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He had clung to the north like a shadow, the familiarity of it a comfort to his aching heart. His sense of purpose was beginning to be questioned, as his confidence and hope began to fade at the thought that he would never find the vulture. He was like a whisper, telling secrets of the damned in his ears and tantalizing him with his scent that felt so real yet when he thought he had finally found him there was nothing to face. He was utterly alone. Pricking his ears in the direction of the mountains he watched as a loan osprey cried out, attempting to fight the lingering cold in search of something to eat.

Winter was drawing to a close, though the official signs of spring were not present, he could sense it approaching in his bones. With sure steps he let his body of red and white glide almost effortlessly along the powder that tickled beneath his hooves. He had come to flutter mindlessly these days, barely touching the ground as if it would be too much effort to do so. In fact it was rather the opposite, but the strain on his wing muscles was a distraction from his ever running mind. Honey eyes looked further ahead into vast, gaping void before him, and wondered how far it would take for him to just walk in and never come back.

Did he even want to come back?


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Even though winter has just begun to release her grasp, there is little evidence of it this far north. The nearby mountains are still heavily frosted with snow, and her breath lingers in the frigid gales that continue to sigh across this flat landscape, unencumbered by the rise of mountains or the gathering of trees. Amidst the pale backdrop of this ice-covered tundra, the oceanic pair is almost stark against the brightness. Were it not for the simple mortality of the blue maiden, she would surely seem to be a siren caught upon land, wandering a different type of vastness than the blue of her father ocean.

Breathing blissfully from her nostrils, the dainty healer blinks away the snowflakes from her eyes as her attention follows that of her bonded. The young Leviathan ploughs playfully through the white powder, diving into its cold depths and burrowing a few feet, only to emerge soon after in a burst of flurries that are sent flying from her fins. Tiamat can’t help but laugh at Nimue’s lively antics. The soprano sound rings lightly from her lips, and rolls over the flat terrain like wind chimes.

As if to follow her laughter, white eyes broaden their gaze to the horizon, her head tilting when she takes notice of the stranger not far away. Mentally beckoning to her companion, the ocean mare kicks up her heels and canters towards the—floating, she realizes as the distance closes—winged stallion. “Hello there!” Tiamat call out to the man amiably, a wide smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye as she comes to a halt. “I don’t believe that I’ve seen you around before; my name is Tiamat, and this is my companion, Nimue,” the young orca peeks out from around the mare’s hips, hiding (as she is wont to do around strangers).

Tiamat’s grin warms, the length of her lion tail curling to brush up against the Leviathan’s stomach, intending to comfort her bonded. Returning her attention to the chocolate and white stallion, Tiamat eyes him for a short moment, one side of her brow quirking good-naturedly. “That’s an impressive trick you’ve learned,” with her muzzle she gestures to his hooves, and how they seem to not be touching the ground. Not that it isn’t unusual for a pegasus to do so—but she hasn’t seen one float like this before!

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For her,
the ocean was more than a dream
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