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Wessex :: Astor

Wessex Posts: 149
Aurora Basin Haruspex atk: 5.0 | def: 8.5 | dam: 7.5
Mare :: Unicorn :: 16.3 hh :: 3 HP: 68 | Buff: NOVICE
3 Magic Slots

[Magic : Dark x Water? | Tail spikes secrete a toxin that causes dizziness, nausea, and makes the wound feel like it's on fire]
[Restrictions : Lasts ?? posts in battle, is not immune to her own toxin]

[Magic : Water x Spark? | Can create project electrical scorpions from dragon marking, which painfully freeze on contact]
[Restrictions: Can create 1 large or 3 small]

[Echanted Item : Current leather armor can expand/contract into a braided leather strap on command]
[Enchanted Item : Shield or helmet of some sort that deflects mental attacks] (THANKS EREBOS AND RIKYN)
[Enchanted Item : Modified Thor's hammer. ]

Second Companion slot
NSS: Hellhound, Hellfire
Normal: Komodo Dragon, Curse

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