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The dark prince prowled the dunes once again. Part of him had wanted to run with the nearly invisible cloak Bellisma had thrown onto him the last time he was here—and, had it been anyone else but the small, coppery mare, he would have. But there was something about the slender, green eyed woman that caused him to wait, and return the hide to her. Besides, it was better to be with her than with the winged, mandible-marked brat.

Black-rimmed ears tip forward as a small, quivering grey filly stood atop leaves and dunes before him. Her attention was wholly focused forward, and so she did not see his approach (besides the fact that he was being very stealthy in the dune’s deep sand). Slowly he prowled forward, bright blue eyes just barely peering over the top of the dune the bull-horned filly stood atop. His sharp gaze swept across, looking for a coppery mare—but instead they instinctively found his other half.


The colt was surprised by the sharp twinge in his chest as he found her near their parents. Why was their absent father suddenly so present? His ears tilted back, and then pinned as his soul-partner was alongside the mutant beast, flaming foxes flickering along her back once again. His teeth clenched, foreleg pawing in the sand as warm anger and sharp jealousy flooded his gut. He snorted loudly, entirely ignoring the goddess and Kis chatting in the waves. Which was odd for the colt, as usually he was addicted to learning from any displays of power.

But, right now, his heart had a different focus: sister.
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Lapis hooves sunk deeply into the white sands, they followed the sunk imprints and faint lines left by hooves who had trekked that way and more importantly, silver eyes fixated on the distance where his lady stood — upon a carpet of crystalline glass. He could not hide the frown which marked his face, nor did the reason why the Goddess had appeared on the beach. Kisamoa.

Had the lady had enough of the naga-like creature swanning the waters of Helovia? And where were the other Gods? All questions which entered the rise and fall of the waters of his mind, an invisible brow risen as a silent outlet of his inward thoughts.
The Seer also noted that others of the Edge had come to beat witness to what the Goddess was upto, and why Kisamoa had also made an appearance once more after delving into the depths. So, patiently, he came to stand beside @Tembovu with a curious look upon his face. "My lady." The stallion greeted with a bowed head toward the lilac goddess, reverence and respect etched into his warm tones.

"Have words been exchanged?" His question directed toward his elephantine King, head tilted so his unyielding pale eyes could look at the other stallion. "I have wondered often since his first appearance, what his coming means for Helovia, do you feel he is here for good, or for bad?"
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They swarmed, swift and so very fast. Chernobyl is dozing with her dark face to the breeze and sea-spray, the chilly beads gathering on her long black eye lashes and along the curved horns spiking her long horn. She hears their voices, some soft, some sharp, some loud and some a murmur. Her coal eyes flutter open and her ankles readjust in the shallow rolling waves, she's been standing in the gentle surf all morning – she hasn't left the beaches since the day the Sea God emerged. She guessed him to be one, anyway, she never had seen a God since coming here so she really wouldn't know. Not that she knows of, that is.

She made her way towards the group, staying far off and not picking any of the details out in front of her. Bull cares little for who attends or what else is going on. The only focus is Kisamoa, and when she notices, the Goddess as well. The black unicorn only catches her last sentence, smirking to herself when she does. What an immediately intriguing creature. Though Bull knows she's far more than a creature. She's clearly much more than the God before her, older, more powerful – honestly Chernobyl wouldn't know and her mortal mind certainly cannot navigate its meaning, only that it is obvious.

She watches quietly in the back.


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Winter fucking sucks. Movement means more warmth than staying still, though, so Yael walks and walks and walks. At night, she sleeps under the boughs of trees and builds herself little nests of branches in which to keep warm. It isn't hard to track her progress across the vast, foreign land. Every step is new. Every smell requires deciphering. Every sound puts her on alert. And oh, the time she has to think!

Births and deaths replay themselves in her head; her dreams all take place beneath a particular oak tree - but her lover, the only one she desperately needs to see - never comes. This makes for long, lonesome nights and somber, heavy days. Every now and then  the golden stranger will come across another horse in the distance, but she never feels the need to approach. It is safer not to. Best keep her distance, for there is no telling how anyone might react. And then there is the fear of bursting into tears again... the incident in the Threshold was quite embarrassing... Yael is not used to such unseemly, uncontrollable behavior from herself. And if she is honest with herself, she can't guarantee it won't happen again.

Eventually, the black-tipped Pegasus comes to the other coast, where hibernating land gives way to sand. She smiles as her hooves take their first steps into the ground and sink ever so slowly. Yael stands their for awhile, contemplating the last time she stood in her desert home, until a soft murmur of voices pull her attention down the beach. Her brown gaze flickers warily, but curiosity gets the best of her. Besides - she can run well in sand if need me (and fly too, but nevermind that). Cautiously, Yael advances towards the large group as quietly as she can, all nerves working overtime.

HR hooves hit something smooth - colorful glass - and it makes her pause, looking quizzically down at the beautiful surface. Odd. Very odd. She smells it briefly, and decides it is safe to continue forward, but she finds herself pausing at the edge of the gathering, behind other pegasi and unicorns and regular horses too, straining to hear what is said. If she could see Leanna amongst them all, she might go and try to stand by her - but this is not her party; Yael may be uninvited, but at the very least she is no threat.


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Yael creeps up behind everyone and eavesdrops. Hope that's ok!

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Tangere and her pale, winged companion move patiently with the flow of the scattered crowed – the bodies shuffling, thickening, piling in. She picks her shortish little frame up, collecting herself into a sweeping trot to the forming group; they all funnel toward the freshly emerged Seaman. Her small ash-gray ears are pricked and her white face propped up, her hazelnut eyes darting around to find the choicest spot to stand. Kisamoa's patchwork body, a dreamy smile teasing his seaweed lips, it can be seen but only barely – she must get a little closer.

too crowded, you go, i'll watch you.” his voice his soft in her mind, so familiar and comfortable – just as cozy as if it were her own inner thoughts, or maybe even more so because it isn't so lonely when you know you're not alone. The big raven finds a tall, dead tree to sit on; he watches quietly from his semi-aerial view.

Rikyn. His golden markings and dark familiar color draws her attention right away. He stands with a few mares she doesn't recognize, but Tangere doesn't mind and quickly finds a place among them, politely, of course. When the Goddess appears she doesn't really pay any mind to her surroundings, only watching the plume of thick black smoke form into the Goddess' body. Her magic is captivating, her beauty matching its brilliance and array of splendor. The pinto girl is happy to stand calmly and look on, amazed and a little scared - what is happening? She ponders the question and watches the Seaman receive his interrogation by both the Goddess of Helovia and its very citizens.

non omnis moriar

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for her,
the ocean was more
than a dream
“Up there,” the blue Mender gestures with her dainty head towards the group that has gathered, white eyes sparkling beneath the cold sun as she turns to her companion, “it looks like something else is happening now.” Nimue floats forward in a smooth, rocking motion, her large baby-blue eyes studying the distant crowd with something between bashfulness and curiosity. Tiamat understands the young Leviathan’s hesitation—Nimue has always been soft and shy, and her bonded’s black suspicions haven’t done anything to help.

All the same, Tiamat doesn’t hesitate in urging them both forward, resting a velvet muzzle on her companion’s back for comfort. As the pair approaches, the mare’s memory returns to her last encounter with Kisamoa—not far from where they are now, when he had ushered them into her father’s vast depths. While she had been terribly skeptical then, the oceanic stallion hadn’t allowed any harm to come to those who had followed his bidding. Even now, she dreams of what an experience it had been beneath the waves, swimming happily among the sea creatures, free from the worry of her next breath.

It had been a gift, and one that she never intends to forget.

That day has done well for the blue mare. While this ugly suspicion still does not release her entirely, or easily, she finds that its suffocating hold has been lessened. Her fragile heart grasps at Kisamoa’s promise, clutching his beautiful gift with an earnestness that she can hardly understand herself. Some of her usual spring is back in her step, and her lips soften comfortably into a grin as she settles among those already gathered.

Glancing down, Tiamat gasps, surprised that it is not pearly sand beneath her hooves, but tiny grains of glittering, colorful crystal. “What is this?” She murmurs to herself, her voice full of wonder as she casts a sideways glance to Nimue. Spotting a familiar dark figure, she tries to catch his eye, offering him a genuine, tender smile of gratitude. Rikyn had done so much for her the last time Helovia had assembled. She debates approaching him again, but noticing the small crowd already settled at his side, she opts for another, less-crowded friend.

“Lena,” she greets her fellow Mender with an intimate grin, offering her a familiar brush of her muzzle before shifting her attention to the shoreline, where Kisamoa stands with the Moon Goddess. “Do you know what’s happening?” She questions the brown mare, her tulip-shaped ears slanting forward curiously. It would seem that the Goddess is welcoming her sea-faring counterpart, rather than trying to run him away. Pursing her lips, Tiamat watches, waiting with her little heart fluttering.

notes; Gives @Rikyn a grin before speaking to @Lena <33
it was a place she needed.

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After his strange encounter with the fairy-thief Aisling, Howl had been left with a profound sense of loneliness, of aimlessness. He explored this feeling as he was wont to do—by letting his hooves guide him wherever they might find fulfillment. Today, they sunk in shifting sands, sometimes straying into the brine and foam. The ocean breeze made him feel at home; at least when he closed his eyes. He imagined grey winter mornings with his sister, catching crabs and making sand-castles for them, a cold northern wind presiding over the preoccupied youths. Long-healed and slight wedges of split flesh carved from his nostrils attested to small acts of savagery performed by crab-claws. The silver stag closed his eyes. He let a long breath pass through his nose, rattling his bones. Just as he wished for a stranger to interrupt his errant thoughts, the rims of his furry ears swiveled forwards to catch the distant hum of voices. An eye opened, his golden iris lit by a stray sunbeam. Far down the shore was a small gathering, hushed and not-so-hushed words exchanged in an excited and ruinous manner. Howl paused, wavering slightly in the wind, as if any little change in its direction or intensity might set him off. His tail gave a curious flick, pale hairs dragging through the sand. What was it about Helovia that inspired such large gatherings? After weighing his options briefly, he finally decided to investigate.

Howl picked up a brisk trot towards the congregation. As he approached, the grey noticed the crowd's focus: a dark nebulous impression of a mare and some horse-shaped creature seemingly dragged out from the sea. Not for the first time in his wanderings, his heart clenched—could these beasts be associated with the Witch? Head lowered cautiously, he sidled up between two other bystanders on the periphery, careful not to cuff any neighbors with his horns; perhaps if he would observe for a moment, he could better assess the situation.
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She knows little of the world’s most recent visitor, one as enigmatic as Kisamoa. But then the girl knew very little of the Gods. Didn’t believe in anything like them. The world happened naturally, as she understood in the simplest of legends.

The feathered mare made her descent in the beginning of the day, and much farther down the beach. There was reprieve in the salty air, and a steady comfort knowing that the ocean reached out towards infinity – beyond the horizon, beyond knowledge. Somehow, the idea of nothingness carried the weight off her shoulders and stifled her fickle mind. She might have closed her eyes and rested a little, comforted by the winds that ran off the ocean.

Idly she followed the beach, pastel green eyes absorbing the growing mass ahead of her. She couldn’t quite make out Kisamoa’s form, but was altogether startled by the appearance of the shadow-thing; taking form regardless of the natural elements of the lands. Was she seeing things…? Her breath caught in her throat, her surprise churned from her belly to those legs and hooves – and the young heroine picked up her pace. If not to get a better look, then to find some answers.

As she neared the crowd’s edges – scattered and filled with all sorts of species and individuals, scents strong and all sorts of new and wrong, the dark shadow-thing made a motion with the presence of their fog. A fog the girl recognized from the Edge. Ru stifled a snort, and merely gasped as the sands radiated with light and fantastical light. Her face filled with a mixture of horror and wonder.

Who are those people?

She shifted her gaze across the other participants, and the girl concluded this all had to do something with the shadow-thing, and the sea creature ahead of them. Beyond her better judgment, she slipped through the outermost gatherings. Bold, pushing through the thicker parts to stand close enough and gather a better picture. Although not in that immediate inner circle, beaming with odd individuals and strange colts, she stood nearly behind them. Simply staring, shocked, bewildered.

If only she could say something? If only she could learn more from the strangers beside and behind her.

Left to her circumstance, the mute stood stiff and filled with that strong desire to figure out why these changes were taking place. And how.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

[pushes through to be close enough to get a better look. Although not in the immediate circle. She's just staring between the Moon God and Kisamoa. Feel free to be shuffled by her if you want. :3]
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All she had wanted was to see the Rotunda once more. It was to have been a quiet trip, under the cover of the darkness—just a quick journey to gaze upon the stained glass, and then she would return. It was late in the season, but she had thought that Orangemoon could have spared a few more days until Frostfall’s gales arrived. However, she’d thought wrong.

Not only had an early storm driven her off course, but it had brought her here—to this windy and desolate beach of all places. The light bouncing off the water hurt her sensitive eyes, and the whole area stank of fish. And to make matters even worse, there was a sizeable crowd gathered on the sand. From where she stood at the edge of the sand, she could already catch snippets of their inane conversations—“hey neighbor this” and “I’m so-and-so” that. In other words, she’d stumbled upon Hell.
“Wonderful,” Sheba muttered through her teeth, “all of my favorite things.” And in one place, too! How charming.
While she was displeased, she couldn’t claim that she was altogether surprised by this unfortunate twist of fate. Of course it was just her luck. When was the last time that things had gone right? Ever since Fireball had hit her with the ugly stick, what was it now, three years ago? (though it felt like much longer), life had just gone from bad to worse. Oh, she’d made do of course—she’d finally marked out some nice real estate over in the Heart Caves, where there were no neighbors and rooms full of shinies. She’d even arranged her own little moss bed and tended an equally precious fire beside it to keep her old bag of bones warm. It was a cozy setup. It didn’t hold quite the same thrill as her past life—but hey, who wanted to be a beautiful and glamorous spy who broke hearts and took names when they could be a reclusive hag who harvested crystals as a hobby? How far she had fallen.
Most days, however, she didn’t have to think about that. Most days, she could be content to putter around her caves with her torch, mapping the caverns, tweaking her security system, and keeping her mind otherwise occupied. Most days, she didn’t have to come face to face with Helovia’s it-crowd, the young and the beautiful, and all of those other perky types. If only she hadn’t left her cave.
The one plus to being old and ugly though was that no one she encountered ever really paid her any mind. While once she would have turned heads, Sheba rarely solicited a second glance, and so she turned to go without a second thought. However, as she stiffly pivoted in the sand, something about it seemed to shimmer…and change. Her rheumy eyes widened, then narrowed in greedy delight.
“Well aren’t you something,” she murmured down to the colorful glass, lowering her head for closer inspection. Perhaps the sudden transformation should have perturbed her, but she had grown used to the random occurrences of magic here. Besides, she was already cursed. How much worse could things get?
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tl;dr: Shows up because she’s lost and is all grumpy when she sees the crowd. Turns to leave, but gets distracted by the pretty colors and starts talking to the ground with her butt to the crowd.
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It had been awhile since Iona had patrolled this far south.  She had been making an effort to expand patrols, considering events of late. With the appearance of the Sea God she’d already come face to face with once and the herd members that were still missing she felt it best to be wary. However even from afar it was easy to recognize that something was amiss on the beach.  Or in the very least something was different. The beach normally didn’t glitter.  

Her attention sufficently piqued, the painted specter shifted course and headed directly for the southern shore that now glimmered below.  She was (somewhat) relieved to see that Alysanne wasn’t among the crowd, but took a mental note of the herd members who had been attracted to the now crystal sands - just in case. Iona did not join the gathering - most of whom had crowded around the Sea God and the patron Goddess of the Edge herself.  Iona frowned as she made her way to the outskirts of the gathering, still not knowing what to make of this situation.  Her frown deepened as her hooves met the ground and she realized what that the beach had been transformed to glass.  She let out a huff and made her way towards the bordering dunes, the pellets beneath her hooves shifting and crunching under her weight.  The pieces of glass that littered the Edge was enough, but this?  A sigh was her only response to the thought. 

She made her way to the dunes so she could see the group properly from a safe distance.  The gods. The gathered. The king. The others she recognized.  A mixture of anxiety and agitation churned in her stomach as her emerald gaze flickered from equine to equine - slowly getting a read on the situation.  It was then that she noticed a filly off to her right, standing on her own and looking down upon the gathering as well. Iona moved over to the girl, but stopped a comfortable distance away, before giving the filly a sidelong glance. “Your family down there?” she said simply, waiting a moment to give the girl a chance to respond before continuing. “I think I’m going to stay up here. Mind if I stick with you, kid?” she asked, casually resting a hind leg as her tangled black tail swished idly between her hocks.

A L Y S A N N E the devoted queen  
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Chills on the dunes. Sees, stands with, and speaks to @Esinakh

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The gathering on the beach was hard not to notice as the dark mare flew over. She hadn't seen so many gathered in one place since the Rift God fight and for a fleeing moment she thought that, perhaps, there would be another battle underway. As she circled above she took note of several things 1. there was a strange looking creature that seemed to be the focal point of everyone's attention, 2. the Moon Goddess was there on the beach, and 3. Rikyn was there so maybe she could get some answers out of him.

Mordecai tilted her wings and began her descent toward the ground. As she neared she pulled up so she landed lightly on the sand rather than slamming gracelessly into it. Among the crowd she could hear murmurs and questions, but she wasted little time acknowledging them. Instead she shouldered through the crowd as she searched for one stallion in particular.

"Rikyn." She said his name once she found him. There were already others around him, but she ignored them and fixed her gaze unwaveringly on him. "Who is that?" Finally, she looked at Kisamoa, one ear falling back. She wasn't one to trust anyone or anything right away, so she frowned as she stared at the creature. "What it want?"




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The quiet little mare wandered the beach alone, as she was wont to do. Something about the ocean had always been calming for her. She liked the way it ebbed and flowed, gently caressing the shoreline before receding with a lignering kiss. Of late it seemed that she spent more and more time at the beach, more often than not finding herself alone. Her children were growing older now, no longer in need of her constant supervision; their father was gods-knew-where (the thought of Ilios brought a pang of longing to her chest, though she could not fault him for his absence) – and so she was as she had always been, an invisible stranger in a place she didn’t belong.

This was a particularly morose day for the mute, who was notoriously cheerful despite her so-called disability and the lingering pain of her past. She trudged along the shoreline, vaguely skirting the incoming tide, and it was not until she was almost upon the growing crowd that she realized there was anything amiss. Seemingly surrounded by bodies that had appeared out of nowhere, the little mare looked up in surprise to find that Kisamoa and a strange, almost ethereal being were taking up the center of the large group. The sand beneath them appeared to be glass, and the mare looked on in wonder as the scene painted itself onto her pelt in hues and colors of awe.

Members of their herd abounded, and the mare spotted her daughter in the middle of it all. Xolani slipped through the crowd quietly, arriving to stand at @Kolr 's side. She reached to brush the girl’s neck with her muzzle, offering a gentle, motherly presence to the girl. Though a protective sort of alarm was ringing in the back of her mind, there did not appear to be any ill intent around. And so she waited, watching, wondering what would happen next.

Think think think.

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It's round three, and where are you? Hiding, that's where- torn between your curiosity about this whole Kisamoa ocean adventure thing and your strong, twisting desire to avoid Mesec and your mother at all possible cost. You debated even coming (though not for long, let's be real), ultimately deciding that the best course of action was to kind of hang out on the edge, watching the gathering but staying out of sight of certain people. Oh, sure, you'd absolutely love to be 100% involved at all times, but right now? Right now the thought of facing Ampere fills you with enough dread that it douses your normal curiosity, leaving only a sputtering flicker in its place.

There's a hill in your way, and beyond it, the sea. You climb the dune quickly, because you can see all the assembled people and hear their riotous voices and you're already running quite late. You'd planned to crest it and then run down, making your way into some small pocket of safety, but as you reach its summit you come to realize that you're not the only one standing on the periphery. There's a kinda-familiar painted pegasus not so far away, one you recognize from that clusterfuck at the Edge, and near her a much-more-familiar filly you know to be your half-sister. For a second you hesitate, the desire to mingle strong-

-but a flash of blue moves through the crowd and your mind is made up, because nope, not even risking seeing Ma. Grinning broadly you make your way over to the pegasi, bounding into the space between them with boyish good humor and a bright greeting on your lips. "Hey there, Miss Iona," you greet the older mare, before turning to the filly. "Little Oxpecker." Ma once explained that the birds eat bugs off other animals, and the filly with her endless need to chew on your shoulder reminds you of them.

"What's that?" You've finally noticed the expanse of glass which has taken the place of sand on the beach, and your voice is full of curious awe. Part of you wants to go out and touch it, but the other part, again, thinks showing your face might be a bad plan. So you wait, a bowstring pulled taut with excitement, hoping there will be answers soon for the jumble of questions bustling in your head.

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Aithniel immediately soured when she saw who joined the water god on the shore. Everyone had made it out alive from the first encounter in the water, but now her two least favorite deities were gathered together and this couldn't be anything less than totally fucked. Wings expanded, she landed on the sands and narrowed her steely gaze at the goddess who addressed this stranger like a friend, and that made her even more uncomfortable.

Any friend of the moon goddess was some twisted up asshole, right? She was the only who killed Hototo. Aithniel had only been a baby, but those early memories were ingrained forever in her brain. Aith remembered the way she had felt - helpless. The demi-gods were not exempt from the cruelty of the goddess, and even the best of them fell at the feet of her evil.

There was nothing she could do to redeem herself in Aith's eyes. Even if she started rescuing woodland creatures and re-homing them with a perma-smile and kind words, she couldn't trust her. Some things were simply unforgivable. Some crimes were just too great. If Aithniel had the power, she would put the goddess on trial. But what punishment could she meet out to a deity?

Aithniel stood with her ears back, tail flashing around her hocks. "Well this is just... great," she grumbled.

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Hotaru had heard about the God of the deep that had appeared in the Isles. She was not immune to such gossip, and it was the duty of her citizens to keep her updated on the events of the world while she and Deimos were within the mountain ranges of their home. She did not intend to let the disruption go by without inspection, no matter how detailed or vivid the explanation offered to her. Until it came to unravel before her own eyes, Hotaru did not care. The sneak inside her was unrelenting, her curiosity unsated. And so she set out to the waters to try and find the source of this cosmic disruption.

And find it she did.

Along with both her nomadic, troublesome twins. From the corner of her eye she could see Romina approaching Ru'in like a homing missile, uncaring of those surrounding her in search of her brother. And there, at the edge of the water, brilliant glass skipping around her hooves, was the Goddess.

Hotaru's heart swelled with unbridled excitement, and she trotted elegantly down to the front of the masses, smiling mystically as she came near the Goddess. Oh, how long it had been. There were days Hotaru regretted not having conquered the lands of the Edge, being Queen instead of Lady, if only to serve beneath the glory of her mischievous, sharp-edged deity. 

"Good day, my Lady," she breathed on undertone, her sharp bicolored eyes squinting at the edges with a rising smile. The moon amulet on her forehead seemed warm with familiarity, and the magic inside her - given to her by the very Goddess before her eyes now - seemed to twist and coil happily. Awaiting use. Recognizing its giver of life, its creator. And her eyes turned to Kisamoa, or whatever his name was. Rapt. Attentive. Awaiting the decision of her Goddess, prepared to be Her weapon, be it literally or metaphorically. 

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Iona had teased her last time about always been around the trouble that started up but this time it was Aly that was walking up and spying her sister already among the crowd. Well, sort of among the crowd. Unsurprisingly, her twin was lingering back instead of standing right in the middle of everything. It was better to keep an eye on the situation from afar, you see.

Always, Alysanne would move to join her - even though she was uncertain whether the small stallion from the Falls would appreciate her presence or not. She caught how he addressed her sister as ‘Miss Iona’ and it caused a brilliant smile to brighten her green eyes. Iona was going to like that, whether or not she would let it show. Calmed by the friendly scene before her, Aly let her doubts and worries fade away (temporarily) and she stepped up the sand bank to take Iona’s other side.

If they looked at her on her approach from behind, both the girl and boy would find a warm smile on her expression as a greeting to them both. For Iona, she nudged her sister’s dark wing with her pale one and made a lighthearted jest. “I hope you’re not getting yourself into trouble again, dear sister.” That was the absolute last thing either of them needed to be doing.

Her gaze turned away from her company then and toward the Moon Goddess, easily recognizable, standing on a beach of glass with Kisamoa and a good chunk of the Helovian population. With so many foals present, she hoped that this meeting with the strange sea god would be as peaceful as the others.

A L Y S A N N E (the queen)  &  I O N A (the spy)
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stands on @Iona 's other side and smiles a greeting to @Zèklè and @Esinakh
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Again everyone gathered and traveled to the shore to see this god that kept on appearing around Helovia. Raeden had mixed emotions about what was going on with this new creature, but she might as well figure out what is going on. So she followed the others. Her hooves shifted across the ground until it became a mix of different mix of colored glass. Her head tilted and looked at the forms below her feet. This was different than the normal sand, then the sound of the god whispered through the air like the black mist the surrounded her. Teal eyes narrowed upon the goddess and her head twisted with confusion. The mare watched the crowd gather, and she soon caught sight of her very own sister moving towards the front of the group.

Her strides quickened, and she finally caught up with her sister. For the first time, Raeden looked upon the moon goddess that killed her parents. Mix emotions swelled again, but she would not fight that battle now. Finally, her hooves stopped next to Hotaru, and she gazed upon her sister, the goddess, and Kis. Unsure what to do or what to say Raeden was quiet for a moment. Tin finally crept up to her side, and his face frowned with the mixed emotions of his companion. The honey dipped mare spoke to her sister "What do you think is going on now? I hope there will be no fighting; there are too many children here. " Her voice was just enough for Ru to hear


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The Flying Dutchman swung with the wakes as they rolled on and off. When you have lived as long as I have...  – The Gods act in mysterious ways, or so you have been told. Your Sun God burned down acres and acres of land and was banished. It stuck in Maren's mind like seagull poo in unkempt mane. She had simply listened to the sea creature, those days ago, as he had revealed his status and task, his home that were so called blackened waters. He had amassed many, yet he was not a God, though still he was presumably immortal. Behind that voice smooth as still water, and with a sound so alive like the oceans were,  what was he then? A Spirit of the sea? A demi-god (Goddess?)?  Although Maren’s figure bobbed up and down with the wonky sea, her golden eyes lay questioning still on the horizon – But he knew.
He knew things.

So she had kept her eye out, wondered, wandered. Waited. She had been sailing with the warm south-eastern winds towards the mainland more often than not. If anywhere, he could not have gone far from the seas. And today indeed: She came to find a stream of Helovians once more trailing the beach, among them faces that were familiar to her. She With the sand beneath her growing thicker and thicker, the Flying Dutchman could not continue on any longer and Maren stepped out, followed by her tiger companion. Her boat she left anchored between restless wakes.
In a few blinks of her lashes she noticed that Kisamoa was not alone this time. Before him stood a shadowy figure she had gotten to know, if only slightly through her time in Helovia.  Mr. Teatime’s purring reflected inside her own mind. Not a God, not an equine either. He was right. Next to the shamelessly gleaming Goddess of the Moon he seemed merely a trinket to her everlasting divinity. The Diviner waded closer to the spectacle, when suddenly the grains on the beach flashed and smoothed; turned into more brightly glimmering glass. “Mr. Teatime, you should get on my back." She glanced down at her faithful follower. "I would not like to see that stuck between your toes.” With that the tiger crawled on her striped behind, before Maren set her hoofs on the no longer sandy beach.

Suspicious was a big word, yet, she was undoubtedly at least a tiny bit skeptical. But there was intrigue, too. There was not ever an event that a God came to glance at that wasn’t historical worthy of mentioning in stories, legends, myths to come. So she dipped her head to both of them. “Goodday”, before carrying on, remembering all for future reference. Having noticed Ampere and Sohalia, left to stand somewhere alongside her family.

Notes Maren stands somewhere near AMPERE and SOHALIA and possibly other dragon's throat members.

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can you hear the sabers rattling

She had been there on the tail end of whatever challenge this Kisamoa, she'd learned the name after lingering upon the sandy white beach and eavesdropping upon the chitter chatter as everyone dispersed back to their own homeland. Not again, she had declared and now her sons were born and she was once again fit and ready to go back to her duties. She wasted no time in making sure they were properly taken care of and safe before she departed toward the mainland to snoop around. Atreus wasn't exactly thrilled to be ousted into the air with her usual leap, the chick clung tightly to her overflowing locks of hair between his talons and beak. Once they were airborn and sailing, he uttered a grump riddled click and sent a mental jab that could earn a shrill laugh from his bonded.

Her trip was not in vain, it seemed. A gathering had appeared once more, and at the center of it was the water god, the Goddess of the Moon. Brows knitted together with concern and curiosity, she had heard about the tales of the Goddess and it was no small secret that most Helovian's held the lavender divine in a low, if not wary, regard. If the Moon Goddess was here, and whatever the Deep Sea Creature claimed to be was also present. It warranted her to descend upon the sands and join her fellow brothers and sisters of the Sands. Right forelimb sunk deep into the pristine white grands, followed by the rest of her curvaceous form.

Spotting familiar faces in the crowd, she strode forward until she came to a stop close to @Ampere, @Sohalia and @Maren. "Have they said anything?" She murmured, her odd coloured eyes pinned between the Moon and the other God. Atreus instead eyed the mares she had chosen to stand with, silently going over each individual one before he let out a chirp of his own in a friendly greeting, or as friendly of a greeting he could emit. Seemingly satisfied that he and Nephele were in good company, the lammergeier fluttered from his place upon her back and settled instead on her crest, his feet buried in her ample locks. There were other words on the tip of her tongue, but she curbed them in favor of a tense silence, surely those questions would be answered either by words from the pair or the swift spur into action should anything go amiss. Besides, her mind was currently being flooded by probing, questioning emotions and thoughts from the bird who busied himself with taking in each sight and sound, individual faces and then the Gods in front of them.

"I hope this is not a revisit to the rifts and the misery they brought with them." The comment is uttered with a sour, disgruntled tone.

Talk Talk Talk

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Stands near @Ampere, @Sohalia and @Maren. Directs her question toward Ampere and Sohalia.

“She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close.” 

― Terry Pratchett
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She doesn't remember him. At least, not from any times they've met outside of his appointment as the Throat's Gladiator. Perhaps if his colors had been more striking she would have remembered seeing him among the god wars, or with her daughter, or with the mother that had been imprisoned upon their red dirt, She might have, but he didn't, and she didn't, so she was content enough to say, "Hello," with little emotion, for better or worse.

@Volterra 's conversation grates against her gentle spiral she's descended into as she stares at the children, Aithniel's children, yet it's equally a nice distraction that disturbs her thoughts like a stone skipped across a lake. Her head inclines faintly towards him, blue gaze watching him with a reserved interest. She might even have flirted with him on another occasion, before everything went to hell and her along with it. She takes his name but doesn't offer her own - he should know it, she already knew his, after all he does oversee her, not that she's really seen him doing that. Then he poses an interesting question, maintaining her interest.

"There's something I've learned since being a mother," she murmurs gently in response to him. "Trust," she starts, "but verify," she finishes, a bit coy. "He's done nothing yet to suggest we shouldn't trust him, but I'm going to show up every time I see him to verify that." She's glanced back at the water god now, but makes an off hand comment for the stallion at her side, perhaps revealing her less aggressive feelings towards him and his position than some others in the herd. "You should do the same you know, Gladiator. Trust your herd, your warriors, but verify with us." If he felt they didn't have faith in him, then he'd do better to face that head on and tackle it than dance around the issue and hope they'd come around. The desert favored the strong, as much in might as in heart. He had the might, now did he have the heart to earn their respect, to demand it?

Her attention is parted then as a different stallion approaches, but this one is wholly a stranger to her, not just in memory. She glances at his imposing frame, built for war and reminiscent of someone else. Her heart aches.
She glances away, trying to push the thoughts away roughly. He is nothing like him, of course, but she is desperate to see the man she loves everywhere. "If you call staring a stranger and swimming excitement, then certainly." her voice drawls out in response, clearly entertained by Kisamoa. She glances back at @Graasvoel , chancing the ghost of the fire being in him for the sake of curiosity. Does he find that shit exciting? He must have nothing to do.

Ampere's focus on the stallion breaks as she catches a pale shape approaching. Ampere is about to call out to her, to greet her friend, @Sohalia, but she halts as she notices the rattled appearance of the usually utterly composed dove. For a moment Ampere was confused, alarmed even, because she knew it took a lot to shake the Transcended's composure. Yet if the mare's hard stare was any clue, then Ampere could take a guess as she glanced over the the lilac god that sat in those pained sights. Firmly Ampere made a move to stand closer to Sohalia, her wing extending to slide over the mare's back if permitted, to remind her that she did not stand alone in this tortured existence, no matter the source.

Blue gaze skipped then to @Maren and the odd sight of the tiger upon her back as they neared. Ampere's look was plainly confused, but she nodded a greeting to the wise Diviner. Not shortly behind her was the the dark Guardian, @Nephele , who joined their growing family group. "No," Ampere murmured, perhaps answering both aspects of Nephele's speech.

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