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[OPEN] red sky at night, sailor's delight

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The climate wasn’t exactly tropical, but the sandy beach was a better place than most to call base for a while. Huldra had discovered that she didn’t mind the nomadic lifestyle near as much as she’d thought. It had been hell before, terrifying and dangerous when it had just been herself and Sigrún, but with two immortal warriors in tow it wasn’t half bad really. She enjoyed their company and even if they sometimes bitched about it, the two stallions looked after her, made her feel safe. Adjusting to life in a herdland would be a new challenge altogether

When a look down the long stretch of beach in either direction didn’t produce a sign of her darling idiots, Huldra settled into the task with a resigned sigh. Siggy had slithered off to hunt so Huldra tried not to let the momentary solitude bother her, neither snake nor stallions had abandoned her yet but that little spark of trepidation was always in her mind when they all happened to be out of sight. There was a smattering of driftwood along the beach and arranging it wouldn’t be too much trouble. The mare wasn’t built very daintily, but Huldra usually shied away from such work for the sake of not knowing how—she was still useless at most things. With Tarik and Ralik around, and not always passed out, she had little reason to fend for herself, but her viking protectors had taught her to make a fire and that at least she was fairly accomplished at.

In a circle of sand, she arranged the logs and smaller branches she collected herself into a careful pile and ended with a pyre half as tall as she was. Huldra stopped to catch her breath, and turned her eyes to the sun. It sat low in the west, gleaming over the water and painting the sky a bloody red streaked with gold where the thin clouds lingered. She smiled, reminded of that old rhyme, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight…” the murmur flowed into a chuckle and she turned back to the unlit pyre thinking she would have to ask the boys if they set any store by that. Carefully, she placed a stone at the base and with a practiced strike of her hoof, had sparks flying to ignite the dry edges of the wood. Soon enough, the fire was blazing and the mare settled in beside it to wait for her wayward warriors.

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"You know, there are easier ways of doing that." The throaty growl is pleasantly conversational as the Indomitable approaches the unfamiliar mare, whom he has been watching from afar as she cleverly attempted to create a fire. She's certainly resourceful, managing to wield the flame from nothing more than her hoof, a stone, and some wood. Volterra himself couldn't have imagined summoning flame without the aid of his magic or his dragons, so he's filled with quiet admiration for the unknown mare's ability.

His eyes roam shamelessly across her very attractive body as he approaches, Vadir riding happily upon his back. Vérzés is hunting, so the golden queen has their bonded all to herself, something she's reveling in. She dislikes sharing, but alas, she is the second string to a bow already formed by her stallion and her crimson brother. Given the colour of her scales, she loathes feeling second best to anything, so she delights in any opportunity to spend time alone with Volterra to try and cement her place as his favourite. She and the red might be on more amicable terms now, but that does not mean Vadir doesn't adore getting one up on him.

The leviathan does not recognise this fire-wielding mare. He thinks he would have remembered one with her curves, her edges, her stoic beauty; he did not get her from the Threshold himself, because after the opinions voiced in the meeting he's tried to spend less time recruiting and more time working with what he already has. That includes trying to meet each and every one of his herdmates, to try and earn himself recognition and respect in their eyes.

"I am Volterra, the herd's Gladiator. You must be new here." The behemoth's baritone rumble of a voice echoes across the sand and reverberates in his colossal chest. He is still unused to referring to himself as the Indomitable, so new is the title to his tongue. It feels pretentious to use it freely, especially within a herd so eager to find things to beat him with, so he keeps it to himself for now. His hulking black frame moves to a halt a short distance away from the mare, and he fixes her with his interested crimson gaze. Vadir peeks around his muscular neck to eye the woman as well, her fierce eyes focused harshly upon the horned stranger.


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