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As it turned out, Alysanne had four whole things in common with Tembovu the dangerous Elephant King: weaknesses for foals and for family, a devotion to the Edge, and Mauja. After Alysanne had not seen so much as a single spot among the trees in the World’s Edge since the herd meeting in Tallsun, she had started to worry. It wasn’t that she worried exclusively about Mauja, mind you - she worried about the others as well. Tandavi, for example, had been around a little more recently but it had been a couple days since she had seen her new friend. There was constantly a running tally in her mind that Alysanne could not shut off. Members in herds came and went, she knew that, but she hated disappearances without so much as a ‘I’ll see you later’.

Orangemoon began to wane and still there was no sign of Mauja so Alysanne found Tembovu - knowing the two stallions to be friends - to see if she was the only one that had noticed an absence.

It was with a chill that she discovered Tembovu had been searching for him as well.

Perhaps the chill had something to do with the fact that it was a dreary afternoon - misty rain and fog turning the Edge into a grey world - but she doubted it. Her mothering instincts that encouraged her to try to protect everyone she met were twisting around her heart and telling her that she believed something was wrong.

The fact that she thought that about everyone she didn’t see every day was inconsequential. Eventually, those feelings were bound to be correct so she wasn’t about to start ignoring them.

Alysanne was a bundle of nerves as she stood beneath the violet canopy beside her co-ruler, as she released a loud call. “World’s Edge!” This was hardly the first meeting she had ever called - she had held quite a lot with the healers over the years - but it was the first herd meeting and her stomach was uncomfortably fluttering while she waited to see if anyone would even show up.

Would they heed her calls as they did for Tembovu?

She waited patiently for any who arrived, smiling faintly and nodding to all who did but she couldn’t keep the worry out of her green eyes. “Thank you for coming. I am troubled to inform you that our Emissary, Mauja, has been missing since the herd meeting. We all know how dangerous of a place Helovia can be and while faces disappear all the time, Tembovu and I are concerned about his prolonged absence.” Later she might reflect on how naturally it came to speak of herself and the king as a unit under such circumstances. It barely even made her skin crawl to speak in such a manner, so great was her concern over their missing friend. “If anyone has any information on Mauja's whereabouts I implore you to please share it and if not… keep your eyes open for any sightings.”

Her green eyes then shift to Tembovu, falling silent so he might add whatever he wished.

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The black and white beauty, for all the bickering and differing of opinions between the two Monarchs, shared a select few and important similarities. In the current moment, the most important (and most recent) being the mutual realization of Mauja’s prolonged absence from the Edge. And, as the days grew colder and the silent march toward Frostfall continued, his spotted friend (was that the right word?) remained missing. He knew his friend was prone to some wandering, but for this long? Unease uncoiled and shifted in his barrel.

So the two rulers had convened and spoken beneath the lavender tent. But the Elephant King’s worry was not for the Frozen Light, alone. No, two of his sons were missing. One’s absence was understandable: he could accept that Hawezi would seek relief from the vicious battle between Elsa and himself (he blinked and studied the hoof-marked earth beneath the tent). Guilt made him give his son space and time. But Kianzo’s disappearance (and his fruitless searching) was more of an ominous mystery. Though his son’s had not been entirely enthusiastic on their first meeting, Rexanna told him he was rarely without his sister.

His ears laid back slightly as Alysanne called the herd, blocking out most of the volume of her words, but not the words, themselves. He glanced towards her, giving a small, lopsided, encouraging grin (though he wasn’t sure that it was even needed; she had presided over her healers long before he ever called meetings).

And then they both waited for the Edge’s denizens to arrive. His navy eyes flowed over all those present (always identifying herd members as his responsibility). He remained silent, simply dipping his head in greeting and appreciation for those heeding their Queen’s call. He continued to study those gathered as she informed them all of Mauja’s absence, dipping his head in affirmation as she mentioned his name.

And then her green eyes shifted to him, and he took a deep and thoughtful breath (though equal parts concerned and uneasy), before his deep roll began to boom through the violet tent, “Another is missing, newly of this herd: my son Kianzo. He shares marking similar to myself and is clearly my son.” He paused, dark and lined eyes looking over all gathered, “I would welcome any help looking for both my son and Mauja.”

And then he fell silent, waiting and watching those gathered.
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Where there's no Law tying my heart from the start..

Welp, the hotline was goin’ off. And I guess this time me ‘n Cheek had to answer it.

A herd meeting. Wow man. So many years had passed since the last one I attended as a member of the establishment. It was weird to think about it, especially after seeing Mesec and his fucking kids man holy shit he has lil’ fuckin tots runnin’ around--

But uh, anyway. The last time I had attended a meeting, I had been their size, sidled up next to Mesec just like they did. Sleepin’ on his knees because Ma was doing important big-lady Chief shit. It was so weird to think about that--to watch time move like that, and see it do its work.

So...yeah. Me ‘n Cheek heeded the call, which was blown out by a lady we both remembered vividly. It’s hard to forget the face of the person whose garden you’d been shittin’ in. I guess I missed the memo that she was queen of this place though, which made both of us nervous because, even though we knew her face, we couldn't remember her name to save our asses man. And that’s rude (I guess).

Was I ready to stand in the group? Hell no, so we stood a ways away, close to a tree line so we could break for it easily when the meeting came to an end. was still a claustrophobic feeling, being among so many people at once. But luckily for me, the meeting didn’t turn out to be that long anyway. There were only a few items to go over. A few missing items.

I am troubled to inform you that our Emissary, Mauja, has been missing since the herd meeting.

Chico was pulling on my mane and I wasn’t feeling it, probably because I had unknowingly stopped breathing for a second or two. I didn’t know why either, why this...this chill crept over me when she said that. Why would I get worried like that, so immediately? Why should I? It’s not like it was bizarre for someone to wander off from the herd for days at a time--hell, I did that. It didn’t strike home for a few moments that his absence was mentioned--which made it notable, which made it unusual, which meant that something could’ve happened to make it unusual. Which meant trouble. Which meant--

(I'm falling apart, he told me once, with words that broke like ice--)

Ros, Chico was biting at me now, trying to get my attention, because my body was freezing and something was steeling over in my face and I still wasn’t hearing him. Because I was thinking about Lee, about Mauja and everything I knew about him. That he was sad (duh) and that he always had been but now it was worse, now there were all kinds of new things to break him down and I remember my last time looking at him, how skinny he was and drawn and diminished even if he could still stand there proud and sparkly and handsome--and I remember asking myself, once, as he lay at the body of his daughter, if I had ever had the heart to remind him he still lived in this awful, heart-crushing world--

(oh shit oh shit I was the one who reminded him he had a heart--)

And what kind of nerve did I have to get scared like this, at the thought that he could’ve finally taken the plunge from the plank to hurry home? Who was I to reach for him, to pull him back from it, to assure myself that he actually hadn’t...hadn’t done the thing that I was scared silly he had done? (That I couldn’t blame him for doing--) Why should it matter to me like that--why should my bones go cold and my body go numb and my face go buzzing with--with I don’t know what because I can’t look myself in the face when I want to?

Ros. Chico still couldn’t reach me.

Tembovu had a son and he was missing too and my body throbbed with another dollop of hurt but my brain didn’t care (oops oh shit there it is) because there was a rising panic that I wasn’t doing a good job of holding onto.


I glanced to my side, glanced behind me, my mind racing blindly and the next step I should take, where to go, where to go where to go where to go and Chico was beating his wings on my back and tugging my mane and my head was booming with ROS and before I knew it I had bolted out from underneath Chico, leaving him bewildered and flapping clumsily to the ground while I sped off into the trees, my legs pumping wildly, almost in time with the thoughts in my head.


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The filly had darted away from the tiny pine needle beds that her parents had thought to be suitable for the moment. She wondered how long her father, the King of this land had spent sleeping in such a horrible place. Even her mother knew the struggle it was, so used to the confines of a cave in the Basin where the warmth reverberated from the stone and the cavern that shielded them from winds and snowstorms, with beds made of far dead grasses and feathers, and whatever else they could rummage around in the frosty north. This was different, the child felt so exposed, and so she had spoken with her mother about it, to find a place fit for a King and their princess and prince – when Kianzo was found of course – that he’d be overly excited to return to.

However, her plans had been slashed as she danced through the woods as a call erupted from a part of the herd Kiada hadn’t ventured to just yet. Her bright oceanic gaze, though darkened some by the reminder of her missing puzzle piece, darted to and fro, brows furrowing in an attempt to find the correct place where the call had come from. She was familiar with herd meetings already, and she knew that if she were to be missing from this event that her father would be quite angry with her. So rather than sit there and take an argument, she came to the call. It was a woman’s voice, however, and Kiada barely recognized it until she came into view of the gathering.

Though part of her was still sorely upset over the encounter she had during their welcome into the Edge, she still wanted to spend time with him. And when she saw him standing next to a familiar face – Alysanne – she took the chance to join him. Of course, she had to stop and greet the painted Pegasus that had basically guaranteed her survival – seeing that her mother and brother made it back to the Basin safely – and she offered the Queen a dip of her head and a smile across her pink splotched lips. The flames across her back danced in a trio of elephants and lions as she moved over to Tembovu, standing beside him and pressing her ink dipped head to her father’s massive cannon bone. And when they spoke of missing people, a mysterious Mauja that Kiada hadn’t met before, she seemingly felt nothing at the man’s missing. The important thing was when her father mentioned Kianzo, in which her flames grew more elephants and her bright oceanic gaze darkened yet again. She watched in silence as the group grew, spotting her mother among the crowd and a painted woman that tore off after the announcement into the woods. She watched her go, yet said nothing. All she had for now was silence.

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Maude had never been to a real meeting before.

She prances among the gathering in search of her dad or mom, or maybe Katua and Zubari, who don’t seem to be here yet; instead, she finds Kiada, the girl that she and Katua had almost run into while chasing a squirrel. All across the appaloosa’s back, magical, fire-made creatures are dancing, which makes the girl even more interesting than she already is (the daughter of Tilney being as friendly as, perhaps more than, her father). In fact, the ginger and cream filly was so distracted by the pretty daughter of Tembovu and Rexanna, that she finds it difficult, at first, anyway, to notice what the King and Queen are talking about.

Smiling at Alysanne sweetly when she realizes she should be listening, not gawping, her smile almost immediately falls away. Someone was missing?!

Though she didn’t know who Mauja was, or what an Emissary was either, for that matter, the little girl finds that the thought of anyone being lost is incredibly sad. It makes her think of her Auntie Aelfwine’s journey to find her family again, or the stories about her daddy being lost at sea while she was still inside mommy’s tummy. Being lost was lonesome, scary, and not something Maude would ever wish on anyone, even if they were very wicked and cruel.

With her delicate jaw dangling open, she looks back to Kiada when Tembovu speaks next of his missing son. How horrible for her, that one of her brothers was gone!

The crashing escape of Roskuld earns a glance from the babe, who wonders what might have made her do such a thing in the middle of a meeting. How rude! She thinks to herself, looking haughtily back to Kiada, and trying her best to make eye contact with the girl, occasionally waving her front hoof in the air when she thinks the older filly might be looking in her direction.

Maybe if Maude was her friend, she would be less lonesome until her brother came home!

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It had been well over a year since the last time Mesec attended a herd meeting and it felt strange to be stirred and feel the desire to attend. This time he could join in a meeting and not feel the need to stand on the outskirts, afraid that something might bring out the literal monster within him. Aviya’s death was still a fresh wound the last time he had stood among his herd mates in the Throat.

Now he bore new wounds, now he was kept awake by thoughts of what he had done instead of what he might do.

But, also, now he was not alone.

It was a dreary day in the Edge by all accounts - the misty rain and fog transformed everything into various shades of grey but the violet tent that the call had come from still stood out and Mesec could see other forms drifting toward it. He looked down to the twins and smiled to them. “You can go play if you want, but I’m going to go see what this is about.” They were welcome to come, as well, but he wasn’t sure if they had any interest in standing around at meetings. There may be other foals there, sure, but Mesec didn’t want them to feel obligated. “... Just stay away from the cliff edges in this fog.” He added with concern before walking toward the slowly building crowd.

He found a spot near the edges but only realized that Roskuld was standing on the other edge when the winged mare next to Tembovu, presumably the queen, started talking.

This wasn’t just an ordinary meeting, it was the start of a search party. For two missing members. Mesec hadn’t known Mauja was even here in the Edge and now he was hearing that the Frozen Light was missing and it sent chills throughout his body.

A small disruption from the other side of the crowd signaled that Ros had left in a flurry - was she friends with Mauja too?

He wanted to take off after her but Mesec lingered instead, knowing that he wasn’t untethered enough to just run out of the Edge without making sure his children were being watched after. And there was a sense of duty to Tembovu as well, the kind king that had welcomed him and his family, to do whatever he could to help to find young Kianzo as well as Mauja. “Tembovu, do you know where your son was last seen?” Mesec asked curiously, drifting forward a few steps from where he had lingered on the edges of the tent so he might be more easily heard. Helovia was vast, and a single clue might help find those that were missing.

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For the first time in what felt like ages, she was actually home and nearby when the call reached her. How long had it been since she was able to attend a meeting again? Much too long, she was sure; if she didn't watch out people would start to forget she was still a part of the herd. It felt good to heed the summons, to throw aside everything else and obey. The young mare smirked as she set of in the direction the Queen's voice had come from, grimly amused by how complacent she was. How long had Alysanne ruled again? Barely a season, wasn't it? Yet already Erthë came running when the mare called. It couldn't be called loyalty, merely obedience - really, it was as though she didn't even care who carried the crown.

Well, yes and no. She did care about Tembovu, the big handsome stallion with the tired eyes who always smiled for her. He was a good man and a good leader - it would be a hard blow to lose his experience. But crown or no crown, Erthë would love him regardless of whether he ruled or not. Alysanne on the other hand..? Well. It wouldn't be fair if their names carried equal weight in her heart, when she knew one well enough and the other barely at all.

Either way, it was a moot point whether she liked the rulers or not. Knowing herself, she would likely obey the summons whoever it was; as long as they reigned with the favor of the Moon she was content, and if she was able to raise her voice in complaint against their choices now and then it was all the better.

Pale eyes swept quickly across the gathering but Erthë didn't say anything, silenced by the serious looks on the monarchs faces. Save for polite nods to those she knew the slight girl settled in quietly to wait for the announcement, caught up in her own thoughts until, with a jolt of worry, the leaders revealed what was going on.

Missing? Mauja was? Frowning, she tried to think back to when she had last seen the man, it felt like it hadn't been long ago at all... but come to think of it, hadn't that time on the cliffs been..? And Tembovu's kid too!? What was going on here, why were people disappearing?

"I haven't seen either of them, but I'll make sure to keep my eyes open" the girl said, her gaze coming to rest on Tembovu. "I wouldn't worry too much about Mauja... He knows Helovia better than any of us, I should think, and he has the Lady's blessing. Better then to focus on finding your son, as this man said..."

Erthë turned her head to nod in the direction of the one who had spoken before her, and nearly screamed in shock when it dawned on her just who it was that stood in their midst. For a moment it was not Mesec her eyes saw, the handsome young stallion, but rather the gleaming eyes and feral snarl of the warg, looming over her with teeth glistening as they descended towards her. Starting visibly the filly shied away from him, blood draining from her face along with reason and whatever calm she'd possessed a moment before.

"What's he doing here!?" she exclaimed, with a voice turned shrill from poorly suppressed fear.

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"In a sky full of stars, I think I see you."

The Edge was nothing like the Basin. I was pretty indifferent to the change of scenery, being with Papa and Virga was a hundred times more important in the grand scheme of things. I wished that Mama could be with us too, but I understood why she had been called away.  But exploring this place seemed special, somehow, after Papa explained about his Mama. I still didn’t understand all the intricacies of how Gods and politics worked (did anyone ever really understand?), but I definitely wanted to learn. 

So when Papa said that he was going to a meeting, I’d made up my mind to go with him before he’d gotten all of the words out of his mouth. “No no!” I muttered, hurriedly, “I wanna come with. I want to learn and meet people! And I’ll stay close - I promise!” As if to illustrate my point I pressed myself against Papa’s side, keeping him between myself and the cliffs.  I stayed particularly close to Papa the man who I knew was the King and a mare who I assumed was the Queen spoke to the group.  I didn’t recognize any of the names, which was unsurprising all things considered, but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t concerned.  And I felt better about wanting to help because there were others here that were young too.

Before I could speak there was a small commotion and a flurry of movement and I think that was Uncle Ros who left in a hurry, so either she was super worried or had some really good hiding places she had to check ASAP.  I blinked a few times before turning back to the little crowd that had gathered. 

“We can help you go look for them! I’m good at finding things!” I offer, maybe a little to eagerly, but I really do want to help. Everly and I have found lots of things...maybe not always things we’ve been looking for but we always manage to find something. This was obviously important. I couldn’t imagine losing Papa or Virga, and it was very clear that those missing meant just as much to the elephant man and the painted lady and the others as Papa and Virga meant to me.  That thought sent a cold shiver up my spine. 

And made me all the more determined to help. 

Papa was smart to try to narrow down the search area a little bit, which was probably a good idea because I knew he knew what all the places in Helovia were called. He had already shown me and Virga so much of it he could definitely help find the Elephant man’s son. 

But then there’s another voice and the words are confusing and it sounds like someone is here that shouldn’t be, so I peek around Papa’s side to see who the offender is.  And I’m shocked to see that a white mare is talking about Papa.  Confusion fills my head and clouds all the relevant current events - this is now all my mind is focused on.  Why would this mare be afraid of Papa and want us to leave the home where Grandmama Moon lives?  As per usual, my mouth moves just as fast as thoughts unraveling in my head. 

“But...why wouldn’t we be here?” I substitute we for he here because everyone should know that Papa, Virga, and I are a package deal, “His Mama lives here, and now we do too!” I say, confidently, with a little nod of my head, pleased with my answer.  

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-- I O N A --

Iona made a relatively low-profile entrance to the meeting (which was saying something considering her love of snide comments) and remained quiet as both Aly and then Tembovu addressed those who had come.  The fact that two significant members of the herd were missing set Iona’s mind on a dark path. She’d already been concerned with the general state of things after the recent string of attempted thefts aimed at the Edge.  Initially she’d written them off as an attempt to test the strength of the Herd after her sister’s ascension to Queen.  Now? Now she wasn’t so sure that the motives weren’t more sinister.  

Her mind twisted endless scenarios while others offered suggestions or committed to help.  When the voices stopped (and to be honest she’d been so wrapped up in her mind she’d hardly registered the words), she finally offered a suggestion of her own. 

“I can organize the stealth ranks into patrols to search for them. I want to make sure that these disappearances aren’t related to the string of attempted thefts from the Edge.  Just the other day a bold pegasus tried to nick something off me. I want to make damn sure they haven’t succeeded in stealing something a thousand times more precious.” There was irritation in her voice, but the concern was thicker.  Iona’s one true weakness was children, and the thought that one was missing made her feel sick.  And Mauja too - someone who had long since earned her respect and trust. She wasn’t going to abandon him either. That’s what doing nothing felt like to her. Abandonment. So her mind immediately began spinning the wheels and demanding action

“I have no reason to suspect any particular group in these disappearances. I just want to make sure. I’m not trying to cause a panic or anything - just being careful.” She shrugged one great black wing, hoping that she didn’t come off as too paranoid. I mean a healthy dose of paranoia was probably expected in a Specter. Pair that with Iona’s personal history and, well, you’d be hard pressed not to come up with worst case scenarios when you got news like this.  But the black and white mare had learned to cope over time. Or at least not let the degree of her paranoia show.

“Regardless, I’ll help you find them,” she said, simply. Iona respected both Tembovu and her sister enough to let them make the final decision as to how involved to make the search.  Obviously missing a high ranking member of the herd and the son of a lead made this a high priority, but she’d leave it to their discretion as to decide how to mobilize the herd.   

Lines: x x

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Alone. I have been alone for quiet some time now. I am only grateful that I am ever nearing my yearling mark. I am very capable to care for myself. But I was not near ready to have to handle that full time. So of course after a couple weeks, when the call rang out I followed it. I am sleepy and shaky as I walk to my first herd meeting alone. I remember the last time a bunch of the herd had gathered. The healer who had saved my momma had been made queen and a bunch of fighting happened. I really don't want to go by myself but they need to know.

By the time I arrive many others have already gathered. The painted mare who was there when I was born was speaking about others disappearing. Without hesitation, I silently seek comfort from her side if she will allow it. I don't even look at the others around me or her at first. When everyone seems to stop talking for a moment I look up at the Queen and speak softly. "Momma has disappeared too. I haven't been able to find her for a few weeks now..." I pause for a moment. "Can I stay with you?" I look up at her, for the first time since she had become Queen. Tears glistening in the corners of my green eyes. As my emotions rise, the markings on my face begin to glow softly at first until flames could be seen dancing across it.

Suddenly I look away, trying to hide both the flames that tell of my emotions and the tears. I can't let anyone see me cry. I am the daughter of a strong mare, the granddaughter of an even stronger stallion.... How would my family look on me if I am seen crying just cause I.... I WANT MY MOMMY!!! At the thought the tears that had been threatening burst forward and stream silently down my cheeks.

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Time dulls the teeth of whatever monster grabbed your heart upon first glimpsing the World's Edge. Maybe you don't love the smell of fog or the way the air hangs like a shroud over the trees (over you) but you begin to wonder. The dull hatred of change and the ache you feel when you remember the Basin is swallowed slowly by curiosity — curiosity piqued every time you notice something new about this place, from the way the surf roars far below the cliffs to the way the fog hides even simple shapes in its embrace. The World's Edge is a place full of secrets, full of hiding, and so you're surprised when something as simple and familiar as a meeting is called.

Your father thinks you won't want to come, but he's wrong. Vesper speaks your thoughts before you can, her much brighter shape bouncing up against Mesec's side as the three of you approach those who have already gathered. "Me too!" you grumble, ever slower and quieter than your sister. Your own dark hooves carry you after Mesec's tail, and Vesper keeps talking, the constant accompaniment of her voice a joyful music until it peters out, and your ears prick instead to the king, the great and indomitable shape of Tembovu, who is clearly the biggest unicorn ever to exist in the history of the world.

He says someone's gone missing.

Or — well, that black and white mare said it, first. You don't know anyone named Mauja, though. You're not sure you'd even recognize him if you did see him. You're thinking that when Vesper speaks up anyway, and your father, and for the second time in the last few minutes you're the odd one out. Your ears twitch toward your family; silently you decide you'll help them help, easily led creature that you are. Your eyes are still up, though, falling from Tembovu and from Alysanne to land on the strangely patterned girl nearby them both, the girl with fire dancing on her back —

and you know her.

Excitement bolts through your chest and your ears come up immediately. What's she doing here? Wasn't she in the Basin last? Has she moved, too? Suddenly, more than anything, you want to cross the meeting and ask, but fear of causing a scene roots you to the spot, to the space near your much darker family instead, and your body is still as only your thoughts race. And maybe you'd spend the rest of the meeting staring like an idiot, but suddenly someone else is talking, yelling, at your father.

Immediately, your dished face swings around and you fix the pale girl (horn and wings) with the confused mirrors of your large, dark eyes. Vesper's already talking, of course. "Why're you here?" you grind out alongside your sister's alarm. The white girl is small enough, young-looking enough, that you don't fear talking back to her the way you might fear saying the same thing to Tembovu, or the spotted lady at his side, or any other adult. No; wings mantling like a dog's hackles, you advance a step, your ears tilting back. Go away, everything about your body says. Or at least, shut up.

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The queens voice disrupted the doctors work, but it really was a most welcome distraction. He had given himself the task of weeding the garden and it had become far too tedious, even to the point he had to create games out of flinging the weeds in certain trees to get "points" to ease boredom.
When the King or Queen called however, there was a guarantee that Tilney would be there to listen or aid.

Setting off at a stready pace the bronze man weaved through the trees he knew so well, not even bothering to follow the path any longer. He would be as swift as possible - as a council member he should not be late.

Upon arrival the Queen spoke grim words of Mauja, another council member. The Emissary had been so cruel to Tilney, so much so Tilney might even be glad he was gone which was highly out of character for the jovial chap. That old, spotted unicorn had really been so vile it had lead Tilney to question not only the sanity of the Emissary but of Tembovu for appointing him with such a role. A king needed to be fair, and most of all just - Mauja had been abusive from the get go, and his task as emissary was to rule in the monarchs place if they were to leave the edge? The place would surely fall to chaos if left at the hands of such an evil, abusive, vile bafoon. How could a role like that be extended to him.

He was, however a  much valued member of the herd and perhaps he had just had a bad day that day. Woken up on the wrong side of the meadow, or had a bad lunch?
Now awash with concern the doctor stepped fourth among the meeting attendees and glanced about to each offering their help.
"I will search for him, My king and queen. Count me in for the search party"

It didn't take him long to notice dear maude not far away with Kiada. A faint smile fell over his countenance, one that soon fell.
Other edge members begun to mention their other missing members. His Arah was among them.
The doctor waited for th voices to die down before his emerald gaze crossed to his daughter.
Forgive me.

the doctor adressed the king by his name, wishing to speak to him not as a servant but as a friend "My Arah; Maude's mother. She is gone also".


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She is not the first to arrive, which isn’t all that shocking really. Lyanna hasn’t been around as much as usual lately. Why? No particular reason – she simply felt restless. Like she’d been trapped with a cliff at her back and trees blocking the sky for far too long. Not that she was trapped at all. She came and went from the Edge with relative frequency, and loved both the cliff (yes, cliff diving is rather fun) and the misty forest. No, she’s beginning to think it’s remnant of her own grief, the way her mind has learned to cope with the loss of everything. Because she was never the restless sort before – but now…well now, sometimes, she simply needed to wander.

Though she always popped in and out of the Edge to make sure things were okay, that she wasn’t needed. And today, thankfully, she pops in at least in time to hear the call. Though others are gathered by the time she arrives, she still catching Alysanne’s words. And the news is not good news. She hadn’t noticed, honestly, that the spotted stallion wasn’t among them. But nor had she been around enough to notice, which was her own failing. She felt the shame of that burn slightly, but she says nothing for now, listening as Tembovu gives them yet more bad news.

And this new – oh, how disheartening it is. Yes, the disappearance of Mauja was not something she took lightly. But a child? Her heart lurches a bit at this noise, and she offers Tembovu a nod that affirms she will help look for him. She could, if nothing else, put her restlessness to good use for the herd.

There were others there, some who spoke and others who did not. She watches them, noting that Ros is in the group now. And a face she does not recognize – one she would remember, had she ever met him before. He looks like he belongs to the Moon and the night, not that that necessarily means he does (or that he doesn’t). Erthe is the next to speak, her words wise as always despite her young age, though suddenly she notices the black stallion as well and shrieks. Lyanna moves through the group at that, coming to the side of her chilly (literally) friend with a soft nicker.

Lyanna stays close to the girl’s side, less for protection and more just for comfort, and really, because she has only a few friends in this world. She remains silent, trying to keep up with whatever else is going on. Faces she doesn’t know, more news of Maude’s mother disappearing also. She stifles a sigh and a quiet oh, though the urge leaves exhaling a breath that is slightly too sharp. Oh, indeed.  


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Rexanna was late, and unfortunately it was the first meeting she had been to in the Edge so far. She quietly condemned herself for her tardiness, trying to rationalize it on not really understanding the layout of the Edge quite yet. And it was just enough to keep her mind at ease. Marembo ran alongside her as she made her way to the gathering – plenty of faces around that she recognized, some she didn’t, yet she suddenly became slightly nervous. ’Calm’ Came Marembo’s soft quiet voice in the back of her mind. She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, making her way toward Tembovu where their daughter stood.

She debated with herself if she should greet him as she always did, or if it were too affectionate for such meetings. So instead, she smiled to him and greeted her daughter and her vulture companion. Her attention turned to Alysanne there with a dip of her head and another smile until she caught all the names of those who were missing. Silence overcame her, the sudden urge to tell the star washed Pegasus where her son was last seen had vanished as more names of those missing came into light. Perhaps she hadn’t heard the name Mauja until Erthe spoke, (and WOW, was she growing)! And then, as if nothing else Tilney’s own lover had vanished as well. A soft sigh passed her lips as she lowered her head to Kiada who seemed fixated on the foals surrounding the star Pegasus who had asked where Kianzo was last seen.

And instead of speaking, she stayed silent. She watched and took in the information before her, willing to look for the missing souls as well as Kiada slipped from her parent’s embrace to break into the group.

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Kiada stayed quiet as more faces in the crowd came into view – some asking questions and others seeming to talk amongst themselves. She noticed the pale filly from her first encounter here in the edge, her oceanic gaze drifting to try and capture the younger child’s gaze. Her pink splotched lips offered the pale child a smile as she noticed the small wave of her cloven hoof. Though, it didn’t take long until more faces distracted her. The star Pegasus asked where the last seen location was of her twin, and she began to slip under her mother’s embrace with Khairi among her back to speak with him when she noticed he looked slightly familiar.

Her brows furrowed slightly as she paused in her step. A pale lady with wings and a horn began to shriek and immediately Kiada’s snow rimmed ears flattened against her ebony head, her sharp eyes glaring down the woman for the moment. Soon, a woman that looked like Alysanne stepped in and began speaking but Kiada’s attention was lost on her for the moment, reveling in the fact she seemed to ignore the pale woman’s scream. The fainted smile grew on her splotched lips as her head swiveled back to the Pegasus to notice a filly beside him, and – OH.

A lightbulb went off in her head as she spotted Virga. His words reaching toward Erthe with a fiery tempo. Immediately, Kiada picked up her pace and trotted her way over to Virga and Vesper.  “Virga!! Are you here too?” She questioned with a hint of excitement, her oceanic gaze brightened ever so slightly as she turned her attention to his twin. “Are you his sister?” She questioned innocently, recalling the colt and hers conversation around the hot springs so many moons ago.  Then, her head swiveled up to the man above them who looked remarkably like them and a lightbulb went off in her head. “You’re Mesec aren’t you? Virga told me about you!” Her ebony tail wiggled about her thighs in excitement at recalling the memories. “Uh, I wanted to tell you that the last place I saw Kianzo was in the Meadow. We were talking to a – serval.” She noted before looking away for a moment as Tilney spoke up. She recognized the voice and another lightbulb seemed to go off.

Immediately her body turned to her father, Khairi’s wings extending to keep his balance the best he could as his bonded began to freak out slightly. “Tilney! You were there, you saw my brother at the Meadow!” She exclaimed, her thoughts running around as a muddled mess. “Bambo maybe he can help us too!” Her ebony head tilted slightly, oceanic gaze seeking out the Moon Doctor’s. Her desperation laced her voice, pushing away her internal desire for power. The more that could help them find her other half, the better off they would be.

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