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The GOD of the SPARK

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of everyone drops to zero

Right. So Deimos was dead and Hotaru was noticeably absent.

The God lingered on the edge of the time stream, peering down. He had meant to be there at the Reaper's side, to herald him off into the endless expanses of death, but he'd got the timing wrong. It was amazing, with all of everything stretched out before you, how easy it was to step into the wrong place and end up a hundred years from where you wanted to be.

And it wasn't easy to go back.

And so he'd missed it. The Reaper had died with the herd around him, but not his God. The Spark sighed. He'd have to ... do something to make up for that. For now though, there was something else he needed to do.

"AURORA BASIN." He thundered, materializing in a bolt of lighting. A storm brewed over head, reminiscent of the internal annoyance pulsating through the God's own body. "HERE." He continued, horn pointing towards the sky. "NOW"

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She’s not entirely sure how she’s the first one here. The girl who hasn’t even officially been accepted into the herd is the first one to attend the guy who just materialized out of a bolt of lightning. Maybe he’s not important, but he sure as hell sounds and looks important. The way he bellows for them and you know, materializes from lightning. Also he sounds pissed, though that does not deter her.

Really though, she’s pretty sure she just happened to be in the right (or maybe wrong, depending on how you look at it) place at the right (again, maybe wrong) time. She’d been loitering around the Basin with nothing to do because it was quiet as hell here apparently, or maybe everyone had already figured out to steer clear of her. Either way, she was loitering, doing nothing because no one had given her anything to do, when that bolt of lightning cracked open the sky close enough for her to see the stallion or God or whatever he was materialize from it.

Which meant she was the first simply by sheer proximity. Maybe she shouldn’t be first. Certainly, it’s safer not to be first. But when has Weaver ever cared about safe? It’s rather hard to kill her, though if this dude is one of their Gods than probably he knows her weakness. Still, she goes. Raven sits nestled in her horns, being largely useless since he’s still so very newborn and tiny. But he’s still Raven, and she can sense curiosity coursing through their bond, just in case she wasn’t curious enough to move her own feet. Raven certainly wasn’t about to miss out, and even though he’s a tiny useless fluff ball, his eyes are sharp and they watch the stallion with interest.

She stops a respectful distance away, leaving room for the members of this herd that are important. One day, that will be her (either in this herd or another, if the Basin doesn’t give her something to do soon). But right now, she is aware that is not her, that she will need to earn her place as everyone else does. She nods in the direction of the dude she assumes is important and powerful, a show of respect, even though she calls him dude in her head since she’s got no idea who he actually is. She says nothing though, simply settling in to wait, figuring at some point this will all make sense.

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He barely notices the clouds materializing and coalescing above, greys and purples and navys swirling together into a single mass of condensation. The Aurora Basin is located so far north and in so brisk a climate that cloud cover is anything but unusual. What is unusual is the sudden CRRRRRRRACK of lightning striking the floor of the valley, shuddering through the trees, the rocks, the very earth with its force. The old stallion collapses in on himself, his muscles tensing down on their skeletal moorings as tightly as possible before exploding outwards, sending him leaping sideways in abject terror. All the hair on his ragged form stands stiffly upright, something like a dog with hackles raised, but unlike the dog he’s unable to smooth himself back down.

His emerald eyes sweep in all directions, searching for the source of the sound, the impact, but before his frenzied mind can make sense of the stimuli around him a voice booms out over the echoes of panic in his skull. He hesitates a moment, breathing hard, his heart hammering against his ribs and chest in wild, discordant syncopation made even more confusing by the smaller, somehow even faster beat in back of his mind.

He’s fairly certain at least one of them has pissed themselves, not exactly a state one wants to greet their patron deity in, but the voices tone and sheer volume brooks no excuse. He obeys, scrambling to reach the God of the Spark before some unknown time limit runs out and he’s struck down for disobedience, glancing wild eyed at the piebald hybrid who's arrived before him through some feat of preternatural speed.


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The sudden crack across the sky and the immediate appearance of a brilliant bolt of lightning wakes Wessex up. Startled, the horned mare snorts and dances about for a moment, utterly convinced someone is out there and wants to get her. And yet (of course) there is no one. Except for an ominous, omnipresent voice calling for the Basin. The kind of voice that demands to be obeyed, even if it hadn’t issued a command. The type of voice you don’t want to fuck with. Nevermind that the mottled newcomer has absolutely no idea who or what could produce such an effect, she thinks it best to, at the very least, investigate.

For Wessex, logical as she is about safety and security, also needs to continue the appearance of fearing nothing and no one. Even all-powerful, god-like voices.

Was that it? Was it a God?

It is rather ethereal and synchronized. Who else could do that? With a hmmmmm in the back of her throat, Wessex turns towards where she thinks the lightning bolt landed, and finds herself rather… early. Odd. There are only two others there, and neither of them are members she’s met. So with a shrug and a little nod to each, Wessex cocks a hind leg and settles down to wait, her gaze roaming mostly over the powerful stallion that stands before them, but occasionally to the two others. What did they think about all this?


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So yeah, that storm and lightning is pretty scary and made me jump but I totally did NOT pee myself. Shock of all shock though, I was actually AWAKE and STANDING when the bolt of lightning and the thunderous voice of the Time God called for everyone to gather. Right now. I was even walking which is like, something that I think should be written down in the Basin’s history somewhere. I had been feeling a little weird lately, after the whole Kaos thing. My mind wasn’t processing it quite right - it just sounded like we have a fifth god! Which is pretty cool, I think. Sure he looked pretty mad but everyone had been attacking him so like, who wouldn’t be?

Jellybean wasn’t with me either so this is just already a strange day and I get it if you’re confused but I swear sometimes I just happen to be walking around and my annoying companion just happens to not be with me.

Anyway, the point is that I was walking somewhere but that place wasn’t nearly as important as going to go see what this storm business was all about so I quickly get my sugar coated butt over there. And by “quickly” I mean, I trot as quickly as my permanent winter weight will allow me to.

But luck of luck, I’m not actually late when I do show up!! I recognize Albrecht but he looks more moody than normal so I decide not to stand with him - picking a spot that’s like… kinda front and center? But still a respectful distance away and with enough room for Hotaru and folks to come on in and get in front of me.

No one else is saying anything which is super awkward. Like the least you can do is say hello to the GOD that’s the patron of our herd, amirite? So with a bright grin I take the opportunity to welcome our lord back to the Basin with a cheerful “Hello sir!”

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For all the days (his entire life) he’d spent within the confines of the mountain, where the cold sank and slithered into skin, where the chilling air provided endless brutality, where the midnight coils lounged in their curled avarice, he’d never met the God of Time.
He’d meant to, once upon those scarce, impulsive moments of his youth, when he’d clambered around with Rikyn or where he’d raced about with Sjal, intending to do more harm than good, laughing, mocking, and wondering what Gods were like. Seasons before, he’d been bestowed with wisdom from the Sun God, stood before his blazing fire and infernal glory, been shocked, awed, amazed, inspired, and left with restlessness, heaps of potential, and an undying oath pressed across his lips. The boy had been bestowed with eternal queries and desires; but now, glancing before the great, grand beacon and his spitting edges of sparks, thunder, lightning, hours scaled and relished, he didn’t have anything but silent, quiet, simmering rage.
Where were you? he wanted to ask the patron deity. Where were you when father died? Was he worth so little to you? Hadn’t Deimos served him – perhaps not reverently, because he’d known his sire to be brutal and savage, contorted by his own power and no one else’s – led his empire for ages? Was the Reaper so easily forgotten, tossed aside, fragmented and splintered away like so many others before him? The youth wanted to believe it’d been a mistake, an error, but when there were only demands, only commands, only an arch of summons and brandished potency, he simply stared, confused, befuddled, rattled, apprehensive and still.
Orsino wisely said naught as they approached, perhaps because he was far more conniving, understood the ways in which Gods could reach into minds and souls, hissing at Erebos through their connection (stop, he growled, when the General only wanted to yell or cry, and the prince relented). The blue beast drew alongside his fellow soldier, Wessex, tipping his skull in acknowledgment of her presence, eyes sliding over Weaver and Albrecht, and then bowing his head to the God himself – for it was all he could do to cease himself from the inevitable disaster.

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I got guns in my head and they won't go
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Had the mutant boy ever attended a meeting before?

He didn't think that he had.

But why bother? Why, when he had been told that he was too young to attain the position of weaver? If he couldn't assist the herd due to his age, why did he have to bother attending meetings? If it hadn't been for the impressive use of electricity to get their attention, Ru'in would have avoided this gathering as well. It wasn't for the God that Ru'in appeared, but for the power and intrigue that electricity held.

That, and perhaps he would find Romina here. Perhaps he could explain to her ... explain what? He couldn't lie to her - she'd know instantly. What could he truthfully say about his interactions with Kaida that would satisfy her anger?

Grumbling silently to himself, the mutant boy took his place, warily eyeing the God before them. He would listen to what the God had to say, but it was likely that his mind would be on other things.

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Lena the Songbird

Change was inevitable; a maneuvering current, sometimes swift, abrupt, keen, smarting, and other moments a slow, laboring, listless swell – and when it came, it’d always seemed to be in surprise. The clatter of lightning was forceful and chaotic, a ripple down through her heart, poised through her lungs, sharpened and entangled over the powers contained in her core – and the Songbird knew they’d been summoned by the God of Time.
There’d been so much morphing and alterations in the past weeks: between the Reaper’s death and Kaos’ betrayal, they’d been left smarting, wounded, carved out of their mountainside home into some assemblage of the unknown. What was to become of them now? Who would rise to take the deceased Lord’s place? What were they to do about the beast that had raised himself out of the Marsh, taken over a land of crypts, tombs, and catacombs? That had tricked and deceived? That had taken fallen Gods and wielded them to his benefit?
The nymph had too many questions, and dared not give them voice; puttering next to Imogen until they came upon the gathering, swallowing down the bile of apprehension and misgivings. She stopped herself from quivering the moment they arrived, staring over the layers and lacquers of time and electricity, gazing out along the blooming crowd, wondering when she’d be struck down too (unworthy he might say, stripping her of her powers, of those beautiful beats of space and hours she’d been bestowed with for so long, because she’d failed out there, on that disturbing battlefield, where the silver warrior had breathed her last no matter how much Lena had tried). Strength tried to pour out of her frame, a pervading essence of durability, valor, and stalwart pride, but her head bowed against the grain, offering reverence and indulgences, too afraid, too frightened, of the enigmatic forces grinding upon their crowns. 

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Within days, the herd is summoned to the familiar cavern in which the Haruspex’s mirror waited, with its glossy, indeterminate face. Arriving on the tail of others, sidling in alongside Erebos without a word, Duir watches from a sideward outskirt of the fold, preferring to remain nearer the shroud and cover of the forest; when I ask him why, he flashes images of the predatory companions present, following the vague, mental reels with a simple statement: I stay for you, and Spark.

Wimp, I tease, too dark of mood to take the taunting much further. Proudly lifting his head, the almost fully grown cerndyr looks away from me, towards the proud, bi-chromatic God I had slowly begun to accept as my own. The longer I spent home in Helovia, the more my thoughts and actions were geared in favor of his impression of me, the First Gods growing more and more distant an idea, the more Time placed between me, and the shelter I had found while I was lost.

He seems aggravated, that’s for sure, I glumly note, wondering who the cause is, and hoping that it is simply the presence of Kaos which perturbs him so.

Among those gathered in the group is a hybrid, and the ugliest unicorn I’ve ever seen, with… tusks? Not sure which of them is more of an adversary to my perfect portrait of home, I move my gaze between both, before my buck takes note of my train of thought with a mental scoff.

You mount a hybrid, you idiot, he flatly states, rolling his eyes from his distant locale, making me nervously glance at Erebos, wondering, not for the first time, what he’ll think of me for it; he grew up here, too, and had been told the same things I had, can’t judge anymore.

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In the Valley of Death
I cast a shadow to block out the Sun
I am a monster accepting what I have become

The coiling wrath of the storm in the sky, more than the resounding demand of the God itself, calls the witch from the depths of her shadowy cave, where she had been seeking respite from the afternoon’s bothersome Sun. Glaring across the open, rolling swath of field and foraging that spanned the distance between she and the Time Seer’s cavern, she hisses and narrows her eyes defensively at the gleam of the light, before giggles her elated surprised at the dark, roiling clouds which the Spark has summoned, once she sees them.

Swiftly making her way to the gathering group with a floating, odd lope, its lines erratic, as if she were chased by some invisible malevolence, which she evades with dodges and bounds; though odd, it makes for fair time, and soon, she stands with those who also sleep beneath the shadow of the mountain. Once, she had thought them to serve the Reaper, the very blade of death itself; now, she was not sure.

Perhaps it was the not knowing which bid her to stay, or, perhaps, simply because Beloved was allowed to.

Taking her aimless place alongside no one and nothing, the mad woman giggles to herself, her peculiar eyes roaming ceaselessly about those who have answered the God’s summons while she waits for whatever reason they are here to begin.

A battle, she hopes, with a cackle of mirth, or a lynching…

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The summons can be heard clearly throughout all the reaches of the mountain valley—perhaps throughout all of Helovia, if the God so wished it—and the ocean mare is certainly no exception. She is inside of the Medic’s cave when their patron deity arrives, sorting through the dried herbs, and cleaning out the debris of old plants they have no use for anymore. The Time God’s voice, as if it weren’t booming already, is intensified within the cavern, reverberating against the rocky walls and echoing until the mare can nearly feel it in her bones.

All the same, she is only startled for a moment. Lowering her head to pick up the herbs she had dropped from her lips, the sea maiden sorts them into their proper places, before turning towards the entrance. Nimue—who had been outside, frolicking among the long spring grasses like she would among the ocean waves—is suddenly darting towards her with wide eyes and a frantic expression. Upon reaching her bondmate, the Leviathan dives underneath her stomach, burrowing herself in the safety between her legs. “Nimue, darling...” the mare croons to her frightened companion. Tiamat arches her neck and reaches in between her front legs to stroke the little whale gently, trying not to chuckle with kind amusement.

In her young life, Nimue has never seen the Time God before—much less experience the spectacular lightning show that heralds his arrival. It had alarmed her, to say the least. Fortunately, it doesn’t take her very long to calm down with Tiamat’s touch, and before too much time has passed, the oceanic pair are exiting the cave and following their deity’s bidding.

There is already a small crowd gathered by the time they arrive, consisting of both familiar and new faces. Smiling to those that she recognizes, Tiamat eventually comes to stand alongside Wessex, touching the larger mare’s shoulder as she draws to a slow halt. Nimue, in greeting of their familiar friend, bumps the soldier’s side gently. Tiamat’s smile lingers for a moment longer, and then she shifts her gaze towards the boldly-colored, celestial stallion. “God of the Spark,” she greets him with all the reverence he deserves, the tip of her horn lowering in a respectful bow, “It is an honor to have you among us.” She is unsure if he can even hear her, or if he will answer, but she feels privileged either way.

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The beast was tending to the greenhouse. Gingerly he tore the weeds from each row allowing the plants to breathe once again. Gray cold eyes looked over each leaf, stem, and flower that was starting to bloom. Pushing the cultivated dirt around, Nox filled the bare spots from the pestilent suffocating species. When the beast finished he began to gather the weeds into a small pile. Then with a crack of lightning filling the sky the beast let his gaze follow were the strike landed. He did not twitch or flinch at the roaring sound. A sigh escaped his stone features as he started to move towards the call. Cracked hooves slowly headed towards the vicious sound of the god's voice. Sparky sure did know how to make an appearance. Well, he actually had not been around very much since Ashamin left the herd. It made the demon wonder and ponder on that simple fact, but he did not waste his time on it for too long.

Rippling muscles shifted under his scar filled pelt and dead eyes looked to the others that have gathered. Moving into the crowd Nox found the one person he missed so very much. The ocean mare was standing next to a girl with wings. His hardened features softened slightly as he grew closer. Then when thick pillars came to the blue mare's shoulder they came to a halt. His muscles did not dare move another step. Turning his heavy demonic crown the beast looked to the girl. She was so vibrant and filled with life, and the companion she has is absolutely stunning. " Hello Tiamat, you are as radiant as ever. Nimue seems to be doing well, she has grown greatly since I first met her." The monster from hell smiled softly. It was filled with kindness and warmth unlike most of the time. His velvet ebony reached out to touch her cheek; if she would allow. Then Nox settled to see what their god called them here for. Sparky was hopefully here to address the death of Deimos. Shifting his gaze around he noted several new faces, and a few he actually recognized. Where was their fearless lady? Hotaru seemed like she was never around anymore. What was happening to the Basin? Slowly members were fell off the mountain. One by one they ran away. The demon could not understand why they would choose to leave, but then again he never questioned anyone about it. He was perfectly happy living in the fridged mountians, what more could he ask for?

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as we walk in fields of gold

The Thief had been out of the basin more than in it since the reveal of the Kisamoa's true nature, but she had ho luck in finding the Lady Hotaru. Worry gripped Aisling as it never had before, and she'd traveled particularly hard the past few days, torn between urge to search for the absent queen and the need to be sure everything was still well at home. The Basin was about as far from Kaos' supposed haunt as it was possible to be in Helovia, but she didn't want to underestimate the reach of ghost gods. In her mind, the one who styled himself Kaos aligned to closely to her understandings of the one her people had called The Broken Bloody One, and that only meant that terrible things could be in store for Helovia.

The crack of thunder and the Booming voice rolled over Aisling as she and Sorcha passed the crumbling sentinel, returning from another empty venture. The little mare spared no time in answering, kicking her heels into the thawing ground to speed to the meeting place with all haste. It would not do to make your god wait, and though she had never stood in his presence before, there was no mistaking the Time God. Aisling took her place in the assembled, nudging her mate gently in greeting as she passed to stand just ahead of him.  She dipped her white head respectfully to the behorned deity before lifting her eyes and her voice to him. "Dia Na Drithle, I fear the Lady Hotaru will not come. She's not been seen in the Basin for some weeks and I can find no trail." Her voice wavered, worry for her friend layered with disappointment at her apparent failure as the Basin's source of intel, but she stood firm. She wondered if the God would have known this already, surely he must have, but she could not help voicing the concern. 

The fledgling dragon was nervous, her crimson capped head just barely poked out from beneath the green plume of her tail that was coiled tightly around her. From her perch on the little white mare's withers, the normally exuberant and gregarious Sorcha eyed the gathering with trepidation. Aisling's mental strain on the recent weeks had subdued them both as the young one had never before experienced the levels of stress that radiated from her bonded. Sorcha was exhausted, just as Aisling was from their search and even the solace of coming home was interrupted by the thunderous summons. 

>>Zap?<< the dragon whispered into the mare's mind, and Aisling responded in the affirmative, trying to send reassuring thoughts along with it. Of course, Aisling had far to little experience with the God of the Spark to know if that assurance was worth much. Sorcha, however was somewhat consoled and scuttled down Aisling's shoulder and over to chirrup quietly at Johnny's feet, looking for her favorite griffin.
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He finds he's consistently tardy to these gatherings and it makes him wonder if perhaps he's chosen a poor place to bunk. Maybe his crack in the mountain that he calls home sweet home is actually a piece of shit, available only because no one wanted it in the first place. It seems cozy enough, but maybe that little shawl of comfort is actually the oppressing blanket of solitude, his dwelling too far back, behind, somewhere, that he can't here the fucking bugles that summon them all down from on high.

Or maybe he's just a lazy prick that likes to sleep in because fuck the cold when you're snuggled in a tight little ball of your own body heat and flatulence.

Öde continues to muse over his poor choice of living conditions and habitual delays to matters of import as he trudges down the snowy bank towards the unmistakable presence of their god. As he moves, his shuffle faintly hurried, the great weight of his manhood heaves between his thighs, jostling him back and forth with an unpleasant allegiance towards physics. He winces at one point and slows, griping as he reaches behind his back and fusses with his wolf's cloak. His attempts are seemingly unsuccessful as nothing appears to change and grumpily he continues on his way, rear end awkwardly waddling to reduce the pendulum force of his hefty sack. Between his appendages a thin leather strap sways with a merry freedom. Öde couldn't quite get his jockstrap on all the way today.

A bit like running out of the house with one pants leg not all the way on, so Öde slides into the meeting, nearly bumping into @Wessex. "Psst," Öde sharply whispers to her, head swinging around to eye the lady. "Mind helping me out?" he then swings the other way, providing his rumpage and the flapping strap for easy access. All his lovely herdmate would have to do is grab the strap and finish threading it through the one end of his wolf's cloak, securing it into place.

Meanwhile, Öde took this opportunity (now that he's settling into the crowd), to gaze appreciatively at the God of the Spark. Viewing their deity would be something he could never tire of, and even now he unknowingly let out a wistful, sort of longing sigh, much akin to a school girl batting her eyelashes at the teacher she's crushing on.

Then, a knowing sort of little smile curls at the edges of Öde's lips. If Wessex hasn't already grabbed his jockstrap, the leather piece still floating free will surely give a minor jump.
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maybe I'm a ghost
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A Godly voice rings out over the land, filling her ears with his annoyance, he sounded firmer, more irritable, than the Earth God had in the Falls. For what cause could he possibly have to be annoyed about? Could he not just go back in time and change whatever it was that was pissing him off, or was that what they called irresponsible. Ghost didn't know, Ghost knew nothing of time and her rules. Intrigue fuelled her steps as she made her way to the gathered, never once had she properly seen the God of Time before, nor did she truly know his land either. It's even more apparent when she lingers near the crowd of unknown faces, sidling in somewhere near Lena, to watch their patron intently. A thunderstorm brewed above, probably where the bolt of lightening had come from, shuddering against the earth, a demonstration of his disturbed mental state? Ghost felt the urge to ask whether he did this all the time.

Her gaze flitters through the crowd, noting as many faces, trinkets, their words, companions as she could before she returned to the God who was conducting the meeting. Fantôme was sat bored by her side, blood around his lips from an earlier kill, one that he hadn't finished when Ghost had ragged him from his meal to a bloody meeting of all things! If anything, he was trying to match the God's annoyance, feeling like the storm above mirrored his feelings for his bonded master beside him.

If only he too could call down a bolt of lightening to smite her with.

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The roar of thunder followed closely on the heels of a blade of lightning that forked through the cool spring air, electricity crackling on the breeze. An unsettling rumble coursed through the ground underfoot like the tremors and aftershocks of an earthquake, and Roland did not need to hear the Time God's spoken demand to know they were being summoned. Storms were unusual for Birdsong, especially so far north, and this was no simple anomaly of the weather. It was the first stirrings of excitement since his return to the Basin, the first appearance he would make in the crowd that so quickly gathered whenever a meeting commenced, and the copper stallion made his way towards the formidable silhouette of the deity with no small sense of trepidation stirring within his chest.

He had been absent from the north for so long, with no opportunity to learn of all that he had missed. There was no way of telling whether the God had appeared before them to share good news or ill tidings, though with the storm turning violently overhead, he had a strong feeling it was the latter. The Phantom slid into form with the rest of his herd mates, scanning the crowd for faces both familiar and new. Now more than ever he noticed the changes that had occurred while he was away, and as he listened with an idle ear to the greetings that were called out, he noticed the leaders he had come to know were nowhere to be seen. With concern edging its way into his mind, Roland turned his full attention to the deity that stood before them, waiting anxiously for his announcement.

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»› C A S S I U S ‹«

Frost Fyre had tutored him little in the duties of a Disciple. Only snippets, the common knowledge that he still felt yearning and wanting for details. But he had seen less of her – perhaps she had truly disappeared? And it made his stomach turn, simply because he was lost in his duties. And enjoyed the presence of the mare, who he’d thought they might travel the lands in search of knowledge together. And without a purpose to serve his new home, perhaps he was even a little more restless than he should be.

The subject of Gods is still a new concept to the stallion however, who had his doubts, and preferred to seek out such claims himself. Today though, would rule them out. Despite Kisamoa’s - Kaos’ appearance; for a booming voice inhabits the dangerous skies, electrifying his insides with a nearly nervous vigor. Hesitant.

It felt like something a strict and displeased father would say. They’d all done something terribly wrong – by the tone of their voice. He joined the others nonetheless. Stepping between them and settling his eyes on the ‘deity’; bowing his head and paying his respects. Uncertain how to approach the creature, and preferring to wait and observe to see what the God intended to do and say.

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The GOD of the SPARK

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They came, but not nearly as many of them showed up as he would have liked. Nor as quickly as he might have liked, but he bit his tongue and made no comment.

Before he started this meeting, the God looked over to Erebos. His piercing gaze visibly softened, if only for a moment. " Sorry about your Dad." The Spark rumbled, his voice sounding like thunder bouncing off of a mountain range. "He held this place together for years. I should have been there when he went...I meant to be.." The God, not used to stumbling over his words, coughed awkwardly for a moment. "We won't forget him." He concluded, before eyeing the rest of those who had shown up.

"WHICH BRINGS ME TO ALL OF YOU." He roared suddenly, ears falling backwards and eyes sparking with electric light. "I give you your own land. My brother leaves his herd to protect us all from this Kaos..." He trailed off, eyes penetrating into each and every one of those assembled. "And I'm not so sure the right herdland was removed." He growled in conclusion.

"Deimos was the glue that held this place together, and without him, it'll be up to each and every one of you to make a difference. What have the lot of you done? How about that herd quest started years ago? AND WHERE THE FUCK IS HOTARU." But he knew.

He always knew.

The God shook his head as if erasing his outburst.

"It doesn't matter. What matters is the future. Do better, or you'll all be homeless. I'm not like my brothers. I am not here to hold your hands and purr words of reassurance into your ears. This is the goddamned Basin."

With a seething glare, he looked around, his eyes falling on Tiamat. "You. Perky water one." He said, and though his words might have sounded like they simply reduced Tiamat to one facet of her personality and her appearance, they were rather soft and affectionately said. "You will replace The Reaper. Don't try and fill his shoes. No one could do that. But lead this herd as you would lead it. Revive what has died here." His eyes coldly revolved to the herd, landing now upon Aisling. "And you. Clever tiny one. You figured out who Kisamoa was before even the Gods did. Though you are small and sing far too much (he was going to add something about all her damned ribbons, but decided against it), that sort of cleverness will be needed. You shall lead with Tiamat."

He stomped his hoof and electricity danced and showered harmlessly all around them.

"This Kaos comes with a persuasive argument. "He accuses us of annexing his lands and killing the Gods that he now composes himself of. Do not be taken in by this rhetoric. The Rift Gods were oppressive dictators and their lands were dying. Yes we took them and yes we killed those Gods - or thought we did - but when a limb has gangrene you cut if off. You do not let the body die. " The God paused, appearing tired for a moment, before going on. "We don't know what he wants, and he seems to be ... elusive. Whatever he has done in the marshes, we cannot sense or touch him there..So be watchful and wary. Find out what you can, but don't be stupid about it.

Keeping the Basin afloat is your main priority. I mean it when I say that I won't hesitate to take these lands back from you."

He grunted, his electric wings showing for a moment, before growing silent.

"And questions?" And his eyes seemed to suggest that stupid questions would not be answered.

Congratulations to Tiamat and Aisling!

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A handful come. More than a handful, but it admittedly doesn’t seem like many. Not given the number of horses she’s simply seen around. Though maybe that’s normal. Her own homeland was similar, though there’d been far more herds for the horses to divide across. Here there were a measly three, at least as far as she could tell. Yet it wouldn’t take long to get to know those standing in this group, and some of them seem terribly nice.

A blue mare that looks a whole lot like the sea spat her out calls the stallion the God of the Spark. What the hell is the spark? She has no idea, but stores the information away anyway, glad to find out she was right. He is a God. Far more present and real than the ridiculous faeries of her old land. Besides, she likes him immediately. Almost immediately, anyway.

At first, he looks to the General and apologizes about the black stallion’s dad. Weaver doesn’t turn her gaze to stare at them, but Raven catches on quick enough, keen ears and eyes paying attention to whatever information he can gather, exuding a feeling of importance to keep Weaver paying attention.

But then the God turns his attention to everyone, and she likes him. He takes no shit, and speaks his mind bluntly. None of this polite nonsense that far too many believe in. He appoints two new leaders, not bothering with their names. It would make Weaver laugh, except she knows better, and keeps her mouth shut. She’d have to learn their names some other way. Though she liked Perky Water One and Clever Tiny One. Though eventually, he does through in one name, and she tucks that away too.

She has no questions, and keeps her mouth shut, simply offering a nod of congratulations to the Perky Water One and Clever Tiny One. It was probably a good thing Raven couldn’t talk yet, because he would chastise her to hell for calling her monarchs that. For now, he has to content himself with letting a nice disgruntled feeling roll through her in waves.


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No lynching occurs, nor any smashing of skulls against stone. The earth remains emerald and gold, unstained by the red luster of life, and she frowns, despite the wealth of anger that radiates from the great God as he speaks. His rage broils the air, brews the black maelstrom above, draws her focus clean and clear, though her eyes are narrowed, and her heart is full of contempt that he does not rend the failed Lady into fragments, for failing her people.

The Reaper had died; what excuse did she have? Beloved judges, cackling from her place, her wicked thoughts dripping with hypocrisy. She has never been faithful to any role long, and she would certainly only defile this noble realm, were she given rule over its bounty.

Her new rulers displease her. She eyes them like a predator looks upon a weakened animal, bleeding and whimpering, his nostrils curling as she sucks in a breath of repulsion. What fairies, she thinks, and snarls, her laughter now brittle, savage, embroidered with snarls of disgust, born by the notion of being ruled by pixies, so easily swatted, and stomped. She had come to walk among the halls of the damned, not the joyful, sanguine angels of Light whom Beloved had sought to devour all her life.

She will have to think about things, now, won’t she?

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