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[PRIVATE] Are You Gonna Stay The NIght?

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    Akumi didn’t actually intend to stay here longer than the day, but a new friend she made named Noah is what intrigued her to stay. His brilliant pelt, green eyes, golden wings, and handsome stature made her want to get to know him better. The sun was almost set but not before showing off its brilliant purple and pink colors and chilling cold air. Though it was Tallsun, it was strangely cold in this place. She didn’t like it at all.

    The air sent a chill through her skin to her bones with each breeze that blew past, but her willingness to go find Noah to talk to him was more important than just a little cold. Besides, she still had a little Sun on her side to help her make it there, and with that in mind, maybe he knew somewhere that was warm or something to keep her warm from the cold that she was not used to and the pelt that did a terrible job of helping.

Or maybe he could keep her warm…

    Akumi wandered the lush green fields until she caught sight of folded gold wings atop a hill. All she could see were wings so she hoped it wouldn’t be anyone else of similar coloring. Turning to her tail to compare the feathers, the golden shimmer gave her enough confidence to walk up the hill and approach the handsome stallion. Upon nearing she saw the recognizable brown markings that draped his back and thick muscles. “Hey!” she whinnied out, hoping to catch his attention.


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@noah OOC: Just thought we might also have a private chat to see if the two really get along or just wanna be friends >~<
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There had been one, a very long time ago, who had moved the island-child’s heart, who had tempted the boundaries of lawful affection to sway - for free love was unknown there, and warriors alone bred warriors. A veil of soft, shining buttermilk always streamed left like a gentle waterfall, down the bold contours of her face (it was pure white, angelic in every respect), and it shielded the reticent, captivating amber eye gazing demurely beneath; both shone gloriously golden in vivid summer light, set there amid long, luscious rims of bleach-blonde. Enticing was the smooth line of her velvety, pastel pink lips… There was something about the way she smiled; the way laughter fluttered like freed butterfly wings from the pit of her belly, the way her heart glowed warmly, as though the very sun itself had made home her beautiful heart.

He was driven to be better.

It was hopeless infatuation, lust tarnished by the brush of promised failure; and perhaps that young enchantress, the nymph who's bewitching smile he could not resist, knew fully her power. She was the revered daughter of the prophet and his soothsayer (she would be the sole beneficiary of Manangatang lore and religion), a perfect creature born from the sea and the moon; a vestal virgin who would swear to a life of celibacy. The love he felt for her was forever doomed, but still fiercer even than Death’s own black spell. She had been in the crowd the day he’d left the island - her gilt eyes had glistened incredibly above the crowd’s bright chorus of encouragement, of faith (they all trusted him to succeed); and it was she who often visited his slumber with tantalising whispers and beckoning breath.

- - - -

It is early in the night. Darkness works swiftly to choke the bruised blue of evening out of the arc of sky above the basin, and deep shadow wanders restlessly as it wakens through every crevice. Noah ambles down the familiar, very well-worn rabbit trail that carves a link between the dove’s tiny cave and the cosy grove of trees he has come to favour. His skull droops as though the weight of solid lead lies within it, and so too do the pale lashes wilt wearily across his eyes; no matter the press of fatigue, the stallion will resist the urge to sleep, for it is in the smallest hours of the morning that peace welcomes his mind to close (the birds will rouse him quickly, before any horrors descend upon his vulnerable sub conscience).

The air seems to bare the kiss of winter, yet there is no trace of even autumn’s rust in the leaves. His internal clock is disorientated, confused - the vicious result of trauma mixed with ‘jet-lag’, yet his heart feels lighter each day, brighter for the companionship Nora brings.

Hooves crest the final rise, a small hill that offers slight vantage across the valley, and he pauses for a moment to taste the crisp dank flavour of the oncoming night. It was while he perched upon that elevation that the voice of another, familiar - though the face of its owner was slow to trigger, sailed brightly forward through the rising quiet. Bold ears launch towards the sound, the mare, Akumi, who was climbing to meet him, and a puzzled though inviting expression graced his chiselled features. "Evening," he answered after a second, and cheerfully enough; voice unmistakably thick beneath the haze of his confusion. "Shouldn’t you be miles from here by now?"
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