, watched their spirits exist purposelessly in the darkness of the other side. Akita was never so greatly impacted the way her sister was over the life and death of mortals, how their lives ended so easily, so quickly, or could last for great periods of time, never thought that it was sad or distressing to witness them die. She felt nothing for them, has witnessed too much to feel anything for them anymore— maybe somewhere in the beginning her heart would yearn to help them, to rescue them, be their saviour, their saint, but her strict separation prevented it. Her sister's heart has never settled, never been silenced by the years of witnessing such terrible things, always crying out for each mortal she saw in peril.

And now they were to live among them, condemned to exist among the very mortals they were never allowed to interact with, the very mortals that left a empty, hollow feeling in Akita's heart. She stands on their soil, feels her lungs taking in their air, sheltered by their flora, surrounded by their fauna, she feels vile.

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Always, there seemed to be something going on in the Threshold. Always, chaos reigned, pandemonium roiled and toiled, disorder and anarchy fell upon the borders of the lands called Helovia. The dragonmare had travelled beyond the borders numerous times, she had witnessed the world beyond, she knew that the world out there had the potential to be as cruel and deadly as the world in here. What was the difference then? What made her stay on in this realm of gods and monsters and priests and everything else?

Love, Dramyrth supplied softly, simply, as images of her beloved cousin, her friends, her family rose up within her mind's eye. Yes, Amaris concurred, it was love that anchored her here, forevermore.

And so she wandered the Threshold, her scouting senses alive, though what specifically for, she did not know. Another to welcome into this idea of family she had created within her heart? Another to guide safely home? Another to guard from the dangers that sometimes plagued the lands, from creatures who feasted on flesh and blood and meat?

I'm one of those creatures, came the wry tones of her beloved in her cranium once more, though they were tinged with sarcasm and jest, Amaris could not help the thought that rebounded from her own mind in response: I am too. For the dragonmare was part dragon after all, she had dined upon the blood of another before, though refrained from doing so as long as she could, repulsed by it when not filled with the bloodlust that drove her to ignore her equine half.

The dragonmare continued wandering, her thoughts curiously silent now, as she looked with her discerning gaze between the trees, through the bushes, around rocks and other such landmarks. It wasn't until a cry of alarm went up, as it so often seemed to do, that her ears raised from their caramel depths amongst her mane and pricked, her sharp, golden gaze scrutinising, her nostrils flared.

But it wasn't a predator she smelt or heard, but a cry of despair, of loss, a summons to a loved one lost by distance and time; Amaris' heart lurched within her chest as she heard it, for it was a cry she herself knew all too well as she ventured across unknown lands and into unknown territories. The dragonmare moved to approach, swiftly but also as silently as her lithe, athletic body could. Dramyrth flew high, above the canopy, a speck of gold against the sky above, a sentinel, a guardian from afar who would intervene if he felt his fiery or frosty breath would sway the tide in his beloved's favour.

"Are you alright?" came the question as the dragonmare finally entered the scene, eyes blinking as her bulk paused its motions. She assessed the locale with a swift glance, tilting her ears to ensure no others of darker intentions were near (though she could hardly stop others like herself from approaching, she could at least make a stance against any predators who would love nothing more than to discover a prone pegasus lady upon the floor, ready for feasting). The pale dove with wings upon her feet was standing however, albeit shakily, hidden beneath the protective shield of her companion's larger, more useable wings.

"I heard a shout of alarm," the dragonmare supplied as she swiftly discerned that there was no immediate danger, looking to each of the mares with quiet observation, folding her own leathery wings down to her side in an attempt to dispel any lingering tension. "One never knows what might happen upon the borders of Helovia, so I came to investigate, and offer my aid, if it's needed."

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