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[OPEN] between the bars [hatching]

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Letha understood well the borders of the herd land. Understanding them, however, was a completely different story than agreeing with them. While the girl knew that the herd was safe within the wall, and that her parents had a desire for her to stay within the wall, her heart pushed her onward. Curiosity reigned within her tiny heart and mind, and when she had the opportunity to slip outside the tiny slit in the glass wall, she sure as the gods did. Little, solid hooves carried her away and as she slipped through the opening in the wall she cursed her wings for being so small and unready to use. She had seen other pegasi flying high above the trees of her new home, landing within the wall safely and with hardly any notice. It was the lack of pomp and circumstance, the lack of hiding behind trees and bushes from the patrollers, the lack of feeling imprisoned (what a strong feeling for such a young creature) that the unipeg desired.

For now, however, she would rely on what she could. Eventually, she told herself, she would learn to fly.

The girl kept her eyes peeled, looking around at her surroundings as she trotted along as best she could. She did not know it, but once she was outside of the herd land she was not the most stealthy of creatures. Her trot held the youthful unrefinement of her long legs, and with it the thud of each of her solid hooves was easily detectable. She did not know it, but if she did the youth probably would not have cared. She was on no mission except exploration, and the thick, red alarm of danger was not on her radar at the moment. Instead, everything was painted in a beautiful array of wondrous color.

As she trotted, something at the edge of a pool caught her eye. The leggy filly instantly stopped, albeit without grace. Tiny ears perked and moved around behind growing ram's horns, pointing at the object. Turning her body, the girl's wings unfolded and lowered with her head. Ocean blue eyes filled with the curiosity in her heart, but her body told her to be wary. Her muscles tightened, her legs ready to flee in an instant. She drew closer to the object, slowly, her dark nose reaching out to hesitantly touch the round, smooth, black thing.

It moved.

With alarm, Letha's head shot up and she burst backwards, legs and wings splaying as a startled, loud bleat erupted from her mouth without her permission.

She did not know what it was, but it wiggled and writhed in her presence. The growing girl's heart beat wildly within her chest as she watched the egg.

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fox boy

They bounded southwards, at first following the misty forest of home until passing through the gate and into the Wilds. Their destination wasn't all that far this time. Not like the brisk journey he had made to the Dragons Throat, which had left him sorely tired by the time he had returned home after pushing himself and his disgruntled pair of foxes at a punishing pace—he had no desire to linger in the desert. If not for the threat of Kaos then at least for the gentle temptation of an old haunt, his feelings of nostalgia that always arose for his old herd were enough that he might have ended up staying should he have spent more time in Volterra's hospitality. He had done his job, returning the key, and left soon after. Now, however, he was taking a more leisurely jaunt down into the Grove, the Tallsun heat had brewed the Worlds Edge into a sticky humidity that he sought to escape if only for a small while. The healer headed straight for the lake in search of some respite.

However, he was not alone in this part of the world.

Sacre momentarily watched the filly from a distance, he was easily visible however, not really concealing himself in front of a rather large willow tree, as he watched the girl stop as if she'd noticed something. In that moment, the nosy healer craned his neck to try spot what it was that had so captivated her. He waited a little while longer, observing her with great curiosity as she investigated the dark object that lay at the very tips of the pool until it did something she perhaps wasn't expecting and she jumped back with a noise of surprise. Between the girl and the wiggling object, there was something rather familiar about the whole scene to the meddlesome fox-boy who decided to pick this moment as the one to get a little closer.

"Excuse me, young Princess" he said, with a rather exaggerated grandeur, it was another one of his habits, something he often did when addressing the younger citizens of Helovia. "What have you got there?" he asked, a playful smile ghosting on his lips. After hatching two rather troublesome foxes, he took a guess that it might be an egg, but he didn't say anything, not wanting to ruin the moment of surprise if it truly was what he thought it was. Speaking of foxes, the duo in question were now peering around Sacre's forelegs, watching the scene with beady eyes that burned with an insatiable curiosity.

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The young healer was coming home, herself, rather than leaving it, her pearl ended pull-string pouch chock full of various leaves and petals. Having chosen the most fragrant she could find, Maude had spent most of the morning wandering further and further away from the Edge, smelling various plants, before clipping the leaves and putting them in her pouch. Though she certainly planned on properly drying them later, it would do for now, and, filled with satisfaction for having completed her tasks in such a timely manner, the girl is in (as always) high spirits as she makes her way through the willow grove.

It is common for the girl to come to the pool at the heart of this place, some part of her heart tied to it in a way she can’t understand, but doesn’t fight, either. Perhaps it is the perfect serenity of the still surface, and the gentle sway of the willow branches, but, aside from the Edge, there is no where else Maude would rather take her respite at.

When she arrives, throat parched with thirst, she is surprised to find Mister Sacre and another younger filly here already. Most of the time, she’d fortunately (how fortunate, Maude was too naïve to understand) been alone when she came upon the pond. The sight of others was both welcome and unwelcome, mostly because the girl had yet to have been forced to share her peaceful haven with anyone else. Quickly quenching her thirst, she makes her way over to them, anyway, especially because she really likes Doctor Sacre. He’s awkward, but also quite charming, and rather handsome.

Just don’t tell her daddy she thinks so!

It’s not until she gets closer that she figures out what they’re looking at. She has no clue what it is, really, but its awfully cool looking. It also seems to be moving, which disallows the normally quite courteous filly to tear her eyes away from the object when she greets the others (though she does bob her head and bend one of her knees slightly in greeting; she’s a gentlewoman, after all!).

Hello, Mister Sacre,” she cheerfully intones to her newest mentor, finally managing to look away from the egg for a split second to glance and smile at the other filly, “I’m Maude. I don’t think we’ve met before!

What is it, Doctor?” she asks next, her pale green eyes broad with curiosity as she quickly looks up at the black unicorn for his answer.

[ OOC: Hope you don't mind. <3 Maude hasn't ever seen a companion hatch before and she's all about making new friends. ]

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The bleating call of a foal was an icy hand constricting Alysanne’s heart, causing her head to flash upwards away from where she had been grazing, her legs already moving towards the sound. She had long ago grown out of the habit of hesitating before she responded to anything that sounded remotely like distress. Precious seconds could be wasted while she stood there and debated whether everything was alright.

The terrible feeling eased somewhat when she saw she wasn’t the only one moving to the girl who had called out. She only vague recognized the filly - and she wondered whether it was Dragomir and Ranjiri’s young daughter - but she certainly knew Sacre and Maude. They had both won a place in her heart rather securely, with their cheerful personalities and their passion for healing. Hemlock swooped ahead of her, hooting a greeting to young Maude (and tugging gently on her mane if she would allow him to) before landing near Sacre’s two foxes and peering curiously at the egg and wondering what it would be.

‘If a dragon we must leave.’ He informed Alysanne in his matter-of-fact voice, causing her to chuckle lightly. She might be a little prone to holding grudges but she certainly was nothing compared to Hemlock who had quickly despised all dragons. Far too many of them had eyed him as a potential snack.

For her part, Alysanne joined the group in a few graceful steps - coming to stand beside Maude and offering everyone a warm smile before her green eyes focused on the girl near the egg. “Don’t be afraid, I think you’re going to have a new friend.” She checked everyone over still, a habit just as strong even though she was no longer a doctor herself, and no one appeared to be injured. Perhaps, then, it had been the egg that had frightened the filly? Alysanne certainly remembered being alarmed when Hemlock was hatching as well!


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I was looking for a breath of a life
A little touch of heavenly light

The egg kept moving, and moving and moving. Each time it wiggled and writhed Letha was pulled further into the trance. Her ocean eyes were wide, swimming with curiosity and an unmatchable focus. Something about this writhing thing called to her; it tugged and pulled on her heart and she could feel the tendrils of something wondrous happening within her, lacing around her very spirit. In her state of mind she did not feel the approaching stranger--s--and she most certainly did not hear them. It was only when a thick black knee moved in the corner of her eye did Letha notice them.

The girl jumped again, another startled bleat leaving her young maw. Panic surged through her core and instead of jumping away from the egg like she had before, she jumped toward it. Her long, spindly legs spread to cover the egg and her small, downy-covered wings lowered as far down as they could. Something within her screamed--with all its might--for the girl of oblivion to protect this tiny, moving, cracking thing. Ocean eyes, still wide with a mix of wonder and panic, flicked between the newcomers. She did not recognize them, but none of them seemed to want to pose any harm to her or this tiny egg beneath her.

The thing called to her spirit again, and she lowered her head between her front knees. She looked at the egg upside down, now laden and laced with cracks. Light seemed to poor outward from the cracks, the calling ebbing and flowing back and forth between her spirit and the egg. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the egg shattered in one mighty flash of light and broken eggshell. Letha gasped, but instantly her ocean eyes met warm jade.

The tiny panther cub lay on the ground, looking up at Letha. It mewed and purred, its tiny nose twitching as it took in her scent. Letha's heart swelled and warmed, and her entire body was overcome with the bonding, so much so that she forgot the strangers around her.

After the bonding was complete, the tiny panther moved and Letha lifted her head some, but her eyes never left the tiny black creature. Her brows knit together as emotions and desires began to fill her mind--emotions and desires that were not her own. Panic surged through her again and she suddenly shot her head up, looking between Sacre and Alysanne (because they had tiny creatures following them around too, and they were grown-ups), as the feeling of intense hunger ripped through her new, shared mind.

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