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[OPEN] I'm a little unsteady [Zekle]

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Why am I so emotional?
No it's not a good look gain some self control

It started some time after her therapy session with Maren, this notion to see him, to speak to him. The courage to do it came in the middle of the night, brought on by the warm liquid that poured down her gullet. So Ampere brashly set out for the Falls, and any time her resolve wavered she plunged the metal tip of her tap into the nearest vegetation she could find and turned it into a faucet of determination. Fuck grazing, she got all the nutrients she needed this way.

Any caution thrown up by Kygo was roughly brushed away, the little blue mare glaring at him as she stomped through the wilderness, hellbent on seeing this through for better or for worse. Worse Kygo feared, a sad note trilling from his beak as he followed in the shadow of Ampere. He had wanted this, but not this. He was tempted to steal the metal device that seemed to be the very tongue of the devil himself.

So in messy, argumentative manner, the duo arrived at the edge of the Falls. Ampere halted, and the movement was sloppy as she leaned too far and staggered until a tree caught her. She sloped against it languidly, blinking furiously and fighting off a hiccup as she gathered the wind in her lungs to belt out "ZEKLE!!!!!!" Kygo, sheltering in a nearby tree, huffed. Ampere drew her breath in again, coughed faintly as the back of her throat burned, but then unleashed another, "ZEKLE!!!!!"

Deep down I know this never works
But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt

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