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[OPEN] The ants went marching

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Patrick stays hunkered down in the pond as the fight out among the trees gets truly violent. At some point in the chaos one of the other foals, a filly who must be quite pretty when she is not soaked and terrified, shifted nearer and pressed up against his side. This sudden contact makes his skin twitch but, while he casts her a confused sideways glance, he manages not to move. His ears do go flat when she begins to wail however.

Eeek! Is this what girls who talk sound like? I've never really thought one way or the other about Ko's tenancy towards silence. I think I must now say, "thank you sister". The little antlered lady's words do make some sense, at least what I can decipher through the wailing. Of course, there is a whole crew of very distracted adults out there and this makes such words, sensible or not, unlikely to be listened to. Since leaving for me pretty much means slogging through pond water and then back through that mess of ants and ice and larger horses... I think I will just stay here until it quiets down. Miss sensible apparently agrees because, despite her own advice and her friend's sudden departure for the trees, she too stays put.

The chaotic scene continues to play out with much yelling, fire flinging and ice pelting. In the end the big flying bug falls, though not in complete failure. When she does a strange shimmering light leaves her large body and settles itself over the golden mare who'd taken up a guardian stance before the pond. The young colt watches with interest as the mare glows for a moment after impact and then the glow fades to look as if nothing has happened. He does not even lift his head until the mare has completed paying her respects to the fallen queen.

A thick quiet has settled over the glade now and the quiet seems to be sticking. Patrick pulls his upper body out of the water and looks around carefully.

"Safe now."

This small reassurance is offered to the stranger girl as he begins to make his exit from the pond. Once on firm ground again he turns about to assess his damages. There are scratches from rolling on sticks and other bits of ant-trap debris but nothing too serious. He is also covered in welts and damp with smelly pond water. These last two facts seem to bother him the most and he makes a few attempts to bite at the itchy lumps but this doesn't seem to do much good.


He grumbles a bit then sighs and makes an obvious attempt to ignore the discomfort, though he can not stop his hide from continuing to twitch. He turns first towards the forest where the other colt had gone and calls out after him." 'lo? Still there?"

With one ear trained in that direction he shifts his attention to the filly. After a moment he gives a quick dip of his muzzle to his chest in the standard polite introduction always offered to new faces.

"Pat. You?"

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Silence falls; the eerie stillness conveys far more about the somber event than words ever could, and Yael remains still as the others melt away. Perhaps she is now too empathetic with the bugs - after all, had she not just eagerly offered up on invertebrate as dinner for another? Hunger is a universal emotion. They all must eat to survive, but what or rather, whom they eat is a choice each can make freely. But avarice in spiders and protection in ants (aside from a group mentality, which, much like bees, seemed to be limited to the warriors) was unusual. And they killed the Queen. For power. For a power which (if it was anything like the event some thirty-odd years ago) now lays within her.

Yael has been entrusted with it. And in this, she takes her role very seriously, much as she did before. There is a kinship of sorts amongst good mothers, amongst noble and protective Queens who would give their lives for their children if necessary. The little golden Ima chooses to believe that is the reason the Ant Queen’s magic came to her.

A swishing sound, the movement of limbs through water, draws her attention to the foals who’d sought relief in the pool. She pivots and watches as a rather gangly, sand-colored colt comes out and begins to inspect his battle wounds. In tandem with his, a dull burning seem to spread across her body and she grimaces. Yes, they were safe, but a little worse for the wear. Some cool mud would be nice and soothing - perhaps the children would like some too? Yael takes a few steps towards the colt and fillies, should they choose to stick around. “Are you all ok? I’m Yael.” A gentle smile stretches across her face as a lilted voice floats towards them.

Maybe they could get the introductions over with quickly, and then all take a nice roll in the mud.

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Watching the poor, deceased Queen fall to the ground, Maude’s eyes well with tears, which pour over her pale lashes, and down her snowy cheeks, into the slowly rippling pond below; behind the first plip plop of those pitiful tears is a sniffle, and then a quiet, moaning wail of heart broken sadness, an audible release of the hurt that has suddenly flooded her breast. Even when boy she stands alongside professes that it is safe, the maiden finds very little inward relief in the notion that they are no longer in danger.

"Oh no!" she softly moans, her hooves coming to life beneath her, and carrying her dainty frame with bouncy, splashing steps to the shore, where she teary stares at the torn hole in the earth, into which the ants had carried the Queen, "how could we?"

Sobs and sniffles wrack her small body as she just keeps staring, and even when the pretty, gold mare the Queen’s magic had blessed approaches, and the colt asks her what her name is, she just keeps looking at the horrible act that she and the others had helped to commit. In her chest, a shame grows, dark, and awful feeling, and alongside it, the smallest ember of anger at the spiders begins to grow. It takes her much longer than usual to turn to the strangers, who she would greet with a bright smile any other day, her eyes instead filled with tears, and her heart a deep, cold well of regret, and sorrow.

"I… I’m o-o-okay," she cries, not caring that the ant bites sting, at least not until she looks back and sees Patrick itching at his. Deciding she can’t bring the Queen back to life, but that she can help everyone’s bites stop hurting as bad, she glances at the shrubbery surrounding them, and spies just the plant she’ll need. Before she goes to get it, however, she looks at both Pat (a name she quite likes, she decides) and Yael, and smiles a weak, bleary grin of greeting, diminished by a snuffle. When she continues to speak, her words also continued to be perforated by her tears, and sucked in breaths. "I, I, I’m Maude. I, I’m train…training to be a he-e-e-ealer, and…"

Sucking in a particularly deep breath and stomping her hoof down, as if the motion might smash her tears back inside of her, the child clenches her eyes shut for a second or two, trying her best to get herself together, so she can manage to help. What good was all her stupid schooling if she didn’t use it at times like these, right? However, every time she tries to start over, she finds herself stuttering, and impotently wailing, again.

"I’m sorry!" she emotionally gurgles, "I am just so upset! The p-p-p-poor ants!"

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