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She reenters Helovia the same way she left it: quietly, alone, and under cover of darkness. The moon is the slimmest sliver that night; waxing, as Birdsong surges on, but still just barely past the nadir of the lunar cycle. Its dimness makes the stars stand out: a blanket of the infinite expanse of time and space, beautiful, breathtaking, but despite such brilliance the stars don’t shine bright enough to illuminate much of the high mountain pass.

d’Arcy doesn’t mind the dark, never has. It’s always been a blanket to her, a place to hide, a place to watch from, but even her love of shadows doesn’t mean that navigating the slopes of the Steppe at night is an easy task. Her movements are slow and cautious, testing footings before letting her weight shift to each hoof. The stretch she’s on now is fairly flat, but the snowmelt has made the rocks slick, and no rush is worth a tumble—Helovia could wait for her return… it wasn’t as if anyone expected her back.

d’Arcy is a far cry from the filly she had been. Grown she certainly was now, taller—fuller, in any place that counted—and meticulously well maintained with careful grooming. She still had a bit of growing to do, a few traces of adolescence to shake, but she made up for that deficit in other ways. Beyond the biological changes there was a specific way she moves, had learned to move, that had “woman” written all over it. She doesn’t employ it now, convinced as she is of her solitude, but when she does dial it up it's something strangely conspicuous. A mare still a little too young, a girl who’d grown up a little too fast.

Well, she'd had too. Outside of Helovia it's no picnic for a girl on her own.

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While I don’t have a lot of interest in being little soldier boy ever again, I do know an obligation when I see one. With my brother at the head of a very meager army, it wasn’t any sort of advanced theorization that has led me to taken up patrols, without having been asked. Though I’ve kept myself out of the ranks of the marching minions, I also won’t let my obligations to any particular responsibility I have hold me back from doing what I want, or what I feel to be most important. Being there for my friend was one of those things, the flicker of a candle in a bleak world that I could follow after.

We were both a bit lost right now. Maybe that was okay. Vaelenne, the old Priestess in the wood of the fireflies, had said that every child has a period of tribulations, a path of thorns, or a darkness that seems unending, but that those things were only the beginning of something that was not darkness, pain, or seeking, but wholeness, a oneness with the world, and a knowing and trust in the path on which one walked.

It was why I had come home, at the end of the day. All my roads seemed to wind up going no where, out in the wilderness. The only times I had felt like I belonged had been with Erebos, when we’d met on occasion, or with those who had shared the mountain with me, when I had been growing. I was willing to try and accept, again, the way that my homeland had changed. I was going to try, because there was nothing else left for me… not really.

Besides, the safety of a herd gave me a few more liberties, as many as it took away. There was some measure of comfort to be had in the protection of a herd, and with the season’s preceding events, I was glad, also, to have a home to give others, if it became necessary.

Duir notices a fondly remembered girl before I do, though he doesn’t know her. Wary, he draws my attention to her with a mental prod, my step pausing, my eyes locking onto the grown figure of a blood bay woman with a white breast. Feeling my interest peak in the way it always does with girls I happen to like, Duir groans, hoping this doesn’t end in another awkward experience for him.

"d’Arcy!" I call to her, taking long, strident steps at a trot to close the distance between us. It has been a long while since we last met, in the meadow, with all the others, and before then, at the Edge, when she’d saved me, with her quick thinking, and silver tongue. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of her many times between then and now, and wondered when it would be that our paths would cross again. Laughing as I come to a stop, I deliver my ice breaker with an impish grin, and charming bow. "It is I, your dearest Calor!"

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