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She was still new to the herd. Feeling more like an outsider looking in. But that she was used to, back in the land of her birth she had been the outcast. The scorned. Judged for the blood that ran through her veins. The offense of a noble and a commoner. Above all her mother hadn't been of the approved breeding not just status. An outsider herself with the Percheron that had laced her veins. Over the years she had become accustomed to mistreatment. And learned to fight with words more than her hooves.

While she could scuffle decently - back home her biggest attribute had been that it was mostly those untrained - and the fact she was taller than a number of the colts and fillies that she had grown with. After all. The common height of the people of the sand village she hailed tended to be about fifteen hands. Sixteen hands was generally considered tall... The fact she was sixteen three. Well. Just something else that made her more of a freak. But on her travels since fleeing the desert lands she hailed - Qeren realized even she was short next to some of these intimidating titans she'd come across.

Tiamat had convinced her with kindness to join the Basin. She felt a connection to the mare - and appreciated what she'd done for her. But really Qeren knew she should try to aquatint herself with many more of the herd. Even explore the land she now called... home? Exploring happened to be what she was up to now. There had not been much of it beyond to the hot springs since arriving. More of a fact of recuperating from the travels she'd been on. Now, more energetic, and of good spirits, the young mare curiously explored the Basin, she had her head cocked, crafted ears swiveled forth, mismatched eyes peering up an unexplored (to her) path...

It teased of adventure. She took a step so distracted by the excitement of exploring... she tripped on a rock and gracelessly saved herself from planting herself on her face. "Oh for fuck 'sakes." she cursed herself, "At least no one saw your dumb ass." She wanted to eat her words when she heard a noise... head swiveling to see someone standing near by. Yup. Brilliant. Brilliant. "Well. So much for that you graceless cow, gold star for you. Just had to say something" Qeren mumbled to herself before speaking louder, "Totally part of the plan. I meant to do that." Yeah. That'd be a no.

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Being new to someplace isn’t necessarily strange to her. She’d wandered for a year, flitting from one place to the next as a guest or a prisoner or whatever situtation she happened to stumble into. But being new in the place she calls home is a strange feeling. She’d been a princess, daughter of one of the most feared rulers in her own home, a force to be reckoned with herself. She didn’t have her mother’s magic, but she’d faced Death as a child and come back to tell the tale, wore the fearlessness her resurrection gave her on her sleeve. She still does, of course, though no one here knows the tale as others in her homeland did. The name of her mother means nothing here (a thing both good and bad).

She didn’t like being unknown though. She liked not being known for being her mother’s daughter. She liked that she could make her own name. She just wanted to change the fact she was just a face in the crowd. Because she wasn’t. Oh, she was so much more than a damn face in the crowd. But it starts simple. With getting to know the other members of her herd. With spars, with learning how to fight with finense and not by the skin of her teeth. She could fight for the fact she was determined and fearless, but even she would admit she didn’t have a clue what she was doing. A blade that still needed to be honed. A wayward knife that got lucky to hit its’ mark. She planned to be sharp and true.

So today she wanders the Basin, looking for someone else, because she really did need to get to know the members of this place. Play nice and all that. Weaver is wandering with no actual plan though when a brown and white mare catches her attention. A new face, and so Weaver goes to catch up to the mare, halting when the girl trips and starts talking to herself. Weaver lingers, hanging back until the time seems right, and then comes up when the mare seems to be speaking to her. “Meant to do what?” she asks, purposefully playing dumb. It’s likely obvious, but she’s trying to be nice, give the mare an easy out. “I’m Weaver,” she offers instead. Gotta play nice with the neighbors, right?

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