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A half-sized head, tearful and heavy, pressed firmly into the chest of his friend and brother. Reichenbach didn't mean it, he just wanted to spar! See, there was an explanation, just as he thought. Pushing his teary eyes further into the sweaty skin of the much tealler warrion, Pippin failed numberous times to hold back the quaking sobs errupting from his chest, and frankly, he wasn't even sure why he was crying. Perhaps it was simply joy that his friend hadn't truly intented to attack him, or perhaps it was a whole mixture of overwhelmed and heightened emotion.

Turning his head once more against the muscular breast of the goliath, Pippigrin opened his eyes to behold the beautiful dawn that they had fought under once again. The breathtaking ocean view was something that only caused his tears to fall more and more, his ears flopping against his neck as he continued to bury his head into his brother's chest. The hobbit spoke no words, for he could think of nothing to say. Perhaps he could apologise for assuming the man was capable of assaulting him for the heck of it, when come to think of it, Pippin didn't think Reichenbach was capable of such a heinous thing. King hitting a friend? Never. A seasoned warrior was he, but certainly not a cut throat.

The pain, still radiating from his many wounds, began to overwhelm the hobbit once more. The water of the sea below called to him, his mind drifting to the salt water's vicious sting but their miraculous helaing properties.
Without another peep the tiny stag began his descent to the north shore, wings dragging and head hung low. Frightened to enter the water, fearful of it's vicious sting, Pippigrin looked to the bay man who had caused his injuries. He'd only go in if he went with him.

Set after their fight on the north shore of the throat!


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As Pip quaked in his chest, Reich couldn't help the ragged rise and fall of his own sharp breaths - though he wasn't in tears like Pip, it was hard not to be shook by the sudden rush of emotions that barrelled into him. He'd not really, truly had a friend for such a long time and now... well, this fight seemed to have clicked something over within the two of them. Brothers in arms, fighting for their home... it seemed such a rush of happiness and emptiness at the same time for the heart-weary stallion. He missed Rhaegar terribly, though he often tried to deny it, and now here was a pint-sized someone that wasn't entirely going to fill the hole that his brother had left... but was creating a new nook just for himself. Pip now sat comfortably in a small, reserved spot within Reichenbach's large, weary heart. He smiled tiredly, tucking the grey stallion deeper into his chest protectively.

His breath started to slow and even out as the dawn bloomed and warmed, their ocean sided home stunning underneath the suns embrace. It would be another pleasant, hot day. It was only as Pip began to make his way to the water that Reich remembered his wounds - and they all swamped him immediately, making everything ache, sting and burn. A wince belied how painful they were, and he followed his fellow warrior toward the edge of the water with anticipation. The salt water would be good for the wounds... but goodness, they'd be painful. He looked to Pip and made a face, scrunching up his nose as he stepped into the cool water, pausing as the water reached his knees. Gods, the tear on his underside was going to kill. "On three?" He asked in his baritone voice, humour returning to his silver gaze. He huffed a breath and then counted: "3... 2... 1!" A great whoosh of breath left him as he leaped up and out, splashing into the deep water with a great wash of salty water.

Submerged, his face scrunched in pain and he leaped upward instantly. "Yooouch!" He cried with a laugh as he broke the surface, a giddy laugh echoing outward to his companion. The water washed sweetly over his back, stinging in a ridiculously savage manner. "My father always told me that the sting is the wound getting better... I'm starting to think he only said so because otherwise I'd never dare to jump in!" Sooner or later Pip would learn all about his family - and that when he said 'father' he wasn't referring to his flesh and blood, but to his adoptive sire. He'd soon learn that when he said 'brother', he meant Pippigrin.

@Pippigrin aw these cuties I love them so much!!

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