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into the sea, you and me
all these years, and no one heard
i love you, let's go

Failure makes for a bitter taste in the back of the throat, one that you can’t exactly wash out regardless of drive and emotion. Today, it’s all she can taste, like the reminder that she isn’t good enough, that being a Sultana wasn’t meant for her future, that the crown doesn’t fit and past Cera’s ability to craft metal and the immense amount of dearness that she holds to him there is no way that she can have him mold it to her fitting.
Every grain of sand in her coat is like another boulder added to her, weight sinking deep into bones that whimper out pleas to let the body they hold up sink into the cold, dark stone below her. Hobgoblin's passion supports her. The rage she swore she'd never feel so strongly shouts encouragement into her ears until she cannot take anymore. The only thing that actually breaks the silence against the pattering of waves on cooling lava is the grinding of her teeth, but that's only something she can hear.
What remains of her God's shrine is but a crumbled mass of stone that, if she had been in better mind, would have described the state of her herd, the one that He gave her.
Against her wants. Against her will.
Hot bubbles of hatred burst in her. Hobgoblin's slender frame glides gracefully across the rough surface of what remains standing of the shrine, flexing claws in pleasure that Sikeax is, at last, finally feeling what he had always wished she would.
"Why?!" The single syllable bellows from her throat like a banshee's scream. She could have done this at the fire in the Throat, but she doesn't want them to know exactly how she feels.
It's not like any of them would care anyway.
"Why must you be such an idiot? Why must you pick me? WHY does it have to be me?!"
The walls of her throat ache at the brutality of her voice. Every nerve in her body screams for her muscles to lurch forward, to find something to throw herself into until she is no more and that the rage in her has subsided into whatever she becomes at the other side of this cooling night.
She can't, not yet. Stone will not bend to her will despite how hard she may try, and Sikeax, the only Sultana of the Dragon's Throat will not make a fool of herself.

Sia is hateful af and will literally kick anyone's ass right now. you'll probably just have to show up and be even the slightest nuisance to her for her to get angry.
also small shot at character development

Setting: Vein of the Gods at night, cool enough that steam comes out of the nostrils and shivering is possible but not super cold or warm. Clear sky, full moon. No wind. Sikeax is standing right in front of the Sun God shrine with her back turned away from the main land.
Hobgoblin is in his Serval form. For future note, his transformation time into a new body will take right around fifteen to twenty seconds and he'll have no magical control during it.

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Hobgoblin Form(for obvious reasons): Serval, doesn't change

only request is that whoever comes in be around her HP for the sake of not destroying her UNLESS it's someone she knows. if you want to hit me up on skype before replying for any reason i'd be cool with it!

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you were angels,
so much more than everything

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pulled apart against my will

I had been watching her.

Watching her quite carefully I might add, ever since I heard the rumor that the mare with the glowing horn had become the newest Sultana of the Dragon's Throat upon the death of my father the great Wildfire. So far, I had been less than impressed. The Throat seemed to be crumbling beneath her hooves, which meant that my family was also at risk of crumbling under her rule. Electric blues followed the champagne hued mare as she moved away from the center of the Throat and closer to the border where even the wing-less could escape to the mainland if so needed. Dark tipped ears flicked back and then forth again as I wondered where the mare could be headed in such a hurry, it didn't seem as if she was going out for some kind of leisurely stroll judging by the hastiness of her pace or the expression that crossed her Queenly facade.

Sighing, I looked away from the frazzled Sultana just long enough to tell the albino puppy to stay here and keep an eye on things while I went off to see what it was that this queen had in store for my home. If it had been up to me, the crown would have remained in the family...even the Sun God had to agree that these sands had thrived wonderfully under the Wildfire's careful gaze. Once I was fully content that Athvadar would't try and cross the ocean to follow me over to the mainland I set off, snapping my large white feathered wings outward to carry my petite frame across the lands of Helovia until I was able to locate the Sultana once again.

It didn't take long to find her again, standing in front of the destroyed shrine of our lord, "WHY?!" Her scream moved through the brisk evening air as I drifted down, back into the loving clutches of gravity and the earth as I listened in (no shame) on the musings of our newly crowned Sultana, landing a safe distance behind her, wondering if she was upset enough to not notice my arrival. "Why must you be such an idiot? Why must you pick me? WHY does it have to be me?!" Dark lips curled back into a snarl as the electricity that ran through my veins sparked with my irritation. How dare she talk to a god like that?! Especially the god who had given her all that was good in her life, had given her the land that belonged to my father.

Ears slammed back into wind tangled tresses as I took a long stride closer to the blue marked mare, irritation growing with each passing second until I was no longer shivering with the chill that was in the air but rather with anger. "I was just wondering the same thing." Venom dripped from my words as they fell into the brisk night sky and my ink dipped limbs stopped all forward motion. "You couldn't follow in his footsteps if you even tried."

Suddenly, I realized how hard I was still grieving over the loss of my father, and suddenly I realized who was going to be my coping mechanism. I didn't care if she was our Sultana now, she wasn't worthy, she would fail, and I would be there to watch as every single stone fell from beneath her wingless body.


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into the sea, you and me
all these years, and no one heard
i love you, let's go

Imagine that for what feels like a thousand years that you have lived under the strict law that passion is not for you, that no matter how much you might want to feel so bravely that nothing will ever grant you the freedom of it.
And now, imagine being able to, handed a key to the gate that kept you from being what you could always be at the expense of what you wanted to be. The inexperience in your newfound willfulness, the rage of knowing that you have been deprived at what you have now been gifted with, the courage and determination you wear like a shield and sword into battle as you prepare to use with every atom of your body.
With that image is birthed Sikeax, standing in the darkness, illuminated by her ignited blade, bathed in the milkiness of moonlight, clutching herself tight in the cool air until she is cracking her porcelain frame into pieces so that soon she can trade herself into steel.
Hobgoblin is her forger, her mentor, her strength, everything she's never had that is now her's to take. No longer must she live in the shadow of a healer's frailness and secrecy, the things that make them look like miracle workers at simple things.
She is free.
"Pale Bird weak. Pale Bird stupid. Fix Pale Bird."

No longer will she let herself be a stranger to battle and to weakness, a victim to the hatred that her herd treats her with.
"I am not Gaucho, and I never want to be." Stone cold and sharp as nails, walking out of her lips at a casual tone that bulks itself upon the cold, silent anger brewing in her chest. The muscles beneath her beautiful, lady-like, almost pristine coat move without acknowledgement from her skin as she turns to face her.
Pale Bird.

All reason within her steps away as her legs lurch her forward into an aggressive lunge that she's never taken to before, a virgin to battle but nonetheless carrying the intention to win, sword held bravely as she aims for something, anything, searching out a collision course with her chest, a shoulder blade, even a damned wing.
The only thing she can think of now is how it'll feel in the future to be the one inflicting the wound instead of the one curing it, no longer the saving angel.

OOC: sorry for the shortness and kinda crappiness, this is actually my first spar ever lol c':

Summary: lunges straight for Zenobia with her head held at the vertical with the intention to hit her head on with her weight to knock off her balance and (maybe) get a stab in with her horn. Aims for chest, front of the shoulder blades or the wings.
Hobgoblin is still hanging out near the shrines and watching, not really doing anything.

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you were angels,
so much more than everything

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