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Kid Posts: 122
Outcast atk: 4 | def: 8.5 | dam: 6.5
Colt :: Equine :: 15hh :: 3 years HP: 63 | Buff: NOVICE
so kid finaaallyyyy got his stats, and i'm looking to get him up and sparring!!

for the moment since i'm realllyyyy bad at spars, so i'd like to keep it to characters with similar stats if possible, although if someones up for a teaching spar to give me some feedback that would be super helpful. so who's up for it???

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Riven Posts: 0
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Noah? I am horribly rusty though. I haven't written a proper fight post since Africa in the Hidden Falls invasion lol....

Snow Posts: 7
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Happy to do teaching too :)

Amaris Posts: 299
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Mare :: Hybrid :: 16h :: 4 years HP: 70 | Buff: NOVICE
Dramyrth :: Gold Dragon :: Fire Breath & Frost Breath Whit
I know their HP might be a bit different but otherwise their stats are similar - Amaris is happy to spar! :)
(I am also super rusty with spars so we can flail together??)
No need to mirror my post length - I have a horrible case of the rambly writer syndrome!
I like being tagged!
You are always welcome to 'try' and use force/magic on Amaris, but similar to spar posts, leave it to me to decide how the damage is taken please~

Marie Posts: 0
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My Mare can be a bit feisty but she wouldn't hurt anyone too bad for something small. Let's say they get into a spat since she can really push a horses buttons! If your up for it I can start the thread

Astarot Posts: 81
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Zafír :: Common Blue Dragon :: Frost Breath Pare
Astarot's stats are super close to Kid's, and I could see them fighting xD
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