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Patrols had returned in the wake of Aithniel's ascension to being Sultana, and while Nephele was eager to once again get back in the air and do what she did best it did come with a bitter sweet after taste. It hadn't clouded her thoughts per say, more it badgered on her mind like some had decided one day to fling pebbles at her psyche. She could only assume that after all that had happened in the meeting, the Sikeax suddenly returned and called her into question, her attempted promotion of Sohalia to Sultana and then Tae and Aithniel challenging the Gladiator and Sultana respectively — all of that, and the champagne mare simply had fled, and they were now left to build back up again in the wake of all that mess.

Life was chaotic though, no one could predict anything when you dug through the grime and the dirt. All she could do now was hold her head high and work with all the determination and ferocity she could muster.

Atreus' careful prod drew her back out of herself, they had arrived at the fields and after a small slightly troubled ascent the clouds and fog had dissipated to reveal the plateau peppered with touches of frost fall. Her wings steadied her as she landed, back legs sunk into the snow before her front ones joined them. Stay on my back, something could appear out of the clouds and fog at any moment she hummed toward her companion through their bond, the vulture landed after a few moments of protest upon her withers. He wasn't thrilled at the idea of being poached by a bigger bird, thing or whatever that may or may not have used the white curtains as a cloak.

"Have we had much trouble with this place before, with harboring things that are a threat?" She voiced toward her fellow patrol members who had also being assigned to the fields with her. Ironically, for all it's openness above the cloud deck, the concealed and misty stairs obscured from view might off put many from making the perilous trek. It'd be a good place for outcasts and vagabonds to hide and hold meetings, she thought, something Atreus agreed with. They could never been too careful, or assume to little these days. Not when there were bands forming and an unknown God once more in the land.  

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“She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close.” 

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Ampere had to admit, she was surprised by Nephele's apparent dedication to the herd. Maybe she did actually care about the well being of the Dragon's Throat, and wasn't just attempting a power grab. Though, a single patrol and attendance to herd meetings does not a reformed citizen make- the truth would come out with evidence that Nephele could sustain this new passion. Ampere was curious to see it however, and tried not to judge the mare for her lax attitude in years past. At least she was still here, at least she was fighting for the sands now, even if she hadn't before.

And what of the Mother of Companions? Could the same be said of her?

She was on this patrol, wasn't she? Yet apathy still tinged her every thought, her every word, her every action. Time continued to pass and it was the only true healing she could receive for the ache in her chest where her heart once laid, but it wasn't enough. Maybe his absence was gradually becoming more normal, maybe Ampere was a bit more roused by the needs of the herd, but she was still thin with anorexia and her coat and feathers were still unkempt with lack of self concern. Then there was her son, a boy only a season old and yet she tended to him less and less, unable to really care for him the way she had her previous children, or just unwilling to. Gaucho was in all of them, but that colt, following so closely on the Wildfire's last burn, haunted her too readily with her love's mannerisms.

That alone may have been the only reason Ampere came; attempting to escape for a while.

"Not to my knowledge," Ampere responded nonchalantly to Nephele as she meandered around the Fields. "Doesn't mean it can't be though." A pause then before Ampere added as an after thought, "nice for grazing though, I used to come here often for my meals. I presume others do as well."

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The boy had started to wonder further away from home. His golden eyes peered through dark chocolate tones of his pelt. Ebony spots have fully made themselves present over his young body. Huffing the boy pulled his legs from the cold white snow, they kept on sinking in. It was only the start to this bastard like weather, and the boy was done already. His face showed no expressions of this feeling, but it swelled and built up inside of growing heart. Trudging on the white shit kept on weighing him down. Frustration, anger, annoyance and aggravation built up in his little chest. The young boy wanted to scream at the top of his lungs. Maybe it would help him feel better, or it might just make everything worse. Zubari internalized everything, locking it away in his Volt of emotions. Golden eyes just rolled pushing forward, his expression of calm and serenity blanketed his face as the snow blanketed the ground.

Words rang through the air; others were near. What should he do, should he run home or continue to see who was talking? Childish like innocents took over any look of dread or frustration that might have lingered on his face. He went skipping forward; Zubari figured that it would not hurt to check out who these people were. Afterall curiosity never killed the cat; it was stupidity, and the boy was far from stupid. Bright golden eyes finally picked out the two figures that were speaking to each other. They were mares, and they did not look familiar to him. Expressions of question wanted to fall across his face, but he held the child-like happiness and joy on his features. They both had wings! How exciting was that! Zubari found more joy talking to the beasts that had the beautiful feathered appendages. Maybe it was due to that fact they could not resemble his father in any way, or maybe he just wanted to be like them. Whatever the attraction and fascination he felt could not be explained by words. Black, scruffy child-like tresses floated behind him. The feather the Verro gave him moved in his hair like a small flag.Then he finally stood in front of the ladies.

Fascinated eyes flashed to each woman. They were magnificent creatures! Their bodies were powerful, and their wings rested against their slender bodies.One of the mares even had feathers above her tail. Excitement raced through his foal like body, but his expression was poised. He did not flinch with this feeling that overwhelmed his body. Quietly he waited until the radiant black and blue feathered woman finished speaking. Her markings almost demanded his attention, but he dares not stare for too long, that would be rude. Zubari smiled at each mare and dipped his golden crown dipped skull to the ladies. "Hello I am Zubari for Edge. I am just curious are there a lot of people with wings where you come from?" He tilted his skull with the question. "I do not mean to intrude on anything you are doing. If you want me to leave, I will. I just could not help but to be attracted to how unique you two are. I am sorry I do not mean to bother you with my fascination. I have always wanted to fly but..." trailing off his young voice fell silent. Golden eyes looked to the ground below knowing he will never be able to fly like them.


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