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Naerys and Petyr

She's watched most of the night pass by. Watched the stars sparkling high up in the sky, the moon shining down steady. The nights are growing colder, the leaves are turning and making the empty space beside her that much more prominent. How long had it been since she'd seen Caenan? How many meetings have passed? How many seasons? Her third birthday had come and gone with little ado. No, not little... none at all. No celebration, no family, no acknowledgement at all. It might have been different if her pirate were still around. At least he would have remembered. At least he would have made an effort. But then, even she could have overlooked her own birthday if he'd been present. What does she have instead? A broken heart and lack of sleep. Try as she might, the shadow of what they once had haunts her every time she closes her eyes. So instead, she remains awake until she can't fight it anymore. Not the best solution, certainly not the healthiest, but it's all she can handle.

As the time ticks by and his scent is no longer anywhere to be found, sorrow begins to transform into anger. Instead of wanting to find him just to feel him beside her again, she kind of wanted to find him just to give him a swift kick in the chest (not an entirely displeasing thought). The sky is still dark when she slips from the protection of the forest, leaving Petyr nestled in the trees not far from where she typically sleeps. Between her thoughts and the lack of sleep, the trees had begun to feel too restricting, claustrophobic. Naerys is as silent as she can be as she moves towards the cliff's edge, settling into her favorite spot near the southwestern corner. From here, the long stretch of sandy beach is enticingly clear, contrasting with the deep blue of the sea. The water is in perpetual motion, constantly shifting and sometimes crashing against the rocks and beach. Perhaps the most beautiful of all, is the reflection of the night sky in the ocean's dark, rippled surface.

In the tender stillness, though, her involuntary melancholic sigh is far more clear. Yet as the moon begins to slip beneath the horizon, the young mare grits her teeth and launches herself from the ledge with her wings unfurled. She naturally adjusts their position, holding them tight as she dips down near the ocean's surface before extending her wings and lifting herself back upwards. Yet she doesn't return to the Edge. Instead, she adjusts her course and swoops in to land gracefully upon the sands of the Endless Blue once again. Naerys traipses along the sparkling beach - slow and steady as she waits for the sunrise. She'd first found him here and the memories of that day are incredibly difficult to ignore but perhaps she could replace them with better ones.
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The sky faded from the pinks and purples of dusk to the inky black of night. Pounding hooves can be heard easily over the quite shushing noise of the ocean. The large stallion and dragon might live surrounded by the sea, but it was different on this side of Helovia. There was something about looking out over this part of the ocean that seemed truly endless. Maybe it was because you was currently alone gazing out at the rippling water as they raced down the sand. Sometimes it just felt good to get away from the herd and his responsibilities. It felt like just yesterday he had been a plain member of the Throat with nothing more to do than just wonder his home and bring home lost souls. Now he had a whole herd to look after and care for. Their health was in his hands, and he didn't feel like he was capable. He was so young, with so many things to learn, yet his Apa trusted him with the lives of everyone in the herd.

A deep sigh ruffled his muzzle as he finally halted his run to stare out at the sea. Zafir flew off in search of something to hunt down and devour. He stood silently gazing out at the dark water losing himself in the constant hush and shh sound of the water lapping at the sand. He hadn't realized how close he had come to the World's Edge cliff. In all honesty he didn't even know about the cliff there. He'd never been to the World's Edge, or in it at least. He had skirted the boundaries once long ago, when he had been hunting for his long lost mother. He balked at the memories of his gentle voiced mother. It had been to long since he had seen her delicate features smiling down at him. His heart gave a painful thump as her face floated into his mind.

The sound of wings beating at the early dawn air shoved the memories away for him. Dual eyes shifted upward searching for the source curiously. He could tell by the sound the wings were a lot larger than Zafir's so he wondered what or who was coming towards him. In the lightening sky he could see a Pegasus lowering towards the beach. He watched as a lithe form landed easily further down the beach. The form walked slowly moving closer to him, but not really towards him. He wondered if the lone figure even noticed him. A slight breeze brought him scents of evergreens and the perfume worn only by ladies. Was she here for the same reasons he was? Did she need to get away and clear her head as well?

if so maybe she thought as he did that speaking to a new person was the best way to do calm his whirling mind. Cautiously he called out, his warm gravely voice brushing the cool air. He didn't want to frighten the lady away by rushing forward. He strode forward his body falling easily into it's open posture. Had he ever held himself in any other way, or had he always been this kind? He couldn't remember. A gentle smile fell into place reaching all the way to his dual colored eyes. As he drew close enough his eyes slipped over her gentle frame. In the dim light he couldn't tell if it was black or bay that broke up the white spots. She was shorter and slightly older than himself, but he didn't mind. Most horses were shorter than his towering height. His eyes shifted to the flowers growing around her hooves. "It looks like it might be a beautiful morning." He smiled and dipped his head in greeting, "My name is Astarot, it's nice to meet you Miss." He gazed down at her wondering what she was doing out here alone.

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