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[OPEN] azurite and onyx [SPARK/QUEST TURN IN]

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[ In advance I’m sorry Rikyn stalks you Time God. ]
Arriving to the Veins at the fall of the evening, I am amazed at the sight that rises before me in the dark.  Glowing, like a realm of shadow lined by stars, the magma rimmed peninsula stretches into the slowly swaying sea, which is a rich indigo and violet, colored by the almost descended Sun.
I pause and drink it in for a moment, before again moving towards the Shrines.  Approaching the stone of the Spark, not taking the time to ensure my friend and new acquaintance came this far with me, I come to a reverent halt before the now familiar rock.  Lowering my head, and shutting my eyes, I gather my thoughts, before projecting my voice to the stone.
"Hey, I know you probably are busy with all the Kaos… chaos," I smirk, despite the seriousness of the situation, and barely retain my chortle of amusement, "but I’ve had some thoughts that might help.  When he still called himself Kisamoa, Kaos led us down into the sea.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, as its not every day you get to see the ocean from inside of it.  But, I went back today."
I pause, gathering my thoughts one last time, to make sure I say it right.
"At first, I was looking for clues, some physical sign of something," I continue, "but, then I remembered why we went into the sea to begin with.  To tell the fish about up here.  Which could be innocent enough, right?  They’re fish."
It’s then I pause, glancing, worriedly, at Tiamat (if she’s there), and hoping that it doesn’t upset her more.
"But… What if there was more than fish down there?" I ask, "what if we all helped lure some horrible creature out of wherever it has been content to live?  What if the fish themselves are more than they seem, as Kaos himself was?"
"How are we supposed to even know if we did, Lord Time?  How would we fight it, before it was too late?  We have no means to battle them on that field, at least not anyway that will succeed."
Even if he doesn’t answer me, at least he now knows, I think, my buck touching my shoulder in support.

"Here is your stone, also, on an entirely different note," I reply, removing the pretty blue rock from my shoulder plate, and placing it at the base of the shrine; I can't help but wonder, looking, again, at Tiamat, how much of what she and I talked about, I'll have to bring up now. However, I'm not going to waste a God's time, so I guess whatever Yael overhears, she overhears. I won't die...maybe. "I believe I have done as you asked."

Initial Quest:
In 3 threads, Rikyn must have another touch his stone. He will then experience an involuntary reaction (either you can choose what it is, or your RP partner can! It can be things that his magic doesn't control (like hysterical laughter, crying, fear) or things that it does (loss of movement, increased heartbeat, etc). In 2 threads Rikyn must experience a situation where he has no control - whether that be because he has given up control to another, where he has control taken from him, or where he had no control to begin with.

Quest Threads:
one way, or another - Experienced being old and emotionally crippled (AKA HIS FUTURE)
pain's not ashamed to repeat itself - Emotional rape and almost physical rape (oh my)
a thorn among the petals - Being happy as a Tiamat and sharing secrets too
not you again - did an extra as I wasn't 100% sure I'd met the requirements on the Merlin thread. Basically in this thread he will be caught by Raeden, and "stone manipulated" into hanging out while she busts him doing something awful and takes the credit for it. xDD

[ OOC:  Woooooo even if he doesn't respond we can surely chatter here about our theories. <3 I muddled timelines a bit to two bird. Also it decided to paste my post without the last paragraph and my quest info and links fuuu. ]
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This is Yael’s first trip to the home of Helovia’s Gods. She’s not quite sure if she can call them her Gods yet, as she gave up her original G-d many years ago, and after that, there were spirits, not Gods per se, who had the power. Those spirits were mostly benevolent, wanting only peace and harmony in the land - and she’d never met her original ‘G-d’ (personally, she’s beginning to doubt it ever existed), so the idea of entities with capricious, snarky, or otherwise ‘negative’ traits is foreign to her.

Oh, Yael is in for a rude awakening.

The mostly silent third wheel while they travel, Yael’s mind is churning, trying to piece together the snippets she’s heard from the Edge and the bits she’s gathered from asking questions. She knows vaguely about the Rift and kiiiiind of what happened, but not really. Apparently he’s a foe they’ve met before, which is encouraging. But what he spoke of - being tethered to a system of tyranny and unable to see the chains. He seemed to want to… break? their chains for them? That is, break the hold of the Gods on their chosen herds. Already, he was successful with the Earth God. The Moon Goddess had said it was because the Falls had appeared weak and easy to take, and now the Earth’s worshipers were scattered to other herds.

The question is, does that weaken the Earth God, if he has no worshippers? Does it strengthen the others? Where do they derive their power from? Oh, the questions are numerous, but the little golden mare tries to remember exactly what was said by Kaos on that ugly, ugly day. Magic from another world. Oh. Oh! Yael knows very much what magic from another world is like, and she’d had bucketfulls of it. Magic and stolen lands.

Fuck. It isn’t until Rikyn finishes speaking that Yael pipes up, speaking to both him and Tiamat and… the air, apparently. ” T’ere are rumors,” she begins, “legends of great sea beasts vit long necks and many teeth, also of ze xeeppocampi, ze merxorses that sveem een ze deep… but to my knowledge, neizer of t’ose breat’es air. Xo’ever,” and here she pauses, looking back and forth between the blue mare and the gold-tipped stallion. “Kaos talked much about stolen lands and deeferent mageec. Vhat eef xe tries to take ze outer edges back? Ze T’roat might be ze most vulnerable.”

She swallows, remembering a time that does not seem so long ago. “I t’ink.. Ze only vay to vin against somet’ing like t’at vould be to make eet come to us and fight on our turf… I vonder eef ze altar xas anyt’ing to do vit eet…”

And then she falls silent again - because after all, there seems to be a dual purpose for this event, and she would never want to monopolize it.  


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Whatever excitement (eagerness? Anxiousness?) that Rikyn suddenly feels is nearly palpable. The ocean maiden follows him wordlessly from the Endless Blue, glancing often to the golden Pegasus, and wondering if she has also discovered whatever it is that excites Rikyn so much. The Lady of the Basin has not theorized as her company has—while the threat of Kaos is often on her mind (black and troubling, like a festering wound) her attention has been largely concentrated on her mountain home. The safety of her herd family has been her focus, out of duty, although she is well aware that the monster threatens all of them.

It is late into the evening by the time the trio finally reaches the Veins of the Gods—night is nearly upon them, with the sun haloing its final farewell across the vast horizon of her father ocean. She glances up to her sister stars, marveling at how they dance and sparkle in the dusky darkness, and breathes a silent prayer of strength as her cloven hooves travel across the rocky bridge and to the magma-veined island of Helovia’s deities.

Fortunately, the darkly-colored stallion seems to be confident where she is not, stepping surely over the uneven stone and towards the Time God’s shrine. The Ocean’s Light follows him, mirroring his lead when he halts and lowers his head. She has never summoned—or talked to—a god in the Veins before, and the experience is both nerve-wracking and exciting. The God of the Spark is, of course, her own patron god, and she deeply revers him for his power, as well as grateful to him for his generosity—without him, she wouldn’t have had the magic to heal, or have the home that she holds so close to her heart.

“Your Godliness,” she murmurs reverently, bowing her head to brush the broken shrine with her velvet lips. When both Rikyn and Yael voice their own theories, Tiamat listens intently. Her eyes grow wide with worry at the thought that there could be some kind of threat lurking within the ocean (her dear father, her sanctuary), and she inches closer to the golden-marked stallion, pressing gently against him for strength.

The idea is impossible—it has to be—and her eyes search the carvings on the Spark God’s shrine, as though the stone could give her an answer and ease her worries. Kaos has brought them nothing but lies and destruction; to think that the monster poisoned her cherished ocean is almost too much for her fragile heart to bear.

Against any will of her own, Tiamat begins to tremble, despite the comfort of her Leviathan pressing against her flank. When she manages to speak, her voice is hardly above a whisper and almost choking, but somehow passionate in her desire to see her world clean again. “I’m willing to do whatever it will take to bring safety to Helovia again,” she murmurs earnestly, the muscles in her jaw tightening. Still, when Rikyn presents the Time God his stone, she can’t help but grin (small, but tender) at the memories that peculiar stone has given her—a side of Rikyn that she holds dear to her heart. Such memories are precious in a time as turbulent as this.

notes; And I didn't do any thinking at all yay :'D
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The God appeared, looking weary and haggard.

The grime that moving through the time streams caused left silvery bits of blueish mud scattered all across his coat, gnarled in his beard, and flaking away from his short tail and mane. His eyes, normally electric blue, blazed with red lines of fire and weariness. His shoulders hunched, and he gave a cough that rattled from his chest like he was a cancer patient who had just taken a long drag of a cigarette and chased it with a mouthful of whiskey.

"Yeah, we checked that." He said, knowing that he should probably offer a good job, or a way to think on your feet or something. But he was just too tired. Instead he bobbed his head and grunted, eyes looking at the stone Rikyn offered. "Oh that...right..." A freckle of amusement sparked in the God's eyes and a sliver of a smile parted his dark lips. "Thought I'd be seeing you in a few years kid." He laughed dryly as the stone turned to onyx and sparked with beautiful blue tendrils of electric current. It was cold to the touch now, but not uncomfortably so.

Congratulations! Rikyn has been granted his upgrade! He has also been given the stone that he carried around:

:: Item : Onyx stone that is always cold to the touch and occasionally sparks with harmless electricity

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Yael’s heavily accented voice follows mine, as does Tiamat’s almost childlike prayer; daring to peer at them both, I agree with the golden mare, that the Throat would be in the greatest threat. All the herds though, unfortunately, had coast lines near enough to leap into, for the most part.

Well, except our home, of course, I think as I glance at Tiamat and the broken stone of the God of the Spark, with a smile that remarks more on my thoughts than what is being said.

Unlike his prior arrivals before me, the God simply appears, and wheezes a rather undignified wheeze in immediate response all my well thought out words. Staring at him, somewhat uncomfortable with the level of filth covering him (I mean, really? I’d brought ladies with me, dude…), but even more uneasy at the sight of how very tired he seems, I wait for what he has to say.

Now, I’ll admit, I’m a bit miffed that all we get is a quick sentence about how it’s already been tended to. However, I guess I get it, considering everything going on, and the way he looks like he’s about to pass out.

Looking at the rock as it changes color, I curiously reach down to touch it with my nose, before looking back up at him with a grin of my own.

"Yeah, unfortunately for you, I’m still around," I smirk, an ear falling back as I look over his rough condition again; I’d thought about asking for something better than just this single shoulder plate, but… "there’s nothing I…we, could help you with, is there? You look like you could use it."

[ OOC: Thank youuu <3 He ofc offers his help with anything the Spark God needs, otherwise Rikyn will be back in a season or so (maybe longer) for another quest. ]

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For once, the God smirks almost good-naturedly. For all the shit he's put Rikyn through, he appreciates the fact that the unicorn still appears before him in relatively good spirits. There aren't many that can constantly deal with the God's rather careless and crass manner, and so the God likes to keep around those who can.

"Unfortunately for me indeed. But I've seen how you die, so at least I have that to look forward to." He retorts, actually grinning a smile that seems to chip off about a hundred years from his worn face.

Glancing around at the other two, the God sighs and shakes his head. "Not just yet ... maybe soon." He eyes Rikyn for a moment, as if considering something. He does look rather lordly standing there next to Tiamat ... maybe...just maybe...ahh, but that's for later. Heaving a breath, the God shook his stout body causing bits of time-sparkle and dust to fly off of his coat. For a moment the air rippled with a thousand different time streams, briefly showing the veins as they once were, as the grains of dust floated to the ground. 

"Now unless you need help putting your new necklace on, I'll be going."

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Smiling back at the dark jest, I forget that Tiamat and Yael are there (or that, my sea-friend, especially, may not understand such humor), and, for a moment, enjoy the moment.

"Glad I can be good for something then," I smirk, gilded gaze flashing with the underlying message in what he’d said; it was something to look forward to. Not willing to accept that means he’s actually eager for me to drop dead, I just have to assume that, however I go out, it’ll be big.

I like that plan.

Standing under the God’s scrutiny, I have enough time to furrow my brow, and almost begin to ask what he’s staring at so intently, when he shakes his whole body. Now gawping at the world around us, even after the time-stream resettles, my eyes shoot back to the God when he speaks.

"What, you jealous?" I ask with an impish smirk, and bow my leave, "I’ll bring you one next time."

Looking back after I’ve turned to go (touching Tiamat and Yael on the shoulder in turn with my muzzle, if they’ll let me), I try to meet the Spark’s eyes (if he’s even still there – I know how Gods can be).

"Thanks," I remark with a faint grin, before heading out.

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