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The idea of a singles night had thrown Pippin's anxiety levels right to the roof; He had never been to an event of the sort! He was sure there would be many fine ladies there, and just as many fine gentlemen. The stout hobbit might not be a match for the tall equids of this continent, and it was this thought that plagued him the entire flight north.

The child of stone had put in a magnificent effort, however; He had washed and preened every feather, washed every spec of red sand from his coat, and slicked his unruly mane back. Of course, his effort in the hair department hadn't lasted due to the ever-fluffy nature of his mane and tail and once the wind had dried it was back to its normal afro-appearance. Tried he had, however, and try he may.
Landing with next to no amount of grace, crashing through the canopy and finding himself among the clover and leaf the little stallion trotted his way towards the sound of the party, his heart in his cheast!

There were legs EVERYWHERE!
So many legs of different colours, and lots of tummies too, though perhaps the most unfortunate disadvantage about being Pips height was that he was constantly faced (literally) with all manner of genitals.
The party was not dissimilar at all the the kind they have Over-The-Hill! There was ferment and lanterns and lots of jolliness!

But take a name tag he must and delve into the night of matchmaking he would; however daunting it may be.
An interesting name; How was it even pronounced again? Pippigrin wondered what colour legs he had. What about his eyes? What did his laugh sound like?
The hobbit tucked his wings to his side and ran cautiously under the legs, sometimes having to dip and graze some unsuspecting party-goers belly on his way past under.
Looking around with great confusion, lost in the sea of legs, tails, genitals and noses, Pippigrin began to wonder if he should have come...

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