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[OPEN] Deep in the charred earth

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Eleanor was growing well and full under the watchful eyes of those in the Dragon's Throat, and her mother was never too far away. Unbeknownst to the girl, she was developing many of Ophelia's habits and mannerisms. From the guarded facial expressions to the quiet curiosity, she was nearly a spitting image of the Amaranthine. Fortunately for Ellie, she did experience a tragic childhood, so her soul was still bright and pure - a star among the galaxy of darkness.

Old enough to wander, she drifted across the bridge - have followed anyone who left. Her mother would come looking for her later, she was sure. Tinek was also never far behind. The silver dragon would sail through the sky so regally and his red eyes would be ever watchful on Ophelia's children. Rarely did he come visit directly, and Ellie found herself very glad that he had his own life. Too often she had seen companions unfaithfully bound to their masters, and that was just... sad.

Ellie stuck close to the herd for her first adventure, but she couldn't help herself when she saw a cave entrance. Just like her mother in Isilme, she too took to the caves. When Ophelia had been a child, she had met Osiris in caves under the mountains, and now, Ellie was unknowingly following in her mother's steps. She ventured below without hesitation and danced her way into the various rooms until she got to one that was beautiful green and filled with water.

Even the mushrooms seemed to glow!

She sighed softly and then happened to look over to see a black egg glistening in the dim light. Ellie's ears perked forward and she wandered over, curious about what it could be. The girl knew better than to disturb nature, so she only came close and wondered where the mother of this egg was! It looked so alone and abandoned, and she had a full family.

All she wanted was to make sure that this babe was going to be well loved.

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Ever since the hatching of the pink eyed pup I seemed to find myself wandering through the caverns more and more. It wasn't that I thought anything spectacular was going to happen in the rabbit tunnels, but more of this was where I had finally found a spark of happiness again with the death of the Wildfire and the shambles that were left of my extensive family. Of course every now and then a moment of extreme claustrophobia would crash like a tidal wave across my pale frame, sending me and the still clumsy Vadar running for the open space and fresh air that could be found around the entrance to the caves. As much as the small canine loved to run and tumble through whatever she could find, she seemed to enjoy perching on my shoulders between my pale feathered wings as I traveled back and forth between her birthplace and the sands of the Throat where our family resided.

A smile flashed across my ink dipped features while electric blue eyes watched the ball of white disappear into the shadows of the cave's mouth, a light giggle slipping forth as I listened to the yelp of surprise when her too-large paws got tangled up with each other and she rolled down the slippery slope. With a gentle sigh and a shake of my head I followed after the pup, careful to watch my step so I wouldn't have the same fate as the albino. Electric eyes looked around for the ghostly pup and a flicker of worry flashed through my shock filled veins when she wasn't to be spotted in the main "room". It was unusual for her to wander off far without me close behind.

Dark ears pinned back, pale wings tucked in close to my frame as I tried my best to focus on our shaky, new bond in order to find where she had gone while I moved slowly through the glowing tunnels. Soon I found myself in the very room in which Athvadar had hatched, the happy yip from the pale pup told me I had been successful in finding her, bright blues met her pink ones just seconds before she took a flying leap across a puddle of water, missing by a long shot. The fall into the water not deterring her from getting up and racing over to where a small grey filly stood staring at a black egg. Wiggling in hopes of getting attention, the ghostly pup attempted to squirm her way into the dual horned filly's line of sight so she could play. Shaking my head I took a step closer to the filly who seemed oddly familiar, I assumed a child of some Throat member but I had been so caught up in family lately that the rest of the herd was the last thing I really worried over.

"My apologizes, Athvadar hasn't learned that the sun doesn't revolve around her just yet. Nice to meet you, I am you know what is in the egg yet?" At the mention of her name the puppy's whole body wiggled with the force in which she wagged her tail before traipsing back to curl up between my front hooves where she collapsed into a short nap.

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Eleanor spent quite some time gathering warm leaves and placing them around the egg, but the nature of caves was cold and humid. She frowned, wondering where this egg's mother went and why she would just leave it here all alone. Though, it was a black egg... perhaps she just couldn't find it? Was someone mourning for the infant just beneath the hard surface, she wondered? She mourned. Her heart was saddened by the loneliness which lingered around the egg in a quiet, soft fog.

The young girl was deep in her thoughts when a rustling startled her, and her entire spine stiffened. As a defense mechanism, one she had not encountered yet, she felt her soul growing angry. There wasn't really a reason for anger, specifically, but the strong emotion made her feel powerful. In that emotion, the light around her began to dim and falter, making her image start to haze.

Her strange, two toned eyes turned toward a white beast with blue eyes, and her heart calmed when a familiar, four-beated step followed along with a rustle of feathers. Ah, a companion... The light around her faded to normal once more, and she watched the young pup desire to play. As much as Ellie wanted to return this gesture, she could not. Fate did not lead her to this black egg to abandon it in childish whimsy, so she smiled apologetically.

"Perhaps later," she said softly, taking a step closer to the black orb wrapped in dewy leaves.

Ellie then regarded the strange. She was pretty and reminded her of herself a bit. They had the same, pale coat with dark points, but Ellie had hints of pink and one very dark and nearly black eye. Also, instead of wings, she sported two, silver horns which wrapped back like a demon's crown. Despite her rather monstrous appearance, she smiled shyly and nodded, accepting the apology.

"My name is Eleanor, and I don't know what's inside," she said, her soft voice almost like a melodic whisper. But it is alone, and that makes me sad. I want to keep it safe."

As if awakened by the selfless words, the black orb cracked with one loud, resounding noise. Ellie jumped, her ears flying forward, and her heart broke in two. "Oh no no! It's hurt! Oh I hope this isn't my fault..." she wailed, falling to her knees in the soft ground and sniffling, very upset. A few tears fell from her eyes (such were the rapid and extreme emotions of children), and they fell into the crack.

A grumbling hiss followed, and she snapped her eyes open, gasping. Very tiny, black claws carefully pried the crack open, revealing a very beautiful, shiny and black baby dragon inside. The female even had pink eyes! Perhaps this was a sign. With lightning fast speed, the black dragon climbed up her leg and buried itself in her mane, blinking cautiously from the short veil.

Ellie chuckled. "Oh! Oh... okay, little girl. Do I...? Do I have a companion now?"


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