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the giving tree
The great Earth Turtle laughed, a deep and rumbling sound that dipped into the soul and warmed all the way ‘round. His gleaming, dark eyes watched the tree with good cheer, happily seeing the gifts Helovians held dear. His large shell— it danced! With moving patterns of light! A beautiful show of merry delight.

His laugh, how it rolled over hill and dale; the snow tried to mute it, but to no avail. The chuckle—it changed from a whimsical sound to the jingling of bells, leaving one spellbound. A chiming now ringing all through the land; the Turtle spoke, his voice just as grand, “Thank you! Thank you,” the jingling voice rumbled; one could tell by his face that he was quite humbled.

“This tree, with your trimmings, will give way to new beginnings. Out with the apathy and misery of old; in with a future that’s bright to behold. Hatred and sadness and listless ennui will all be ended on the Giving Tree’s day! So I bid you: gather round, close to your fellows; those of all colors: greens, reds, and yellows. Sit, stand, look, and admire this tree, a symbol of peace, cheer, and unity.”

And as his verse finished, the tree began to gleam; a soft, gentle light that was something of dreams. It warmed as it spread, the tree glowing within; and try as you might, it was hard not to grin. The cheer was infectious, goodwill abounds; only on this day could such joy be found.

Embrace the Tree’s spirit and bathe in the light,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Merry Christmas, Helovia! :D <3
The Giving Tree is now decorated with all of your characters' items! :3
You may take them back now, or continue to admire the tree's beauty.

Admin will roll dice to decide prizes for those who post here and continue to mingle by the tree! The previous Spirit of Magic thread's prizes were more whimsical, while these are more serious goodies ;]

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The handsome feather headdress is placed at the colt's feet, and his face lights up happily as he leans down to sniff it. It's beautiful, and will certainly go well with his mane! "Arakh thanks the turtle," he rumbles, immediately darting over to Esinakh to see what she received. She, too, gets a feathered decoration, and the calf huffs cheerfully towards her. "Rak and Esi can match," he says, leaning his wing to try and rest it companionably over her back.

The crowd doesn't seem to be dissipating, however, and the colt's brow furrows into a low frown. Why is everybody still lingering? It soon becomes apparent as the turtle speaks again, inviting everyone to remain and study the tree. Arakh settles himself down comfortably, watching the way the chilly wind makes the feather he'd hung swing in the wind. There's an odd sense of peace and happiness in the air; the boy feels strangely content, as though nothing can possibly disrupt his good mood on this most magical of days. There is a zenlike calm hovering over the gathered horses, and Arakh somehow knows that there will be no violence here today.

He leans over to try and gently huff towards his twin, inviting her to lay on the frosty ground with him. They'll keep each other warm as they watch the antics of the turtle, and listen to the gentle janglings of the various objects that hang on the large tree.


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Hatred and sadness and listless ennui will all be ended… echoed along the path of the prince’s eardrums, so much so that Erebos hardly paid attention to the waves of the crowd, to the strangers immersed in shadows and snippets, to enemies lurking beneath the trimmings and lights (highlighted and framed in ambivalent, ambiguous consternation; the youth nearly wanted to ruin everything for them, challenge them out in the open, bring them to their knees beneath the strikes and chords of song and dance) . Instead, he relented to the Giving Turtle’s commands, staring at the vivid, striking items hanging from various boughs, then the little demon stuck his head down, subservient to the well-wishes, to the whims, to the echoes of cheer and ebullience (an exuberant diversion – peace and repose barely made a scratch on the surface of his nefarious heart lately). He cracked a smile at Enna sidling nearby, at Aithniel glowing and somewhere else, at Rikyn who must’ve been in the midst, to his sire who likely struggled at the notion of coming closer to the growing din. Then he fixated his charismatic smile, a boyish sentiment buoyed along his features, towards the reptile that had made the whole event possible (again – and without asking for a thing at all, entirely selfless and benevolent; the youth wanted to ask him why but thought better of it). “Thank you,” he proffered on a second set of sentiments, tucking the previous item he’d received between his forelegs, Orsino sniffing at it, promising to protect it because it was a symbol of Huyana and her beloved rain. 

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Deimos the Reaper
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the throne must be such a sad and lonely place

The Reaper had stepped back as the crowd began to grow; not bothered by the notion that his mere touch could incapacitate a stranger (if they were too foolish, too inept, too stupid, incapable of feeling the lengths of his potent, unholy power, then perhaps they deserved a swift death, the puncture of calamity, the rifling of barbarity), but to the discomfort of so many nearby. He nodded to his son, who lingered closer and closer to his companions, and otherwise wore his same, nonchalant expression, struggling to understand the meaning of goodwill and fair fortune. Peace and repose had never been on his list of things to attempt – but his years spent ruling and governing had molded some form of armistice in him, so that he’d spent hours working on treaties instead of stages of war, delegating tasks rendered by merchants instead of striking down an opponent. It was an itch in the back of his mind, that horrific, treacherous notion of slashing through an enemy’s chest, of condemning, of consuming, of devouring another soul until they took their final breath – but not today. His ears twitched, turned, as the Giving Turtle spoke, fostering a sense of tranquility that Deimos would never be able to muster. He gave into the temptation again, gazing over at the items, the lights, the utter, serene sentiment of composure, and then to the Turtle itself, proffering a bow of his great skull, of his tired, weary, heavy crown, and then watched the rest of the world become enshrouded in the blaze of fixating snow. 

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The Songbird was utterly enchanted. Her gaze hardly strayed from the tree – with its particles and artifacts floating along extended boughs and arms of the giant fir, all beautiful, all tarnished, all meaning something to someone. She could have spent hours trying to decipher the symbols, charms, and even skulls, yearning to interpret the representation of so many wondrous, enigmatic things, head in the clouds, gaze pinpointed and pulled in every direction. But she listened too, to the alluring, wondrous words of the Giving Turtle and his selfless, altruistic act, asking for nothing in return but their compassion and tenderness towards one another – to let serenity and repose remain in the air, to settle their grievances and hatred for some day in the future, not this moment, not this hour. Lena couldn’t hold contempt or loathing for any in the crowd, so the matter didn’t unsettle or rattle her – her smile remained firmly embellished and encompassing her face, as radiant and glowing as ever, gilded and raptured, an artistic stroke dipped in reverie, painted in charitable essence. She bowed her head to the reptile again, the grin never fading, winking towards Imogen as the ivory kitsune chirped in rapt agreement and song (sniffing over their newest gift tucked nearby). Her words came across in a mellifluous whisper, soft and dulcet, clinging to the laden icicles and the moving crescendos, like a dream, like a haze. “Thank you for your gifts and efforts. May we all have peace and goodwill.” And may that never fade, she added into the silence, for she cherished these hours most of all, when war wasn’t on the horizon and the night wasn’t something to be feared.

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The crowd thickens, until what Volterra assumes must be ninety percent of Helovia's population has gathered around the tree to give their trinkets. Some give items of value, like the Indomitable did; some give pieces of junk they've found on the floor, which the beast hopes will earn them less favour from the turtle. Several other dragons appear too, and Volterra is glad his own companions are off hunting - it would be dreadfully tiresome to have to watch them dominating others of their species on this day of peace.

Tyrath is among the gathered ones, and the beast nods to his son in greeting. The boy offers a scale from his first transformation, causing a nostalgic smile to flash across Volterra's face. Yes, he remembers it well. Then comes Vezér, her cry of Apa! causing the mammoth man's ears to pivot towards her with a warm smile on his face. She shows him what she's found, and the colossus nods approvingly. "Beautiful, dear," he rumbles, humouring her but doing a good job of disguising it. She then questions why Tyrath is calling him Apa too, and Volterra's innards give an involuntary squirm - this is not really the ideal time to introduce his newest child. "Vezér," comes his warning growl as he steps towards her, gently touching his muzzle to her flank. "That is your half-brother, Tyrath. I am his Apa too." He looks to Tyrath then. "Tyrath, your newest sister, Vezér. As you can see, she has her father's attitude." Or is it her mother's fire? He looks fondly between the two children, feeling warmth surge through the blackened depths of his heart.

Finally, gifts are given. The stallion receives a totem, a handsome dragon which he sniffs with interest when it lands near to him. It's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and he gathers it in his mouth to tuck it into his mane. He prays it will bring him further luck - not that he needs it, his considerably physical prowess is enough to outweigh any lucky trinket. He dips his massive head in thanks to the turtle, then slips forwards to retrieve Gashad's skull. The behemoth does not entirely trust some of the gathered horses enough to believe they won't attempt to steal his precious object from out beneath his nose, and whilst he knows he would be able to annihilate any who tried such a trick, it would probably sour the mood at the tree to shed blood on such a peaceful day.

With his mask replaced upon his face, his crimson eyes glaring out of the blackened skull like rubies from the depths of a corpse, the leviathan can take a step back. He watches proceedings with interest, listening to the turtle and wondering what his next move will be.


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Before the strange filly appeared a feather—but not just any feather. It was a pristine feather: perfectly white without any quill awry. Pale, pale eyes widen with excitement, “Esi thanks,” was her quiet, mirrored murmur of brother calf’s words. She trembled once, skin of varying greys expressing her thrill at the feather decoration’s absolute symmetry and perfection.

For the calf, it truly was the most perfect of gifts. A small, delicate grin alit her white-snip muzzle; a darkly rimmed ear swiveling towards Arakh as he spoke to her. She rested easily beneath the spread of his (beautifully even and symmetrically-colored wings—so unlike her own; she loved Rak’s wings), leaning into his solidly warm side. She paused only once as brother’s spread wing put pressure on her back as he began to lower to the ground.

A wary gaze was spared to the floor—but beneath the tree’s warm glow, the snow looked pristinely white; no dirt or filth to besmear her sensitive skin. So she huffed back to her brother, her smaller body curling into his side for warmth and safety. Gently, she put her barred muzzle along his withers, “Love Rak,” was her quiet, warm whisper. Never had the filly felt so safe before.
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It isn't long before a great mass of other horses have gathered around, and Nyx glances between them with a slight knowing smile upon her face. Helovia never fails to deliver; whenever there's free things on offer, people crawl out of the woodwork to be here. She gives a wry chuckle to herself, then focuses her attention back on the tree, and more importantly, the turtle who seems to be running proceedings.

Gifts are handed out, and Nyx is slightly crestfallen when she receives nothing. Still, she assumes there is good reason - perhaps her body, or those of her children, have been blessed with something that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Either way, the crowd shows no sign of crumbling and moving on, so nor does Nyx; she doesn't want to miss out on whatever else might occur! By her side, Dominus nestles closer to her leg, still feeling all the warm fuzzies after the item she'd chosen to place upon the tree. She leaves the tuft of fur in place for now, as it does look rather splendid against the backdrop of other merchandise placed by the rest of the Helovian populace.

As though by magic, a notion of great peace and goodwill settles down upon the grey mare, and a warm smile spreads across her face as she releases a small, contented sigh. It's nice here - the turtle's presence is comforting, and even the large crowd around her (which would ordinarily make her anxious) doesn't bother her. She allows herself to relax and bask in the festivities, whilst her lion snuggles warmly against her legs and she casts a fond eye over to Arakh and Esinakh bundled together like kittens in a basket.

The sight, and overall peaceful ebbings and flowings of the gathering, make the mare contentedly think that if she died tomorrow, she could die happy.

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Iskra had caught wind of ti first and begged her to come with him. She remembered an event similar to this, it seemed to happen every year, the little turtle giving away gifts. That was part of her reluctance though, the memories - the way it had all changed since last year.

Gaucho had been with her last year when they came, and the girls had been younger, and Zekle had still been with her.
She gave a weighty sigh.

Eventually though she caved to Iskra's persistence and pleading, some part of her still a mother, even if it was buried beneath the layers of sadness she cocooned herself within. So dutifully she followed her ecstatically bounding son, sharing some happier stories with him as she went; she supposed she could at least pretend some things were okay, once in a while anyway, for his sake. He deserved that much didn't he? He was her last part of Gaucho after all, so maybe she should spend more time cherishing him instead of punishing him for being the last, for being a ghost?

Maybe today at least, she couldn't promise about tomorrow.

As they neared the light washed over them and Ampere smiled truly. They had missed the gift bringing, though Iskra and Kygo still had some baubles, but they were astonished by the well decorated tree. Sometimes you had to be reminded of all the good left in the world, and this was one of those times. Quietly Ampere bowed her head, the storm and the grief abating beneath the humbling notion that not everything was broken after all, that there was still something worth fighting for here, still worth loving, She hummed softly, wondering, while Kygo flew ahead and placed one of his feathers on the tree.

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Loretta moved back toward her bondmate, tongue rolling from the side of her mouth. Her trot was light and easy, the feeling of holiday joy already filling her chest. Amber eyes moved to look out over those gathered as she approached Archibald. She stopped suddenly, tail wagging furiously. Abraham! She exclaimed mentally, an excited, yipping bark leaving her dangerous jaws.

The Dauntless watched the other horses as Loretta approached. His wartorn body stood statue still in the snow, his posture full and militaristic. Golden eyes danced down to Loretta when she planted herself in the snow, facing the opposite way as him. The sudden jolt of realization made him turn, catching a glimpse of his son. The leviathan and his dragons did not stay long, however. Just as the behemoth turned to see his progeny, the younger stallion turned to leave. A frown laced over Archibald's lips, wrinkling the pale skin. Sighing, the stallion turned back toward the festivities. At least he knew the boy was alive. Reginald, on the other hoof, had yet to be accounted for.

The Earth Turtle shared in the merriment and his joyous magic filled the vicinity. Despite the drop in Archibald's heart at his son leaving, he felt overwhelmed by the turtle's magic. As the cheer took over the Thistle Meadow, Archibald's massive body lifted into a mighty rear and his deep baritone voice released a long, celebratory call as the feathers from the turtle manifested in his mane.

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of the sea
A figurine materialized at the seahorse’s webbed hooves: dark paws and awning jaws. Smoke hissed from its mouth, turning frosty in the wintry air. Unblinking, overlarge eyes stared down at the smoke, slowly and uncertainly her head dropped to inspect the creation. Ridges bumped into it, nostrils flaring and she inhaled—then promptly coughed the smoke out from her lungs. They could handle sea water, but not this.

Her head jerked back up as the Turtle began to speak again. Though her spirit was not entirely buoyed up by his words, it was lightened by the soft glow that emanated from the now-decorated tree. With as light cock of her head, she let out a deep sigh—allowing herself, for this moment, to enjoy the gentle warmth that the Tree’s light tried to place in her chest.

Though the light nor the figure returned her people to her; it did make it seem like she could still soldier on. She wasn’t as alone as she had felt moments before—her gaze darted among those who were gathered around the pine. Perhaps there was hope, after all.
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The stag chuckles incredulously at Aelfwine's words. "An elk," he murmurs more to himself than to her, giving his familiar deep guffaw of a laugh. Heavens, Helovia certainly is an interesting place when even the fauna can talk back at you!

Bartholomeo casts a quick glance around, noticing Tilney hanging a lantern onto the tree. The stallion frowns, then leans towards Aelfwine to ask her in a hushed whisper; "Our brother has a lantern?" He's fairly sure his younger sibling never had that when they were growing up, unless the pirate was just too woefully unobservant to notice - which he certainly wouldn't be surprised at! He watches as his sister moves to the tree, then, placing a compass given to her by her mother. The pirate smiles sadly; although he didn't share Aelfwine's mother, she'd been like a favoured aunt to her, and he's sure the compass is as precious to his sister as his fragment of bone is to him.

The turtle begins to give out gifts, then, and the stag's antlered head flickers up with interest as a small fragment of gold is given to him. As he carefully retrieves his broken piece of horn from the tree, he notices that it fits perfectly into this little golden home given to him by the turtle; quite unbidden, the stallion feels an odd stinging behind his eyes. Well, that's not very manly! But the piece of horn is safe now, tucked into its new nest, a permanent reminder of what it means and how much Jack had cherished it. "You honour me," he says to the turtle, warmth dancing in his earthy green eyes, which valiantly hold in the tears they're dying to shed.

Snorting slightly, and carefully swinging his forelock so it falls into his eyes and hides any potential shinyness from the crowd, the Warlander steps back beside Aelfwine, carefully replacing the fragment of bone and its new home inside his mane. A great peace has settled upon him, and he gives a long, low sigh as he seeks to rest his chin upon his sister's shoulder.

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The lemony girl snorted loudly and abruptly as she took a deep, long whiff of the vial that plopped in the snow before her. It smelled. Not particularly badly, but it was pungent enough for even her sadly lacking sniffer to scent it. Shaking her small, lemon-freckled head once, her suspicious gaze turned towards the now-speaking turtle. Though her misgivings abated and were replaced with delight as he spoke in rhyming verse—even her apathetic adolescent could not overcome a foal’s love of rhyme.

So a grin crossed her muzzle, as she (now daintily) took another smell of her potpourri present. This time, when less vigorously smelled, it had a pleasant scent. Smiling outright, her tail flicked in contentment as the warm light of the tree reached her lemony skin. It prickled once, but in a pleasant way, before passing through her candied shell and warming her all the way through.

Usually, the filly was careful to avoid too much heat. But this was different—this was so pleasant that the lemon drop was sure that it couldn’t cause her harm. So she bathed in the light, a gusty and contented sigh pushing past her pink nostrils; her shoulders wiggled in happiness, bright teal eyes reflecting the twinkling, decorated tree.
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His eyes narrowed at the golden-colored youth (though he was older than the twins) that cried for their mother. Who was this? Rexanna did not spend much time telling the twins of her other child. So his ears pinned slightly, teeth beginning to peel back, warning the strangely-acting colt away—

Until his mother responded. But, before he could question, his attention focused on the presented that were suddenly appearing before all. Sharp blue eyes widen as two small figurines appeared on twine before the entwined twins in the snow. His eyes flickered once to the mirror image of figures that appeared before Kiada, before returning to his own gifts.

“Do you see—? Incredible,” were his hushed, murmured phrases of awed delight. The figurines were exactly, miniature replicas of Kiada and Keusi. It was not often that his darkly marked face was lightened with such emotions, and it made him seem seasons younger; erasing the darkness that clouded his boyishly handsome face.

He grinned, making his face look all the more youthful, as the light touched them. It combatted even his naturally dark chest—and the colt embraced the warmth as he leaned against his sister. His head dipped, slipping his horn through the string and shrugging the figurines to fall around his neck, over his chest and heart. He sighed contentedly, turning to watch his sister.
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but i remember warmth and i could have sworn i wasn't alone

You listen as the benevolent turtle speaks of forgetting, of cheer, your heart twisting despite the complacent smile on your face. There is one that you hoped to see here, a boy with skin the color of sand and eyes like glass; you had hopes, and still as you scan the growing crowd, he is not part of it. You cannot deny the worry (and in part, the guilt for having come here in the first place when you should be searching, though you had thought such a thing would be impossible for him to ignore, as he had not even been born this time last year) that grows in your chest, malignant and lingering even as the atmosphere around you shifts, as lights dance along the glowing snow.

As your head tilts upwards, your hair brushing against your shoulders (within its folds the seashell charm lays pinned with care, and you smile to your friend as he smiles at you)  to examine the decorations of the tree, all the things that meant something to someone disguised as ordinary things, you cannot help but giggle despite the pit inside you, clinging stubbornly as it should,  amazed at the beauty and cooperation of it all. As your eyes drift towards the bottom of the tree they finally land on the turtle and you dip your head gingerly in silent thanks for it all. The magic that he has created here uplifting you enough to at least partially renew your spirits,  enough, you hope, to last you through until you find your wayward son.

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A smile crossed her dark lips, emeralds bright as she watched others arrive and place their own belongings on the tree. It floated and shone, a testament of the land's beauty and diversity. The Turtle's laugh warmed her chest, and her companion, pressed up against her side, warmed her body.

The mottled maiden remained by herself and with Altair, her leonine tail brushing his side as she admired the festivities. Her attention flicked to the turtle alone when she was handed a gift, a glass horn ornament of the turtle himself. She inhaled sharply, surprised and elated by the small gift. She beamed at the turtle, putting the ornament on immediately. "Thank you kindly," she gushed with a dip of her tiara.

Frost stepped back from being so close to the turtle and the tree. She watched her glass encased rose twinkle amongst the branches of the tree, a serene sense of peace filling her never peaceful mind. Her life, which had so often been dark and cold, was finally beginning to feel a bit brighter.

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With the crowd growing ever larger and I growing ever lonelier, the temptation of leaving was strong. I sighed a smoky breath, glancing around at the strangers and acquaintances who filled the space around me. My heavy hooves side stepped away, and I almost left the joyous occaision until a familiar face caught my attention and inhibited my getaway.

I smiled warmly at the ivy encrusted stallion, a plume of smoke wounding shyly from my lips. "How could I ever forget?" I stated whimsically, softly. My pale gaze flicking to the strange companion by his side. "I trust you've been well? Who's the new addition?" I inquired amicably, a nebulous cloud of smoke obscuring my pale features.

My escape plans were abandoned entirely once the Turtle spoke again, his tones warm and inviting. I had felt lonely in the crowd, but in truth, I wasn't. I missed my family, but I wasn't alone. I smiled, my mood brighter and subsequently intrigued as I was gifted a small device. I looked over it, my pale gaze thoroughly captivated by it.

"How interesting," I murmured before looking back to the Turtle. "Thank you, sir!" I chimed with a bright smile and a hazy cloud of smoke unfurling from my lips. I turned back to Ilios, curious to see what he had been gifted by the Turtle.

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The stallion smiled and watched everyone mingle, even his own child. Silver eyes melted warmly as he watched his only son rolling a ball of snow towards the tree. "Patrick come and meet a dear friend of mine." He beamed down at his handsome son as Isabella, in her wolf body pranced to his side bouncing playfully around him. He turned to Auriel smiling brightly his ears lifted high with his joyous spirits. "Well I am very glad to hear that." He turned to glance at Isabella and Patrick once more before answering her question, "That is Isabella my companion, and sister." The ivy marked wolf looked up her tail wagging before trying to herd the colt to his father's side. "And that rascal is my son Patrick. Patrick, this is my friend Auriel, she lives in the World's Edge."

He hadn't expected to receive such a beautiful gift from the turtle and the tree. He turned his eyes to the turtle, "Thank you very much sir!" He smiled brightly before turning back to the tiger figurine. His thoughts flashed to Kiara, his father's companion. Shoving the thoughts away he looked closer at the trinket. He watched the smoke roll from it's gaping maw. It was beautiful and he would always treasure it. Carefully he made a mental note to have a chain crafted for it so he could always keep it close.

He turned to see what his son had been gifted, and praying he had been given something. If the hadn't be gifted anything the stud would have given his Tiger up in a heartbeat. To his relive the boy had been given a string of Diamond orbs that glistened like the snow ball he had rolled under the tree. "Those are awesome Pat!" He grinned down at his handsome boy.

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She can't help the wry smile that crosses her face as she is presented with a set of bird skulls to reflect the dead bird she placed upon the tree. The gargoyle snorts her amusement and examines the skulls with a sparkle in her stone grey eyes, whilst Ker lands next to them and warily nibbles at them. She picks them up in her beak and fondles them curiously, her sharp eyes moving to a particularly large one that looks vaguely Philippine-shaped. That's your Ma, says Oizys to her companion with a cold smirk. It isn't, but she's allowed to have some fun with the gullible eagle, is she not?

Ker responds with a bombardment of ":( :( :( :( :(" into the filly's mind, and she snorts her amusement as the large raptor unceremoniously drops the skulls and rises into the air to land on her bonded's broad shoulders.

The gargoyle glances around to see the items that other people have received, to decide if there's anything worth stealing. They seem to be related to what each individual placed upon the tree, and Oizys looks over with interest to see what the handsome gold-embossed colt received for his own not-so-thoughtful attempt at decoration. To her great amusement, it looks like he received a string of skulls, too. Now there's a talking point. Oizys is by no means sociable or friendly, but the boy is intriguing (and hot as fuck, which helps) and anybody who can join her in scorning this 'magic day' is alright in her books.

So she scoops up her skulls and tangles them into her mane, deciding to make them into an item of jewelry at a later date. Skulls just scream badass, so the gift is fine by Oizys. With Ker still sulking on her back at her bonded's humour, the bulky yearling moves towards the bay colt, her body language surprisingly neutral. She doesn't know why, but she feels weirdly happy, and much less inclined to be a downright bitch to anybody that breathes in her general direction.

Given that fact, she's feeling almost cheery as she sidles up alongside the colt, side-eying him with a smirk. "You got skulls too, hmm?" The tri-horned yearling looks at them, whilst feeling her own jangling in her mane. "All the cool kids are sporting cutting edge dead bird heads this Frostfall, so we should be grateful." She flashes the boy a dark grin. "I'm Oizys." It's rare she freely announces her name, but hey, it's Christmas.

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Aithniel draped the Dragon's Throat banner over her back while she smiled at what everyone else received. They were all good and mildly humorous gifts, but hers was the best. She'd attach it to the highest point of the tree in her homeland so that all may gather beneath it and know that they belong. Erebos was there as well, and she cast him a patient glance, smiling. He was a good memory, but she wasn't sure what more he was... not now. They had all changed and grown up. They were different now.

She stayed near the tree with the turtle rhymed, surprised that there was more. Patiently, she waited and gathered with the others, summoning a fire to keep everyone warm. Zera sat regally by the fire, feathers neatly folded at his sides while observing everyone with disdain. The holiday spirit skipped this companion.

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