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[MEETING] Nothing is Certain but Change

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The Elephant was tired. Weariness lined every thick muscle that moved beneath his scarred, silvered buckskin hide. The lines around his darkened eyes were deeper, more numerous, than they had been in previous years of his Kingship. But, to the giant Dorobian stallion, it was not his own exhaustion that mattered so much. No.

It was that his actions as King (he felt) were lacking. There were new faces in the Edge that he had not yet met, stories of new member’s lives that he had not asked after, arguments between members he had been disinterested in resolving, new births and companions he had turned a blind eye to. And, though he had remained dutifully in his station and shown no outright negligence, to him, these were grievous faults against any King. A King who did not love his station… well, that was King who was undeserving of those he led.

And there was the matter of his family… His twins ran wild with a concerning darkness in their actions. His firstborn, Hawezi, had been gone so long…a long and prolonged blink hid the self-reproach and pain in his navy eyes. His two spotted twins… Zubari harbored some innate hatred for him and Katua, too, was missing. And Safiri—his sweet flower of a child, she wanted nothing more than his attention and time…and he could barely give her that with his duties. As his dark lids rose, he did not give himself time to think of Rexanna and their arguments or patchwork apologies.

So, despite his tall stature, it was not with his usual proud head carriage that he let his loud and unmistakable elephantine call cover the Edge, “Edge, gather!” But, even to his own ears, it sounded more tired than it had in the past. So he waited, calm and still, beneath the lilac canopy in the cool early morning of Tallsun.

[wait for arrivals]

His dark eyes swept over all those gathered—and, where he normally would grin and greet those of his herd, only slight nods with tired and sad eyes were given to his friends and Edge family. He waited for silence—or, perhaps, waiting to see if there would be some sign that what he was about to say should wait; or that it was the right thing to do. A man whose actions oft have far-reaching consequences does not necessarily become used to those consequences.

A deep breath expanded his slabbed, black-slashed sides before his low voice began to roll over the herd, “My Edge, I call you here first to thank you—I never thought I’d be worthy of a Kingship, and you have all taught me so very much,” he paused, another heavy breath, “And because of what you have taught me, and what you’ve shown me, it is time for another to take my place,” his gaze looked briefly to the Devoted, knowing that his choice in her had altered much of her life—and, now, he was about to do it once again.

And then he looked to Lyanna, “Lyanna will be your new Queen. She has guided both Alysanne and myself in many herd decisions. I trust her entirely to lead you as well—or better—than myself,” another pause as his eyes heavily weighed on the blue-tinged pegasus mare, before turning to the young and dark man with foxes—Mauja had thought so highly of him, “And, to help our new monarch, Sacre shall offer guidance as Emissary. Though young, he has shown both dedication and duty to the Edge.”

Then to the faithful and faultless Moon Doctor, “Tilney, you are as loyal as any to the Edge, and I would have you lead our healing ranks. They need your guidance, my friend. And Yael, I welcome you to our Sage ranks.” The Elephant (King no longer), fell silent then. A strange, heavy buoyancy filled his chest; like a balloon filled mostly with helium and partly lead.

He blinked quickly few times, before his eyes sought those of his children and mate—perhaps in for assurance or confirmation of his choice. Regardless, any further words were stolen from him by the emotions that clouded his chest, mind, and throat.

And the Elephant King bowed his head, waiting for time to flow on and sweep his soul-altering choice to the endless riverbanks of the past.
the elephant king

Thank you all so much for letting Tembovu lead for so long! <3

Congratulations to Lyanna as the new WE Queen! And to Sacre as the new Emissary!
Tilney is our new lead Moon Doctor! And Yael is our new Sage!


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Change was coming and Alysanne had been expecting it for some time. She met it with mixed feelings - much of the animosity she felt for Tembovu had been buried and dimmed over the year that they had ruled side by side but she had noticed how he had been more absent than normal. Once, she had felt aggravated that she hadn’t even been able to take a walk in the Edge without accidentally bumping into him - or he had always always showed up to greet newcomers.

She didn’t forget the tired, dismissive way he had spoken to her when they had discussed the actions of a former herd member with Lyanna. Alysanne took her spot beside Tembovu, noting with concern his lack of greeting to everyone that gathered.

Despite the bad news that was coming - the Edge was losing a king that many of them loved - there was good news that chased it. She stood quietly, letting Tembovu get through everything he needed to say. Alysanne didn’t believe in final endings, Helovia had taught her that very little actually ended - so she did not truly believe this was the end of the Elephant King. He might just need a break - time to focus on his family, time to reset and rest.

Her green gaze was soft on him when she turned her attention to him, offering what little words of comfort she could. “We’ll miss you as our king, Tembovu. I hope you’ll stay here, in your home and with your herd.” She knew that many would find the Edge strange without him around, and she could hardly begrudge them for that. How many faces did she still miss from years gone by?

A smile formed in her eyes, warm when she looked out to the herd and found everyone who had been named. “And congratulations to everyone, these promotions are all very well deserved. We will be looking for Moon Doctors to replace Sacre and Lyanna and work with Tilney. And we'll be seeking a new glazier as well. Graasvoel has decided to step aside so that he can focus on his young family.” Her gaze found Dragomir - curious as to whether he would be interested in taking up his old position once more.

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We will be posting applications for Moon Doctor and Glazier soon so please keep an eye out!
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She has grown used to Alysanne and Tembovu’s calls. They are familiar to her in the same way her parents calls had once been familiar to her, and it’s without reservation that she makes her way toward the usual meeting spot. But it’s clear, quickly, that something is wrong. Tembovu is not himself, not quite as proud, his greetings much more subdued. Her mind immediately kicks into gear, looking for any outward sides of injury or sickness. She can find nothing but tired circles under his eyes, and she cannot figure out what those might mean without asking more questions. They could simply mean he is tired, after all, between being King and raising a family.

When they all gather and he speaks, everything starts out wrong. This is not how meetings go. No, not usually, except when Elsa had called them all together to step down. But somehow she cannot wrap her mind around the possibility of this. To her, there was no other King. She has never seen another in the Edge, never really thought she would see another. If you are called the Elephant King, it is because you are destined to be King.

And then he looks at her. Her teal eyes widen just slightly as her name ushers out of his lips, and it’s all she can do to keep her mind trained to his words. Queen. Her? She wouldn’t believe if he weren’t starting right at her, thinking the sound of her name to just be a trick of the wind. But there are no other names like hers in the Edge. She almost laughs aloud when he says she might even serve this place better.

No, that she could not do. She could never dream to fill his shoes. She could only dream to do his legacy justice, to serve the Edge to the best of her ability. Hopefully, the rest of the herd would be willing to give her that chance. It is not fresh, but she hasn’t forgotten Aly’s reception on the throne, and now, there were two healers sitting there. But she could fix that. She could be better. She could be what her brother had always wanted to be.

At least, she could try.

She waits until he finishes, trying to catch Sacre and Yael’s eyes when their promotions are also announced, nodding to each. Her excitement for both of them helps to diminish her own nerves, at least momentarily, and her grin gets a little bigger for Yael.  When Alysanne is also done, her eyes find Tembovu again, nodding toward their King. Not former. He would always be the Elephant King. And she hopes, somehow through the look in her eye, that the throne will always be his. At least in some way.

“It won’t be the same without you,” she says to Tembovu, her voice quiet, loud enough for him to hear and those nearby her. Then, louder, pulling herself up in the once she once stood when she served her old home as Princess, the way her mother once stood as Queen. “I will do my best to serve the Edge if you will have me.”

She was never destined to be Queen in Morham. She was destined to be a princess, to be used for alliances and to live the life she chose. And she never dreamed of a throne when she came here. She simply dreamed of a new life, one to help ease the pain of her own. And suddenly, she has a family bigger than she could have ever imagined. Suddenly, she has a life she never thought possible. And it was a good one.


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& I think to myself


Stretching from her impromptu nap, the chestnut dipped filly eagerly prances her way towards the Elephant’s call. She is in high spirits, per usual, despite the fact that it would seem most of her friends, for whatever reason, had been off on adventures without her, and that she hadn’t seen her mother in quite some time; her Auntie had also moved away, leaving her afternoons, that had been filled with feminine gossip, now devoid of much more than plants and daddy (not that she minded so much, loving both quite a lot). Ever this positive little thing, however, Maude tried her best to not let these truths bother her; what was the point of crying? She would tell herself.

It would not make them come home to her, after all, and besides, they always seemed to, eventually.

Entering the fold of her herd-mates, the little one seeks out Barty, or her daddy, having not looked for Katua or Gawen for some time, and figuring that Zubari, per usual, would stand at the back, if for no reason other than to upset King Tembovu with his aloofness and stern glares. Maude certainly did not claim to understand her friends actions anymore than she had noted them, or heard the anger in young Zubi’s voice when he discussed the relationship with his sire.

She only had two brothers, and they were not around often enough for her to feel much anger or jealousy over their place in her father’s heart at all.

Listening to the King and Queen with a well of sadness deepening in her heart, one which is highlighted by the sun, and which leaves the girl feeling quite confused, she wonders how so much sorrow can come with so much good. She felt very sad for the change of leadership, but also excited, because she loved Tembovu and Lyanna, and definitely loved her daddy most of all. So, the girl swallows down all her worry and sadness for her friends and for the herd, and, instead, looks to Lyanna, Yael, and her father with a great big, beaming smile, and nuzzles her head against her father’s shoulder with pride.

"Congratulations, everyone!" she cheerfully tells them, aiming to meet her father's eyes with citrine orbs glowing with joy for him, but more solemnly adds, to the King (whom had watched her grow, while playing with his numerous children, and, to Maude, anyway, was a very person in her life), "I always liked your speeches, Mr. Tembovu. I am glad you got to be my King."

Maybe, one day, she’d write him a song, but the middle of a meeting was not the place to compose, the child was learning. One wound up missing all the good bits of the conversation that way…

what a wonderful world

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Setting down a rather rectangular-shaped test spade when he hears the call of the King, Dragomir slowly meanders his way towards the gathering number of Edge members, while keeping his eyes open for Ranjiri or Letha (if his deaf stepdaughter was even aware there was a meeting, he smiles, wondering if her new panther would insist she follow the summons or not). Having understood Ranjiri’s down trodden mood since the death of her lover, the man who had somehow managed to steal her heart while Dragomir had tended to his very ill, and waning dam (or, perhaps not steal, so much as pick it up, from where the painted crafter had left it laying), the former Glazier would understand if she decided not to gather among the herd.

He himself was as unlikely as any to make it here, he thinks to himself, settling in among nobody in particular, for the time being, leaving some room alongside himself and the others, just in case his girls arrive later than he does. It was also because he was rather shy himself, and the thought of accidentally brushing against one of the less familiar horses to him was, well, horrifying.

Taking in what is said once the meeting commences, the man looks towards the dark skinned woman who is to be his Queen. Winged, like Alysanne, the man has long since lost his reservations about those different than himself, and now sees only the kindness in the former Doctor, now Queen’s, expression. Glad that his friend will have a suitable counterpart with a warm heart, as well, the stallion is quite surprised to find Alysanne’s green eyes on him when she speaks of Glazier positions.

“Me?” he mouths at her without sound, sky blue eyes widening.

It had been so many years since he’d tended the glass, the man wasn’t sure he was even capable anymore…but, if the greenhoof needed him, so it would be, he supposed, though he was almost already dreading the lessons and meetings that placed him so openly in the public at the mere thought of being such a figure again.

I hope tomorrow you find better things.

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What is that?

It's a call..

For what?

A gathering.

For what?

A meeting.

About what?

Suppose we'll have to go find out.

the usual conclusion to their little discussions was punctuated by a huff of smoky breath, as the little dragon-king preened himself on his branch. How dare any think they could summon him, the golden king dragon of Helovia? How dare they think they held jurisdiction over him like he was common peasant? Amusement suddenly flooded him, though it was a foreign emotion - it leaked though the bond from his beloved, who evidently found his point of view amusing.

You know, if you were a King, you would have to answer to your people. How is this any different? she probed gently, as they made their way across the lands.
Choice, choice is the difference, the dragon answered simply, refusing to voice anything more on the matter.

It would be the first herd meeting they had attended since re-joining, and nervous anticipation mounted within them, setting the dragonmare's nerves on edge, making her shy and pause at every bend and twist and turn as it played tricks on her mind. Finally, after what seemed like an age, they arrived, and the anxiety rose with it - crowds were never her thing, she was never a natural speaker to the masses like her mother, never comfortable having numerous pairs of eyes gazing at her. So the mare arrived and situated herself on the edge, still a part of the meeting and able to hear and see all the goings-on, but unwilling to step forward.

Hell, the last time she had tried to step forward, everything went wrong. When Kahlua was hosting trials to take the mantle of leader of the herd, Amaris had tried, and she had failed - though hopefully with a lesson learned. The dragonmare did what she could to distract herself from her mounting nerves by observing the gathered, noting the familiar faces with a smile and nod, sometimes a low whicker of greeting should they venture near enough, otherwise drinking what information her eyes and ears could give her otherwise. It wasn't long until Tembovu began speaking then, and the dragonmare turned her keen gaze to the Elephant King, to scrutinise and learn what she could of him.

He had been at her mother's death, a mostly silent, strong statue of strength. Amaris couldn't recall what rank he had held then, as far as she knew, Mauja had been King then - but then, it seemed, Mauja was now absent from the herd entirely. She listened to what he had to say, and was surprised at the nature of his announcement, his resignation. He appointed a new Queen in his stead, and Amaris looked to Alysanne and Lyanna - she had met the former Healer at a lesson she had hosted not long ago, her memories weren't plentiful but were at least pleasant of the mare. And Alysanne, she was another like Dragomir, one who Amaris was sure she should remember more of, but perhaps the mare was simply a familiar face from the herd from when she was but a foal, before war and wraiths ravaged the lands.

At the other promotions, Amaris allowed a smile to curl her lips, pleased to recognise at least some of the names being moved around the ranks. Yael was a worthy recipient of almost any rank, Amaris thought, the mare was certainly capable but more importantly, willing to, and yearning to learn all she could. "Congratulations," Amaris offered, softly echoing the resounding call Maude had thrust upon the gathered. There was not much more she could contribute, and so she remained silent otherwise, waiting to see if anything else would arise from this momentous occasion.
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The call came.


Babel was the most curious about the Elephant's call. He didn't know much about politics or democracy yet, but it intrigued him that things could just change so quickly. It made him slightly nervous and in turn made him voraciously hungry to know how he could avoid ever being on the receiving end of such a change. He or his bonded.

And so the trio arrived in time to hear Tembovu give up his crown and place it on the head of another. It all seemed so .... preplanned, and Isopia silently wondered when and where such conversations took place. How much of the Edge's politics were done behind closed doors?

Isopia knew she should offer her own congratulations, but the words were mute upon her tongue. Pleasantries still did not come easily to her, and surely enough of the herd had already said congratulations, such that Isopia's voice didn't need to add to the mix? Babel however, feeling no such social awkwardness, trilled a bright congratulatory tune, grinning broadly as he clasped his hands together. His smaller golden brother merely surveyed those around with his intelligent and devious black eyes, trying to learn all he could about how crowns were taken and acquired.

"I have spoken with the Moon Goddess about Kaos." She said, knowing that this moment should be reserved just for Lyanna, but also knowing that she didn't know when she would next see Alysanne, Tembovu, or the new queen.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

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No stranger to the winds of change, the old woman has weathered her fair share of changing thrones and herd meetings. It is the way of kingdoms and herdlands, the ebb and flow of workloads grows too much for some - the allure of a life lived only for themselves and loved ones far stronger than the strength it takes to exist in the public eye. Privacy. A true sanctuary. As the hot winds turn cold again, so does the Edge rotate with the seasons, and when Tembovu’s call rings across the pine-forested land, Yael obliges. She is unable to find a spot next to Lyanna, so the gilded woman parks herself next to Amaris, wingtips gliding along the leather skin of the other’s wings. Gold, champagne, and silver creating a rather splendid metallic party between the two women. Her gaze wanders around the assembled before Tembovu begins, nodding to her friends and those she is only marginally acquainted with.

He drops a small bomb on them - an explosion that blossoms into a wave of happiness for her friend. Other are promoted and then she hears her own name on the former monarch’s lips, and a wave of pride washes over her. Her hard work is being recognized! Appreciation and reward should never be underestimated as tools in a monarch’s repertoire; romanesque head dips in gratitude, even as congratulations from herd members are scattered through the air. Her nose brushes out to Amaris in thanks, but her eyes search for her teal-tipped friend, knowing that the woman’s life is about to get a hell of a lot busier.

Yael, however, has faith in the kind pegasus, and knows that the Edge will be in decent hands for awhile. But wait - what is that news? Gaal is stepping down to turn to his new family? Something dark and jealous twists inside her, despite the fact that she’d never given him reason to think she might be susceptible to more than casual flirting. Of course he’d mated with another, as a strong, virile stallion should. It is, perhaps, the loss of the only bit of male attention she’d garnered that stings, wondering if she’d aged so much in the last couple of seasons. Well, no matter… family is important. She could never begrudge anyone that.

And anyway, he is not her Vanquish. He is not her Nightwalker. She would never be his Desert Rose. So why, then, does she feel this… upset? Yael forces a smile to her face, blocking out all signs of dismay. She would deal with those emotions in private.

Today is a day to celebrate Lyanna.

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Sacre was nursing a troubled mind when he heard Tembovu’s call to a herd meeting. He almost thought he’d imagined it in the myriad of thoughts that kept bombarding him, an intricate mix of Roux, fighting, guilt, fear and funny raccoons… Just a few of the topics that passed through his mind. In reality, he had reached a point in his life where, for the first time ever, he had started to care about what he was actually doing with it. Or the lack of doing, that is, or so he thought. Often, he found himself meandering down the fatal path of comparing himself to others which, in turn, encouraged a sense of self-loathing as he did so. Sacre knew, behind these insecure thoughts, somewhere in the wiser parts of his mind, that these were silly things to think. Yet still they came, unbidden, captivating, ensnaring him to the darkest doldrums of self-pity causing the fox-boy to start moping around for no particular reason other than perhaps adulthood was creeping up on him a little too fast.

Sighing, he looked down at Inari and Ríona, who gazed back at him with grim lines set on their faces, their eyes rimmed with a tenuous annoyance that caused a sudden laugh to erupt from the once brooding fox-boy—he had forgotten they didn’t like herd meetings.

“It’s important, you know we can’t miss it” he reminded them, in a gentle chiding tone, but they simply ignored him and huffed off in the direction of the gathering. The Doctor shrugged and began to follow them, wondering what would come up in this particular meeting.

After a while, Sacre arrived at the gathering spot; he wasn’t the first, but he wasn’t late either. He arrived in time to nod at one or two members he recognised, casting a friendly smile at Alysanne whilst his two mischievous friends craned their necks in search of Hemlock. Instinctively, the Doctor’s vibrant gaze scanned the crowd of gathered for Mauja, whom he usually stood near during meetings, but to his sadness he didn’t see the familiar spotty form of his father’s old friend. All of a sudden, he felt a little lonelier. He hoped Roux or Tandavi, or even Mesec, might appear soon to ease his disconcerting anxieties. Then the Elephant King began the meeting and his attention turned fully onto Tembovu.

The fox-boy listened on with shock as the bulky King of the Worlds Edge, a King he hadn’t yet gotten the chance to know properly, relinquished his crown and became, well, part of the masses. Though a King still he was, Sacre thought, as legend remembered him as one ruler of elephants. He smiled sadly at this now former monarch and hoped that one day he might have a chance to get to know him. However, the one who replaced him filled Sacre with quiet pride, that it was one of his own rank, of the healers, that would become Queen, and it was Queen Lyanna who would leave the precious healing arts to take on yet another great responsibility, just like Alysanne had. A role that Sacre was sure she would excel at just as she had as a Doctor.

He wanted to send his congratulations, but Tembovu was not yet done with his announcements and he waited patiently, not expecting his name to be part of it, so he almost missed it when he was suddenly made Emissary. Sacre looked blankly at the Elephant King, the cogs in his mind clunking slowly until it finally dawned on him and he opened his mouth, then closed it again. Wasn’t that what Mauja had done before? His silence dragged on until Inari nudged him and he spluttered, before finally getting his words out.

“As you wish, I hope I will not let you down Tembovu, Alysanne… Lyanna” he nodded to each, but his eyes lingered on the new monarch a moment “congratulations” he beamed his best grin at her. 

Returning to his thoughts then, the fox-boy felt a confusing mixture of sadness and excitement, he had liked being a Doctor, he was also just getting used to the responsibility that came with it and now—he was something else again.

Emissary… but… I am not Mauja he thought with a sudden growing trepidation.

What if he gave the wrong advice?

The what ifs only got more inventive from then on.
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After taking a nice bath and learning how to assist Lady in hunting, we have settled back into herd life. It's different now, without Mom around. Not that well, other than giving me her amulets, she ever acted like a Mom. Okay maybe when I was little. But not as I grew bigger.

We had found a nice place, not to far from where Mama Alysanne seemed to stay. We were there, when the call rang out. “Edge, gather!” Lady's ears perked, and she cried softly at the noise. She was still little enough that sounds like that scared her. It's okay. That's just the King of the Edge calling a meeting. Come along. I lowered my head and let her climb up between my ears and down my neck to my withers. Only then did I set off to the meeting.

I take a place toward the outside, but close to the front. I actually wanted to speak to Mama Alysanne to see if I could sleep closer to her, maybe even in the same area. But as the King begins to speak, my attention is on him. So of course, my jaw drops as he steps down and places another in his stead. Two Queens. He went on to announce other position changes. I have to admit, I don't know any others who have moved around. So I remain silent, taking everything in. So many changes, such little time.

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I had been taking the chance to catch up on some sleep, as I had been trying to find the mare that I had uh a little extra fun with. That's when Alanna's words through our mental bond woke me. "Fun my ass. You did more than have fun. You knocked her up." WHAT?! I exclaim in horror. No. It can't be. Damn it why can everyone else have fun and yet, I have fun twice and knock up both mares. “Edge, gather!” Damn it. Hurry up Alanna, meet you at the meeting. After, I need to find that mare...

We both move, from outside of the Edge and within. We arrive at the same time thankfully. I have to keep up appearances at least for right now. I slip in beside a familiar face. "Hello Dragomir". I try to say it as happy sounding as I can. We had been herdmates once, and now it seems we were again. So when the King of the Edge begins to talk I can not say I was focused on him. It's with a spinning mind about becoming a Father again, that I heard him say he's stepping down. I have to admit I didn't really focus until Aly started speaking.

When she mentions Glaziers, a pointed look is thrown to Dragomir. I watch out the corner of my eye as he mouths a reply. I smile, missing my days as glazier. But at the same time I am not sure I miss them enough to take up the old mantle. I attempt to catch Aly's eye, wondering if I was better suited in my current position or back in one I had not held in years. "Not to mention, you have a new baby to think of." Thanks Alanna, thanks. As if I had needed the reminder.

"Alanna speaks"

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The Doctor was terribly late, and by the time he gently slipped to Maude's side his lantern had begun to sing a strange kind of song of creaks and metallic groans from its post upon his tines. 'Aiya' he whispered, allowing it to light the early morning a little better. Once he had himself sorted and at the ready to listen, his eyes peeled forwards keenly after nestling in beside Maude, his green gaze watching his friend with a ready and keen smile.
But it was soon drawn out from his face.

What? An abdication?
Four years in the Edge, the whole time Tembovu as king. He had seen Elsa go, but Tembovu had always seemed so... constant?
Standing with his blackened maw agape the patriarch glanced to Lyanna; the one named as the new queen, and then to Sacre, named the Emissary - both of the other doctors. What of their team? The shock began to subside, his happiness for Lyanna and his herd-brother Sacre taking it's place, though still in his heart and behind his dazed, crooked smile, he wondered what had sparked such a change.
When his own promotion was called and words of recognition uttered, Tilney could only look to the man he might still call King with eyes of sorrow, his head shaking in dissaproval. "Tembovu," He blubbed "You're not going anywhere, are you?" He almost pleaded, taking a stride or two forward. "you'll still stay with us? And Lyanna, Sacre... You'll still come to the greenhouse?" He asked them, gaze tossing over the trio.
Arah, Ultima, and now Aelfwine.
Everyone moved on from him.
Would they move on too? 

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Aw shit, I hadn’t even thought about it, but hearing Tembo’s voice calling us together made me realize how little of him I’d seen lately. And I guess that’s why I missed the weariness laced in his call, cuz I was just happy to hear from him at all. Like...happier than I thought I’d be.

I didn’t waste time thinking about what that would mean, because if he was calling us over it just meant that he had important shit to say, and at this age of danger nonsense it couldn’t have been good news. So I hauled ass over there with this weird mixture of different kinds of anticipation--an excitement to see my King, a trepidation that he was gonna tell us something dire or whatever-- taking my place as fast as I could as the General ought to. And it was just like always; me standing there, alert and read for what he was gonna say; Chico on my back, flirting nasty things all at his Bwenny girl.

I already felt the mood emanating from him, a heaviness that sat on his shoulders and thickened the air around us. But even as I was discerning it, he was speaking to us:

My Edge, I call you here first to thank you—I never thought I’d be worthy of a Kingship--

No,” I blurted, loudly. Because I knew where this was heading.

But he didn’t stop; he just kept talking talking talking and his words were erasing him as my King, replacing himself with some chick named Lyanna, and my ears were pinned and my head was ringing and I was immediately angry, and I snorted and my body jerked away cuz I didn’t want to be here but then I jerked myself back because I was the General, dammit and I had to be above that kind of petty shit so I just basically danced in a jerky circle of feelings that were washing over me.

I didn’t leave. But I didn’t speak either, I didn’t thank Tembo for his service and I didn’t congratulate my new Queen and I didn’t do anything I was supposed to. Hell, I didn’t even look at anyone, particularly Tembo, cuz I knew a tear was gonna find its way out my eye and down my cheek and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with that.

Just….I dunno. You can call it an overreaction. But Tembo had been the one to welcome me here, and it was Tembo I was fighting for, and now there was a missing link and I didn’t know what I was gonna clip to it.

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Mesec was running a little late, though that seemed to be the theme for his stay in the Edge. It was only when he arrived, choosing to linger near the back of the crowd instead of push his way forward and find a spot to stand beside one of his friends, that he realized that teleporting here would have certainly saved him some time. This realization caused laughter to echo through the bonds of both Lyra and Lucius. Lucius was circling overhead as usual while Lyra clung to Mesec’s back - her violet eyes bright and eager to pick out one of her friends.

Their King, Tembovu, looked more weary than normal - less animated as he stood before the group gathered and addressed them. It came as a shock to Mesec to hear that he would be stepping down - and he felt the concern that rose in him echoed through the group.

But instead of casting the herd into indecision, the Elephant King nominated his replacement immediately. Lyanna! Lyra loudly barked her approval at the announcement and Mesec beamed, glad to see that the kind, teal-tinted mare was what the herd sought in a leader.

More announcements came, his brother among them - Mesec’s grin only brightening as his younger brother was named Emissary in the Edge. “Congratulations Sacre!” He could not help but call out, though his voice might have been lost among the others calling to their friends and herd mates.

One other voice caught his attention, darkening his expression. Isopia mentioned that she had talked to the Moon Goddess about Kaos. Mesec shifted a little, wondering if his mother had told their Seer the same thing that she had told him and Vesper. “There’s also been strange happenings in Helovia… Three of us were attacked by birds while patrolling the Edge’s border.” Mesec’s uncomfortable sharing such ominous news on the heels of so many promotions - but it felt important and he wondered whether anyone else had seem something strange.


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It felt as though Alysanne could actually feel her blood pressure rise as the members of the herd arrived, as they came to stand before Tembovu and hear his news. She didn’t enjoy watching the play of emotions on their faces - nor hear the verbal denial shouted by their General - and it twisted her gut. Tembovu was loved by this herd (most of it, anyway) and they were sad to see him go.

But just as they were sad to see that they would no longer have a king, many were happy to see Lyanna step up and take his place and that warmed Alysanne’s heart. Her green eyes positively shone as she listened to Lyanna accept the place - and she tried to not give into the rising fear that the herd was going to turn against her. That this would end up being similar to the meeting a year ago when Alysanne was named queen and they almost had a riot.

But no such reactions occurred.

Young Sacre, too, took his promotion in stride. She hoped to get a chance to speak to him soon, to reassure him. Aaron joined Dragomir’s side and Alysanne smiled - wishing she could speak plainly to them both as she remembered that it was not just one of the equine stallions that had served the Edge as Glazier before but both. Would they both be interested in taking up their old position? Surely they could find a way to accommodate them if that was the case… But without singling them out with words, she could only nod encouragingly and hope they would each think over the idea.

Their Seer, Isopia, did not join in with the congratulations but instead brought up another subject. Mesec too, mentioned being attacked by birds while he had been on patrol and it reminded Alysanne of her trip to the caves with Naerys. Were these strange occurrences somehow linked? “My daughter and I faced spiders in the caves on our patrol too… thousands of them pouring out of the cracks in the earth. Has anyone else witnessed something strange while out on their patrols?” Chills ran through her remembering what it was like to see so many glowing red eyes cover every surface. Her gaze shifted back to Isopia, her frown showing her concern plainly. “What did our Goddess have to say?”

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They come, and some smile and offer congratulations, but it feels hollow. She doesn’t blame them, either. Tembovu is no longer King. There is a sadness that lingers over the meeting and those that gathered. How can there not be? Too, she notices, the group is small. Not all of the herd is here, and she wonders if they are gone entirely or just unwilling to stand here. And if so, for what reason? They couldn’t have known what this meeting was about before, couldn’t be abstaining from watching her take the throne. Even she hadn’t known what was about to happen.

So then where were they? Why weren’t they here?

She tries to nod at those that offer her congratulations or a nod of recognition. Her eyes linger on Sacre for a moment, returning his smile. Her face remains a pleasant mask of gratitude tinged with sadness. Her place is not in front of the Edge but within it, as their Moon Doctor. Tembovu’s place is before them. What her face doesn’t show is the growing worry. Their numbers seem small in comparison to the groups that used to gather when Tembovu called them. She was afraid without him, they would continue to dwindle. Afraid that she would not be enough to fill the void he would leave behind.

Tilney’s response nearly breaks her heart. She smiles at him slightly, “Of course I’ll still come,” she says quietly, the response designed for his ears, though certainly not kept from others. Ros flatly refuses to believe it, and that too breaks Lyanna’s heart. Not because she cares that there’s no congratulations from Ros’s lips – she doesn’t – but because she understands how Ros feels. She would have to see what she could do to make it better, but then, what could she possibly do? Lead. She could lead, as best she knew how. But she could get to know Ros better as well. They had met once, long ago, when Lyanna had been new and Ros had been looking for someone, but she remembers the day well. It had been too long since they’d talked since.

She is endlessly thankful when Isopia brings up the Moon Goddess, and Mesec their recent patrols. This is a much better topic, and her ears flick forward as Alysanne says they too were attacked on patrol. Lyanna listens to everything they say, thinking that perhaps she needed to get her butt in gear and get out on patrols with her herd more now. It had always seemed more important to keep the greenhouse and garden in check before. But now? Now she would need to be in more places than ever before. “If anything strange happens after this meeting, please come let Alysanne or myself know as well.” She adds simply, wanting to make sure they at least kept track of the information, even if it didn’t lead them to many answers.


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Clearly her throat slightly, Isopia began to reiterate the things she had come to suspect about Kaos and the happenings around Helovia.

"The Goddess said that we ought to use our rational senses, rather than our emotional ones, when thinking about Kaos." She began, speaking to the group at large. However her eyes kept returning to her two Queens. "I have given much thought to these words ... and have heard similar reports to the few we've just heard. It would be all too easy to suspect that Kaos is behind these disturbances ... but in the marshes, where his altar has erected itself and where we found him before, there is no ill-will to be seen anywhere. Kaos has told us that he is here to help and that he will not lie to us. My Father obviously does not believe this, nor does the God of the Sun, who sent his only daughter away to try and learn more about Kaos' intentions. The Spark seems baffled, and only the Moon has offered any council. Are these attacks merely bad luck? Coincidence? I think not. But must they then have come from Kaos? Could their origin not be located somewhere else?" Pausing, Isopia could only shrug her large shoulders delicately before continuing.

"I will not speculate further, but will only suggest that we all follow the Goddess' council. "

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