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There are very few people at the beach on this drizzly Birdsong morning.

The clouds have gathered overnight, heavy and laden with moisture, and waited to release their load until their dark, encumbered bulk was pressed together. It has been sprinkling for several hours now. The rain falls steadily, but lightly, misting over the flat sands and white tides until the whole place seems...whimsical. What sunlight manages to filter through the drizzle is little more than shafts of glitter, speckling the shoreline with pastel colors that peak intermittently through the stormy haze.

Rather than find shelter beneath the boughs of a coastal tree, as most would, the sea maiden rests in the openness of the sands. She lies somewhere along the damp ground, slender legs tucked neatly beneath her, while her head and neck are stretched out towards the waves. Behind her, the length of her leonine tail twitches softly in her quiet contentment, the only sign of movement other than the consistent rise and fall of her breathing.

In front of the Lady, her companion glides along the shallowest part of the waves, skimming over the frothy surface and following the ebb and flow of the current. Tiamat can’t help but smile, watching the little whale amuse herself, and thinking for the umpteenth time how utterly blessed she is to have Nimue in her life. Sensing her bondmate’s affection through their bond, the Leviathan floats over to the blue maiden, bumping her nose gently with a soft warble of tender warmth.

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