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[DROP] Amarillo by morning [FIRE/LIGHT DROP]

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The Frostfall morning broke across the snow laden meadow with a muted, golden light. Its amber hue seemed to grace everything it touched with fire, gently stoking life back into the world that had slumbered and frozen during the night. Of particular interest to this effect, was a large rafter of turkeys.

Hundreds of them milled about in the frost dusted meadow, absently pecking at whatever vegetation was salvageable beneath the winter blanket. Their exhales appeared in visible streams that wafted like clouds up past their majestic snoods, while each stride or kick they took with their robust limbs sent trembling motion along their eye-catching caruncles. Toms strut about the throng with breasts puffed up and beards protruding, casting a lusty eye at passing hens, tail feathers flared and shivering like a rattle for added showmanship.

Among the breathtaking flock of turkeys, a single, precious orb of magical purpose was snugly nestled. Its pale, yet hard exterior could not dim the vibrant, pale light that spun inside, as bright as it was warm, as powerful as it was simple. The birds moved about it with a certain, careless grace, occasionally shuffling against it or pecking inquisitively at it. One even attempted to sit on it and brood, but quickly grew too hot and flapped off it to resume its turkey tasks.

Life went on steadily around the turkeys and their magic orb. The morning continued to unfurl, seemingly called out by the rousing music of the constant, high-volume gobbling that drifted from the meadow hold.

This is a Fire/Light Magic drop! Participants have 72 hours to respond to each round. Please include any previous refusals for Fire/Light Magic or any extra rolls you would like to use. Good luck to everyone!

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Clear skies draws the girl out from earth’s stagnant clutches. Cold air burns inside her body as she elevates. Breathtaking, nearly unbearable until she can steady her breathes; it’s an excellent exercise in control. The desire to push past the small range and tempo of respirations, causes her gut to clench in anticipation of letting go to the temptation. Give in and swallow the life-sustaining air, despite its caustic touch to mucous membrane, and fragile, precious lung tissue.

Ru finds herself in pain the first few minutes. Forcing to lengthen her breath steadily, smooth – she can’t help but cough now and then, gasping and spluttering before she starts all over again. By now she’s far, far up into the sky.

Though it doesn’t last forever. Something strange echoes from the ground, as soon as she breaches into the meadow’s border. The thickness of trees and the walls of snow insulate, whereas the meadows cascades and echoes. Clucking, gobbling, whatever it was – it was noise that mashed incoherently into one large body. Odd and disjointed, however similarly one in the same. Draws Ru ever nearer. 

She spots them, in mass congregation. Ru has never seen such a strange type of bird before. A frown etches against her brow, grasping the orb settled in the epicenter. It’s beautiful.  A light of some sort glows from within its core. Somehow, she must attain this orb, if she can…

For now she circles, hovers above the group. Observing the animal’s behaviors as they nonchalantly moved past and beyond the jewel. Others, resting against it; though not for long. From her vantage point, it even felt warmer than usual as the sun’s rays powered down above them. Warming against her hide.

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Since Mommy's death, I find myself often returning here. This meadow, was both dangerous and beautiful. It is where she was last alive, and where I will always return to remember her. My wings have grown stronger and stronger. I can fly for longer and longer, which makes it easier to get farther without running. Running is still hard for me, and I don't understand why. I go into coughing fits that make me fall over until I catch my breath. But most of all, I am so very alone now. The amulets I had taken from Mommy still are tucked under one of my small wings. I haven't mastered using them just yet, so instead they hold everything that is precious to me.

That's when I see her. Another one who has wings, but only one set. She seems to by flying around something. I am getting tired, and starting to cough with the effort of fight. So I instead opt to land and see what's going on below.

My landing, is well less than perfect. Okay okay, it sucks. I tumble slightly, going head over heels before flopping out on the ground. Thankfully, I am okay and my amulets have stayed tucked under my small wing. So with a shake, I stand up my honey brown eyes taking in the sight before me. A bunch of turkeys, surrounding an odd orb. Curiously, I being to follow them around on hoof. As long as they don't take off running, I should be okay right?


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  I had found them by accident really, but that still didn't meant I couldn't have a little fun with them. Especially since Mordred was in the mood for a little snack. Running my pink tongue along silver velvet I smirked, crooning to him through our bond that his Mama will feed him, and a trill of gratitude was the response along with a few tugs of my mane. Oooh yes, this would be quite the treat. It was unnatural for a horse to stalk something, and yet I did it with such vigor that my lithe legs almost managed to keep light steps as we approached the flounder flock of blubbering idiots. How ugly they were upon closer inspection, with their beady eyes and red globs of flesh that flopped loosely over their beaks. If I was physically able to I would gag. Ears pricked, and as the obnoxious birds parted with their awkward struts, I finally found something much more interesting.

An orb. Glowing beautifully in the Frostfall sunlight, it almost mimicking the warm colors of the morning. Silver eyes honed in and without another thought my shoulders shook to rid the raptor perched upon them; he was on his own now for food. I had more important things to attend to. But these fucking turkeys had to go! Thinking quickly and certainly not noticing the flying brood above my head trying to circle them I clicked to Mordred, signalling him to screech his battle cry as he lashed out at the turkeys. He was not to touch my new specimen, because if he dare scratch the precious jewel he knew he would be demolished on the ground he landed upon. My feathered limbs were swiftly moving at a faster gait, teeth gnashing in a snarl as I too roared out, attempting to startle the birds that my beast was now swooping at aggressively. I just barely dodged the awkward landing of the younger foal as I did so, not having had noticed her until just in the nick of time. I snarled at her too, because who the fuck barges in like that? Let's not mention that she had actually been there first, because this orb was much too important for me to care.

This prize would be mine. I would make it my own.

[[ Summary: Merlin at first tries to hunt the turkeys for Mordred to eat, but once she notices the orb she changes her mind. She orders Mordred to screech in an attempt to startle them. At the same time she runs into the flock in hopes of getting them to run away.

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Now that all my adult flight feathers had grown in, flying had become one of my top priorities. I had certainly been experimenting home in the Edge - I wanted to surprise Papa and show him that I’d taught myself how.  I’d taught Everly how, after all, hadn’t I?  Now she’d been helping me.  I was thinking about enlisting help, though. I knew there were others that would probably help - but I felt silly for asking.

So, for the time being, I was determined to teach myself what I could. 

I still didn’t fly too far or too high, not until I had a little more practice. That was what brought me to the Thistle Meadow this morning. The Edge was a treacherous place for flying lessons.  Trees. Mist. Unpredictable winds. Sheer cliffs. Heavy snow on the ground. It certainly wasn’t ideal for trying to learn the intricacies of flying. The basics I had under control, but I couldn’t really practice too much with all the hazards. But here? Here it seemed mostly flat, much more mild in terms of weather, and there was a free expanse to practice for as long and as far as I’d like!

I sent Everly ahead to scout out a location that we could use, but the little zephyr was soon distracted by something on the horizon, but even though she passed me the images through our bond I struggled to comprehend what she was seeing.  It wasn’t until we were closer that I could understand.  It was birds. Hundreds of birds!  And it seemed they’d already drew the attention of some others - one who flew overhead, a filly my age, and another younger than I was.

“Whoa!” I muttered, in sheer amazement of just how many of the strange birds were scattered across the open meadow. I’d never seen any birds like them before. However, I’d certainly learned my lesson regarding labeling things I wasn’t entirely sure of. I had thought Ev was a whale for months until I found out she was a zephyr…

My reverie was interrupted with a shout when the other filly my age (and her companion) started to terrorize, for lack of a better word, the birds.  My jaw immediately popped open as I stared at her, aghast, not understanding why she would do such a thing. 

“No no! Don’t hurt them! They’re just trying to find food!” I cried, in protest to the girl in her companions who seemed to want to terrorize the pretty birds. “How would you like it if someone came and chased you away from your breakfast!” I admonished, scowling at the girl. I shook my head as I struggled to understand the motivation for interrupting a seemingly peaceful gathering. 

“Oh wow, look how pretty that is!” I said, finally noticing the orb nestled amongst the turkeys. Until this moment, I’d been entirely oblivious to the prize tucked among the fowl.
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Vesper is seeking:
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Summary: awed by turkeys, admonishes Merlin for chasing them, notices orb

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There were turkeys!

With snow cleaving to her dainty legs, the cherub gleefully prances across the soft white blanket, pale green eyes wide as saucers. Others have already arrived, such as Vesper, and many others she doesn’t know, but, always the optimist, and the sort to easily make friends, Maude is undaunted by the presence of so many strangers. Turning to look at Katua, breasting the wild winter alongside her, the grin which rises across the ginger lips of the creamy maiden says enough about her intent, without her added exclamations.

"Oh, wow, Tutti!" she nearly squeals, admiring the birds as she rushes in upon their gaggle, prancing to a halt before the dancing toms and gabbing hens, "there are so many of them!"

Having never got to see one so close, having always been too late to notice the bird to truly see him before he’d vanished (if she even saw the nearby, ghost-quiet bird at all). Now, with so many vividly displaying their feathers and calls so near to her, the child is alive with excitement. So alive, in fact, that she almost does not notice the orb, shining and golden among the flock.

"Look-at-that!" shrilly cries the child when she does see it, roughly shoving her shoulder into her friend for emphasis, while she wildly gestures towards the gently bobbing light with her muzzle and a hoof, "it’s so pretty!"

Stricken by a desperate desire to touch it, the child finds her hooves unwittingly moving towards the object. Pausing when the turkeys become dense, however, she cranes her neck over the feathery bodies below to peer closer at the warping, rippling orb with amazement.

"Oh, gosh, Katua," she bemoans, her pale fringed gaze dreamily returning to her best friend, "I’d really like to touch it. Do you think it would be safe?"

[ OCC: Maude eye-fondles the orb with much desire. ]

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The guttural, bubbling sound of turkeys - there must be hundreds judging by the multilayered swell of sound - gobbling in the morning cold draws the old stallions curiosity. He hesitates at the edge of the meadow, vivid and decidedly unpleasant memories flooding back to him of his last encounter with the thistles. He fidgets unhappily for a few minutes, unwilling to repeat the experience of pin-cushioning his genitals, but as the morning begins to brighten and other equid figures appear in the mist around the flock he finally plunges forward, legs hiking high with each step, his ears pinned threateningly as if his ire could intimidate the thorns into submission.

'What an impression you'll make, fancy pantsing in like this.' His companion teases from the safety of the stallions multiuse scarf, currently employed as a very soft and very warm python hammock. The black snorts in rebuke, silently threatening to toss his companion into the thicket with a mental image of the snake forlornly trying to navigate spiny branches thicker and longer than he is. The snake quiets, and after several more minutes of high stepping and half-hopping the stallion escapes the worst of the brambles.

He stops at the edge of the feathered commotion, watching the animals milling in every direction, their pungent odor hitting him like a physical wave. Nostrils pinched, he searches for the center of the action, wondering if this is simply a seasonal gathering of males and females for breeding purposes or if there's something less mundane and more magical about the sudden appearance of so many unusual animals.

'There.' The python notes, his tiny snout emerging just far enough from the safety of his cotton confines to flick his tongue and make use of the infrared pits along his jaw. Among the throng of oranges and yellows and reds moving steadily around the meadow sits one dazzling orb of white, its temperature far superior to that of the turkeys warm bodies. The stallions ears prick with interest. He steps up to the nearest gobbler, a big male with fanned tail and bright red skin dangling from his throat, and waggles his own beard in joking display. His companion chuckles silently, slipping back into the pocket of warmth at his bondeds chest.

"Alby talks" 'Strom talks'
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i am a leaf on the wind

The morning is beautiful, warm for Frostfall like the world has been touched by fire. And perhaps it is. The light is golden, and though snow still blankets the Edge, the sky is inviting. The normal bite of the wind has subsided, and Lyanna cannot resist the urge to take advantage of such a morning. So she leaves the Edge behind, following the golden light that seemed particularly focused on the Thistle Meadow this morning.
The tri-colored mare follows the light, with no plan for her morning but to enjoy the moment of slight warmth that permeates the air. Besides, it is hard not to be curious about what is causing such a morning. So much had been happening in Helovia lately. Not that strange things were uncommon, but with Kisamoa around, there simply seemed to be more of them.
This morning does not disappoint her curiosity. In the middle of the meadow are…what are they, exactly? Some sort of strange bird. Black and brown, with the ugliest head. It looked rather wrinkled and old and almost painful, though they don’t seem concerned. Their tails though are quite impressive, immense things fanned out behind them. And in the center of this strange flock sat a pale glowing orb that looks vaguely like someone had bottled a miniature sun and put it inside an egg.
There are others there. There are always are, so this is no surprise. Today though, Lyanna is not alone in the sky. A familiar mare circles the turkey’s as well, and Lyanna nickers in greeting, hoping the sound won’t get lost on the wind. She closes the distance between them some, leaving enough space for them to both easily fly though. “What a morning,” she says with a smile on her face, nodding at the ground. Not that the girl needs to join, but more indicating that Lyanna plans to get a closer look, and would of course be happy to do so with Ru. Safety in numbers, and all that.
After a moment, she drops to the earth, landing near enough to the turkey’s but not so close she’s likely to startle them (if they would even be startled by her, she has no idea). There are a few fillies she recognizes from the Edge there, though she doesn’t know either of them well. Still, she’s glad she’d here now, and can keep an eye on them. Not that she’s much for defense, but if anything happens, at least she can heal them and can make sure everyone gets home safely.  

watch how i soar.


Talks to @Ru before landing and watching from a slight distance

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The Edge is lovely, but its literal edge of the world-ness means that Yael can’t mope and laze about, even when all she wants to do is spiral into herself, dig under a great big boulder, and hide away from the world for the rest of her life. The keys are in her grasp and her limbs begin to stiffen and still, she cannot bring herself to be her own gaoler; while death would mean joining half of her family, it also means giving up. Yael has never given up. Ever. After everything she’s been through, the woman who’s seen the wonders of the world cannot bear to leave its beauty just yet. It’s a Catch-22, isn’t it? All she wants to do is pull the proverbial covers over her head, forget about the constant pain, and sleep for days and months and years - until her heart goes numb from disuse and her children’s names are all but memories. But without her magic, that would mean certain death. And so she must endure the roller coaster of feelings that jettison her to the clouds and plummet her to the depths of the earth in the span of a single breath.

Worst of all is the idleness of being new. Graciously, they granted her time to collect herself and grieve, and that kindness is now the bane of her waking hours. This might be the most useless the once-Queen, once-magician, and once ‘not-to-be-fucked-with’ mare has ever been.

It’s maddening. The only recourse seems to be to try and explore this new land - perhaps see if anyone else has heard of B’kanna.

What the golden pegasus finds is quite surprising: a field full of turkeys, already hedged in by a growing number of horses. She does not yet know, or understand the magic and the Gods that guide Helovia, but any gathering that is in a common land (from what she can tell - there were no guards stationed to keep her out) must be somewhat open-ended. Or so her logic goes. As Yael cautiously edges closer, she finds that every couple of steps feels bit warmer, which is quite odd. And then she notices Lyanna as she lands, and goes to another winged filly. But everyone’s attention is directed towards the center of the flock, and it is only then that Yael notices the glowing orb. Oh!

They all must be here for that pretty little thing. Unsure of what to do next, Yael circles the flock till she has her own bubble of personal space around her, and takes it all in with a growing curiosity.

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and oh, there is more to this life

Not a sound could conquer such a howl, not one in the entire meadow. It ricocheted off the connifers and cliffs, weaving its way to the thistle meadow, hopeful and desperate it would reach the velvet ears of the girl whos name they owed their being and substance.

Why was the ever-placid physician crowing at this volume? It was first light, and he was not a rooster.
He had lost his child. He had woken at his usual time; not long before daybreak he had stirred in his den neath the roots of the home tree and broke from the cave only to notice an empty feather nest which was occupied by Maude on every other morning. Every one but today.

So the wailing wreck of a father had screeched his way around the edge, cooing and calling for his young and hoping she would come bleating back. Had she taken a tumble off the cliff during the night? Had she gone sleepwalking? Had someone snatched her frail, pale bodice and dragged her away from home, away from him.
There was naught he could do but tremble, bleat and fret for his girl as he trekked the fields.

He welcomed the thoughts of ultima, thoughts he had been scratching at or batting away for far too long. How he wished she was here now to help him - eyes above ground would be more than ideal, but upon the sight of a group on the horizon his hopes lifted. They might have seen her! They might know where she is.

At first, he thought they were shrubs but they moved. They were Turkeys. Had this crowd gathered to watch some turkeys? Surely that was only the next rung up from watching grass grow.
Cantering closer, his footfalls high and unsure. Upon approach, however, he gave a frightful cheer to the gathering "Excuse me!" was how he began "I am missing my daughter!" The distraught father mumbled, finally coming to a stop, hardly having time to witness just who was among them. "She's very little, has an ivory pelt with ginger leg-"
"Maude!" his green gaze found the pearly girl, and soon so did his head and neck and he raced to embrace her "Just what exactly are you doing?! It's daybreak! and I-It-It's not the EDGE?"

Though upon witnessing what everyone was gazing at, he could understand the allure, the reason she had not returned or the reason she had come here in the first place. Straightening up and clearing his throat the stag felt a rush of a whole different set of emotions. Desire was one of them, also he felt daringly competitive. He leaned his head down to whisper to maude, hoping she had her eyes on the prize also. It would be either of those two going home with that prize he hoped.
"Do you know what that is Maudie?"
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Turkeys, well it certainly was better than the unusual flame vomiting bird which had planted it's fat ass on the magic it was tasked with guarding. Did there have to be so many though? Where had they all come from was a better question. In all her years roaming, and since her return to Helovia — she had never, ever witnessed the sheer mass of turkey's which strutted and rustled about the frosted meadow. The warrior landed with an audible thump a short distance away from the gathered crowd, no doubt some of them had gathered first to see why there were so many birds, and then had seen what lurked between their feathered bodies.

Atreus landed upon her haunches just as her wings folded neatly against her slimming barrel, the weight of post-pregnancy had began to disppear now she was actively once more out and about, not to mention being mother to two bouncing bundles — one with more enthusiasm to cause trouble and mischief than the other — proved to be an acceptable work out which competed with sparring. The bearded vulture's eyes peered at the unusual looking birds, head tilted at the peculiar flap of skin that dangled from the male turkeys face. He certainly didn't look that ugly...did he? A once over of his petite frame confirmed it with a sense of smugness which radiated through their bond, a snorted chuff of amusement escaped her when she figured out why exactly he felt so smug.

"Don't get so smug, you're still a bag of feathers." She retorted and ignored Atreus' squawk of irritation, instead she moved toward the crowd in order to see if there was anyone she knew. Not particularly, until she spotted the ginger stag that was the unwittingly the father to her two sons who know frolicked over sand dunes and ran in the surf of the Dragon's Throat. She had half the mind to charge at him, hundreds of pounds of warrior muscle and compressed emotions ready to chew him out in front of the few horses scattered about staring at turkeys, chasing turkeys and generally waiting for the Orb which bobbed between them to do something. However, Atreus' mental prod stilled her hoof as she went to do just that, he had noticed the filly the stallion had run to. A daughter, he assumed, and he knew that Nephele wouldn't want to trample such a fragile thing or traumatize her by seeing her father get rugby tackled across the meadow.

Instead, she peeled her eyes away from the father-daughter moment which she found herself staring at and strode toward the turkeys. He'd find out about his sons another day, when little ears were absent and there wasn't quite a crowd. Muzzle dropped near the ground to better look at them, her companion hopped along her crest to rest upon her poll, a jovial click aimed at one of the nearby hens to see if they would respond.


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“She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close.” 

― Terry Pratchett
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Unsettled was perhaps the best word to describe Iona’s current mental state. Between the arrival of the mysterious Sea God, the disappearance of many of her herdmates, the recent disagreement between the Edge and the Falls.  Iona, for one, had no idea what to make of Kisamoa.  His arrival had left her with little more than confusion and watching him interact with the Goddess left her no closer to uncovering his intentions.  Iona was suspicious by nature, but having arrived in Helovia just before the battles with the foreign Gods from the Rift seeing another new God only compounded her suspicions.  That and Iona’s natural distaste for magic certainly didn’t make for many restful nights. 

She had routinely been extending her patrols to the south and the west as a result of the recent...developments.  This morning took her southeast out over the thistle meadow, which was quite a different sight to the mist blanketed trees of the Edge.  With each beat of her great wings, the view beneath her cleared and the snowdrifts faded into scattered patches of white. The air warmed as the clouds cleared and the land evened out, and that was certainly not something that she minded considering the bitter chill in the Edge. Frostfall had descended upon the Edge hard and fast, much to Iona’s distaste. She just hoped this winter was kinder than last.  With a little huff, she turned her gaze to her surroundings - trying to pick out anything that didn’t belong. 

From a distance, she spotted the other pegasi circling far before she could spot the herd of fowl milling about on the ground.  That, in itself, was an unusual sight.  She shifted course immediately, angling ever so slightly so as to get a better look at what had already drawn the attention of others.  She flew a wide circle around the gathering, because the inherent wariness about what could have potentially drawn the others to this place is the very thing that was now keeping her away.  That was until she saw the flicker from the orb, unmasked when one of the large birds moved aside and revealed the brightly glowing sphere. Ah, that explains it she thought to herself.  She recognized two of the Moon Doctors from home, as well as some of the young ones, so she landed softly on the outskirts of the little gathering and tucked her wings at her sides.  It was then that she realized the birds weren’t just any birds, but turkeys.  She’d certainly never seen so many before. “Well. This is a first,” she said, with a small chuckle, making her way towards Lyanna before drawing to a halt. 

- I O N A -

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The skies certainly were busy that morning. Erthë was not used to seeing so many of her herd out and about at such an early hour, but she found it rather pleasant all the same. She called greetings to those she knew as she spotted them, her smile wide and unusually alert for the hour; winter was doing wonders for her sleep, blessing her with the first interrupted few hours of shut-eye for gods knew how many years.

Noticing that everyone else seemed to be heading towards a particular destination, she followed behind Lyanna and Iona until they came upon the Meadow and was invited to the impressive view.

Erthë didn't like turkeys. Too big, too ugly and squawking, almost always in a nasty temper... but she had to admit that it was kind of cool to see so many at one time. There was of course that glowing orb at the center of the flock too...

"Ooh, it's one of those" she said, as she landed next to her two friends. "I always wondered where those orbs come from... Do either of you know?"

Staring curiously at the ball of swirling light, the young mare felt a twinge of want that she found unusual. So far whenever there had been orbs about, she had been far more interested in the game than the prize. This time however, she felt an inexplicable urge to try and reach it, snatch it, steal it and fly away before anyone else could object. She didn't even know what it was exactly, only that every equine in Helovia grew nuts whenever they saw these things...

Question was whether she ought to actually go for it, or leave it for the kids... Wouldn't it be rather mean of her to take something Maude and the others wanted?

... but what if she wanted to be mean for once? Licking her lips the young mare took a step forward towards the flock, just as one of the strangers present charged into the flock, apparently hellbent on scattering the birds. Huffing to herself Erthë decided to take advantage of whatever confusion was created, and began to stalk forth through the massive squawkers, hoping to creep up to the orb before Merlin got there.

It isn't what they say about you
It's what they whisper in the dark

image | coding

Summary: As Merlin charges into the flock of turkeys, Erthë tries to take advantage and sneak through the pack more stealthily, hoping to get to the orb first.


:: [ Magic: LightxWater (U)| Able to rapidly freeze any liquids around her ]
:: [ Restrictions | Works in 15ft radius on liquids AND in containers (ie: bodies). ]

Using: Herd Champion Extra roll

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Speaks to @Iona and @Lyanna

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Of all the bizarre creatures Volterra has come across, the turkeys perhaps take the prize for the most disgusting.. They're ugly as sin, with saggy bald necks and red chunks of flab hanging from their hooked beaks, hideously fat and feathered bodies and wings that don't appear to be of any use. In short, they seem like animals who exist purely to feed other animals - serial prey. How terribly unfortunate for them.

For there to be quite a crowd already gathered around the awkward-looking birds, then, it must mean something is afoot. The black colossus prowls into the area, joined by both of his dragons. Both red and gold eye the turkeys with a starving, feral hunger that they make no attempt to hide, and with a joyous screech they both depart from the leviathan's back in order to dive into the midst of the birds.

NO! Volterra's mental voice thunders through their heads, catching both dragons just before they are about to plunge into the depths of the plodding turkeys. The sheer volume of his words inside their heads makes them recoil from their would-be prey and circle above the stallion instead, humming their displeasure. They obey, though; this pleases the leviathan, as they would not normally have done so. Look at the orb. That means power, and obviously the birds have something to do with it. Killing them will earn me no favours.

"But they're FOOD!" object both dragons, for once in agreement with each other. The mammoth male shakes his head, but there's a cold twinkle in his eye. If I don't win the prize...THEN you can eat them. This seems to appease the red and the gold, who resume their circling of their bonded and the turkeys. Volterra stands in the middle of the crowd, waiting for further commands about what they must do next. This ain't his first rodeo - he knows the orb will demand a challenge.

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Seeking an upgrade to his existing magic:

[Magic: Earth x Fire | Can create and animate golems made of stone with fire inside them.]

Upgrade: Golems can breathe fire that causes minor burns, and when they crumble they release a small wave of fire.


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[ use of force/magic on him is permitted aside from death/maiming ]

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Zyanya had never seen a turkey.

It was with great hesitation that she glances over the frozen fields, soft lavender eyes reminiscent of spring even in the depths of winter. Small, delicate face poised in worry as her brows furrow and dance, thinking to approach the crowd but strangely fearful of the fowl. The male turkeys strutted, their feathes extended to make them appear all the larger, while the hens merely ignored them, seemingly more interested in the pearls of grain hidden under the ice and snow.

The maiden, enraptured by the gleaming of an orb in the middle of their festivities, warm enough to melt the winter from around it, nearly disappears in the landscape of glimmering snow. Her pelt mirrors the skies at dawn in this chill season. Despite the icy exterior, Zyanya had not been born in winter. She had been born under starlight.

The elegance of the Sun, spoken by her people to be but a large star, had never escaped her attention. This glimmering orb in the meadow reminded her much of the Sun - especially the warmth which radiated out from it.

Taking a deep breath, the final attempt to summon courage seems to have found Zyanya. She walks calmly forward, being sure to stay closer to the fellow equines than the birds tutting about in the snow. Her eyes wearily fall on their soft feathers, their strange bruised looking heads. "Does anyone know what it is?" her small voice reaches into the air, a small bell, while an elegant tilt of her head signals that she meant the orb.

Why did the birds have such a relic?

...I wanted to be given permission.


[ Active: Time x Light ]
Reads vibration patterns to gain insight into past events. **

**Requires permission before insight can be gained on a character or a character's possession.
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it's in your heart

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It wasn’t magic that drew the small red dun filly forward - she did not know enough about Helovia to realize what was happening - but she was fascinated by the gathering of turkeys and that certainly was worth checking out. She wondered if she would be able to find a loose feather of theirs after they left to add to her growing collection.

Well, so far it was still just the mouthful of Gaucho’s feathers she had stolen from his corpse, but it still counted as a collection if there was more than one, right?

Her brown eyes were wide with wonder as she approached, but it seemed that there was some who were not content just to observe this incredible natural phenomenon. Vastra was all for doing strange things for the sake of discovery - she had literally stuck her nose in a lot of places that it did not belong, after all - but she frowned at the actions of those actually attacking the turkeys. That wasn’t very nice! They had just as much right to gather as the horses did, after all. And there were an awful lot of them, what if the actions of the foolish girls made the turkeys turn around and attack those who had gathered?

Still sporting the spots of the seal she had transformed into - a trick she had yet to replicate - Vastra trotted forward through the crowd instead of lingering on the edges because she spotted someone she knew. The silver and black filly from the beach! The last time they had met, Vastra had been a seal for a while but she was fairly sure that she would be recognizable in her filly-form as well.

Instead of speaking, Vastra nudged the girl in greeting before rolling her eyes at those of the group who had thought to attack the turkeys, echoing the sentiments that Vesper had spoken aloud.

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Inari :: Red Fox :: Heal & Ríona :: Common Kitsune :: Electric imi

It was sometime in the morning, Sacre wasn’t sure, he’d usually be asleep at this time, but he was groggily making his way across the Thistle Meadow instead. This was because he had been disturbed by the strangest of creatures—turkeys. Funny birds, Sacre thought that their look made them seem permanently unimpressed and offended by something or someone in particular. They weren’t small either, for a bird. The fox-boy much preferred the song birds who sang pretty tunes for his ears rather than these gaggling bunch of red faces. There are two who do like the birds, however, and as Sacre walked he talked in his mind to his foxes who eyed the creatures hungrily. “I don’t want to be chased by a flock of turkeys” he grumbled, because he would, knowing his luck. The pair trotted alongside him and stopped at times when they thought he wasn’t watching to crouch down in preparation to pounce and, just as they were about to, Sacre would shoot them a look. Trust him to travel to the Meadow just in time for there to be a spontaneous flock of turkeys to tempt the noses of foxes. If there were only one or two, the Nurse might have not been so bothered about letting them give in to their urges, but Sacre really didn’t feel like being chased by a whole group of rather plump birds.  

There's also a gathering of horses there, strangely, and Sacre frowns, wondering if somehow there was something happening with all the gathered turkeys. It wasn't Kisamoa again was it? What could he possibly want with turkeys? Yet, even though he spotted some familiar faces, he couldn't see the sea horse, but there was something else. Something hidden amongst the clucking birds. He saw the pale filly sneaking through the crowds of turkeys to try get to it and, taking it as a challenge, Sacre decided that maybe it was okay if his two foxes wanted to have a little fun.

Not needing to be told twice, Inari and Ríona headed towards the bunch of turkeys, stalking them as they did before pouncing, they weren't at all interested in the orb, rather, the cluster of prey so delightfully scattered before them. Sacre hoped he could scatter them, that they wouldn't all come chasing after him, and that perhaps he might be able to catch up with the girl ahead to see what the orb was and what it did. Sacre had been around enough strange phenomenons in Helovia to know that moments of oddness like this were often more than they seemed. 

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:: [Magic: light | The ability to manipulate attractive force, making it possible for him to pull small matter towards him or push it away]
- Herd Champions Extra Roll
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- Sacre ignores the turkeys at first before noticing the orb and lets his foxes join in with the scattering before following @Erthë

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Something so precious about this

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Now that I was… you know, not dying and all that, I figured it’s good to get out again and move my legs! Normally I am strictly against any physical activity unless it’s with Aisling. Going for a walk? Or, gumdrops forbid, a run?! It makes me want to crawl back into my cave and sleep for another two seasons just thinking about it.

But right now, I barely moved five feet since Tallsun so I figured it would be good to get out. And thankfully, the sweet grasp of Frostfall was on Helovia which meant everywhere except the armpit of the Throat was safe for me to visit. More or less, anyway. I didn’t plan on going very far but Jellybean was just SO excited to get out of the Basin, she was reportedly bored to death with the faces of every single horse up there in the mountains.

Which was unfortunate because I was looking forward to reuniting with all my dear friends again. But! I suppose some of that would have to wait.

Anyway, sure enough there’s something absolutely weird happening in Helovia right now.

Jellybean spotted them first - the mass of turkeys and the mass of Helovians gathering to check them all out. I’m a little wary because hey, what if the turkeys have a sweet tooth?? I don't know what they eat and I'm not that interested in finding out the hard way that they want a little piece of me. T

I’m not feeling particularly chatty at the moment which is a new sensation for me - maybe I’m still a little sick :( And I'm like, all sorts of bummed that I don't recognize a single face in the crowd. Which normally doesn't bother me but it's like I went to sleep and woke up and BAM no one I know is around anymore! Where's Deimos? And Lena? And Hotaru? And Mauja?

So I just sort of gather with the group that’s there and focus warily on the turkeys, concerned about them in such great numbers, while Jellybean slides off my back and goes and starts squawking at them - trying to communicate I guess?? Though I don’t think they speak crazy griffin.

Johnny is seeking:
:: [ Magic: Earth x Light | can craft addictive candies from plants ]

prior refusal: one
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No matter how many strange things she saw in Helovia, Alysanne was always amazed by whatever new thing appeared. There seemed to be no end to the wonders, no end to the incredible and terrible things that happened in this land - but then, she supposed that happened anywhere. Nocturne was hardly lacking in magic and odd occurrences.

She wondered what it must be like to live somewhere where you grew up, lived, and died peacefully.

At the same time, she wondered when she stopped believing she would do just that.

But she had already been up through the night dealing with her stormy thoughts, she did not wish to entertain them now during the day. It was easy to push them aside in the face of the huge flock of turkeys, an almost-natural phenomenon that she spotted from the air as she flew above the Thistle Meadow. Her attention was drawn from the mass of birds, however, when she noticed two familiar pegasi landing on the snow in the meadow - Lyanna and Iona. A small smile playing across her face, she tilted her wings and angled towards the ground so she might join them.

And managed a near-perfect landing too! Though snow was softer to land in, she feared slipping and twisting or breaking a leg in the process, so she tried to be as careful as she could about the process. Others from the Edge she recognized, including Sacre and Erthe who were heading toward the flock. She felt uncomfortable watching them approach what Aly considered a danger but they were both grown enough to make their own decisions, it was hardly her place to call after them and tell them to stop.

For her part, she found her way to Iona and Lyanna and whickered a soft greeting to the mares. “Any idea why they’re gathering here?” She asked in a quiet voice, her wariness evident. Though she did not think turkeys were particularly dangerous, she hardly wanted to see what damage this big of a group could do.

the devoted

art by Chan

stands with @Iona and @Lyanna of course <3

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Thoughts of the unrest and overall state of discontent at home had kept her awake through the night.  She found herself wandering north under the watchful gaze of the stars.  Each step further from the Throat grew colder, a reminder that Frostfall was not as kind to the rest of Helovia as it was in the deserts of the south.  Traveling by night did not seem to bother A’mal in the faintest.  The little dragon lay sprawled across her bonded’s back, wings draped lazily against the mare’s sides.  Najya stopped only for a quick moment’s rest during the night, and the rising of the sun found the pair at the border of the great thistle meadow - the very land that she had called home for a time when she had lived between herds.  That was before the Rifts had been opened, before strange Gods descended, before Mesec had been kind enough to offer her a sanctuary among the sand. 

A’mal finally stirred from her slumber, and carefully stood and stretched as she balanced on the flaxen mare’s back.  ”Go on” Najya told her, aloud, for she could feel the little dragon’s hunger gnawing at her belly.  With a happy chirp, the dragon was off - searching the thistle in search of breakfast while Najya made her way deeper into the heart of the familiar landscape. 

Images of the gathering filled her mind, though the perspective was from A’mal’s view - not her own.  ”Look! Others,” the little dragon trilled, directing Najya’s attention towards the group of both equines and turkeys.  She immediately stepped into a canter in order to close the distance between herself and the others as A’mal flew ahead.

Najya had never seen creatures like this before - such birds weren’t native to the deserts she’d called home before coming to Helovia.  She’d certainly seen nothing like them in the Throat.  She’d decided it best to leave them undisturbed and give them a wide berth, even though she had spotted the orb amongst the birds. 

A’mal, however, was quite undisturbed by the mass of creatures.  She circled from above and her eye, already finely attuned to anything shiny, was immediately drawn to the orb.  With as much stealth and grace as she could manage, the little dragon did her best to land somewhat close to the orb, just to get a better look at it.  ”Please be careful and please don’t touch it,” Najya said to her companion, via their bond.  The dragon let out a single chirp of disdain, pouted, and made an effort to position herself as close to the orb as the turkeys would let her without making an effort to touch it. In sheer defiance for stealing her fun, A'mal picked up the biggest turkey feather in sight and clutched it tightly to her chest - unwilling to give up this prize if she couldn't have the prize.

image credit

Najya is seeking: 
Active - Light - Able to create a shield made entirely of light that shines brightly like a beacon.
Restriction: Lasts 30 seconds in battle.
Two prior refusals 1 2

Summary: Najya's dragon spots the orb from above, tries to land next to it without bothering the turkeys, Najya tells her not to touch it.

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