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The GOD of the SUN

Burn the whole world down

The Earth God had left his post as patron deity of the Falls and outcasted his entire herd. The Sun's other Brother, the Spark, was currently trying to revive his own herd and threatening them with exile as well. Amongst the men of his family, it should have been all too easy to position himself as the clear victor and yet ... His daughter had not named a leader to be at her side, and he hadn't heard from her in weeks. He was sure that Aithniel had good reason for this, but even so, with all that was happening, it made him uneasy.

So he took matters into his own hands.

"DRAGON'S THROAT." His voice rolled across the sands like fire through dry leaves. The God appeared in a pillar of light and flame, near the Diviner's fire. His molten eyes were patient, but his body language was tense. 

Kaos hadn't even done anything yet, and already it appeared that the herds were disintegrating. Regardless of how his siblings chose to handle this, the Sun would not allow the Dragon's Throat to succumb to these outside influences. If they wanted to destroy themselves from the inside out, to challenge and oust their leaders, that was fine. But he would not allow some cobbled-together monster to threaten his lands. 


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Burning on the E D G E of something beautiful

The heat of the summons rolled over her with an intensity that left no doubt of its owner. Even Gaucho, when he'd been alive, could never have compared to the Sun's flames. It gives Ampere, and Kygo, pause in their patrol. That sense of wonder that always accompanies the God of the Sun settles inside Ampere as her head turns to the side, lightning gaze finding his inferno easily enough - they're nearby. Dutifully she and the parrot turn and with purpose to their stride embark to his side.

As they move Ampere wonders if this is related to the bone monster, Kaos, that recently was revealed. Their attempts at defeating the beast were horribly unsuccessful, and the knowledge of that inability gnawed at some of Ampere's sanity each day. At least the Rift Gods could be wounded, even if not killed, but this monster seemed immune to everything, and twice as devastating in his retaliation.

As always she's have faith in the Sun, but it was troubling to be reminded of just how mortal they all really were. Magic and animals seemed so fanciful, but they're little more than splinters compared to the cosmic power of the Helovian Gods (and perhaps the Rift Gods too). Add to this that their herd was still collecting itself after Gaucho's death, that she was still collecting herself, and Ampere had never felt more vulnerable.

She halted in the vicinity of the god, nodding to him while she quietly chewed on her thoughts, knowing he would reveal his intentions with the herd assembled. Kygo took to a nearby tree, a bit terrified of the Sun, and too disinterested in herd matters that required good behavior. He did however ask a probing question to Ampere, "Aithniel dad?". Their bond turned a brilliant red as Ampere's emotions responded with a mixture of anger and blush. "Yes," Ampere responded after a moment, that knowledge carrying so much more significance now that Ampere knew she was the girl's mother. All this time she'd wondered, but the quick aging of the demi-god combined with Ampere's abandonment (of both egg and crown) had always left a worm of doubt inside her, one which Tandavi effectively squashed. The weight of that truth was one Ampere didn't bear lightly, and absently she fidgeted, wondering how best to reveal it to Aithniel, if she even should.

Kaos seemed an easier problem to deal with...

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He feels it, the wave of heat and power that slips across the sand like an unseen wave. It takes him off guard, absorbed as he is in his game, but the feeling is nice, and he's soothed as quickly as he is intrigued. Leaving his play for the sense of command in this call, Iskra speeds across the desert land, whistling when he catches sight of his mother making her way towards... towards the God of the Sun!? Iskra stops suddenly, his mouth popping open in awe.

He's never really encountered the God of the Sun before, not really. Maybe when he was still wobbly on his knees, just after Gaucho's passing, he remembers some bright and mighty figure, but now that he's worldly, encountering their patron god is a whole different story. Speaking of stories, mom and his brother Z have told him quite a lot about the God of Sun, so Iskra's wonder is that much larger - nothing as awesome as seeing the Moon Goddess talking with Kisamoa on the beach that one time, although she did make cool shit and he has heard some crazy stories about her too. This is the Sun though.

Slower, Iskra creeps forward to join his mother's side, eyes never leaving the god. He looks like Matheo a little bit, Iskra thinks (albeit backwards).
"H-hi!" he greets the God of the Sun, his smile beaming out even as a nervous sweat darkens around his ears.
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DRAGON'S THROAT! He would recognise that authoratative boom of a voice anywhere, and it sends a prickle of fire up his spine. If the Sun God is calling the herd together then it must be important, although it makes the black giant wonder why it isn't Aithniel's summons ringing in his ears instead. He has not seen the Inquisitor around as much as he would have liked, but he still has faith in her abilities. He serves loyally in whatever way he can, marshalling the warriors and organising their spars, popping to the Threshold whenever he gets a chance...and all the time, the threat of Kaos hangs over their head like the reaper's blade.

Multiple visits to the Spectral Marsh by the onyx titan have turned up no information, despite spending many hours trying to unearth clues that may help them defeat the creature. Kaos must have a weakness, Volterra is sure of it. Finding it, however, will be a damn sight harder then simply acknowledging it, and he wonders if the Sun God is calling with advice for them regarding the bone monster's master.

The goliath shakes his mane to clear it of the twigs and sand that have accumulated in it during his last luxurious roll in the Throat's dust. Vadir helps pluck a few errant strands from the tangled black mass, and the stallion grunts a thanks to his golden dragon. Vérzés glides lazily along behind his bonded and his royal sister as they make their way towards the Sun God's call, neither dragon wanting to miss out on an opportunity to meet the patron deity of this land. Volterra has only met him once, when he revealed that he was Tyrath's grandfather and thus Aithniel's father, something which had shaken the Indomitable to his very core. His masculine pride basks in the fact that he has bedded two (and a half) demi goddesses, but his sense of logic ensures that he doesn't broadcast the fact. No, as pleasing a notion as it is, it's one best kept to himself, and he hopes the Sun will have witnessed the way he has brought Tyrath up from gangly colt to powerful young stallion. Volterra chooses to focus on being a good father to his tribrid son, rather than congratulating himself for siring him with the royal-blooded Aithniel in the first place.

The Gladiator arrives promptly to the meeting, offering courteous nods to the rest of the gathered herd. His attention then turns to the Sun God, stood there in all his flaming glory; Vadir, who hadn't met the great fire-lord last time, scans him approvingly and even goes so far as to lick her scaled lips with avaricious delight. "He magnificent," she croons into her bonded's head, tilting her own horned skull so she can scrutinise the Sun from every angle. "He create fire itself. Maybe he should be your God instead of Mountain-Father?" Volterra gives his dragon a wry mental smile. He has a great deal of admiration and deference for this impala-horned beast and he is certainly his second favourite God, but he would not betray his utter faith in Father Earth so easily. "Sun God," he greets in his deep growl of a voice, his head dipping again in a gesture of respect towards the deity.

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What had happened days before still rang like a faint echo in her head; not the yelling, the anger or the fear, but her own thoughts formed from unbelief and unknown. As the Diviner she was meant to be good at figuring out the riddles of their world, their life and the Will of their Gods, still she had failed in that. As much as she had reached out to it, her mortality could simply not grasp the truth.

However, her dizzied brain cells responded to the whiffs and currents formed by a godly warmth that spread itself over their dusty, golden hills like a fresh fart. Despite the warmth that their desert land already held, it was renewing and welcoming like a promise. Her ivory head bobbed up and down on her own rhythmic jumps as she passed the mull yellow sands as she let herself be pulled towards the light so that she may fall in its embrace once more - Her light.

She halted her galloping to join the gathering of her herd before their almighty and everlasting Patron Deity. Her lips were dry as she looked up at the God, her breathing was staggered as she spoke and bowed her head at the same time. Her ivory mane fell in a shimmery maze down her neck. " - Sun God - My God, your holy presence alone enlightens my aching mind and uncertain judgement." May your composed appearance bring us strength in body and soul. They needed it. (She needed it, honestly) And, with silent golden eyes flashing troubled violet glazes from now and then, she pulled her throbbing body away to stand next to Ampere to wait.

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On expert grullo wings, the colt steers himself in slow circles towards the Throat's soft sands. The unfamiliar call has stirred something inside the bull-horned boy, something that tells him he needs to attend. It's something that summons the fire in his blood, something that makes him know, without knowing how he knows, that the maker of the call is somebody to be respected. Somebody who wields fire as easily as he does - somebody who embodies it.

The bulky colt lands amongst the crowd with a muffled grunt, painstakingly folding his wings against his sides and slowing his stride to a walk. The majestic creature holding the meeting draws Arakh's attention immediately; he is a magnificent example of a man, with antelope's horns and an aura of Sun about him. He bears a close resemblence to Aithniel and Matheo, and the colt takes a moment to wonder at their relationship.

It's only when he feels his mouth begin to ache that he realises he's been staring at the Sun God with his lower jaw hanging open like a simpleton. He shuts it, flicks his tongue around to moisten the dry interior. "Vorsa Khal," he addresses the deity, awestruck. Fire King. Is this the man that Gaucho worshipped all his life? Who ascended the Wildfire to something akin to the Gods themselves? For the first time, Arakh can understand why his father chose this God as his patron, and he knows deep inside himself that he intends to do the same.

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A voice booms through the whole of the island kingdom. It is a voice of power, but unlike the tones of Kaos this voice seems to promise all things, good as well as bad, and mean it.

The voice wakes Patrick from a nap of sorts, even the most energetic of folk need to replenish that energy on occasion after all. It hasn't really been much of a nap though for he spent most of the time shifting about restlessly as if suffering bothersome dreams he can not shake. It could be that the waking, even as abrupt as this was, is welcome. He is not quick to answer the summons, nor is he as slow as he has been in the past. The distance from his resting spot to the place the call seems to be coming from is not far. So, he takes his time in shaking sleep from his face and slowly stretching each of his legs. Then, fully awake at last, he picks up a springy trot and heads over to this newest meeting.

I do not recognize the commanding voice as belonging to our leader, or any other adult in the Throat. So, I am even more curious than a meeting such as this would normally make me. So far every meeting I have attended has been different in some way. Of course that "every" isn't a very big number for me. But, that is beside the point. Part of me is hopeful that I might finally find Mop here because, now that I think of it, a meeting was the last place I saw her up close. This sets me to worrying that I might never see her again and I find that, while I haven't thought of it much, this possibility is not pleasant.

Sadly she is not in the crowd when I arrive, of course there aren't many here yet at all. In fact there are none here yet that I know very well. This makes me grin, and it is probably a smug one, at being not only among the first to show up but also the very first from my family. I do recognize every gathered individual from some encounter or another though I've only ever spoken with Arakh before.

The colt scans the gathered group for a moment, with a small and smug grin on his face, paying no attention to the central figure. How he manages to miss a flaming tower of sunlight is a mystery. Maybe he is still just short enough that a lack of looking up might explain it. Eventually he moves forward to join them settling next to the winged and bull-horned boy who just happens to be the present herd member he knows beyond simple recognition. His own faded blue gaze follows the sharp one of the other boy and settles at last on the God of the Sun with similar awe. In contrast to the slate-gray lad however, Patrick doesn't even try to speak. He simply stares and apparently feels no shame at all for this breech of manners.

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The girl heard the call her head lifting curiously. She had heard what Kaos had done, and figured there would be a meeting about it at some point. Thoughtfully she chewed her last mouthful mulling over the voice she had heard. It hadn't sounded like anyone she knew, but it was commanding. Heaving a sigh she turned and walked towards the call. She was still getting use to carrying her sheath and dagger. The places were it strapped around her foreleg were rubbed raw, but she didn't care.

It didn't take her long to find several horses gathered around looking at a God. Her ears tilted forward head held high and proud. She made her way to her obsidian father and stood proudly beside him. Her voice was strong and respectful, "Greetings Lord of the Sun." She smiled and dipped her head warmly towards him. Silver speckled scarlet eyes gazed up at her Apa for a moment proud to be beside him, and of his blood. Her gaze turned over the gathered horses. There were some handsome colts around, but she didn't know their names.

Silently she turned back to watch the sun God and smiled softly. He was glorious with fire rolling over his wings and twin horns upon his head. Even though he was shorter than her father, he was spectacular. She wondered why he had come to him, and where their leader was. Bright eyes rolled over the God curious and cautious. There was defiantly something going on around here, and she was eager to find out what.
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I have spent time within the Temple, now that I have found it, memorized where it lay buried within the sands— I have run my blistered lips and beaten wing tips across every surface of that sanctuary, mapped out every detail of it, every fine grain has been etched within my mind. I perhaps spend too much time there, no longer needing to unfurl my wings to navigate the corridors within the structure, striding boldly through the doors and often seeking shelter from the world there. It has become a safe space for when I feel far too overwhelmed, when my heart is yearning for the comfort of a mother I do not have, and my body cannot handle the emptiness of the outside world. It is a comforting thought, to know there is not an endless expanse stretching on forever, but walls and a roof that confines you— keeps you safe sane.

I am surprised to hear an unfamiliar yet powerful voice boom through the Throat, carried by hot winds and summons the entirety of the population forward, beckons us all to gather there. I am guided through will and whispers, picking my way through the Throat and into the crowd that has been summoned by something fiery and grand— I strain my ears, picking up the generous greetings given to the source of the summons. It is a god, the patron saint of our desert island, the burning body of a mighty god.

I should feel honoured to be in the presence of a being so grand, but having never been in such a situation, all I can do I bob my head awkwardly and swallow my pride. Who am I in comparison? A mortal being with nothing but broken eyes and a damaged soul, no proof of magic or holiness (shall I pray? Might I follow Maren's example of absolute devotion?). I say nothing, I do nothing— I slide into the background and hold my breath for whatever it is the god has brought us here for.
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"DRAGON'S THROAT." The call sends chills down my spine. It's a voice I don't know right off hand, but the tone. It just screams authority. What can I say, authority scares me. I am so used to being on my own within the herd that I don't know how to handle it. I have to admit, I miss Momma at times like these. Do I go to the voice? Or do I hide and stay away? What to do what to do? I pace back and forth nervously, trying to make my choice. I had just about decided to stay away when I see him.

The golden stallion stood tall, almost as tall as my Dad if not taller. Every bit of him, just screamed golden and light and bright. But that is not what changed my mind. He has wings and horns. Not just one, but two. They do not look like mine, but still. Just the fact that he had both horns and wings, drew me in like lightning to a steel rod.

I move slowly to the front, not caring if I blocked someone else from seeing. I needed to see him for myself, know that he was real... Because if this is who I think it is... " - Sun God - My God, your holy presence alone enlightens my aching mind and uncertain judgement." I stare in utter awe of him. The mare's words confirming what I was thinking. "Father Sun.." I whisper softly. My voice drifting off, wanting to ask about my mother... To find out if she was with him and her own mother...



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Saoirse would have cowered if not for the warmth that filled his soul. Steadied him, as the voice rippled through, bursting forth and passing him to encompass the whole herd. With a long exhale, green eyes darted for the voice’s origin. And with wings that still ached from the bone monster– he propelled himself onwards.

Forever onwards.

Despite the absence of his mother, he’d kept breathing and his heart beat steadily. Her memory no longer imprinted a hopeful return. Nay, a part of the boy’s soul began to blacken with her disappearance.

He arrived with beaming eyes, seeking purchase on their deity. Relief flooded him. Saoirse made a clumsy landing along their outskirts, and caught the tail end of Farah as she began to wedge and push through the bulk separating her from their God. With a shaky breath he chased after her. Altogether nervous and excited to finally meet the God of the Sun.

Voices murur as he makes to stand beside Farah. The last of these trail from her lips like a wishful sigh.

‘Father Sun…’

Tentatively the boy offered his muzzle to the girl, pressing it briefly to her shoulder before sweeping his gaze to the Sun God. Avoiding her gaze, if he could. As he stood beside her.

Beyond awe, beyond the adoration he wished to impart on the God, he was settled foremost by his constant presence in Helovia. Unlike absent mothers and fathers, he did not fade away on any given wind or tide.

Determination set in Saoirse's eyes – briefly, before the boy dipped his head reverently. “Father Sun,” he said boldly. And wondered about his offerings; ‘Did you like my flowers?’

But perhaps the simple trivialities of their lives would go unnoticed, for the more pressing concerns inhabiting the lands. Kaos… strikes a threatening cord in his mind.

Who can stop Kaos? Surely the Sun God can, can’t he?


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Najya was troubled following the rise of Kaos.  As soon as she’d returned to the herd, she’d gone right to her stash of medicinal herbs - taking inventory of what was well stocked and what could possibly be needed if Kaos descended upon the herd or launched another attack.  She knew she’d have to find the other healers, and soon, to make sure they were prepared for anything.

There were other things on her mind as well.  The little mare had a growing suspicion that she was pregnant, and the thought of Kaos growing in power as a child grew within her was enough to send a bolt of fear straight into her heart. The changes in her body were still subtle, but she did have some inclination that something was different. However there was little time to dwell on that now, there were more important things to tend to, especially now that the Sun had come to them.  His call echoed across the Desert and brought with it a sense of both urgency and comfort.

Perhaps he had some insight on how to deal with Kaos.  Najya was still troubled about how any attack that the Helovians seemed to mount seemed so utterly useless.  Magic had no effect.  Physical attacks were simply battered away.  The horrific scene of bodies being flung by bony claws still danced behind her eyes when she slept, and she woke knowing that they still had such little defense against such a creature.  Most of all she didn’t like knowing that they had been manipulated.  She knew that many were dubious of Kaos when he still wore the guise of Kisamoa, but it wasn’t enough to stop him from gaining in strength and revealing his true form.

Najya made her towards the pillar of flame as quickly as her legs would carry her, breathing a sigh of relief when the Lord of the Sun stood proud and strong before the already gathered members of the herd.  His burning light was a profound comfort to the desert mare.  Her hazel eyes took inventory of who had come.  She spotted the familiar forms of Volterra, Maren, and Ampere as well as some of the children she had met - including Pat and Arakh who she had spoken too not long ago. She offered a smile to each of them as she drew herself to halt and dipped her head to the Sun God in greeting.   “My Lord,” She offered, in greeting, before raising her head and waiting for the Sun God to speak.

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I had found a small group of shabby-looking trees to rest beneath, lying hidden among their skeletal shadows, while basking in the warmth from the sun above. I’m only half conscious when I hear the call—a great, bellowing voice that blusters over the dry desert, and clamors around me until I can nearly feel it in my bones. I’m not used to being in a herd, but it is obvious that this is some sort of summons for everyone on the island. I jump to my feet with little grace, scraping my face and neck against the scraggly branches as I back up with agitated steps.

Ignoring the sting of the fresh, shallow cuts (I’ve had much worse, I try to forget—), I glance around me, trying to ground myself among the vast desert. There is a pillar of fiery light in the distance, and noticing the hazy shapes that seem to flock towards it, I decide that it is likely where I’m supposed to go. One step forward, and then another, and then—do I really have to go? I dread the idea of being surrounded by the rest of the herd, milling together like cattle, with nowhere to run or hide.

What would happen if I didn’t go?

Would it really be so bad?

I shift my weight backwards, biting my lip until I fear the skin will break. Ultimately, after several long moments of wrestling with myself, I trudge forward again. I realize that I don’t really want to find out the answer to my question, and like a lamb going to the slaughter, I force myself towards the crowd.

Unlike almost everyone else already gathered, I do not recognize the tall, blazing stallion that stands at the head of the assembly (although I can tell he is obviously the one directing this meeting). There is something inherently important about him, and if it weren’t already natural for me to do so, I would have lowered my head out of blind respect. Recognizing no one except Najya, I halt behind the others, somewhere kind of close to the russet mare’s side. Still, I don’t think she can see me, so I arch my neck, allowing my hair to fall around me like a curtain. As small as possible.

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S  U  N  J  A  T  A

A voice boomed across the Throat, stirring the blue jay from his slumber. A deep groan left his ebony lips as he shook the sand out of his mane and away from his body, unfurling his wings and giving them a good shake as well before heading in the direction of the call. It didn’t sound like the one woman that lead the Throat, this one was more intense – more incredible.

As he approached, he noticed a large gathering already surrounding a fiery being in the center. He looked magnificent, large, and definitely in charge. If it weren’t for the horns that sprouted from his head, Sunjata would’ve immediately turned into a child, envious of the power that emanated from his mere presence. Quickly, he glanced around those gathered to find a few familiar faces. Volterra was there, as well as Mihtal. Originally his course was headed toward Vol, but he quickly redirected his navy legs and headed toward the striped unicorn’s side. Suddenly, he found the idea of equines with horns a little less distracting – a little less disturbing in his mind. Was he growing soft?

His heavy limbs landed him right beside the mare, turning his ivory head toward her and offering a charming grin and a gentlemanly dip of his head. “Mind if I join you?” He murmured to her, tightening his wings across his back – his blue gaze seeking out acceptance within her own gilded eyes.


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The strangling was flying (as she usually did in the Throat) when the earth (and air) shaking summons overtook the Throat. Her ears tilted back in unease, flapping wings ceasing to move as she began to glide towards the earth. She was not a brave soul, and so the thought of disobeying such a shaking command did not bloom in her striped skull.

Her dark hooves hovered above the hot sands for a moment, wings weaving in the air to keep her aloft (carefully, so as not to blow sand onto her sweat-slicked skin); pale gaze eyed the unruly, gritty earth before she gingerly alighted on the dunes.

And then her attention swept (first to Arakh, because he was her safety) to the god whose voice had shaken her from the sand-free skies. She waited, wings partially spread and held away from her sweaty sides because she did not want to mat the feathers with her sticky perspiration.

Though, it is worth mentioning, that the filly did find the god’s antlers perfectly symmetrical. She a she was quite taken with them. So a soft smile curved up her small, grey lips as she watched and waited.

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[Muddling the timelines a bit to include Aithniel being sent away.]

They approached. Many offered him their greetings, and though the God tried to return them respectfully, his body remained tense. Every second that ticked away was another moment given to this Kaos. The thought sent hot fire licking across his spine, and although he tried to reign in his fury, the fire that breathed below the surface of his skin was insatiable. Although not all of the herd had arrived, enough of them had that he felt as though he could begin.

"I do not have long, so please listen without interruption. You all know the horror that this Kaos has brought to our lands. You've seen his trickery and his lies first hand. No longer shall we underestimate him. In that respect, I have sent Aithiniel away." He paused, his eyes reassuringly revolving around those who had assembled. "I have sent her into the Rift, to gather what information she can about this Kaos. Perhaps by learning about where he came from and the evils that the Riftian gods perpetrated before they arrived here, we will better know our enemy. I realize that she had only just raised herself to the position of Sultana, and for yet another change in leadership, I apologize. "

The God's molten gaze turned to Volterra. "In her place, Volterra will lead the Dragon's Throat." It was not a request. "Though he is newer to our sands, he has proven himself a dedicated extension of our family and a protector of our home." The fiery deity allowed a small smile to trace his lips, as he nodded towards their newest Sultan. "It will be up to Volterra who he names to rule at his stead, though given the instability we have seen lately, I urge you to make your choice sooner rather than later."

Addressing the herd as a whole again, the God took a breath, and exhaled it slowly. "We are the Dragon's Throat. We have survived a thousand suns and will not let this thing take our home, or further desecrate Helovia. Stick together, train, spy, learn what you can."


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Burning on the E D G E of something beautiful

The utter lack of presence of the herd was deeply troubling to Ampere. She had been asleep as of late, caught in the nightmare that was Gaucho's death, but gradually she was waking. Problem was the wider her eyes opened, the stronger the nightmare seemed to grow. Not just something within her, but existing all around her in the rubble of their once great nation.

That and a shit ton of foals. Gaucho certainly had left his mark in the sands, one way or another.

Ampere's gaze drifted to her son, a small smile twitched at the edges of her maw as she recognized the same wonder she felt before their god. Her attention drifted to each herd member that arrived, nose bumping towards Maren in greeting as the tiger priestess settled beside her.
Ampere was disheartened by Cera and Sohalia's absence, and her daughters were surprisingly missing as well.

Ampere didn't have time to dwell on this though as the Sun God began to speak, and his news was troubling indeed. That he sent Aithniel away chilled Ampere to her core. Aside from her being their recently crowned Sultana and their demi-goddess, Aithniel was also her daughter - no matter how new and firmed this information was, Ampere already felt the swell of motherly protection in her chest for the ashen girl. She had always suspected it of course, but the confirmation just solidified her heart; Ampere clenched her teeth, the motion akin to the tightening of her entire being.

Of course Ampere worried for all the herd - they were her family whether blood or not - but the loss of Aithniel was a series of blows that shocked the electric mare. Other factors aside, the removal of yet another leader was not a promising renewal for their once proud herd. Having lived the entire time under Gaucho's reign, Ampere was not accustomed to such political turmoil, and it gnawed a worry into her gut. She might have cried out, have begged the god to reconsider, but he left no room to breathe, already sweeping into more news.


Her blue gaze skipped unapologetically towards the black stallion in clear scrutiny. Her stare was not damning however, merely assessing. She agreed with the god's notion of selecting another military head, and unlike much of the herd Ampere did not condemn him for being new, or even for being brought in under Sikeax. It was undoubtedly the Sea Soul's brightest move, and the brute had proven his loyalty to Ampere when he stayed in the sands even after the dethroning of Sikeax. That Volterra fought and bled for their herd daily did not escape Ampere either, which only strengthened her approval. Her one concern was how little he seemed to lead his rank though. After all, Ampere hadn't caught any flak for skirting her duties, and though perhaps her depression was understandable, if she was being unbiased, it was not excusable. She'd needed her ass kicked, and he hadn't done it. Was he worried to upset any of the herd given some of their doubt of him? Was he just thinking he'd take up the slack himself? Either worried her, but as always she'd do her best to trust in the Sun.

Her assessment complete, and a nod of acceptance given, Ampere's attention drifted back to the Sun. Invigorated by his closing words and the need to rally, Ampere's voice lifted through the crowd.

"By Sun and Flame we will thrive! Long live the Throat!"

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With the herd gathered, the Sun God begins to speak. Concern ebbs across the Gladiator's features as their deity informs them that Aithniel has been sent on a quest, although his worry is tempered somewhat by the knowledge that the Sun would only have sent somebody truly capable on such a quest. If it helps them defeat price is too high to pay.

It does flicker across his mind that a replacement will need to be found - two replacements, even. The Throat cannot be left without leadership, and the titan looks to their patron God as he begins to speak again. As those fiery eyes turn upon him, Volterra feels his heart begin to race despite itself. In her place, Volterra will lead the Dragon's Throat.

His heart races faster. He feels numb, his ears ringing, his eyes widening and his jaw dropping slightly as he absorbs the words. Him. Volterra. Sultan. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he's dreamed about this moment for most of his life, ever since he was a young boy playing at king and contemplating grandeur. He'd always thought he would take his first crown through battle, felling another stallion with a single authoritative swing of his colossal feet and bellowing his victory to the skies. He hadn't imagined being chosen by a God...But in a way, isn't that better? To be selected by the deity of fire himself, deemed worthy by an immortal to lead his herd? It is the highest of compliments, even if this isn't the herd he imagined himself leading, even if this is only his second favourite God delivering the news.

He can do this. He will do this.

"It would be an honour." The deep rumble emits from his throat with all the presence and power of a king, and he holds his great head high as he looks upon the God who has elevated him onto this pedestal. He gazes upon the herd, those who have bothered to turn up, at least, and knows that he can lift this proud, historic place back to greatness. The Sun God concludes his words by persuading Volterra to name somebody at his side quickly, and the titan nods his agreement. Despite his utter conviction in his own abilities, he knows that this is no time to try and do things alone. "The Dragon's Throat is a sleeping giant. In the name of our God, we will rise back to greatness. On the back of hard work, dedication and a willingness to shed our last drop of blood onto these sacred sands, we will reach the potential that I know we have. Together, we will conquer Kaos." His voice is a boom as he looks around the herd, his herd, already growing into the role like water poured upin a flower. Vadir stands tall upon his back, scales glimmering beneath the Sun's light, shivering with delight at this new chapter in her bonded's tale. He a king, she a queen - she can barely contain herself!

He looks dead straight at the Sun God, now. "I will not fail you." It is a solemn vow spoken by the lips of a man who does not lie - and as Ampere bellows her own benediction to the sky, Volterra joins her in her chorus, holy voices united to crush all opposition.

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The boy’s ears pressed forwards, his eyes track the flame that dances across the golden body. Eyes lost in the God’s gaze, as the topic of Kaos unravels unabated. Saoirse is not familiar with their Sultana. Important perhaps, though just as faceless as the strangers that stretched throughout the Throat – no emotional ties other than the ones that knitted his soul to the land itself.

Instead of worry over the adult’s departure, she has been sent with a task that is given in confidence. And the boy is reminded by the Sun God’s certainty, his plans, his suggestions, as though there is no other way to think otherwise. Holding his breath, he lets out the air from his lungs in reprieve. Quietly, slowly, until he can breathe in fresh air and absorb the comfort that he has placed in his deity.

Briefly, he offers his gaze up to the black titan of the sands. There he spots Vezér, the girl with the dagger and strange, webbed markings.

‘Does that make her a princess then?’ He wonders. But the boy’s thoughts quickly scramble back to Volterra, recognizing that the Sun God awarded those with due diligence.

He finds himself being drawn back to the God on command. He lives and breathes in his words, hoping, praying they will fill him with its necessary courage. The boy wants to be like their mighty warriors, he wants to learn - learn as much as I can.

Could he press the nightmares back, and save his soft and malleable soul for the herd? He began to think he could, that he would because he found love for his home. And he would not let it rot and suffer willingly like his absent mother.

But of course words did nothing. They were meaningless without action, however pure they began – he was living it. The boy only sets his belief in the Sun God. And with a giddy, hopeful twist in his soul he joined the Mother of Companions, and the Indomitable in patriotic worship.

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