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The walk to the south was long; every step seemed to take them into hotter and hotter temperatures. Though, to be truthful, this Tallsun’s heat was not nearly as blistering as the last. And, despite his Kingship of the cool, temperate Edge, the Dorobian stallion would forever enjoy the warmth—and some nostalgic part of him welcomed the heat the billowed across his hide as the group of Edgers passed the entrance to the Hart Caves. His thick, scarred skin rippled, ears flickering to and fro as he both caught and traded bits of conversation with those he walked with.

He offered bits about Dorobo; he offered more about his time in Helovia, the Rift wars, his regency in the Edge. He asked more of those he traveled with: their stories, or what they were willing to share; of their histories in Helovia; of anything they knew about the Throat. Anything to pass the time of the long, laborious walk to the Throat.

And, eventually, the came to the sea. The Elephant King came to a slow halt between two large, tall, decorative pillars. Deep, navy eyes glanced carefully up the length of each, curiously, before staring across the vast expanse of sea to a distant island—though, as he watched, he found a small bit of loamy earth tumbling into the sea.

His ears perked; his brows raised—but he turned his attention to the matter at hand. A low, deep bellow came from deep within his barrel, “Dragon’s Throat! The Edge seeks an audience with you!” Briefly, he wondered just how anyone from the Throat would hear his call all the way across the sea. But, somehow, these things had a way of working out.
The Elephant King
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@Tandavi @Lyanna Are the ones that expressed interest in the meeting, I think? Anyone else feel free to join!

Hey DT, we're here to talk treaties ;)

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The call carries across the sea, snatched upon the ocean breeze and cast into the ears of the massive black stallion grazing on the outskirts of his island home. Finding decent food in the Throat can prove a challenge, so Volterra thinks himself rather lucky when he happens upon a small patch of grass nestled between the sand dunes near the magical bridge. His teeth savagely tear through his chosen meal, whilst his tongue delicately removes specks of grit and sand. The dunes offer some shade, a merciful relief in this searing heat. The goliath's proximity to the edge of his home means that Tembovu's bellow reaches him with surprising speed, and he jerks his great head up with interest.

Go, he tells the dragons. They do not need to ask twice what he means, and immediately launch themselves onto their leathery wings. A pleasant downdraft of cool air causes the titanic warlord to close his eyes blissfully as his companions take off, and he contemplates whether it would be demeaning to such magnificent creatures to ask them to fly close around him whilst he grazes in order to keep him cool in the scorching Dragon's Throat summer. Now is not the time for such musings, though, because his dragons are barrelling across the sea towards the envoy on the other side like gleaming missiles of red and gold. Volterra stands ready, legs braced, ears pricked, waiting for his companions to send him images so he knows how to react to the source of the cry. An invading force may require dealing with, or perhaps it's a lone vagabond looking for a home.

The dragons soon send him the images he's requested as they circle above the source of the cry; one large man and a handful of others, and their postures do not speak of an invading force. Volterra is slightly disappointed - will he ever get to bloody his hooves in a proper war? It seems safe to assume that they are here for diplomatic reasons, not nefarious ones, so with a thick grunt Volterra sets off across his sands. His muscles ripple beneath skin that shines with patches of sweat from the incessant sun, but there's no hint of fatigue in his body as he strides towards the cliffs at the end of his home. He reaches the edge of the Throat's soil, feels the key tucked inside his mane twitch slightly - suddenly his shoulders erupt in wings of flame and he's flying. For a man who confesses to be rather afraid of heights, the Throat's chosen mode of transport is not ideal, but Volterra's grown used to the queer sensation of flight and he just does his level best to not look down as he speeds through the sky.

He touches down with a heavy thud on the other side, his fiery wings disappearing as soon as his massive hooves hit the ground. Glancing up, the beast sees the gathered envoy properly - at their head is Tembovu, the man whose son he had returned safely home during his time as Gladiator. The Elephant is the king of the Edge, and whilst Volterra has not had any real dealings with the brown-hued unicorn, he knows a man in power when he sees one. "Elephant King," he rumbles in greeting, his voice a thick, masculine earthquake. His crimson gaze turns to Tembovu's accompanying Edge residents, offering them nods before returning his attention to the Elephant. "Volterra the Indomitable, Sultan of the Dragon's Throat. We haven't properly met, save for the incident with your son." There's an amused glint in his ruby eyes and in the twist of his mouth; he is no stranger to errant sons, after all.

He falls silent, quirking a quizzical brow in a silent question as to the reason for the visit of this little group. If it is for diplomatic reasons, then the giant will wait for Ampere before making any decisions - he glances to the sky, expecting it to be filled with blue at any moment. For now it is filled with red and gold alone, his dragons continuing to circle lazily overhead.

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i am a leaf on the wind

She would have preferred to fly, but of course, she always preferred to fly. But today, she doesn’t mind the walk. She is strangely excited to see the Throat, because despite having lived here for years, it would be her first visit to the place. The other place that could have been home, if she’d chosen that path. At first, she’d wondered if the choice had been right, though slowly she came to believe the Edge was always the right home for her. It was like Morham, in some ways (though maybe those ways are what made it so hard to move on).

It is also the most time she’s spent with Tembovu, and it is nice to get to know her King in a way that she currently only knows her Queen. He speaks of his old home, a lot of his time in Helovia and stories of the past she has yet to hear. The Rift wars, something she’s started to get snippets of, and he helps to fill in those pieces. She tries to keep up her own polite banter, offering tidbits from her past that are largely trivial, because she cannot really talk about anything else from that. And she has nothing to tell of Helovia that everyone else does not already know.

They stop at the sea. Part of her longs to simply take to the sky and cross the distance, though she refrains, knowing that is frowned upon. Besides, she hopes to stay and meet with their healers. She’d been invited by admitted a child to visit, but then again in the Threshold by a stallion that seemed to have some authority. In case they let her stay, she’d come with a bundle of cedar and ferns to offer to the healers here.

A stallion from the Throat joins them quickly, introducing himself as Volterra the Indomitable. Which seems appropriate, given that he’s rather massive and just had wings of fire. It is, clearly, the first time she’s seen the Throat’s ‘bridge’. No wonder the herd once favored pegasi. Just easier to get them across. “A pleasure to meet you,” she offers with a nod of her head.

The herbs are still tucked behind her wing at the moment, because it doesn’t seem like the right time. Hi, I’m actually just here to talk about plants, is not how you act as a diplomat. She would know, after all. She’s done this a million times. “I’m Lyanna, one of the Moon Doctors in the Edge.” And then she leaves it at that, because she has nothing else to offer in this conversation really. She’s mostly along for the ride. And plants. Always plants.

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Given the option between the Basin and the Throat, Yael’s decision is a no brainer; head south towards sweet, sweet heat. She seeks the kind that sears their lungs in the summer afternoons and leaves heat waves shimmering across the surface of the earth. The kind that compels one to doze all day and face the vastness of the heavens at night - the heat of her homeland and the dry, saffron and spice sweat that once darkened her gold skin. She doesn’t even realize the longing for more heat than an average summer’s day until they pass the Heart Caves and head further south - until her hooves sink into the golden sand and something inside her almost breaks down.

Trance-like, long-lashed lids close as if in a reverie. How is this sand different than the beach at the Endless Blue? She’s not sure - but somehow, it is. Whatever conversation she was just engaged in ceases, and a sigh filled with all the repressed desire she can muster slips out from slightly parted lips. Tembovu’s tympanic voice thunders through her mind, causing her eyes to fly open - but only so she isn’t caught daydreaming when company comes.

Standing quietly next to Lyanna, she watches as a heavily built stallion with wings of fire flies over from the island herdland and is dutifully impressed - that is part of the effect it’s supposed to have, right? He is, of course, a very masculine King with a terribly masculine title, and part of her wants to roll her eyes, but she doesn’t - because that would be rude and undiplomatic - and she’s just here on a whim. Not quite high enough in the ranks to give an impressive sounding title, she introduces herself simply as, “And I am Yael. I come seeking knowledge,” paired with a lilting accent and kind, demure smile.

Temobvu has already granted her some with the conversation on the way there - but it is not enough. It is never enough.

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he had been someone, before the fall.
There was a rumbling on the breeze, things were shuffling and people were moving, and at first Sunjata was confused, wondering who in their right mind would have wanted to come to the desert of all places. But then, the Korofi pegasus remembered he had a job title and duties to his family herd. With a grumble in his native tongue, he began to shake the auburn sand away from his navy pelt and feathers, then he took to the sky. His icy eyes trailing the outside of the Throat, noticing that there were a few creatures he hadn’t seen in the Throat before, speaking with Volterra, his Sultan.

Changing his course, he aimed for the gathering, landing heavily yet evenly a few paces away. Tucking his wings to his sides, he approached his Sultan’s side, dipping his head in greeting to everyone until he paused on Tembovu. His eyes narrowed slightly as they ran across his pelt, noticing those familiar markings of Dorobo. Evidently, he had just arrived at the introductions, right when a gilded mare he had seen previously but never actually met spoke her name and her reasoning of being here.

With another soft dip of his head, his eyes trailing back to Tembovu skeptically, he offered them all a curt smile. “I am Sunjata.” He rumbled, his Korofi accent dripping thick from his lips while he patiently waited to see if the Elephant General would react. Then, he glanced over to Volterra before returning his attention to the group, unsure if the Indomitable had asked what their reasoning for being here was. He straightened his neck, shifting his tri colored wings against his back. “What is it you are seeking?” His thick accent rumbled once again, before passing to Yael with a small smile. “Aside from knowledge.” The informant would be kind to the pegasi that had reached their beaches, but it was Tembovu he was more cautious about. However, with Volterra at his side, he did his best to remain civil, despite his yearning to question the man on his sibling’s whereabouts.

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Astarot & Zafir

Zafir spotted the horses on the shore and called out to Astarot. The stallion looked up at his blue dragon wondering what was up. She rarely called out to him, especially when she was in the air. She screeched again and flow low over his head before turning towards the shore. He followed her without question racing over the thick sand. His ears pricked and brow furrowed slightly as a call rang out. Now he got the idea of where she was taking him. Zafir snorted in exasperation. They both were ready for their bond to fully connect. he couldn't wait till they could actually communicate instead of all this guess work.

When they made it to the bank the stallion paused and surveyed the group. Volterra was there, along with Sunjata and three others. He grinned as he spotted Lyanna, and a golden hued mare he remembered as well. An easy smile slide over his face before he crossed the water. Zafir flew over the water after her bonded calling a greeting to the red and gold. She nodded her head respectfully to her golden queen before flying down to stand on her bonded's back.

He caught the words of his ebony father and dipped his head low to the King of the Edge. He smiled at the two mares. "Hello Sir Tembovu, Yael, and Lyanna. I am Astarot Alchemist, and this is my companion Zafir." Zafir chirped at the familiar blue hinted mare. He turned his head and whispered to the dragon. She took off a blue streak across the sky. It wouldn't take her long to bring back what he had asked for. "It's a pleasure to meet you Tembovu," He dipped his head again before continuing, "And to see both of you again." He smiled at the two smaller ladies before turning his head up again.

Zafir was back her claws full of plants. She landed in front of him and he motions her forward. Awkwardly she makes her way towards Lyanna her claws full of All-Heal. "I present from the Throat Miss Lyanna." He smiled pleasantly before glancing at his father. She dropped the plants at her hooves before turning back to her bonded. Gracefully she leaped onto his bone marked back and settled down. Her tail curved gracefully over her front paws horned head held high and scarlet eyes watching the others carefully.

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OOC/Tags;; @Lyanna @Tembovu @Yael Zafir brought Lyanna some All-heal he had stashed away! I might have be away for my reply, you can just assume he is standing there listening and smiling xD
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All talk of diplomatic visits and conferences had certainly not gone ignored by the gelding of flaxen hair. Iona’s barks still rang true in his mind, threatening as ever though always without the sting of real venom or an actual bite, and Tembovus short sighted grunts only harmonised with them. What a hideous melody. “The Edge cannot show loyalty to those that give it none.”
Was returning the Doctor’s beloved, saving her life, restoring a family not enough? The sleuth had followed orders to search for any hints relating to Arah and Kianzo’s dissapearances… and yet he had returned with her actual location; only to be told later on he had not followed orders?
Now it was clear to him that recognition was given to whom they chose, not who earned it, And while Iona stepped from the lounge once-per-month, he had worked without sleep for their so-called family.

Toulouse remained quite convinced that he could not truly devote himself to his new herd until he was finished with all ends in the Edge. A diplomatic visit to the Throat was more intriguing than ever, though it seemed there was no escaping a climatic confession should he tail along. He had not played his cards correctly, having fibbed his way into the ranks at the Edge about his infiltration for all the wrong reasons and leading to accusations of invasion. Had he kept that hand close to his chest, it would have made things much less complicated. In truth, they still knew nothing of his intentions or motivations for this said invasion… yet still called it such. How wrong they were.

Having camped on the outskirts of the thistle meadow for what felt like the better part of an eternity,  Toulouse was preparing for his trek north once again. Having given up on his wait for the World’s Edge convoy to pass, Toulouse collected his whip and looped it around his neck before he continued to cloak himself int his warned cloak of mithril, pale eyes glancing over the red waste before him, eyes seeking the heart. It was as he gazed longingly out to the desert that he noticed a faction of horses crossing the sea of sand to the south, spying the unmistakable figured of Yael, Lyanna and Tembovu among them.
With Boomslang coiled upon his horns, Toulouse allowed himself down the dunes to the south-east, taking the longer but slightly more hidden route to their shared destination.

For a desert-born breed, he truly despised the heat and the desert most of all. How each step became more unforgiving than the last would always cause him to question why he even set foot in such a god forsaken place.
Though, as he reached the height of the final dune, it all seemed quite worth it; he had hit quite he mine.

Below him in the distance upon the entrance to the mighty land of the Dragon’s Throat stood the Indomitable, a marvellously coloured pegasus and also another skull-faced stag. A rather colourful bunch.
Toulouse’s pale legs took him down the great expanse of sand, soon to end up along the seashore. He gave no nod, no acknowledgement to any from the Edge just yet and instead crossed past Lyanna, hoping to brush flirtatiously upon her wing as he passed them.
Toulouse would not stand with the World’s Edge, as they were not his people. They had never been proud to call him one of their own, and so instead he crossed the space to meet the Indomitable.
“Volterra, old friend” He murmured, pale eyes of a snake glancing down to the scar left upon his knee from the first time they had met. “I trust you are well, Sultan?” He asked, soon to glance to the others present from the throat, specifically the one possessing a magnificent painted face, a signature of the Sultan he stood before. “Is this your boy? A handsome chap” Toulouse spoke towards Astarot as Boomslang began to uncoil, rearing his head in an attempt to take a closer look at those present.

Toulouse then peeled away from the party from the throat, His footfalls taking his pale bodice to stand between both parties. Finally, his eyes drifted towards Yael; the sunny mare who deserved more than a glance. His lips widened in a smile towards her, bypassing Tembovu all together as those same serpentine eyes fell on Lyanna.
Little did he know that the dove of teal and grey was his betrayer.

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Burning on the E D G E of something beautiful

She had been more inland when the convoy from the Edge first arrived, so her response was not as immediate. Instead Ampere was finishing up her bath in the Oasis, scrubbing off the heat and the sweat it left. She whistled a low tune as she did so, and Kygo joined in at various times to harmonize, the little green parrot already bathed and drying his feathers at the pool's edge, something which didn't take long in a Tallsun day.

The activation of the bridge caught both their eyes, but it was nothing terribly abnormal. Except, more and more bodied seemed to be headed that way, and eventually it piqued Ampere's interest, her bath nearly done anyway. "I wonder what's going on," she mused quietly as she slipped from the water, giving herself a hefty shake and fanning her damp wings several times. "All leave in twos like ask," Kygo suggested to her as he hopped from his spot on the ground and fluttered to the top of her rump. "Doubtful," Ampere snorted, "the herd's a stubborn bunch."

Together the pair walked towards the bridge, and in one of the few instances of need, Ampere utilized her key to carry her across, her feathers too wet to fly properly yet. So in a halo of fire, but still dripping water, the Mother of Companions joined the now obvious group upon the wild shore.

Settling alongside Volterra (their height disparity vastly obvious), Ampere regarded the travelers with an interest that made her eyes bright and her smile lopsided. Sand clung fastidiously to her wet fetlocks, but she didn't mind; sand only clung to sweat and grime, once she was dry it'd tumble right back off. Her mane and tail were still clumped together in wet strands, dripping steadily, while her drying wings hung loose at her sides to speed up the process. Kygo retained his perch on her rump, nestled down low, hoping not to be noticed by the other much larger, sometimes carnivorous, companions.

"Elephant King," she greeted casually, his face the only one she recognized, "how good to see you again. The Edge fairs well I hope?" She couldn't help but flick her gaze down towards his elephant companion, for whom her heart still tugged. She wasn't here to cause a scene though, and for that she was thankful that neither Tandavi nor Mesec were in Tembovu's crowd. Ampere was getting better with patience, but she was by no means a master.

She was pleased to see Sunjata and Astarot hard a work, and noticed the bundle of plants Lyanna had brought. Ampere's attention however stopped and remained upon the horned unic, Toulouse. She'd seen him in the Threshold not along ago, but hadn't wanted to get into what she thought she knew of him there. Here however, seemed like a perfect place. "Say," she began, somewhat coy as her lips drew certain syllables out longer. "Aren't you that fellow Maren warned us about? The one trying to slip into the desert? You'd have better luck at night I'd think, and without all of us watching." There was no malice to her voice, because while she was grateful for Maren's report, Ampere was also confident in their abilities to keep him out. His motives however were something that still interested her immensely, though it wasn't too long ago that it seemed like colts must have been betting one another to see who could get past Gaucho. None of them had, a tradition she and Volterra intended to keep.

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It was hard not to notice the little congregation that gathered upon the threshold of the Throat, the faint outlining of bodies both winged and not peppered the sandy horizon. Atreus was ahead of her, the vulture gliding on the breeze with a glint in his eye that could only be pure joy, he loved these instances, where Neph and himself could be free of worries, if only for a little while. They were still on patrol after all, and those that required attention would be never too far from her assistence.

Her wings leisurely dipped as her front hooves lowered, and the warrioress began a leisured if not pointed descent toward the gathered. Her companion flew on ahead, a streak of stark red feathers which circled overhead, assessing each one that had gathered. Stop that, she mentally chided, adopting a gentle but stern tone she'd often used on her children. The vulture clicked unhappily, but he returned to her as she landed and settled on his usual perch upon her withers. "Hail," she greeted, her odd coloured eyes moving to each of them in turn, "it is good to see you Tembovu, it has been awhile." She stilled by Volterra's left side, a respected distance away but close enough to be a presence if things turned sour. "I am Nephele, and this is Atreus." She offered to the rest after a moment, head tilted toward the large bird upon her back. Atreus trilled his own hello to echo his bonded, his gaze flickering over the new comers skeptically still. "He's not very fond of strangers." The warrioress mused, purposely shifting her weight to break the birds attention, his somewhat friendly trill abandoned for a squawk of indignation.

The presence of the light coloured horned one drew her attention from the crowd, especially when Ampere elaborated on him being the threat Maren had spoke about. A stifled snort of amusement sounded in the back of her throat, indeed, coming to the throat at night would of been a better tactic. If ultimately fruitless. They were a herd of warriors, who prided themselves on keeping their island home safe. The mare said nothing of it, instead purposely chose to remain a quiet presence. Questions had no doubt been asked before her arrival, adding to the pot at this point would be unhelpful. Let them get through their pleasantries, and if something didn't sit right, she had little filter to keep those questions and comments to herself.


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At the border of the multicoloured gathering stood Reichenbach, his handsome face furrowed in a concentrated frown, silver eyes slipping between each Edge member and lingering for a few moments as he committed their names and faces to his memory. The Throat was the first place he felt comfortable settling at after leaving his homeland, and for the burnished stallion that meant everything. The Edge convoy were here with good intentions, that much he knew, but he wasn't about to take any chances. Volterra stood stoic and impressive at the head of their gathered forces, a man that may have been new to the position of Sultan but was no stranger to experience - not to mention a formidable opponent. Though... Reich eyed Tembovu, noting his muscular form and calm demeanour with interest - here was a man that looked as if he could almost give their Sultan a run for his money. That, though, would never happen so long as Reich was there to stand and defend his home.

The gypsy soul chose to remain quiet, preferring to be a silent, focused guardian. He was a little disgruntled that the pretty grey mare he had spoken to at singles night hadn't come, and also that Tandavi had chosen to remain at home too. Regardless, he eyed the women from the Throat with a calm interest, noting their pronouncements but leaving his interest there - none compared to the vibrancy of Tiamat, nor the elegance of his other love interest, Toulouse. As if he had heard his name and with all the regality of a prince, the golden gelding made his entrance. With an ever-wandering gaze, Reich finally moved fluidly to stand beside Ampere, the new Sultana who was, incidentally, speaking to Toulouse. "Ampere" he acknowledged in his musical baritone, a pleasant smile gracing his ebony lips. "Lou wouldn't want to risk running into me at night," he began, his smile growing "Or any of the Throat warriors, for that matter." Reich grinned, his silver gaze lingering for a little too long on the faded rose of the geldings lips.

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