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[OPEN] It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Grinchmas. [Storytelling + Raffle]

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- Arah -
The snow was had stilled on the frozen ground, such much that she and Wynter had swept out a circle so those in their herd could gather without having to stand on the wet and freezing slush. Mostly she wanted to protect the hooves of younglings, so their parents would allow them to attend more meetings in the future. As the doe worked she hoped Tilney, Maude or Aelfwine would show up, or even just one other. If one soul turned up then she would be happy. Studying the cleared ground with a satisfied nod she moved to stand in the center and then took in a deep breath to settle her nerves. It had been a while since she'd lead a gathering, it stirred up her nerves. Tilting her head back she allowed her voice to fill the air, bringing those who resided within The Edge to come to her side. "Come one, come all! It's time for another story." Wynter added her voice to the cries, her shrill call summoning those out of limbo and out of the frozen states to be warmed by the tales of the magic that appeared during the Frostfall season.

The doe watched and waited as they gathered, smiling at those she knew and nodding to those she did not. Waiting for calm to wash over those gathered and silence to fill, the doe allowed her gentle tones to fill the frozen air. "Frostfall is a harsh season of Helovia, some struggle to survive while others find themselves carrying the weight of those that are falling." She herself had been carried, both physically and emotionally, by those in her herd. If it were not for them then she'd not be here now, speaking to them as family."Yet beauty can also be found during these difficult months, beauty and magic." As she said this Wynter called loudly, remembering the gifts that had been bestowed upon her bonded. The ice crown that rested upon her brow was such a gift, glinting in the mid-day sun. "Each year Helovia becomes host to an event unlike any other, similar to god appearing, an egg being discovered or even the presence of magic itself." Those were lessons for the future however, for now she wanted to focus only on the event that never failed to amaze her. "In the past the events have been headed by The Earth Turtle or something called The Giving Tree." She smiled as she thought of the kind turtle who never failed to raise the morals of those gathered, his kind eyes and deep voice.

Wynter spread her wings and gently lifted the ice crown from her head, setting it on the ground in front of the silver doe. "A gift I received from such a gathering not to long ago." The crown was still stunning, each time she wore it Arah was reminded of the joy. There was no place like Helovia, none could match the magic, adventure and love she'd found within in. Everyday she was grateful for such an amazing home to return to, no matter the heartbreak she may have experienced during her years. "You see The Earth Turtle and the Tree have rather generous natures. If you're lucky enough to stumble upon them, then who knows what gift they'll bestow upon you!" Even if you missed out on the larger gifts it was worth the journey just to behold the sight of so many different Helovians gathered in the one place. Oh, and of course the turtle, there was no other speaking turtle within Helovia...well as far as Arah was concerned anyway.

"Each time they appear, spirits are lifted and gifts are distributed. I encourage all of you, shake off the freezing fingers of winter and head out to explore the lands of Helovia!" Laughing she made a 'shooing' gestured with her front left leg. "You'll never know what you will find out there!" As she concluded the doe bowed her head, thanking those who had given her their time.

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A quick storytelling thread to spread the Christmas spirit or vomit, whatever you prefer. If you respond you'll go into a raffle to win a manip from me. This is the only offical round, just respond and then your character can leave in the same post. Arah will stick around to answer to any questions or interact with your characters if they wish. My Deviantart for examples.
Raffle closes on the 25th of December, 6:00pm (AEST; UTC+10:00) - Australian time guys!

There is still time to enter the current Helovian giveaway : here.
It closes on the 22 of December, 6:00 PM Central Time.

Merry Christmas World's Edge!
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The vulture is attracted to beauty—in an almost metaphysical sense. So attune to the allure of physical enchantment is the giant Korofi stallion that he finds himself stumbling into the lovely storyteller's circle of snow. His sharp, hot gaze of red and yellow land first on her antlers—they were elegant, sweeping things—before studying the pale contours of her face and lithe lines of her bode. Ears, starkly pale against the dark, gnarled mess of his forelock and mane, perk forward as he slowly and heavily folded his legs and settled onto the chilly, soft bed of powder. His thick, hairy, tawny hide did insulate him well against the cold, however.

Massive wings of mottled feathers ruffle, trapping warm air against his hot hide—though a glance was spared towards any chilled mare that may wish to snuggle beneath one of his large, feathered appendages. He would be happy to share his warmth.

And then he stilled, expectantly waiting and then listening to the beautiful, fair Philosopher’s words. His sharp gaze watched the delicate paws of her companion as she gently lowered her ice-crown to the snow. He watched it glimmer and gleam in the intense, but short-lived, daylight.

“Fair lady, do you know from where the Earth Turtle comes?” His gruff, deep voice questioned, curiosity replacing the desire that usually colored his starkly marked face.

Gaal raises his wing for any fair lady (or fella) to snuggle with him while listening to the story! ;]

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This is a surprise!

As her mother and Wynter’s voices reach through the Edge, Maude drops her bundle of dry, trimmed twigs instantaneously. While, perhaps, she should have found a more suitable location than “where it lay” for her chore’s twiggy remnants, the girl doesn’t manage to actually think this to herself until she’s nearly upon those gathering to hear her momma’s tales.

Too late now, she thinks, recalling the cast aside bundle morosely rolling with flops and flips across the greenhouse floor. Breaching the clearing where her mother waits, Maude happily bounds towards the ivory woman with an eager trot, her smile wide with greeting, and her chest rumbling with a delighted nicker of hello.

Hi Mommy! You didn’t tell me we’d have stories today,” she cheerfully fusses with a spritely giggle, mostly because she finds she enjoys knowing things ahead of time that the other foals would definitely want to know, anytime. Regardless, her smile does not fade, too happy to see her mother at all to bother being truly upset she’d been left out.

There had been times Maude was sure she’d never see her momma again, as she had vanished away one night, leaving only her new family and a very, very worried Daddy. After they’d found her mom gaunt and wane many seasons later in the frosty meadow, that fear had almost immediately vanished, replaced instead with a much more frightening thought: a true end, death. These two realities work together as she sweeps towards her mother, and snuggles into her shoulder.

She remains close, even when the stories start, eager to relish this recovered time with the snowy one she loves too deeply to find proper words. Though she certainly wants to tuck her legs down underneath her, and snuggle against the Earth, the snow makes that impossible, and so, instead, she steps away (only a few steps) and turns about to listen thoughtfully to her dam’s story.

So she listens. With each new idea and revelation about the great Earth Turtle, Maude found she couldn’t help but wiggle and wriggle more, and more, as if her hooves were trying to carry her off in search of him before the story even finished. So, when her mother’s story concludes with the promise of adventure, Maude can’t help but blurt out:

Oh! Oh! Does that mean we’re going, too?!” hopefully badgers the girl, as a large, multiple colored stallion approaches; looking over at him with a signature, Maude smile, which moves between the stranger, and her mother, she cheerfully adds (after he asks his question, of course): “Oh boy, where does he come from, mommy? I’ll bet its somewhere super pretty!

[ OOC: Soooo she knows no strangers. xD ]

Art by neverrmind @ DA

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Kianzo & Kiada
It was cold. Not that the colt minded. And not as cold as the Basin. Just… different. The Basin had a dry cold, icy but filled with sun and wind. The Edge had a wet cold, still and misted that could settle into your bones. But, alongside his fiery other half, it was hard for any cold to touch them.

And so the dark twins of fire and ash found themselves amid a sea of white, with an equally pale storytelling beginning to weave tales of Frostfall lore. Though the colt listened closely to the mare’s soft words that spoke of beauty, gifts, and magic, the colt’s attention was focused on two things: the crown her companion placed on the snow (how wonderful it would look on Kiada’s brow) and the possibility of power from the any magical gift bestowed by this ‘Earth Turtle.’

Curled alongside his sister in the snow, his dark muzzle twisted to burrow at her withers, intense blue gaze watching for the fire animals along her spine. A black rimmed ear twisted to hear the large, hairy beast’s question—though he was only mildly interested in the answer. Instead, he murmured to his twin, “Would you like a crown, Kia?”

His gaze then turned from the crown to the over-eager filly—the one of pearls from the day of games. She was pretty, to be certain. And there was something…endearing (annoyingly so for the dark colt) about her. Despite wanting to dismiss the pale, auburn-stained filly, he just simply couldn’t. So, instead, he nickered a deep, soft hello and and waited to see if the giant, winged man would answer her eager, enthusiastic questions.
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The gold’s crowned head outstretched then curled back in, shaking loose the last webs of sleep’s stiffness. His shoulders even rolled, cat like, trying to slip from the stiff unnatural feel of his body. The hovel he and Haldir had found last night curl in would most certainly not do for the future. Pity. It was the third in a row to be rejected. Surely there was some decent hollow left to satisfy him. Haldir though seemed not to notice. With winter closing in, a new place to call home, the stag had found himself each day in quite a jolly mood. The past few days each creature had gone its own way and the stag had explored the lands at his own pace, and his own attitude. Not that the gold was soured by the changes, just not as energetic as the deer.

Today was no different. A call rises above the mists and the gold and stag pause to hear it. His gold harks shift with indecision. He knew that voice…and he didn’t fancy seeing her. Not right now. The last meeting of the two of them had been such an odd thing…but then he also barely remembered it. Shaking his crowned head the gold moved to head on, but the stag would have none of it. He snorted and bellowed his own. It was meeting…the gold should go, if not just to catch a glimpse of all who tucked in these trees. To this the Laurelin could not deny.

Haldir trotted lightly on forward, and boldy into the group. His golden shadow, hangs behind on the outskirts. He does not reach for the black cloak hidden in his satchel under the wolven cloak but he hides none the less. Haldir comes on forward into the group, yet he keeps his distance from Zo. Though they’d spent time enough on their journey to know his hide was…somewhat protected, the stag still did not fully trust the dark youth. Still happy moments make darkness seem far away. The stag’s large ears lean forward to hear Arah’s words. He had never held bitterness or anger against her. The charges the Laurelin always laid at her seemed at best, petty. Plus, according to the jumbled story he got from the gold, she’d forgiven him. Besides, there was no hostility meant to be here. So he settles, listening to the questions and stories, while the gold keeps an eye on all from a distance.

OOC:: Thran's hanging out from a distance like a stalker, and Haldir's up front just listening.

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Kianzo & Kiada
The filly had grown accustomed to the climate of the Edge over the last couple of seasons. The change in weather seemed to hardly bother her – but knowing that Kianzo was still fresh to this environment meant that her attention would linger further on her gilded brother, to be sure that he was acclimating well. It meant extra time spent with him, her watchful gaze longing and lovingly glued to her twin. And she followed him anywhere, especially around the Edge, willing to tell him tales of her encounters with such things as a strange rock and the lavender tent.

Finally, they settled as Kiada’s gaze lingered on Arah – someone whom she’d never met, but she could see the resemblance in her friend Maude that this woman had to be her mother. And oh, how the jealousy began to burn in the pit of her chest at the many things the woman had, the sort of power she reminisced over not that long ago, and how much she wished she could command the tide as well as it seemed the beautiful doe could. As she settled beside Kianzo, delicately leaning into his gilded and warm embrace, her inky head rested alongside his body – ivory rimmed ears perked and listening to both what Arah had to say and the gentle words of her brother as they washed over her mind. Of course she’d be willing to embrace the idea of adventuring elsewhere during this season, and with Zo by her side nothing would stop her.

Yet her eyes continued to linger on the crown, to linger on the words her brother questioned to her. Her head lifted slightly as she shook the white forelock out of her face. Her flames dancing with deer and butterflies – animals of sheer happiness and curiosities at the possibilities she might get when she’s older (when they’re older) and what this Turtle creature might offer. “I think I have the perfect head for a crown.” She turned to smile to him, but noticed his gaze had traveled to Maude as he nickered a low hello. Perhaps it was the idea that Kianzo’s gaze lingered on a girl other than her that caused the stir in her emotions. But she did her best to mask it even though her smile faltered slightly at the sight. “She’s learning to be a healer.” Kiada muttered after a few moments, eyes flickering to the reflected markings of her brother’s face to see if he was listening.

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A shrill cry interrupts Yael as she strips the young bark from a sapling. A thin coat and a lithe frame were beginning to take their toll on her during Frostfall (that was what they called their winter, correct?), and so she’s dedicated an unusual amount of time to trying to eat more than what her stomach calls for. Something to keep her energy up and her mind occupied. It was a terrible coincidence that her arrival in Helovia came at the beginning of the coldest, darkest, most depressing time of the year. It certainly wasn’t helping her spirits - and though the golden pegasus truly meant to seek out Lyanna or Erthe to find something to do, depression still held her in its icy grip.

So a summon to listen to stories (something children did- but was she not like a child in some ways, and besides, completely ignorant of all things Helovian) piques her interest, and the gentle, quiet foreigner follows the sound to find an antlered mare and a little bird-cat-thing, as well as several children and two stallions in attendance. Oh good, she wouldn’t be the only adult there. With a shy glance around, she folds her black-tipped wings in close to her sides and takes a few steps closer, to better hear when the storyteller begins. Little does she know that two of the children are the offspring of her newfound friend, Rexanna, and that she is in for quite a treat. “Shalom,” she says quietly in greeting, following it up quickly with “May I leesten, too?”

The mare’s voice is pleasing to her ears; sweet and low, like a mother talking to her children (of which there appears to be at least one, a darling young filly she recognizes faintly from the fox rodeo). A twinge of guilt runs through her when she mentions that some are weighed down with taking care of others, knowing that she is certainly in the latter group. And she has not offered any benefit to the herd since arriving here. Herded turkeys? Yes. Wandered around? Yes. But she has not yet given back to the Edge, and deep down she knows why. But those words are not yet meant for others’ ears. It is enough to observe and learn and live in the background for the first time in forty years. So instead, Yael listens quietly to the mare convey a deep sense of awe at the magic and generosity of Helovia, and finds herself swept along in joy for the first time this season.

The black-and-gold pegasus has much to learn about this land she’s lingered in. The land she’s chosen to stay in, whether she wants to admit it or not.

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Yael just chills behind the kids, listening quietly.

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i am a leaf on the wind

Stories are not, she was taught, just for children. Stories are knowledge, and knowledge is power. It had been her primary job in her previous life to learn. Secrets, mostly, but any knowledge was better than none. ‘What have you learned today?’ her father would ask before they all went to bed. Corbin, Lyanna, and Adelene each answered in turn, though in this and this alone, her father paid the most attention. Lyanna knew why though. Corbin’s job was to fight, to learn to lead. Yes, he would learn to gather information too, but he’d have a network of spies and informants at his disposal. Adelene was too young still to be heavily involved in the court, and too spoiled anyhow. But Lyanna? This, and to marry into a family that would solidify a marriage were her two responsibilities.

Lyanna listens to stories for a different reason now. She wants to learn about her new life, wants to understand just want it means to be a Helovian. A little over a year has passed since her arrival, and she still doesn’t feel like she belongs. Though as she comes to join the group, she finds herself pleasantly surprised to realize that she recognizes many of the faces here. She doesn’t know them all personally, but the faces of its’ members are becoming familiar things at least.

The little golden mare catches her attention, and Lyanna makes her way over to Yael with a smile. ”Yael,” she says softly, reaching out to offer her muzzle in hello if the mare will allow a friendly tap on the neck. “How are you doing?” she asks, waiting for an answer while others gather. After a moment, she turns back to Arah, nodding her head in greeting to the Philosopher. She does not know the pale mare well, but she certainly recognizes her. As Arah speaks, Lyanna listens carefully, remembering the Giving Tree. How strange, magical, and wonderful Helovia is. It never ceases to amaze her.

A stallion asks a question when she is done, and Lyanna is curious to know the answer. She doesn’t have many questions herself, but she stays, listening to the conversation as it flows on around her, picking up whatever information she can.

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Lyanna comes and stands by @Yael

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The voice that calls out is unknown to Gawen, a feminine ring that plays against his ears like fairy lights. But she summons them for a story, and Gawen loves stories. It's one of the few times he ever gets to see his mother, when she speaks with a mischievous grin and a twinkle in her eye as she regales him with a tale of adventure before she slips off to sleep. The boy isn't aware of how little he sees her, happy in his isolated bubble, unaware of his peculiarities. He takes happiness and creativity where he can find it, and so he jaunts along to the little meeting already gathering, familiar faces and some he might call friends lingering about to listen as the pale maiden at the front begins to speak.

Gawen hangs at the back, the enticement of coming near Maude or Lyanna crippled by his nervousness. They all have someone. Arah and Maude, Lyanna and Yael, Kianzo and Kiada, and the giant beast with the friendly smile is a stranger to the boy. He thinks about sidling closer to the cerndyr standing out in the crowd, so much like his mother's that the boy can't help but feel a sense of familiarity and peace come over him to see it, but the creature is at the very front and the boy is too nervous for such a position.

So he stands back at the edges, where the shadows of the trees yawn long and wide. It's the best he can do, and he makes sure to keep his wings and his noises to himself as Arah's tale unwinds itself like colored threads before him. Mother had always imparted the importance of silence and stillness, and Gawen had always felt like his shortcomings may have disappointed her in that way, that he could scarcely stand still without acquiring a new bruise. But those thoughts were banished by the grandiose novel the woman spun, and he was optimistic enough to let them fade beneath the sway of her charming words.

The boy is enchanted, hanging on every syllable she deigns to drop from her mouth. He doesn't dare lift his voice in questions for clarification or curiosity, though it gnaws worse than any hunger at his insides, for he is a child of intellect. But his heart feel light and joyous as she points to the crown settled on the earth. He longs for something of his own, and dips his head to press his lips to the bracelet around his forearm and the glowing green orb on the necklace at his breast, the only items in his possession. Unaware that both came from the tree and the turtle long before he was ever born.

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it was said that the blood of the stars
flowed in her veins
"Come one, come all! It's time for another story."

My pale brow furrowed, intrigued by the call. I had been patrolling the border, but it seemed quiet enough. My services didn't seem to be urgently needed, and although a bit of sparring practice would be beneficial, I decided a storytelling event wouldn't hurt me. So, I left my post for the moment, too curious about the call to forget about it.

I weaved between mist and pines, traveling leisurely towards the origin of the announcement. I quietly arrived, swathed in smoke. My gaze found a small gathering, a few faces I knew, a majority that I didn't. Most that had gathered were children, but fortunately, I wasn't the only adult. I remained separate from the others though, staying at the back and peering curiously at the mare who seemed to be at the center of everyone's attention.

A sparkling tiara sat between the pale mare's ears, her companion soon lifting it from it's hold in her hair. She spun a simple, enchanting tale of the origins of the crown, speaking of a particularly generous turtle. The beast in her tale was one I knew, and the mention of his myth brought a smile to my lips.
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The whisper came to his lover only moments before his lips made gentle contact with her whither. Perhaps he hoped her masses of perfectly combed hair would hide his kiss or the pine needles would be screening enough, or perhaps he wished to show any and all who gathered just who owned his heart.

His arrival had been slightly late compared to the rest of the group, only managing to slink in just when his little friend Gawen placed himself at the back. Peering downwards at his beloved daughter snuggled deeply into her mothers shoulder the stag smiled a great smile - he could not be prouder of his beautiful family.
There were others who stood in the crowd alone though and it saddened Tilney greatly to see them without such happiness, without that great pride. Gawen was one of them and the one they called Graasvoel he recalled meeting when they had encountered that awful spirit in the thorns. There was one more, a woman bathed in smoke who he did not know the name of.

"Gawen!" Tilney spoke in a loud whisper, creeping around the back of the gathering to his small friend before the stories commenced. "Isn't it sad that some who have come to listen to the stories dont have anyone to sit with?" the ginger murmured to the boy, hoping he might teach him a thing or two about kindness, and also about being unafraid to make friends.
With a gesture into the crowd, Tilney hoped to encourage Gawen to follow him. He was not afraid to sit in the front or the middle, or next to a stranger for that matter - it was story time!

"Good evening Graasvoel!" Tilney chirped as he took the empty space under the gentlemans wing. "My friend Gawen and I would like to join you"
As he took his place, the verdant gaze of the doctor once again found the warrior who had previously arrived smoke-cloaked and he sent a smile her way, a silent offer to join the bunch of would-be-loners.


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- Arah -
They come and she waits, a warm smile painting her lips, welcoming those to her gathering. The first is a great man, she does not know his name but appreciates his interest in her stories all the same. "Welcome." She eagerly bids him closer, wanting him to be able to catch every word. Before she can inquire after his name her daughter comes bounding over. Her little daughter is beaming and gave a delightful little nicker in greeting. Laughing Arah shakes her head, "a spur of the moment decision my little doe."Her daughter swoops forward and snuggles into Arah's shoulder and the silver doe bends down to embrace her daughter. "Next time I promise to tell you first, okay?" Arah whispered so only Maude would hear her words.

Looking up she notes the arrival of twins and a Cerndyr who appeared either without his bonded...or was he. Frowning Arah peered at the creature, though it was not to exclude him. All were welcome, including the other creatures who resided within The Edge. Shaking it off she chuckled, "and welcome to you!" her golden eyes moved back to the twins, "all of you." A golden mare next arrives, offering a foreign greeting before asking to listen as well. "All are welcome to listen to my stories, please make yourself comfortable." Sensing an uneasiness in the mare she ponders how to make her feel more welcome to their meeting. Then Lyanna appears and certainly knows her by name, a friend would help settle any nerves. A young colt is next, a colt that she notes hangs back looking rather longingly at the pairs. She wants to bring him in closer, she watches him while another mare arrives and then finally Tilney.
He greets her with a kiss and she him with a smile only meant for him. "Tilney." Her whispered response is barely audible and she has to clear her head and focus her attentions in order to tell her tale properly. She is pleased to see her lover attempting to bring the young boy into the fray, it is small actions like this that make her love him even harder.

As she tells her tale Maude stays close to her side, Arah snuggles her from time to time as if assuring herself that Maude is still there. Each is entrapped by her words, listening to her tale and within some she could see the wonder growing larger in their eyes.

As she fell silent there was not the expected rush from the general area, instead they remained with questions and queries. Did she know where the earth turtle came from? "Not exactly, as a friend of the Earth God I assume he has many abilities and may be able to survive somewhere other than the sea." With a frown she reflected upon her memories of the creature. "Yet he also strikes me as a humble creature, one who would not use such abilities unnecessary." With a laugh she concluded. "He may simply live in the sea with the rest of the turtles." The response was boring, it held none of the mystical wonder of her pervious tale. A lesson could be taught here, the doe pauses and gathers her words. "Perhaps we expect magic so that we see it even when, in reality, there is none." Focusing her gaze of the stallion she explains her words, "sometimes turtles are simply turtles who come from the sea." Arah looks to Tilney at their daughter's words, a questioning look in her eyes. Would they explore together? "Yes, if daddy agrees we shall go looking for the earth turtle!" With a laugh she turns to her daughter, of course her daughter makes her look at her words and reconsider them. "Yes Maude, if he come from the sea, it is absolutely beautiful. There are creatures down there that I've never seen!" Soaking up her daughter's delight she continued. "There are reefs painted with every colour imaginable, sea shells and the grass down there is thick and shimmering sea weed."

No one else had asked any questions and so she paused for a moment. "Where do you all think the turtle comes from?" The question was directed more towards the children in attempt to make them become kick their minds into a creative mode. Yet of course the adults present were just as welcome to share their thoughts. Falling silent she opened the floor for all to present their opinions.

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Smiling broadly at her friend, Gawen, and her daddy as they arrive, Maude is quick to return her attentions to her mother, eager to bask in her attention and presence, after so many months without her.

Though she was still recovering, the storyteller was still a splendid sight, her lengths of ivory hair again smoothed and well kept, her golden eyes endlessly sparkling. Nuzzling into her mother’s perfect, pale neck as they share private words with one another, the girl instantly forgives her for not telling her. It had added an air of excitement to it, after all, and it didn’t really matter, as long as they could spend time together.

I’d like that,” she admits, pulling her attentions away to look out again at the large number of people gathering. Recognizing some of them, like the handsome prince Kianzo, who smiles at her, earning a bright grin of greeting in return, and his twin sister Kiada, as well as Lyanna, she tries her best to make eye contact with everyone, even those she doesn’t know, happy as always to see the herd gathered together.

There were always so many interesting faces! And was that a deer?! Her mother must tell amazing stories, if the wildlife was coming to listen.

Hearing the conclusion of the story, and deciding that she rather likes the idea of the Earth Turtle living in the sea all the time, and nearly explodes with enthusiasm at the notion of going to find him; the notion instantly sends her eyes imploringly over to her father. It’s almost unbearable when her mother continues to describe the sea, her heart nearly bursting with the wonderful thought of getting to see something so beautiful as the sea. Sure, she could see it from here, if she leaned over the Edge, but her daddy yelled at her for trying to do that, and, even if he didn’t, it was very, very far away from way up here. All the sea looked like was a bunch of white capped, gray lumps, endlessly moving.

Please, daddy? Oh please, oh please!” she begs, feeling as if she truly might die if he were to say no, her bright, springtime gaze luminous with hopeful desire.

As the conversation turns to where turtles might come from, Maude quiets down, and thoughtfully wonders what she thinks, after all. While she does like the idea of the turtle living in the ocean, she knows that there are earth-dwelling turtles, as well – mostly because she and Katua had found one, and spent most of the day trying to coax him out of his shell, to little avail. She guesses it’s possible, then, that the Earth Turtle could live anywhere he wanted.

Maybe he just lives anywhere,” she muses aloud, “so he can be where he needs to be, when he needs to be there.

Art by neverrmind @ DA
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