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A feather drifted from sky and landed beside the man who hardly dared to breathe. His eyes followed its descent from where he lay on the ground. It fared a better landing than the one Erum had been subject to. What the-- He sucked in air between his teeth whenever he moved to sit up. The shapeshifter had never had an accident like this-- he had not lost control of form since he was a colt, still training.

A raven, true in her form, sat in a tree above where Erum sat and cocked her head. She clicked her beak trying to figure out what had happened. She had been guide to Erum and he had followed her in form of a raven himself. "You might as well go now." This place will have to do.

Erum lowered his eyes from the bird and turned attention to the forest around him. Whenever they passed over it he had been forced to shift. All control he had over his feathered body had gone. Erum had held onto the shifted form just long enough to soften impact. Regret it now don't I? He felt a fool. Every part of him hurt-- particularly his pride. Erum would have to heal his bruised body before he would be able to put it through the stress of shifting again. Death may have been simpler.

Erum was at the mercy of the forest and those that dwelled within it. The shapeshifter took shelter in the sunlight. It was still midday and he felt lucky for it. Once the sun set he would have troubles slinking from shadow; there would be no warmth cast from the sun and predators would be on the prowl. How ironic it would be for the protector of forests to be taken by one.

And here is Erum! Excuse the rotten opener.

He has no idea that the Threshold takes magic. As far as he knows it was just some odd fluke.

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It shouldn't be any surprise that when Tilney found himself with naught to do, he found his way to the Threshold. Pea flew ahead, glidin for as long as his young wings would allow before swooping bick onto Tilneys awaiting crown.
It was these journeys; the slow, casual ones that Tilney  completely enjoyed.

A well worn track of his own making was now his constant path to the Threshold. There were other routes absolutely, But this was one Tilney preffered - it took him along a winding stream for miles and the most picturesque field. It also showed any recruits the best of the Thistle Meadow, and the highlghts of the central highlands of their new home.
Though today the flaxen physician was not in the mood for theatrics, nor had he been for well over a month now. Perhaps if you had been watching him last week you would of observed his vile behaviour at the Riptide Isles, Behaviour unnimaginable by any close to the stag. He was simply not himself, not since both Arah and Ultima had taken flight. Not now that his mind was controlled by anger and hysterics.
It cured however; slowly. With enough fresh air and work to do Tilney found himself changing once again for the better. His goals were emerging, then falling away - but at least they were there.

It wasn't long at all until those marble feet were finding their way through twig and fallen leaves rather than meadow grass, and not much time passed until Tilney came upon a traveller as one usually did in the threshold. Rose golden pelt with remarkable dappling, this was a stag who would have no issue securing female company.
With a soft snort, Tilney stepped forth between the trees and smiled keenly towards the man "Good day" He uttered, standing tall. "Welcome to Helovia"
"Are you injured? I am a doctor sir, Do you need medical attention? Travelling takes a great toll on the body"
His trusty lantern crooned over the stranger, welcoming, warm and bright. He wondered if this man might like a home at the edge, and so began to ask him.
"Also, if you're in need of lodgings I am sure you would be most welcome at my Herd - the nation of the Worlds Edge in the western corner of the land."


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The oceanic pair wanders idly through the familiar woodland, neither in any particular hurry as the mare’s cloven hooves step lightly over the underbrush. Reaching out with her velvet muzzle, she brushes the trees softly as she passes them, exhaling a wordless greeting to her verdant family. She feels at peace here, among nature, and surrounded by the invigorating aroma of earth. She allows the movement of the ground to guide her, the length of her lion tail fluttering against the leaves as she passes.

Eventually Nimue nudges her bonded’s shoulder when she catches the distant sound of voices, the little whale pressing against the mare as a fluted ear slants to cup the far-off words. No matter the distance, there is one set of tones that Tiamat recognizes without difficulty. Smiling to herself, she guides them both forward, picking up a light jog as she weaves her way carefully through the brushwood. “Tilney? Is that you?” The blue Mender calls when she approaches, though there is no doubt in her mind as she catches the soft glow of a lantern, knowing only one gentleman who carries such an ornament.

Coming around a copse of trees, there are suddenly two stallions there to greet her. White eyes are alight at the sight of the familiar chestnut, her smile softening as she gazes into his vibrant green eyes. “My dear friend, hello!” Tiamat reaches out to her fellow healer, embracing him with all the affection of her fledgling heart.

Her excitement does not waver as the Mender shifts her attention to the stranger, offering him a warm grin as though this is not the first time they are meeting. “And hello to you as well, stranger. My name is Tiamat, and this is Nimue,” she gestures to the Leviathan who hovers at her flank, much quieter than her bonded and peering at the two stallions with bashful eyes.

Having overheard at least part of the men’s conversation, Tiamat is quick to offer her assistance alongside Tilney’s, ever eager to relieve those in need. “I am a healer as well, from the Aurora Basin. Welcome to Helovia!” Her grin broadens happily, and she extends a velvet muzzle to the handsome stallion, proposing a gesture of friendship like she had with the chestnut. She remembers her own first time stumbling into the Threshold, several years ago now, when Lena had found her. The bay mare had been infinitely warm and hospitable—Tiamat only hopes she can return the favor.

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