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Dragon's Throat Colt
Colt :: Tribrid :: 16.2 adult :: 3 seasons [Orangemoon]
Mythical Companion (NSS) :: BOGGART :: Suffocate OR Mayhem

Extra Companion Magic

Tribird Foal Pass Stats
Extra Magic Slot

Magical Item :: A pair of arm bands, one for who owns the items, the other for a chosen individual. Bands allow the two individuals to communicate, by emitting a surrounding mist that allows the wearers to see each other and speak.

Medium Item :: A dark blue cloak with light blue lines and dotted edges, made out of ramie fabric.
Small Item :: Horn gold chains that clasp around the user's horn, with amazonite gems.

Small Item :: Flint
Small Item :: Leather bound sketch book
Small Item :: Ink with calligraphy pen (enchantment :: never ending ink calligraphy pen)

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