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Attempts on penetrating the Edge’s borders had been limited of late, however that hadn’t diminished Iona’s level of paranoia.  Especially after all of the Kaos nonsense.  And it seemed that the painted mare’s vigilance was rewarded on this day, when she spotted a familiar form slinking through the shadows and the fog. A familiar form headed towards one who had formerly been her Queen.  THEIF! She called, from the skies, driving off the intruder and raising a terrible clamor to those around - surely Elsa would be alerted to the girl’s presence now.   “LEAVE THIS PLACE,” She boomed, swooping low over the trees before spotting a break in the trees where she could land.  As soon as her feet found earth, Iona called for her leaders - for Tembovu and Alysanne.  They needed to be notified immediately, for she wanted to know what was to be done following this transgression. 

When they arrived, she got right down to business.  Now was not the time for decorum and politics. "Someone attempted to steal from the Edge," She said, simply, her emerald eyes flicking between the pair. The painted woman's unhappiness radiated from the deep green pools. “It was one of Nyx’s children. The older ones. The filly - d’Arcy.” Iona frowned, displeased at both what at happened and at having to deliver the news.  Iona knew the girl in question.  She remembered when the red filly had once attempted to spy on a meeting of her own rank not so long ago - how she’d been eager to learn.  Iona had even seen fit to give the girl a task.  She’d gone with Raeden to the north that season, she’d gone on patrols just as the rest of the rank had.  Yet this is how the girl repays her herd. Repays her.  The painted mare knew better than to take it personally, but still, it was unfortunate to see one so young preying upon what was once her homeland.  It allowed questions that Iona knew she had no hope of answering to bloom in the Specter’s mind.  She merely sighed in response, shaking away the foggy thoughts - the ‘what ifs’ and hypotheticals that threatened to cloud her judgment. 

It was out of her hands now, anyway. “She didn’t try to steal something so much as someone.”  Iona paused, knowing that this was perhaps the worst part of the news she had to deliver.  And by far the most important. “She was after Elsa.”

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Set after d'Arcy tries to steal Elsa. :)

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Despite the massive amount of upheaval there had been lately in her ranks, Iona was forever one to fiercely protect the Edge from any wayward thieves—however few and far between they had become. Thus, when the lead Specter called, the Elephant King heeded quickly. His long strides covering ground with ease (though he didn’t shake the earth quite as much as usual, having been too engaged with both herd and home responsibilities to have adequately regained the mass loss during Frostfall).

His steps slowed as his navy eyes found Iona’s dark, stormy features. It was rare that such a face gave rise to happy conversations. So he simply dipped his thick horn in a terse, quick greeting as he awaited for her news.

His jaw clenched and eyes creased as they narrowed while she spoke. His darkening gaze looked away, teeth creaking—Nyx’s death was too raw and fresh to allow such a transgression to not hurt. A short, harsh breath pushed out from his barrel, before his anger-warming eyes looked up to Elsa, expectantly. “What do you wish to do, Icebound?” The clipped nature of his deep rumble was compounded not only by his ire, but also by the fact that it was Elsa that d’Arcy had been trying to steal. Silently storming, he waited.
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I've cried, and you'd think I'd be better for it, but the sadness just sleeps, and it stays in my spine the rest of my life.

Elsa heard their specter cry out- thief. Elsa grumbled, rising to her hooves from her nap, irritated that someone would be stupid enough to trespass upon the lands of the World’s Edge. This place was far too crowded and too well guarded for even the best of thieves to slip through. It would probably be best for her to show up, all things considered. Retaliation was always an option, and if someone called for it then it might as well be her to get her ass beat.

Elsa followed Iona’s flight, landing just in time to hear the beginning of what she had to say. Tembovu was there, and prepped as always. She kept her distance from him, choosing to stay back and listen rather than approach. The information gathered was interesting, one of Nyx’s children? Elsa still harbored a bitter place in her heart for the previous general after her unwarranted outburst so long ago. That killed any and all respect for her, and now her children were trying to steal from the very place their mother used to protect? Edgar grumbled angrily from his sleep upon Elsa’s head, he was still tired and only paid attention to what Iona was saying, drifting in and out of sleep as the conversation weaved in and out.

But of course, they never expected the chosen victim of the attack to be standing with them. As her name rolled off Iona’s lips Elsa pinned her ears back, flicking her tail angrily. Edgar, seemingly forced away from his sleep, cawed irately and puffed himself up, hissing like an insane little bird. Grinding her teeth, Elsa bit back a slew of profanities as Tembovu asked her what she wanted to do. All things considered, her gut reaction was to chase her down and show her a lesson- but then again, she was a child. Elsa’s anger softened, only the occasional flare of her nostrils hinting at the stress that bubbled within.

”She was just a child, no?” Elsa was surprised at her own calmness- oddly levelheaded for such an emotional being. ”Do we know what she was after?” Elsa had a decent amount of worthwhile items. Armor and her newly crafted katana was one thing among the many worthy of thievery. Elsa herself thought the hassle of taking her prisoner would be too much, so she was almost positive it was an item was what D’arcy was after. However, there was a more important question. Was this a herd she was sent from? ”Is she affiliated with a herd?” If so, then a little more digging and retribution would need to be done. No one messes with the Icebound.

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Iona’s booming voice was hardly something that Alysanne could miss - nor something that she would ever ignore. She was already moving towards the sound when the call for the leaders came a moment later, encouraging the painted queen to pick up her legs and get her moving faster to bring her to the small gathered group as quickly as she could.

Her green eyes were clouded with concern as soon as she arrived, nodding a brief hello to Tembovu and Elsa but her attention was immediately focused on her twin as Iona began to speak.

The Edge was no stranger to being the subject of stealths but it still made Alysanne’s skin crawl to hear the news and even more so to hear that it had been a former member of this very herd, the daughter of the deceased Nyx. Her heart constricted, wondering what the girl might have been after - why she would have been going after Elsa. These questions are mirrored by the ice-touched pegasus herself and Alysanne kept quiet, not knowing the answer herself and wondering if Iona did know - keen green eyes flashing back to her twin and waiting to see what other information she might have.

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Darwin was never far from Elsa. So when she rose to the sound of “thief” in the midst of sleep, Darwin also rose, following quietly along the heels of Elsa as though he was some sort of lovesick puppy. His gaze on her was softened, as it always did when his eyes landed on her, especially as he remained a few paces behind – unsure if she wanted him to follow or not. However, as they approached the commotion of the thief in the woods, Antaa came crashing through the woods. Her fiery body announcing the pale newcomer’s arrival, he mentally sighed. The phoenix moved toward Edgar as he hissed, as the words finally reached Darwin’s ears.

Antaa’s goal was to soothe Edgar in his anger. Darwin’s goal was to soothe Elsa in her anger. Yet, it seemed as though the anger began to reside further in Darwin’s chest than it should have. He made his way into the gathering, dipping his head lightly to Tembovu, Alysanne, and Iona. The latter two were those he hadn’t met yet, but as he stepped up beside Elsa, he allowed his pale wing to stretch lightly and brush against her body if she’d allow it – to tell her he was here for her, and would do anything to protect her.

It’s not my place, but there should be some sort of punishment, right?” He suggested, his voice rough and deep as it came from his dark bearded maw. His attention drifted toward Elsa, ears perked toward everyone else to hear what they had to say, but he only had eyes for the Icebound. She seemed calm and it was unsettling to the man. It was then when he realized he’d need to speak with Roskuld to learn how to better protect them – if for nothing else but for Elsa. He straightened up his posture slightly, his stone gaze smoldering beneath their usually calm demeanor as he looked to the rest of them. “Nothing too serious since she’s a child, a challenge maybe?” He questioned, his tone trying to remain calm, yet at the pace his heart was beating, he was anything but. His gaze drifting back to Elsa, wondering what kind of punishment she was willing to go for. The thing he knew is that something had to happen, otherwise thieves would continue to attempt to get within their borders.

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Iona glanced between Tembovu, her sister, and the Icebound - unsurprised that they had come so quickly. She knew she was not the only one on her guard after Kaos had reared his ugly head in the marshes. Another comes too - a stallion who stands close to Elsa, but Iona does not waste time on introductions...yet. 

Instead, she jumps right in and begins answering the Icebound’s questions. “She’s young, yes. But no longer a child. Certainly old enough to know better and old enough to answer for her actions.  I don’t think she’s associated with a herd, but I don’t know where she went after she left us.  All I know is that her mother was obviously here and that her father called the Basin home. When she expressed interest in my ranks, she accompanied Raeden on a trip to the north in the hopes of seeing him.”  Iona’s gaze flickers between the others, aware that this may or may not be common knowledge.  She’s unsure if d’Arcy’s father ever came to the Edge, for if he did she certainly never met him. 

“I’m not sure if she was after one of your possessions or if she was after you which is one of the reason’s I’m concerned and I’m not entirely sure we should just allow this to pass without consequence.”  While losing items was inconvenient, possessions could usually be recovered. The idea of a member of the herd being taken and held captive, now that made Iona’s insides churn uncomfortably.

The unknown stallion spoke next.  Her emerald eyes lingered on the stallion, having not met this stranger before, but the way his gaze lingered on the Icebound was not lost on the Specter.  She simply filed away this tidbit of information, for having some sort of information on relationships within the herd was useful, but she didn’t dedicate too much mental effort to the task because there simply weren’t enough hours in the day for that kind of research. 

“I don’t think a challenge would be inappropriate,” she added, with a nod towards the black and white stallion, though she looked back towards Elsa as she spoke.  The way she saw it, this was the Icebound’s decision to make at this point. Then they could hammer out the details. 

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Two serpents lay in wait behind the shadows; one gold, one green, just beyond the mark of the tree line. The pale specter observed the meeting from a short distance, hidden by fern and the small advantage that placing himself down-hill granted him.

She was after Elsa.
An interesting target. But why?
Toulouse watched the conversation with intrigue, though eventually the frustration only grew. They were concerned with punishing the urchin involved, but was there any interest in the motive? What would a child want with Elsa?
This lead Toulouse to believe that the child of Nyx did not work alone.

Boomslang went first, coiling down the foreleg of his bonded friend and then slithering forth under the legs of Iona and giving her a daunting hiss. Next to creep from the tree line was the specter himself, pale and ghost-like.
"A challenge, you say?" He uttered, deathly eyes looking with a false kindness towards Iona. He spoke this almost with sarcasm, referring to his own challenge.

"But council, do not forget that Elsa was once your Queen. We must consider the child's motive and the fact that it is a child. The possibility that it could be working under the command of another should not be ignored"
As he spoke this he stepped forth to join those gathered, looking sternly to Elsa and both the King and Queen. Boomslang joined him once again, slithering up his leg and hiding in his coil-like hair.

Exhaling softly, the specter spoke once more.
"Also, remember that until a child is scorched it will not know that fire can burn."

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