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[OPEN] CLEANSE [swp collecting]

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It feels natural for the blue maiden to be drawn to the Endless Blue. Of the three lands that require cleaning, it is the one where she feels most comfortable, most safe—most secure. There have been so many things (emotions) that have torn at her lately, that to feel grounded like she does among these pearly sands, is an opportunity even her subconscious cannot pass up. Standing at the fringes of her father’s foaming waves, the sea mare is motionless for a long moment. The rhythm of the water gently lapping at her legs is comforting; it almost lulls her into a trance (of times that were blissful and carefree and simple…)

Her eyes are half-lidded, the length of her lion tail limp as it is carried over the frothy waves, swaying leisurely back and forth around her fetlocks. Only a handful of birds have returned from their migration south during the winter season, so the beach is largely quiet, save for the steady cadence of the ocean.

During the journey here from the Rotunda, and in the time since, Tiamat has been able to properly mull over what Kisamoa has asked of them. Clear and gather bones. There is still a thread of her initial horror that lingers, but it has been steadily overshadowed by the reassurance of her own thoughts. Just as there must be a winter before spring, perhaps there must be this grotesque task before the deadlands can live again—a cleansing, as it were. New blooms cannot thrive if they are smothered by the underbrush of last year’s blossoms. Much to her pleasure, this relieves most of the mare’s unease.

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Like Tiamat, Isopia is similarly drawn to the sea. Although her body and her magic is more closely tied to the earth, the water is a crucial part of her heritage, regardless of the colour of her body. Still, were any to stumble upon the two mares, surely they would think Tiamat the goddess of water, and not Isopia. But then again, Isopia was rarely was others expected of her. She was used to it.

At present, she was using her magic to try and collect items hidden beneath the first few feet of the waves. Surely Kisamoa hadn't intended them to ignore what lay beneath the water, and only clear what was visible on the sands? And so Isopia had begun to create a barrier to block the waves, so that she might gather what was beneath. It took a great deal of strength and concentration to block the water. Isopia had thought that perhaps she could use her water magic to manipulate the waves themselves, but found quickly that she could only create water, not mold what was around her. This made her pause for a few moments, as she wondered if perhaps that was something she ought to change. She'd been thinking a lot about her magic lately, and what, if any of it, was worth keeping. She'd been born with it; had no choice in what was bestowed to her as many others did. but Isopia pushed that thought to the back of her mind as she worked.

As her barrier of rocks prevented the waves from fully reaching the shoreline, both she and Hubris frantically tried to pull bones and pieces of driftwood out from the sands. 

It was Hubris who noticed Tiamat first. This was not surprising. He tugged on Isopia's red cape to get her attention, and whistled joyfully towards the ocean-coloured mare. The Mountain's golden eyes rose and followed the bronze's body to where Tiamat stood. "Hello. Are you here because of Kisamoa as well?"

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"May I help too?" He peeped from the sandy banks, odd coloured eyes fixed between the two mares as a shy grin appeared on his features. Usually chipper and full of life, Byron instead appeared cautious but still eager. It wasn't like they had been tasked with something fun and light-hearted after all, Kisamoa wanted them to gather bones and clear up dead things. Things which Byron hadn't really been told about or understood, too young and innocent to be privy to the dreary and dreadful things which made up the circle of life.

But, he wanted to help and so whatever confusion he'd had were pushed aside with the eagerness to try. To be some small help in the grand scheme of things.

"I promise I won't get in the way! Honest." He took a couple of steps forward, and then another handful and another until he was near the two, cloven hooves already poking carefully at a bleached bone in the sand to gently roll it to the side. "You're both very pretty." He remarked suddenly, his brain to mouth filter flicked off and stuttered back to life too late. Thank goodness they couldn't see him blush, though his jittery movements afterwards betrayed the awkwardness currently in his bones. Another slender bone joined the first, before he tugged at a piece of driftwood, nudging it aside with his head. "My name is Byron! What are your names?"


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The ocean mare sinks quickly into the familiarity of her father’s vast presence. With half-lidded eyes she is lulled into a haze of comfort, rocked gently by the foamy fingers of her father’s rhythm, and time seems to cease to exist. Somewhere in the not-too-far distance, she is aware of her companion’s presence, bobbing in and out of the water as the Leviathan explores her cousin’s natural home with a sense of blissful enthusiasm. While usually quite aware of her surroundings, Tiamat might have gone hours without knowing of the other pair not far away.

It is the dragon’s sound that ultimately rouses the blue maiden from her reverie. It is unfamiliar to her ears, and after blinking against the brightness of the sun, she turns her head, searching for the source of the trilling sound. With her eyes open, the pair is not easy to overlook. If the glittering bronze dragon isn’t enough to draw focus, then the sheer size of his bonded is (a massive beauty, Tiamat observes admiringly).

As it turns out, the painted mare and her dragon have already noticed the Mender. She dips her head, bashful for a moment, before moving to close the distance between them. “I am!” Tiamat agrees, discovering that the larger mare has already begun an impressive project. Turning her eye to her newfound company, the ocean mare studies her briefly, her expression laced with curiosity while memories dance at the edges of her mind. “You seem familiar—” Though her musings are cut short when a youthful voice calls out to them.

It is a leggy colt standing among the pearly sands, obviously eager to lend a hand. Tiamat finds herself chuckling breathlessly at his young antics, a smile warming across her lips. “Of course you may, little one!” She leans a step towards him, gesturing for him to come closer. There is something familiar about this particular boy, but unable to place it, Tiamat attributes it to the general enthusiasm of children. She can’t help but be delighted by his compliment (and subsequent shyness). “Why thank you. You are very much a gentleman yourself, young sir,” smiling to herself, the sea maiden bows her head low to the colt.

“I am Tiamat, and that—” she motions to the young Leviathan, who is now eyeing them while still skipping between the waves, “—is Nimue. A pleasure to meet you, Byron.” Falling silent, she looks briefly to the taller mare, expecting for her to introduce herself now. Being a sociable character, Tiamat has a tendency to (unintentionally) monopolize a conversation, and the last thing she wants to do is jeopardize her chance for new friends.

Shifting her focus then to the area of bones, Tiamat observes the barrier the other mare had built. Although it blocks a majority of the waves, she notices that the sand is still very wet—she knows from experience that this won’t make digging easy. “Perhaps I can help with the rest of the water…” closing her eyes, Tiamat extends herself towards the sand with her magic. Feeling the water that soaks the shore into slimy mush, she gathers the moisture with her magic, pulling it to the surface and collecting it into a floating, churning orb. She does this until the ground is soft and damp, but no longer mush. Magically holding the pocket of water, she looks between the mare and colt. “This should make digging easier, I think,” she comments with laughter in her voice.

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Oizys has really set her mind to this clearing business. Not out of altruism or any true fucks to give about the environment, but because she knows Kisamoa can provide the good swag, and she wants in on that.

Today's expedition takes her to the beach. She's become a dab hand at searching for bones, usually in her wolf form, but today she's in her own glorious skin rather than anyone else's. Ker is helping in any way she can by carrying a small bone in her claws, whilst Oizys has a femur clutched in her jaws. They soon see a pile created by some others, and decide to help them out - teamwork is the order of the day with Kisamoa's deeds, and it certainly makes things less boring to work together.

She casts a glance around at the others. There's a pretty blue sea-mare, an antlered boy, and...a Mountain. The gargoyle is a bulky child, muscular and tall for her age, but this mare is just above and beyond. "By the Gods....what did your mother feed you? Fertiliser?" She eyeballs Isopia, quietly impressed. Even Father was not that tall, and that power.... She gets a 10/10 from Oizys. Ker, meanwhile, has frozen in midair, her gaze locked on the large bronze dragon. "!!!!!!!" she says, fear ebbing into her bonded's mind as she contemplates the dragon, having never got this close to one before and finding it quite terrifying. Ker is a large raptor, but she isn't shiny, bronzed, scaled or able to breate fire. Giving the creature a wide birth and humming a frightened squawk, she drops her bone and the pile and bids a hasty retreat to look for another, staring awestruck over her shoulder at the dragon to make sure she isn't being pursued.

Oizys rolls her eyes. The two mares seem to be making an ocean barricade of sorts, but the filly knows she'd only get in the way if she tried to help. Instead she moseys around the beach, looking for bones. She also finds a large, flat piece of driftwood, which she begins to place the bones upon. "If we put the bones on here, we can drag them back to Barnacle Bill, save making dozens of journeys if we carry them." She nods sagely to the antlered boy - normally she has little time for children (well, younger children than herself) but he could be a useful fellow bone-gatherer.

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