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Ingrid Posts: 42
World's Edge Philosopher atk: 4.5 | def: 9 | dam: 5
Mare :: Equine :: 16.0 hh :: 2 (Frostfall) HP: 60 | Buff: NOVICE

Ingrid's Wishlist


  • Magic: Time x Light :: Clairvoyance (A)
    Restrictions: May only view places and/or horses she's seen before, and may only watch for 5 minutes at a time without risking a serious migraine. In addition, she may only view a 30 foot radius, and she does not have access to senses other than sight. (She can't hear, smell etc.) Would also require written permission from thread owner if viewing events taking place in a thread she does not take part in. A little like astral projection in that she "leaves her body" when scrying, so is rendered unresponsive until she's done.
  • [Mythical: SS | Silver Dragon | Shock Breath]
  • N/A
Note: She's a very new character, things will be added as she develops. I just figured I should make a wishlist just in case there are any drops.

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