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[OPEN] SWP :: The beginning of something new entirely

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The Helovian's have been busy.

Birdsong has been filled by their seemingly endless attempts to fulfill Kisamoa's request, and in this, they have been most successful. To say that their progress had been gradual would not have been true. With so many bodies actively working towards a common target, the land was cleared almost instantly. The pile of bones that they had constructed grew and grew, and the debris and other markers of the death and demise of the Marshes were broken up, disassembled, and cleared.

Just as Kisamoa had instructed. 

Overnight, a large black structure was constructed in the middle of what was now a clear field. The land was still relatively marshy and moist, but even the grass appeared more lush than it had the day before. In the center of all of this, the structure pointed almost accusingly towards the sky. So black was its surface, that it reflected almost no light, and instead absorbed it so as to appear almost two-dimensional. The only indication of its depth came from a set of strange runes carved all along its sides. These runes glowed with an almost ethereal bluish/white light, pulsing in rhythm with some unheard melody. 

The spire was striking and beautiful.

The bones that the Helovian's had gathered had been moved towards the structure, forming its base. Though .. clearly something else had been done with many of them, for the pile that had been previously collected was surely much larger than the amount used to create the base of the altar.

Birdsong, as you well know, is a time of birth and new life.

And there is of course nothing more innocent or precious, than that which is newly born. 

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i know of witches who whistle at different pitches
calling things that don’t have names

The Lord of the Basin had fallen, the Lady was nowhere that Aisling could find her, and time, it seemed, was running out.

There was no rhyme or reason for the sense of urgency the drummed in her heart. Birdsong had come, the earth was preparing for new life, and all Aisling could focus on was her own sense of dread.

Kisamoa was collecting bones. Worse, he had what seemed to be all of Helovia ammasing some grotesque abomination of a hoarder’s graveyard near the Rotunda and no one was doing anything about it.

Bones should not be disturbed, she had been taught in her youth, where they lay, they lay and let them be, there is no use of dead bone that the good and honorable have. Sorcerers used bones for their black magic, Unseelie Faeiries used bones for their tricks, Necromancers used bones, Monsters used bones… Cromm Crúaich. The remembered name whisper itself into her mind. The Broken Bloody One

The little mare paced the meadow, wearing ruts in the thawing ground as she wrestled with her thoughts, her worries. She’d always been a fanciful this, she knew that—knew that! Too quick to see the fantastic in the ordinary, too eager to ascribe the tomes and trappings of fantasy to everyday life.  

Was she doing that now? Was she so eager to be the heroine of stories that she was seeing a villain where none stood? Aisling longed for her Lady, for a trusted hear she could confide her fears too, but she could find none and still in her heart drummed over and over and over the urge to do something!

But what, what could she do? Even if the warning in her heart rang truthfully, what power had she to turn away dark good? Raising the alarm seemed a good start, but what proof had she? Kisamoa had done nothing but be different and ask for the Helovian’s help. Then why, oh why, did she want to give him the name of one of the most terrible monsters in her stories?

>>BONES<< Aisling nearly jumped as the word rang through her mind, Not her own voice but…the mare’s eyes drifted the the little dragon who hovered fretfully to the side. Sorcha had never spoken to her, not like that and the sensation was a strange one. The young creature’s eyes shimmered with more that she could not yet form into words but the strings of her soul were so entwined with Aisling’s that the mare felt the dragon’s meaning without having to hear it. If Aisling’s fears came to fruition and she had done nothing?

For some inexplicable reason, she thought of her father. Cabhan the Scholar, who had tried to teach her logic and reason, who had marveled over puzzles and riddles and languages, who had laughed when she had huffed her boredom with runes and asked instead for fairy stories. Her brow furrowed at the intrusive thoughts, all the memories and lessons her father had taught her suddenly teemed in her mind like they were the answer she needed but how? She certainly didn’t need to be thinking of her father now, she needed to She gritted her teeth, trying to shove them away, but one game they had played came back again and again until she finally let out a defeated groan.

“Sorcha, a stick!” she bade and the little green dragon hastened to obey, bounding back a moment later with a broken limb half the size of her long body. Together they worked, etching symbols in the ground, letters other beings used and horses rarely had use for. Letters, her father had called them, and he’d taught her the sounds they made when strung together. He’d write them out for her, mix them up, play at puzzles when all she wanted was stories, but not Aisling remembered something her father had often said. “The puzzle is easy if you can see all the pieces.”

K-I-S-A-M-O-A -- the letters were dug into the ground by the stick-wielding dragon following the mare’s instructions and Aisling peered down at the works with narrowed eyes. Like her father had liked to do, she rearranged the letters, all the while trying to parse the reason she was compelled to do this in the first place. “So ma...sik sam..I am--soak” Well, there at least were words. “Soak, oask, kao--”

The word died upon her lips.

Aisling was running before she knew wholly why, Sorcha following like a comet’s tail.

It’s didn’t take them long at all to find the alter.

It rose, black and terrible from it’s base of bones and even as she skidded to a halt before it, Aisling began to quake in abject terror. ”No…” disbelief and denial whispered through her lips as the little white mare stared up at the spire. The sight was everything she'd imagined when she'd heard the tales of the Broken Bloody One: dark and terrible, a place for death, a place for sacrifice.

Sun and Moon help us, Earth and Spark protects us all.

"DEMON!" Aisling could be silent no longer. Silence was reverence and reverence of the wicked only gave power to fear. Her shout blared into the morning: a warning call, an accusation. Clinging to the braid hanging at Aisling's shoulder, little Sorcha gave a sharp screech in echo. "CROMM CRÚAIACH, I NAME YOU!" Her voce, usually akin to bells, was rage, was fear was a mother and a lover and a thief who thought to stand between darkness and her child, her mate, her herd, her home. If the beast was half what she feared she was powerless to stop it, but what else could she do?

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[now come the days of the dreamer and they are filled with wonder and light ]
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As the pale pipsqueak had pointed out, should you re-arrange the letters in K-I-S-A-M-O-A, you get I AM KAOS.

Fun, huh?

Oh, and now before you get all on your high horses, saying you were skeptical all along, save it. You followed the instructions of the impostor to the letter. You showed up when he called, and you even collected bones for him. You were swayed by greed (a few offerings of magic, a few shiny trinkets, and you were hookedtruly asked this ugly assortment of bones to help clear a land, don't you think he might have shown up, to tell you himself?

I do. But then again, I saw this coming all along.

From beneath the black altar, the earth began to part. No, it began to heave, like a stomach as it internally contracted, trying to vomit up some repulsive bit of meat.

Shall we try to guess where all those missing bones are?

The earth began to yield a great clawed hand, that hauled up a body comprised entirely of bones. There was no circulatory system, or muscles or organs. It was the bones of the dead, come back to the life. Bones that never had any intention of staying dead. 

Silly Helovians. Did you really think you could murder four gods from an entirely different world, and think that was just the end of it?

"Thank you." Came an unseen voice. It sounded like four voices layered uncomfortably on top of one another. It was a sound to make your skin crawl, and one which would certainly haunt your dreams.

The jaws of the creature slowly moving up through the earth looked nearly prehistoric in their size and shape. Vaguely, the bone-creature emerging looked like a skeletal dragon with a few feline parts mixed in for good measure. 

 "I could never have done it without you."  The voice laughed. It was Kisamoa's voice - that was, Kaos' voice, but it sounded thicker somehow. More real"You've made these lands so beautiful.." Kaos mused, still hidden from sight. "I think I'd like to keep them." The earth rumbled with this declaration, and the blue-white lights marking on the black altar glowed brightly for a moment. "And with that, I think you all should leave.." Kaos' voice was almost casual, but there was a distinctive edge to it. At that moment, the bone-monster suddenly leaped to its feet, roaring despite a lack of vocal chords. It's broad tail swept through the crowd, meaning to displace and knock away any close enough to be within reach. Teeth, large as small trees, snapped together, as if daring anyone to come close enough to feed its non-existent hunger.

 "I have not led you astray this far .. I have rewarded you for your efforts and ... I've been more or less honest. I would not try your skills against Fido here, no matter how strong you take yourselves to be. Now out, I've got matters to attend to.."

OH NO. Kisamoa was KAOS the WHOLE TIME.  Congratulations to LAINE for figuring out the anagram WAY AHEAD OF TIME.

This concludes this portion of the SWP. Kaos has been officially introduced into Helovia! He will reside in the Marshes. Due to a lack of activity/applications when we previously asked for interested outcast bands to apply to take up residence in his lands, we will be doing something NEW. So stay tuned!

With Kaos now in Helovia, having so clearly deceived the Gods, I wonder what will happen next? Keep your eyes peeled for odd things happening! 

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The GOD of the EARTH

for everything there is a season

The newly cleansed earth rumbled unceremoniously as the Earth God appeared. He looked uncharacteristically tired and angered. The lines of his normally paternal and calm face were hardened and held bits of dust and dirt making him look like a living composite of the ground he had just emerged from, rather than a living and breathing deity.

It all made sense now. Everything was right in front of his eyes, and he had missed it.

"THIS WILL NOT ABIDE." He roared, pain and the deepest sort of sadness coursing through each word as they wavered off his lips, filling the air. "You have decimated the worlds from which you came and have used my name and the faith that the Helovian's have placed in me and my kin to lure them into doing your bidding."

The God eyed the bone creature and the black altar, unsure of what it was that they were here to do. Or to undo.

"But I see you now for what you are, Kaos. No longer shall you hide in the shadows. No longer shall you linger just beyond my gaze." But, that's precisely what Kaos was doing. There was no body to accompany his voice, and though the bone monster prowled around menacingly, the God could not see nor sense where the amalgamated God was.

How was this possible?


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This will not abide

"Oh but it already has." Came the bizarley layered voice of the unseen god. A deep chuckle swept through the area, shaking the earth and causing the blue-white lights on the shrine to pulse even more fervently.

"I shall be seeing you, Earth God. But you won't be seeing me."

The bone monster roared, glaring around through eye sockets that held no eyes. Teeth, large and jagged crunched together as it snapped towards any that dared come close to it.

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I was gonna cuss someone out, divine or not, cuz this was actual horseshit.

There wasn’t enough time feel anything about it anyway. Guilt or stupidity or whatever, wondering what went wrong and where, wondering how the hell we were supposed to see this coming but realizing we should’ve saw it all along. My Pa was somewhere and I was gonna find him and eat his lunch but that didn’t matter at the moment.

My Sister was here.

I would not try your skills against Fido here, no matter how strong you take yourselves to be.

Oh yeah, like I’m gonna really keep listening to what Kis has to say. Like I’m just gonna ignore I helped make that ugly bastard. Shit. I gathered those goddamn bones, I can ungather them.

No, not Kis--fucking Kaos, another god, another threat to this plane of existence, another fucking bulletin that I apparently didn’t get, I dunno, maybe my inbox was fucking jacked up or something which kept Pa and the Gods from sending out that mass email.

(I’m really salty, if you haven’t picked up on that.)

There was a part of Chico that screamed “Told you so” for making him do work he didn’t want to do and make him sweat over it, but now wasn’t the time to gloat. He was a mass of action, his mane ruffled and his teeth bared and the tip of his armored blue tail spking with spark.

Now out, I've got matters to attend to..

“NAH, WAIT, LET’S HOLLA FOR A SEC,” I roared at him--and at the end of my challenge something weird happened, something that ain’t ever happen before. Instead of screaming my battlecry I felt a tingle in the back of my throat, and suddenly I was bellowing a sparkbolt at the monstrosity. I didn’t stop to think about it, because Chico was already flapping towards the beast with outstretched claws.

I drew Sparkmarrow. My Sister was here. I charged him, too.

And this sword was capable of killing a god once, right?


Quit Hollerin' "Why God?", he ain't got shit to do with it.
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This is what happens when people trust blindly. When they pledge their allegiance to somebody based soley upon the wealth he possesses, when he buys their affection and loyalty with gifts and empty promises. That is how a dictatorship is born.

Volterra, for all his misgivings, is just as culpable as the rest, though. He knew Kisamoa could not be trusted, and yet he still did as he was asked, purely out of greed. This is his fault as much as it is everybody else's, and that is unforgiveable.

He is there with the rest when the massive bone creature rises out of all the items that Helovians have gathered. The leviathan helped; he collected some of those bones. His dragons screech and scream upon his back as they witness the great creature spewing from the pile of death like poison from a wound; even Volterra is awed by the sheer size of the creature, and of the disembodied words that follow.

Kaos. The Earth God calls it Kaos. Kaos, the creature built from the ashes of the Rift creatures that Volterra helped kill; Kaos, the creature who may bring Helovia to its knees. The Indomitable snarls, pinning his ears and prancing around in front of the gargantuan creature. It's like a larger version of Gashad, and he killed Gashad, did he not? But this is different. This beast is undefeatable, he senses it. It would be foolhardy to attack it, as much as he fucking wants to.

He's forced to stand, every muscle stiff, his eyes locked on the creature and his heart pounding as he contemplates the hell that Helovia has now been thrust into.


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[ you can't stray from what you are, you're the closest thing to hell i've seen so far  ]
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Because I'm sorry I do what I did, but it came naturally

Isopia's heart labored in her chest as a cold sweat prickled just below the surface of her maroon and cream coat.

She'd been skeptical of Kisamoa from the beginning, but she'd also been dutiful. Her Father didn't tell her everything .. he didn't even bother to tell her most things, and so she'd just assumed that ..

Even her mental monologue couldn't continue the thought.

She'd been wrong.

Isopia's golden eyes looked to her father; weary and full of sorrowful anger. She'd never seen him like this before, though if she'd been alive to see her brother murdered, she'd recognize the deep lines on his face for what they were.


He knew better. And deep down, so did she.

Roskuld's anger, her triumphant and unfettered boisterousness prompted Isopia out of her normal stupor. She might have stood nonchalantly, just watching to see what would happen, trying to understand, but where had that gotten her?

The only one who'd done a damn thing for her lately was her cousin, and bizarre as Ros's mannerisms and decisions might be, perhaps she knew more than she was letting on.

"Your sister went on a murder spree." Isopia said, her voice level and low. "You allowed Gods to invade our world when you annexed their lands. And now this." The demigoddess's words were like stone, her eyes hard as a landslide. "You see far less than you profess, Father." She finished, wanting to snarl and snap out the words, but not knowing how. Instead she merely sounded condescending and aloof - all the things she was normally criticized of, but so what?

All of Helovia had just built a monument to a God bent on destroying and infecting their world again, and her Father was saying that it would not abide?

Kaos was right. It already had. The Earth God was too late. They all were.

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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

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The pirate is not used to being wrong. He likes to think he is a rather good judge of character, so the knowledge that he might have misjudged Kisamoa is quite a heart-wrenching one. He'd trusted the creature on principle because he was of the ocean, like Bartholomeo himself is. It seems, though, that he's placed his bet on the wrong horse.

As the great skeletal creature rises from the plinth, the stag pins his ears and snarls towards it. He helped collect those bones. So did dozens of others, all pulled into the thrall of Kisamoa. How can they have been so stupid? Bartholomeo paws the ground angrily and glares up at the creature, knowing he is powerless to do anything but watch. One mare does attack, her sword raised, but the stag fears it is pointless. Fruitless. Perhaps if he still had his swords, if he could command them to twirl towards the colossal creature...but that is not the case. His antlers, hooves and teeth are not enough.

The pirate huffs again, flicking his untidy mane and stomping his hooves once more. He loathes this feeling, this sensation of utter powerlessness. What is the point of everything if creatures this big are just going to rule the damn world anyway? "You won't get away with this," he bellows up at the bone creature and the disembodied voice that controls it. Big words from a stallion that, compared to the monster, is rather small, but he has to do something. Standing here useless just isn't in his nature, and yet that is what he is forced to do, shackled to the ground with nothing but his words to attack with.

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Surprise fucking surprise.

Helovia has gone tits up, and everybody is just fucking floored by this sudden news bulletin, except for good ol' Ros who always seems to be on the right side of batshit crazy.

"Who could possibly have seen this coming." I sneer from somewhere on the sidelines (you know, where I usually am).

But Shida, if Helovia is going to implode, doesn't that mean you'll die too? Aren't you worried? Don't even fret, sweet cheeks. I've always been second string, and if Helovia really does bite the big one, it won't be me that people remember and miss and recall with a fond twinkle in their eye. I'm the obnoxious one who doesn't bother to spell-check her shit but will get all grammar natzi on your ass if it suits me. No one likes that in a broad, or in anyone really. But, the point is, Helovia will probably make it out of this fucking mess; the Gods will do some hocus pocus shit and everyone will go back to loving and trusting them.

It's the same old shit as always.

Anyways. Back to this. I can't just let Ros attack The boner-monster on her own. She's done too much for me when I was a kid to let that happen.

"Hey Fido, fancy a game of chase? Why don't you go retrieve your ass-bone you pile of toenails." I tried to explode the area below the bone monster, hoping that I would send its magically-assembled ass back into whatever tinkertoy box it came out of.

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The prince had been stunned more so in the past few weeks than he’d had in almost all his lifetime – but the grief of his father’s passing lay dormant as the walls, the fortresses, and the tasks came toppling down around them.
He remembered the days of reckoning, when the Gods plagued the hillsides, when guardians of the Rift crawled from their empty domiciles to flood them all with mayhem and torment, when the whole of Helovia had gathered in fervency, in revolution, in sedition. He’d watched them fall, dammit, they’d fallen in waves of death and demise, been ruins, been shackled and tethered and consigned to oblivion, ghostly and silent.
And now they were whole again – because of them - tricked and duped and ensnared and enticed until their unholy little granules of greed and intrigue had been snatched and tethered into this abomination. He was a part of it, so utterly bewitched and besotted with the silly whimsy of the beginning of the end; diving into reefs, exploring vast wreckage, even combing the earth for stupid bones while he should’ve just been left to mourn and grieve. The disgust curled and coiled within his marrow, surged through his veins, and he shook his head in disbelief, trying to forge and surmise what had transpired, that it was some nightmare sent to enslave them all into confusion and disarray – but they’d done that all on their own.
Even Orsino was silent, the conniving little fox incapable of predicting the ominous conclusion. Somehow, they united alongside the stature of others, some silent, some proclaiming animosities, some unwinding (even the God of Earth had been fooled, but it gave the child little comfort in knowing, in understanding, that they’d met their match with wits and disaster), some brandishing might and gallantry amidst the awakening monster of bones and rubble.
The scion drew closer to Volterra, and pondered over the lengths they would all go again. Would they attack? Would they annihilate? Or were they to be justly destroyed themselves, abolished and eradicated by the very thing they’d helped to create? He swallowed, he clenched his teeth, he bore the arms and munitions clustered together in the coils of his feral nature, and whispered to the bigger beast beside him. “What should we do?” Because Erebos had no answers, no rhymes, no riddles, no traces of comprehension left except that vileness and atrocities needed to be paid, even if they’d managed to conjure it by their own graces and convictions.

[talks to @Volterra while Heather sits here stunned and dumb] 
i have nothing, but then the have is not as good as the want

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Lena & Imogen

She’d been cautious, but ensnared too, like everything would be fine with the world despite how many treacherous things she’d seen. Blinded and veiled, shrouded and misguided, she’d spent her hours cleaning and clearing just like everyone else, hoping, praying, believing that this hour would not be like the last, and her beautiful little heart had woven itself into splendor and intrigue, rather than seeing the disastrous edges clinging to the horizon. We’re such fools, she uttered silently to Imogen, who only cast her head down, because she hadn’t seen it either, and Lena wanted to either scream or cry, understanding neither was beneficial. She should’ve been able to sense something amiss – for all the disasters she’d intertwined herself within: monsters raging across lands, Gods persisting past barriers, disease-riddled companions turning against friends, wars and famines, persecutions and annihilations – but lord, how she’d wanted to believe in something good, in something whole.
But this wasn’t it. It was one more mistake in a lineage of grievous errors, and she’d been a part of it. She’d allowed herself to be spellbound and cast into colorful reefs and foolish ventures, aligning with darkness and bones for the sole purpose of resurrection – and her heart beat ferociously, brutal, sickened, by the weight of their power, of their efforts, stolen to be naught more than a cruel joke by demons and infidels. She was so tired of it, so weary of it, so insatiably bothered to be used again by the lands, to be tricked and deceived, to be unguarded by those who swore to look after their mortal brethren.
So, she began to sing.
It wasn’t mournful. It wasn’t amiable. It was possessed by power and destruction, rippling through the layers of her throat, of her lungs, with fire and brimstone, coiled, curled embers smoking from the skies, christened and anointed by the flames, by the malice, by the toils of trials and tribulations they’d gone through year after year, season after season. It bloomed and blossomed from the fixation of frustration and exasperation, a hidden pocket of rage festering between her lungs and heart, whistling and wicked, clawed and tied down by the intrepid wonder of fairies pushed too far for too long. It reigned in dusky hollows, intending to surround the sky above the bone monster and his chilling, massive, monstrous frame, a tune of infernos and gallantry, an orchestra, a composition, of benedictions and promises.

[Lena attempts to use her singing magic to summon flames to rain down on the bone monster.]

Fault lines tremble underneath my glass house
But I put it out of my mind long enough to call it courage
To live without a lifeline

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"See, I knew he was dodgy as shit!"

The girl's words are loud and obvious as she marches in, fixing the bone creature with a patented death glare. Well, damn. Of all the things she'd thought might happen, she had definitely not expected this. She'd had her suspicions about Barnacle Bill but she'd ignored them and done as he said, all because she hoped that she would get something out of it. Selfishness and greed have driven her to this, and if she was a more self-aware creature, she'd feel a sense of shame.

As it is, she's just pissed off. How dare this bony little shit erupt into her homeland like this and threaten them all? More importantly, why is nobody doing a damn thing about it? Even as she thinks it, two mares do decide to do something, one throwing herself and a sword forwards and the other blowing shit up. Oizys is firmly on their side, not the fucktards who are just stood round gossiping like a gang of old ladies. "Oi, Fido! I'm pretty damn sure I recognise your dick-bone as one that I collected - I'd rather like it back, thanks."

With that as her somewhat unconventional battlecry, the yearling dives forwards. She cares not about her personal safety, only the fact that this creature is in her homeland, wrecking her shit. It's not acceptable, so she charges towards his legs with her three-horned head lowered like a raging bull, her legs devouring the ground beneath them as she gallops towards her prey. Ker screams above her, too scared to join in; she watches through narrowed eyes at her bonded's war-charge, knowing her squawked protestations will fall on deaf ears.

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What doesn't kill me better run.

Well this was certainly an interesting, if not wholly unsurprising turn of events. The sea-man was now .. well he wasn't exactly the bone monster currently frothing and chomping before them, but he was certainly something, at least, wherever he was.

Tarik frowned, watching casually from the sidelines. Though he was immortal and could certain run in and try to divert the monster away from eating the Helovian's with no lasting consequences, he did not. Immortality had made him passive and rather apathetic. Besides, he didn't really think of this place as his home yet, and so felt no real need to defend it. Had he helped gather and clear as the lying-Kisamoa had asked? Sure he had. Had he potentially been a part of this consequence simply by aiding the creature? That was likely.

But that was life.

"This doesn't look promising." Tarik muttered to himself, taking a drink from his flask and glancing around to see if his brother and their wench had bothered to show up yet.

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Nyx is many things, and most of them aren't good.

She's vulgar, rash, reckless. Rude, sarcastic, judgemental. Opinionated, uncouth, stubborn, blunt, sometimes unintentionally cruel, overly war-minded, and prone to being a bit of a bitch when things don't go her way.

One thing she definitely is not, though, is a coward. One thing she is is a fucking mother bear. And her baby-senses are tingling.

She charges into the newfound marsh in time to see Oizys galloping towards the gigantic bone-creature, with revenge clearly on her mind. Nyx is not the sort of woman to back down from any sort of fight, but she knows better than to just attack something so big, so powerful, so probably-immortal and so capable of squashing her daughter like a twig. Things seem to move in slow motion; Oizys is charging, and Nyx is charging too, her jaws agape in a silent scream as she doesn't think, she just does. It is instinctive, a mother's drive to protect her offspring at all costs. Oizys has rarely shown her any affection, rarely acts like she's her mother at all, and if Nyx could pick one of her offspring to not want to save, it would probably be the obnoxious grey yearling. But she can't think like that. Oizys is still her daughter, will always be her daughter, and she's in danger.

This is what drives the ironheart's movements as she gallops, her face twisted into concentration, her pupils dilated with fear and her ears laced backwards. "No, no, no," she breathes as she runs, her legs devouring the ground and bringing her close to Oizys, approaching from the side.

THUD. That's her shoulder slamming into her daughter, sending the filly sprawling off course and out of harm's way. Oizys stumbles, trips and falls, landing prone on the ground with a startled yowl. Nyx skids to a halt, standing in front of the fallen yearling with a savage war-cry ripping from her throat, then lunges forwards to try and plunge her horn deep into the creature's bony leg. She hadn't intended to attack the beast, of course she hadn't, but attack is the best form of defence now - Oizys is laying stunned on the floor, and the only way to protect her is to attack.

So she does. Despite the terror inside, despite her knowledge that this is a very stupid thing to do, despite the fact that her recent depression has wasted away her muscles and left her a frail shadow of her former great warrioress self, Nyx fights. She fights to save her child, she fights for her land, she fights for her herd. She fights because it is her duty to live by the sword.

And die by the sword.

Other characters have permission to use magic/violence against Nyx at any time.

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Again the monster roared, a sound so powerful and slimy that it made you feel sweaty just hearing it, despite the fact that it had no throat, vocal chords, or lungs to speak of.

 "I did warn you..." Kaos said from its unseen position, hidden behind some sort of veil that acted like one way glass. Kaos was clearly apprised of the entire situation, despite remaining completely out of sight.  "But you are free to make your own mistakes. Unlike your Gods, I will never try to control you."

Was there truth in that? Was Kaos trying to subtly make some point, some slight jab towards the status quo of the Helovian Gods? Before too much thought could be given to it, the bone monster was in action.

Roaring again, the monster's tail moved towards Roskuld as a blanket of electricity fell over the creature. Nothing happened. Instead, its tail continued to hurtle towards the demi-god, trying to strike her down. Although Shida's explosion upset the earth beneath the creature and its bones rattled upwards as if it was standing on a waterbed, again there was no discernible difference. Unsurprisingly, Lena's flames had no effect either.

As Oiyz's childish but confident voice reached the monster, it turned towards her, snapping its teeth.

 "Oh dear.." Said a slightly disappointed and almost weary sounding Kaos, as if talking to a plaintive child.  "I did warn you..."

The bone-monster lunged. Despite the attacks of the others having no noticeable effect on it, it seemed angrier now, perhaps annoyed at their attempts to wound it. As it stretched its long, boned neck towards the unicorn filly, its teeth instead found the hardened and muscular body of the girl's warrior mother. No matter. It wanted to crunch something between its teeth, and this larger body was even nicer than the one it had been aiming for.

Teeth ground towards one another as the creature tried to bite Nyx more or less in half. But without muscles and ligaments, it was unclear how much jaw strength it actually had. Shaking its head like some sort of massive canine, it deposited Nyx's body on the ground, curling its tail protectively around her as if to ward off the Helovia's who might try to steal its meal.

Kaos made a clicking sound repeatedly under his tongue; a sound of disappointment.  "Come now. This is a creature made of magic and bones. There's no hurting or destroying it. As for me, I am not of this world. Your Gods and your magic have no hold on me. Leave this place, and when I am ready, I shall tell you of my plans for Helovia. You are tethered to a system of tyranny and don't even see your chains. But all of that will soon be rectified."


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Aithniel's jaw may have actually dropped when she saw what started to unfold before her. She KNEW something was wrong with this asshole from the start, and she was absolutely right to trust her every suspicion. The demi-goddess had warned her father too, and he had done nothing? That, perhaps, settled the most uncomfortably in her stomach. The girl observed the spire rise toward the sky - her sky. Her father's sky...

The blasphemy was overwhelming. This heretic would burn. She was the Inquisitor, and she would set the world on its axis right again.

With a strong burst of her wings, she rose to the sky, observing others taking up arms against this heretic and its dog of bones. Aithniel was just about to throw a huge fireball at the beast when a commotion occurred beneath and a white body lay dead and bleeding at the false god's feet. The half-goddess snarled, curling her mousy lips up from her teeth and landed close by with a thud. Ash rained in her wake.

"The upper hand may be yours for now," she hissed from between her teeth. "But not for long, Kisamoa," spat at his feet with her ears pinned back against her skull. "We've murdered your kind before, and we will do so again. I will not rest until your blood pays for your every betrayal."

Her silver eyes were hard as stone, and she looked to find Volterra in the crowd. They had some fortifying to do...

But burn down our home
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Vesper had been right to be worried, and Mesec would never forget that. He was glad that they had not gathered any bones to help now, glad that they had instead passed their time peacefully. But before they could go home to the Edge, they had to pass by the marshes and Mesec couldn’t ignore what was happening there. His silver eyes watched in horror as the bones that had been gathered give birth to a monster.

Vesper had been right.

He turned to her quickly, already pulling on the magic that would turn him from her father and into the warg - into a monster himself. “Go home.” Mesec didn’t want Vesper anywhere near the bone creature, near Kaos, and if this was a god - then the farther away the better. Perhaps if she was out of sight, the thing would not strike out against her.  

Once he had changed, shaking off the pain and grunting through those terrible seconds between one form and another, he went into the crowd. Nothing that was being thrown at the creature seemed to be doing it any harm - not Roskuld’s lightning, nor the rain of fire, nor the words shouted and discussed before it. The Earth God stood nearby in anger but was doing nothing to destroy the bone creature - nothing to stop it when it went to pick up one of the Edge’s warriors.

It spoke, a terrifying and monstrous voice, telling them of chains and tyranny as it curled a tail around the mare’s body.  With some difficulty, Mesec tore his gaze from trying to see if she still breathed and to the head of the creature. “You do not seem so different from our Gods to me.” Mesec snarled, baring his teeth at the monster.

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They should of known. It was too good to be true, Tyrath had heard the stories of the Rift Wars. Seen the scars, the haunted gaunt looks as they retold their hollow stories. Dismal bedtime lullabies that did little to send the young and the old to the lands beyond the waking world.

They should of known better. It had been too good to be true.

He dropped out of the sky like a bullet, snarling as his body burned away into glittered scales, razor teeth and cruel horns. Tyrath landed his draconian mass next to his father, crimson eyes pinned upon the skeletal creature as his teeth bared in a hissing growl. His body is low to the ground, tail coiled and thrashing like an angry cat while his claws sunk deeper into the earth.

What happened next is nothing short of horrifying, equines around him burst forward as they assault the bone creature to little affect. There certainly is no hiding the grimace and yelp emitted from his reptilian maw as the silver unicorn is made little more than chow for the creature, all to protect the foolish, silly little filly who thought herself a hero. Brave, but foolish. It's grim sight, the bone monster jealousy guarding the corpse as though it was a token, a prize well won.

The gilded dragon reared back on his armored legs and emitted an ear piercing shriek, lips pulled back as serrated teeth flexed forward, crests flared from his neck at the beast. There was no sense in needlessly rushing forward, not when one had died to save another already. Still, he can't help but step closer to his father. He knows his monolith sire can protect himself, but the gesture is made with a promise. He will follow his father, and he will protect his back.

Vaguely, he remembered the words spoken to his father from the stallion who stood next to him. "We find a way kill it. Then we find a way to kill it's master." He grumbled, voice laced with acidic hatred. His body ached for a fight, all the pent up frustration coiled tight around him in a serpentine grasp. The humilation of being used like a puppet on a string is a bitter drink to swallow. Kaos' words are a dull, angry lick in his ears and he snaps a plume of embers from his nostrils. "Helovian's have killed Gods." He stated, horned head tilted toward his father. "This twisted amalgamation is but a pretty piece on a chess board, a pawn. We need a plan."

He doesn't look at the Earth God, instead his gaze moved to the Mountain, the Sparklight and then around to see if he could spy his mother. Whatever shred of respect he held for his sire's patron is shattered with this unfortunate twist of fate. If the God's could not protect them? Hadn't the Moon Goddess appeared once to Kisamoa? Had she seen beneath his twisted facade? His gaze moved to the Inquisitor when he found her, and he unfurled from his protective stance by his father to step toward her. "What should we do?" What can we do?


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Eleanor felt her heart break in her chest. Kisa... Kisamoa... he...

Tears filled her eyes to the brim as she felt the first sting of betrayal darken her heart, and even as she looked upon the horrifying and awful bone monster being built, she didn't want to believe. She and Amalrik had worked so hard to clean up the beach together, and she had even watched as her cousin went into the water! They had helped him, and tried to do good and this is what was returned?

"I trusted you..." she whispered, sure that the evil god wouldn't hear.

Then, when Nyx's body fell, she saw her first death. Ellie was torn apart inside, tears streaming down her young face as Miranda, the little black dragon, shook from where she clung to a silver horn. Her dark face bowed downward, trying to hide the shame of her tears where others called to arms, prepared to fight. How did they summon the energy to argue when all she could feel was pain? Didn't they know their efforts were fruitless?

Perhaps the worst of it all is how she felt her heart change. The bruise left by Kisa spread, darkening the bright and shining light withing, and her anguish triggered the magic she held inside. Her body began to absorb the light surrounding her, turning her into a hazy, dark pit - like a hazy mirage.

For the first time in her life, she wanted to be alone.

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