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She’d meant to do as she was told, honest!

No sooner had they left the meeting and arrived at the greenhouses, however, did Maude’s mind start to wander off task. Even as the gardener’s clearing appeared before them, her mind was off wandering on adventures, her smiles vivacious, and her words a ceaseless prattle of cheerful uselessness.

"I’ll bet its just some sort of food," divulges the child to her dear friend, Gawen, on the topic of the special prize, waiting for the owner of the biggest weed pile; she certainly can’t think of anything else her father might have that would make a suitable prize. Surely he wouldn’t bring her back one of her “magic” stones as a prize! She thinks with a giggle. Some treasure an ordinary rock would be. "Or maybe a flower. I wish it would be a fairy, but I know its not, because fairies are very rare and even harder to catch. Even daddy couldn’t catch one, y’know?"

Prancing through the doorway, into the ever-warm, sunlit room, the cremello darling looks about at the rows thoughtfully. Sure there weren’t many weeds in them at all, here too often with too many others to believe that the plants were at all ill tended, she’s quite surprised to find that there were, indeed, little invaders attempting to take root among the ferns, flowers, and saplings.

Looking back at her partner with a smile, her growing tail swishing with genuine surprise, and some moderate enthusiasm, especially now that she sees those nuisance plants bothering the others, Maude returns to a previous topic, which had briefly fluttered through her multitudes of spoken thoughts. She had insisted, as they left the meeting (and daddy’s ear shot) that the weeds had all been pulled, and there would be nothing for them to do. Of course, moments later, she had considered that, maybe, somebody as important as a Moon Doctor, and as clever as her daddy, might actually know what he was talking about – hence the discussion of potential prizes.

"What do you know, Gawen? The weeds really did grow back," charmingly states the child, her hooves quickly moving beneath her again, as she makes her way towards her chosen spot to start – the ferns, "guess we should get started. You say when!"

[ OOC: Continuation of NIGHT SCHOOL. :D Hope you don't mind that I started it. <3 ]

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