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[OPEN] breathing in snowflakes !! [welcoming]

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like the ocean kissed the sky—
“We’re not very far now,” the ocean mare assures the dappled stallion, casting him a smile over her shoulder. Steadily the equine pair ambles upwards, hiking along the mountain sides until oak trees give way to aspen and pine, and the cold air is crisp and fresh. Tiamat guides her newfound friend along paths that have long-since been memorized, cutting her cloven hooves into the icy snow to keep her footing. Frequently she glances in Cassius’ direction, making sure that he does not fall behind. She knows the highland air is thinner than most of Helovia’s common lands, and is careful to not strain him too much.

When at last the rusting remnants of the great Sentinels appear ahead, signaling the Basin’s entrance, Tiamat pricks her head eagerly. Gesturing to the massive, equine-like machines, she turns her eye towards Cassius. “Those are the Sentinels,” her pace slows for a short moment as she tilts her head back, gazing up at the great metal structures, “They used to protect our borders—anyone not from the Basin, or accompanied by a Basiner, would be stopped. You can see how grand they once were. Unfortunately there is no one left with the magic to care for them, so they have been left to deteriorate.”

There is an inflection of sadness in her voice, nostalgia even, though it’s hardly a breath before her demeanor brightens again. “Don’t worry though,” Tiamat continues reassuringly, “we have other means of protecting our borders now. The Sentinels mostly mark the entrance, and honor a part of our history. They are impressive to look at, don’t you think?” There is a twinkle in the mare’s eye, hoping that he is able to see what she sees in these great monuments.

Nimue encourages her forward then, the young Leviathan eager to be in the comfort of home. With a chuckle to herself, Tiamat directs Cassius a little further, where the Basin opens up before them. “Here we are,” she smiles, white eyes taking all of it in affectionately. The snowy valley is painted with the pastels of early evening, glowing rays of the sun glittering playfully over the gleaming snow, and as she looks up to her mother sky, Tiamat notices the northern lights dancing. “Look!” She gestures to the colorful beams, “The aurora borealis has come out to greet you.” The Mender laughs, looking to the stallion, keen to see his reaction.

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»› C A S S I U S ‹«

"Yes, Cassius," he offers when she asks. Smiling warmly. She seems so kind, that it's almost hard for Cassius to believe in her genuine spirit. He's been led on before, but... he wants to forget about that previous life. Despite how it punctured into his mind and twisted his soul into the shape it had become. For now, as she heralds their departure, he breathes out a shaky breath with the idea that he can move on. That he can't expect the people of Helovia to be the same as the masters and slaves.

Yes the young man is careful. He will stay his tongue, and he will be polite and kind; he hopes for reasons that he can be genuine also. But there is a sort of... survival instinct, playing in his head, uncertain if he can fully trust or believe that the road behind him has truly vanished. The idea of their scouts behind his back, sends an added urgency in his steps when he begins to follow. Maintaining a content face behind eyes that cloud over with a hidden dread.

"Friend...," he hums after her. A murmur that isn't meant for the seaside mare to hear. Cassius had had friends, didn't he? And he had left them to suffer in silence. With a dry swallow he looses himself to the scenery. The lands here are all very wild, without marked roads or grand buildings crafted by the hands of mages and pure-bloods. It eases the twisting thoughts coiling in his gut. The rawness of nature settling him, because it reminds the stallion of simpler times. Unmarked by the hardships of labor or dominion over flesh and body.

She speaks up as they near; he's doing well because he's used to hard labor. Even so, his breaths are heavier than usual, and his fatigue plays at his muscles - wishing to stop for a moment at least. "That's very good to hear," he laughs in a light-hearted jingle. For now he can feign fatigue, besides his heavy breath he is persistant. Pursing his lips into a simple smile, amused and curious by her frequent glances back. It's with a silent groan that he picks up his pace after her, rewarded by the figures of two intimidating, massive sentinels. "Sentinels." The stallion nods, approaching the one closest to him carefully. Extending his muzzle to graze the rusted skin.

Oh, but he hesitates, embarrassed by his curiosity he flinches back from the creatures. Not wanting to anger the blue-hued mare with his carelessness. A nervous smile etching past his easy demeanor, "Yes, indeed... Still, I can't help but think it's a shame they cannot break their lonesome status. You will have to educate me on their full history. If you have the time..."

They continue, pressing past the mouth of the mountains on either side of them. Cassius settles beside the mare, opposite of where Nimue has taken the other. Finally standing still, the heat wafts off the stallion's body in small, nearly invisible puffs to the wind. He's lost to the untouched snow and the colours painted across their canvass. Ears dart forward when she breaks out in exclamation - bewildered, startled, he sends those honey browned eyes to the sky.


The words hang on his lips, but he's lost to the swirling colour. Their ethereal presence, and perhaps he can't help but find his friends in their undulating layers. It makes his heart lurch restlessly within. Perhaps he owes that to exhaustion.

"It's the thing of dreams, isn't it?" A loose smile plays on his lips. He can't seem to glance back at her - it's too wonderful to break his gaze from. "Does this happen often? Perhaps this Aurora is welcoming you back home instead."

Because he feels a mild sense of scorn for himself, when he sees their faces wavering in and out of those lights. He had been selfish, and he had left them all behind.

For all of this.

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ELDALA had been enjoying her first peaceful night in many nights and had just settled into her crafters nest when a tinkling of excitement rustled over the connection she held with Capro. Her Soul was trying his very best to quiet the excitement but the feeling was so strong and his mind was so very young that he was failing miserably. The kid goat gave up and bounded over to his bonded to bounce on her back. With a groan Eldala craned her neck to look at him. /If this is anything like having a foal then I NEVER want to have a foal/

But he bit firmly down on her ear and dragged her head to the opening of their little cave-home. /Oh! Maybe I take that back../ The causation for the sudden change was lighting up her eyes as it silently danced across the sky. Before her were the trails of the the famous Aurora Borealis this land was named after. Anyone who has seen them before would have a hard time explaining the pure beauty of the phenomenon and Eldala was no exception. Sure, it might help..but it would be like trying to explain the Grand Canyon or the Ocean. One must always just experience for themselves.

Then, down towards the entrance of the land, Eldala spots a pair of horses. /Oh! Someone to watch them with!/ Friends had not been Eldala's strong suit here in the Basin and so she never passed up a chance to try once more to make them. Besides, who wanted to watch this without someone to share it with? Capro snorted from his comfy spot nestled in her neck. He may not be able to understand words yet but he felt the sentiment. "Sorry." His bleat was decidedly annoyed. "We better hurry before they leave, Capro. Lets go make some friends!"

The infant goat only had a few seconds to climb the rocks near the entrance of their den to leap upon her already trotting back as she headed out to greet the pair. As she neared she recognized one, the blue mare, from previous meetings but the other was new. With an excited expression she called out cheerily, "What a lovely treat this is tonight isn't it?" When she reached them she nodded to both before continuing. "Hello, I'm Eldala, a Weaver here and that little beast, "  She paused with a chuckle to motion towards her goat-child who was toddling towards the floating killer-whale, "is my companion Capro."   He made quick work of puffing his cheeks out, holding his breath, and then jumping...just in case it worked. It didn't take long before he realized that this got him no closer to his claimed(without asking) new friend so he let out a dejected bleat. He really just wanted to lick her because she was shiny. What does shiny taste like? The little goat had many thoughts running through his mind. Eldala, grateful she was unable to hear whatever was going on in his weird brain, just watched and sighed. Then she returned her attention to the two, who were presumably talking at this point, and waited to hear what they had to say.


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