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Plip, plop.

Plop, plip!

Cold rain splatters against her muzzle, rousing the filly from her dreams.  Blinking away the sleep, her body rolling swiftly over to her belly from her side, she shakes away the horrible feeling of the cold rain with a wild toss of her crown.  Still somewhat wreathed in the dew and rose laden aura of an innocent’s sleep, the sound of the rain about her is a distantly familiar noise, one that makes her slowly get to her hooves without thinking about where she lays.  

The touch, then, of cold stone against her rump, is unexpected, and she darts out of the small, stone nook she’d discovered, and dozed off to sleep in earlier.  Bleating next in surprise of the rain which greets her beyond her dry haven, she bolts back under the cover of the rocky alcove, peering out into the winter storm with dismay, her heart beating hard in her chest.

Oh no,” bemoans the maiden, knowing from that low rumble, and the sheer darkness of the clouds above, that this is not likely a swiftly passing sort of storm.  Outside, the sheets of cold water eat away the snow, revealing muddy, tired looking grass, and patches of muck, and Maude ponders the best line of action, occasionally struck with a damp gust of sheer wind, easily driving into her insufficient shelter.

Trewdwellan is not far from here, she decides, looking out in the direction of the monolithic tree, and it’s hidden, warm, dry home, snuggled tight in its roots.  She imagines her parents are in there, too, everything perfect, and wreathed in a golden aura of love.

Until she remembers why she wasn’t already there.

The aureate radiance about the mental scene is tarnished into a dismal brass.  Her hopeful stare becomes a glower of anger, her heart clenching in her breast; what had seemed a short dash away now seems like a mile long escapade through daggers, to reach a man she was not sure she knew anymore.  The picture painted in her memories of her family was not the proper one, rather a falsity, framed with lies.  

Beset with a frown, she sets out into the rain, in search of better shelter, clinging to the side of the fallen hill-face to keep out of the cold as best as she can.  Discovering a much more suitable location some short ways down the landscape, she quickly scampers under the earthen ledge, the dangling roots tickling her ears.  With some eight feet or so in all, Maude could easily stand anywhere but the very back, where she would have to crawl about on her knees to get around.  While it wouldn’t be a suitable place for an adult, it was the perfect hideout for a little girl, like her!

[ OOC: I BEAT YOUUUUU.  For fun this is set at the same timeframe that Lights is occurring :3 ]

If you’re tossing & you’re turning,
& you just can’t fall asleep,
I’ll sing a song beside you. and if you ever forget
how much you really mean to me, every day,
I will remind you.

Art by neverrmind @ DA

Hold onto this lullaby, even when the music's gone.

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