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It had been a most torturous journey, filled with question and corners. Why didn't he just kill her? It would of been so much easier and so much... tastier. Now he had created a disasterous problem for himself and he was helping someone. It caused him to moan and groan with each step, the fact that he was doing something for someone other then himself. Perhaps when he returned to the Edge he would skip the report of what he had seen march onwards to his dark, damp grotto and sleep away the rest of the night and into the morning.
But oh, that was ever so boring.

Why not arouse ever herd member from their sleep, inclusing the King and Queen to bring them this wondrous news. Arah had been found. How delightful!
It wouldn't be too much effort would it, to report her as found. Besides it would be doing a good deed for once in his life. Upon entrance of the border his pace quickened, feigning some kind of urgency.
Stepping fourth to the statue of the brilliant moon mother, Toulouse gave a rumbling call.

"My King! My Queen!" he began with the highest ranking herd members, both of whom he had never met nor laid eyes on, only ever heard of. "Herd Fellows!" he addressed them next, hoping to arouse them form their sleep and gain their attention.
Once he was certain a number of night ears were listening, the perlino began.

"I have found our missing herd-sister Arah! She lays in the heavenly fields, low and hidden in the heath, and while she is alive she is not far from death! We must set out with out healers and searchers to bring her home!"


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AFTER  running into her mother at the place they called the Heart Caves Laume had spent a while catching up, following her around. But she did need to come home eventually. This home was all she'd ever known and while the adults did seem to ignore her most of the time she loved all the horses here....even Tembovu...though she was still mad at him for being mean to Thicket.

So here the fae child was, flitting about in the snowy underbrush, crunching on snow and dry branches as she went. It was a pretty solid HarshTime night as far as HarshTime nights go really. Why she wasn't asleep at this time who knows, but she wasn't. The wildling was almost certain there'd be no drama on such a quiet night but she didn't need to wait long before a Skinny-Stick-Man came yelling about some sort of chaos. But, wai-

Laume bounced from her bushes and froze, staring at Slender-Man, butterfly wings fluttering. "WHAT? 'Rah?" She bounded closer, "Did you say, TEACHER 'Rah?" The fae child moved her face closer until she was well beyond the average comfort bubble, eyes narrowed. The wild child was skeptical of this newcomer she'd not seen before, but if he was speaking of Teacher 'Rah and it was important then she'd stalk him later to find his secrets.

After an awkward moment she bounded away, fluttering above the ground, flitting through the trees. "Tembovuu! RaeeRaee! She squealed in a hurry as she went. "RaeRae! Tembovuu!! come here with fat hairless friennd!!" She stopped on a bush for a second considering the words she'd uttered. Mouse Dung. "Sorry I meant companionn! Its importannt! A-Rah in troublee!"

Though her words might sound silly the seriousness of the situation was not lost on the little soul. Her voice was very worried and scared and she hoped it showed. Skinny-Stick-Man had not been very loud and she wanted to make sure that everyone who needed to hear the summonings about Teacher. Her little eyes scanned the trees, spotting RaeRae briefly. Everyone needed to hurry though. Slender-Man had seemed scared!

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Play the music low,
and sway to the rhythm of love;
“I have found our missing herd-sister, Arah!”

The sound ripples and bounds all through the wood, as Toulouse hopes. It trickles down through roots and earth, through the mental cotton blurring the lines between reality, and the sleeping world. The sound clambers into the dozing ear of a cremello maiden, tucked among the carefully tended folds of her feather and herb bed, perhaps, even, dreaming that the third, the one for her mother, wasn’t empty.

Though surely his shouting had done its part as a whole to wake her, it was these words that send her tumbling from the misty realms of her drowsy mind back into the cool, winter night. Sitting up abruptly, the little one blinks rapidly away her sleepiness, a hopeful smile already tugging at the corners of her sleepy face.

"Daddy! Daddy wake up!" she pleads with the somehow still sleeping chestnut (or maybe he’s just in disbelief and refusing to move out of protest), her tiny hooves prancing beneath her, and muzzle nudging, prodding, poking her father’s warm, familiar form, "someone is shouting they’ve found mommy! She’s hurt and needs us!"

So greatly does Maude believe in this plight of her mother, that she doesn’t wait for her sire to rouse completely before she tears out of the notch leading into their snow free den. Blinking at the sharpness of the cold night air, and shivering despite herself, the filly swiftly canters towards the source of the voice, pausing only when the night reveals a tall, slender man, pale as death, and a butterfly winged filly.

Though this is surely not the time for oohs and awes, or gasps of delighted pleasure, the ginger-cream filly most definitely wishes it was. However, this being a time for business, she manages to tear her pale, innocently green eyes away from the wonderful allure of Laume’s wings (easier to do when she flitters off to get more help).

"My daddy is coming," she tells the stranger, wild eyed, prepared and yet terrified for this adventure all the same, afraid that they will make it to the meadow to find Arah gone, or not truly Arah at all. Maude did not dare to think of the chance that they would be too late, and that her mother would be… "Is it really her? Should I bring any supplies?"

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It was not the slender sleuths calls that woke him but Maudes shrieks that arroused Tilney from sleep. Raising his crown from where he had tucked his snout between his legs, the flaxen beast stood quickly with eyes darting around in the confusion.
"Maude, wait!" Tilney bellowed to the young one, but she was already gone. He did not want her to hear anything of her mother, not now. What if this man held a false promise? What if they got to Arah and she wasn't there, or she had passed? False hope was more than deadly, it was soul destroying, and it would truly ruin Maude - Tilney was sure of that.
"Maude!" Tilney bellowed, clumsily trudging from the home tree and galloping after her into the night, completely blind.

Of course, It didn't take long for him to hit a tree and stumble over its roots, but he was quite convinced there was no time to return and find his lantern. He followed the young voices, the booms of the snakish one, though constantly running into thickets and tripping until he shakenly entered the clearing where they all stood gathered.
"Where is Arah" Tilney demanded to know, blind eyes tossing over every angle, searching for any voice. He stood with his front legs spread, trembling with fright and adrenaline, unsure of what dangers might lurk within the news bearer or the pitch black woods.

"She is my partner, my mate. I demand you tell me where she is and why you have not brought her here yourself, or recruited help from others to do so!"
If she had been at the heavenly fields, why not rush to the falls and recruit a healer or two? Ultima would be more than willing Tilney was sure... as much as he was also sure she despised him.
"We must hurry" Tilney brushed past Laumes wings, spooking sideways as he did so - it was such a strange sensation, something he had never felt before. Now standing still in the midst of it all, Tilney was quite sure he was useless without his lantern.
"Maude, fetch my lantern please" he uttered with an angered stomp, not towards his young one but towards his crippled sight. He wished he could just run to Arah, to his love and rescue her right now.

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Something in you is yearning,
for where all the wild things went,
Muffled and mumbled words drifted across the wind to her fluted (albeit sleepy) ears. They hung low but twitched as the sound reached them. Her eyes remained closed for a few moments as she tried to pick out the words from her drowsy brain. Nothing seemed to quite stick out until she heard the word “Arah.” Immediately, her head jerked up. Heavy antlered horns feeling weightless as her eyes scanned her location and where she imagined the sound was coming from. She was a bit away, but realized that it had to be Toulouse’s voice. Immediately, she nosed her compass for a few seconds to ground herself before stretching her legs quickly and taking off in a brisk canter toward the fellow Sleuth.

She wasn’t the first one there, however. There was a child, with strange butterfly wings. However, Aelfwine paid no attention to her and the uniqueness she harnessed before her attention swung to those gathered. Maude had arrived early and with it, some sort of strange amount of calm. Her ears flickered briefly in uncertainty until she heard Tilney’s voice before she closed in on pinpointing her friend’s location. She broke through the trees right as Tilney’s stomp and order was uttered to little Maude. Immediately, she found her spot alongside her brother with a nod to Toulouse. “Brother, it’ll be okay. Toulouse is a good friend, I’m sure he has his reasons.” She began, ears seeking out Maude’s. “Go fetch your father’s lantern, love.” Her voice was sweet as it reached out for her before her gaze landed once more on Tilney.

You can hold onto me if we must leave right now.” She added in quietly, a whisper to her caramel brother. She knew that the trek would be long and hard, traveling in the middle of Frostfall. Tilney wouldn’t rest until his beloved Arah was found – and she knew that she loved her brother and niece far too much to avoid missing out on helping in any way she could. “What can I do, Tilney?” Her voice was stronger this time, an honest and curious question as she waited for what he thought might be the best way to approach this situation.

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Play the music low,
and sway to the rhythm of love;
Maude looks over at her father quizzically when asked to go and fetch his lantern. She had not noticed that his delay had been his inability to quickly traverse the trees, rather than sleepiness, and had never been told of the object’s intrinsic value to his quality of life.

Why hadn’t he brought it, if he needed it for this venture so? Though her exit from the warm comfort of the tree had been sudden, she was sure she’d intoned that they were possibly travelling places; the Half Moon above should be plenty of light, besides. Still, she’s been asked, and though her young heart is immediately torn between the exciting adventure unfurling before her, and a love of her father, she chooses the latter to obey - for now.

"Yes, daddy," she morosely remarks, having decided that it was better to do as she was asked than to be banned entirely from going at all.

It does not spare the world her somewhat indignant, why do I have to do it snort as she pivots about and gallops back into the wood, disappearing into the swirling night mists of the Edge, and hoping that the gathered party has not left without her when she returns.

She does so relatively quickly, the lantern easy to spot among the natural surfaces and tones of their home, being an unnatural thing like it was. With the handle firmly grasped in her ginger lips, the maiden fretfully hurries back to where she’d left the others at the border. She travels as swiftly as she dares, what with her father’s fragile keepsake bouncing rhythmically against her tiny chest as she canters, and thinks she makes good time.

They’re still there, anyway, and though she is quite breathless as she gently lays the lantern against the ground, the glimmering light of hope, and excitement, has not wearied or wavered for one moment in her pale green eyes.

"Can we go now?" she almost whines, of both her sire, the pale stranger, and her Auntie in turn, her heart racing for reasons beyond her mad dash of lantern salvation.

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“My King! My Queen!” Come. Someone calls.’The call was heard through his bond with Mbwene, who was foraging near the Moon-statue while he was with Rexanna in their cave overlooking the cliffs. The home she had made for them was warm and comfortable, the King found himself spending more and more time there. However, by Rexanna’s design, it was rather far from the center of the herdlands and thus far away from hustle and bustle of herd life. So it took the King a while to reach the source of the summoning, despite his huge strides and brisk, ground-shaking trot.

When he finally broached the scintillating glass statue of the Moon Goddess, his navy gaze fell first on the small (but not-so-young-anymore) Laume. He remembered being present for her birth…his ears tilted back as he realized he had not seen Myrrine, her mother, in a very long time. The spotted, happy mare had returned one of his most prized memories with her magic…

He was not left long to dwell on that thought, however, for another filly he had witnessed the birth of—the daughter of the very woman this stranger claimed to have found. And thus his attention shifted to the stranger—

Except he wasn’t a stranger.

Brows immediately raised, lips parting slightly, “Toulouse? You live in Helovia? In the Edge?” His head cocked slightly—he should know all of those that dwelled in his herd. Although their numbers swelled by the day, it seemed, so it was becoming harder and harder to keep track of all Edgers.

Shaking his head slightly to clear it of his initial shock, his navy gaze turned to Tilney—the one whom this information affected the most. “I will try to find other healers,” his voice rumbled, worry coloring his timbre and creasing his face, “Go, I will be behind you.” And he set off, searching for another who would better know what to bring to a deathbed in order to make it not as such. Mbwene, feeling her bonded’s concern, shuffled towards Tilney (she was fond of the man), and reached out her trunk to comfort and calm.

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