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[OPEN] SWP :: Once upon a wave :: (Intro)

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Just like many who hailed from all corners of Helovia, Alune too had followed in the hoof steps of many, drawn in by the boomed voice which had rippled to ever corner, nook and cranny. Silver eyes had watched pegasus and their hybrid cousins drift through the skies, a smile on his pale muzzle as he watched the skyborne children dot the skyline with so many different colours, unique stars upon the orangemoon winds.

Unlike those, who could fly to the island, he could not and while he had mentally prepared to swim against the current and the energetic tides — relieved was the Seer when he spotted the crafted Land Bridge also being used by those who relied on their four hooves alone to see them across the land.

He crossed with a leisured trot, careful not to bump any or take up the bridge for too long so others who were some of the last, did not have to wait to see who or what had washed up without being stuck behind the leviathan of a Seer.

Immediately, he noticed Tembovu and no doubt his family, next the familiar faces peppered in like shining beacons among the crowd. "My King." A rumbled greeting toward the Dorobian man and next his head dipped toward the golden lady who was beside him. "My Lady, and little Lady." Silver eyes directed to the filly who looked remarkably like the two of them, their daughter no doubt, and finally coming to rest with warmth on Tilney, who had arrived a little before him it seemed. "And warm greetings to you, Tilney, how fares fatherhood?"

He wasn't so surprised nor moved by the fish-horses appearance, "He reminds me of the Naga horses, which live deep beneath the waves outside of Thal'Sharah." He murmured, after a moment, fine lines appeared around his eyes and an unsure twitch mottled his muzzle. "Though, they are far from pleased to see Equines such as us, and not nearly as welcoming. One of my Guards was turned into a puffer fish for insulting one of the enchantress'. Took us a month to figure out how to change him back." A snorted chuckle escaped him at that, and he settled into a patient and comfortable silence.

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I had been ignoring this tug all day. That is, until Sarabi gave me no choice but to follow it by bounding off. SARABI! I scream through our bond. For once she doesn't answer but I get flashes of her path. I set off at a run. In all my life, we have never been more apart than we are right now. I hate the distance, even if it's only a few yards. The flashes of her path help me weave in and out of the trees, to just feel as she does. We are and have always been a pack of two.

But somewhere in the back of my mind, Volterra lingers with his golden and red dragons. The idea of what it could be like to be part of more than a pack of two. Sarabi growls at the idea. I don't understand why, and when i've asked all she would tell me was Keiran. How it connected back to Volterra I don't understand and Sarabi wouldn't tell. The joy of being an outcast, it did not take us long to reach the Riptide Isles. What did surprise me, was the land bridge that Sarabi was now darting straight across without hesitation. I followed of course, and many others seemed to of done the same. By the time I got there, I couldn't see past the crowd. However I could see. "Volterra." My voice is a whisper. I doubt he hears me, but its possible. Sarabi growls softly as I move forward. But two other mares are at his sides. So instead I shift past him, my head held high. I stopped not far off. Sarabi scoffs at me mentally but does not speak.

At long last I get a glance at the beast. I am glad we stayed back, that is for sure...

My mind returns instead to him. I don't know why, but I am drawn to stand at his side. A side that is clearly not open for me. So instead I will ignore him.... and hope that he notices me...

Sarabi Talks

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She had been so locked into watching Volterra that she had completely missed the pink and white mare standing next to him. Her teeth bared and ears snapped back against her slender head. Silver eyes glared at her wishing she could shoot daggers from them. She watched the mare darkly as she moved in front of her stallion as if protecting him. Her lip lifted in a dangerous smile. The bitch clearly had no idea there wasn't a reason to fight, besides other mares, when you had a stallion at your side. She stepped forward and closer to HER man. It might not be the right time to fight, but one more look or if she moved any closer to him and the the Ghost was going to strike.

Then the sea creature made a bridge and the bitch moved on. With a snort of approval the girl lifts her horned head and shakes the nasty thoughts away. She had moved on and that was that. Then two foals come up to him. Clearly they are hiss pawn. She knows one of them from before. She can't remember her name though. As she eyes them too she has to fight the wave of anger pounding through her heart. How many fucking kids did he have?! Where all the mares in this damned land have open legs, and fruitful loins? Surely there was a mare here somewhere that could or would turn her man down.

Instead she turns her attention to everyone else, trying to distract herself. The mare sees many odd and attractive equines around them. Silver eyes watch them all curiously inspecting each body with different degrees of distaste. She could careless what species they are, they are all horses after all. Under the horns and feathers they all roughly had the same build and wants.

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Whatever Ru'in thought of her trailing farther and farther into the south, Romina did not stop to worry about. He would follow her everywhere, she had made sure of that. Part of it was his natural devotion to her, and she to him. They would sooner burn together than lose the other in any way, and Romina had built off that twisted co-dependence with her natural inclinations towards trial and error. Science and psychology. It had started innocently, in their youth. Hide and seek was simply a weapon to bring him to her side, to ensure he could find her in any land, hunt her down if ever she were taken from his side. But while others may have looked down upon her as cruel and controlling, manipulative, Romina could see none of it. She loved her brother, with a violent, possessive kind of love. She would raize civilizations and conquer worlds for his sake, would destroy any who spoke ill of him where her ears could catch the sound of their treachery. She was merely insuring that he loved her just as deeply, that was all.

So as they followed the stretch of glittering oceans down the eastern coast, and the siren's call echoed across the land with a surety she had not yet experienced, Romina's soft ears pricked with veritable interest. There was no need to tell Ru'in they'd be investigating, but his soft, warm breath against her flank was assurance that he would follow her to the source. And already the venture was proving exciting and viable, with how a bridge magically formed for their tri-toed hooves. Encouraging them, drawing them forth. Romina hummed her pleasure in her throat, delicately picking her way across the sea wreckage to the beast that awaited them.

They gathered like flies, and Romina sniffed delicately, hating crowds just as much as her brother in this sense. She would rather be like their mother, commanding attention at the head of the crowd rather than hiding within it, nothing but another faceless number clamoring for the attention of the magical creature. It felt far too much like groveling, and she intensely despised those that crowded too close, feeling her short stature too keenly.

Romina was distracted by her brother's breath against her ears, prompting a natural, warm smile across the girl's pale lips. Oh how he could turn her emotions like the moon's force against the tides. "Perhaps it's another God?" Neither had come face to face with the Helovian gods, but this one did not seem to be part of the collectible set they'd been given in Helovia. A Rift god then? Or...perhaps something new? "Powerful at least, if it made us the bridge." Which meant it was important to Romina, then. She had quite an eye for powerful pieces on the chess board, if she were to outmaneuver them in the future. Idly she turned her face into the crook of Ru'in's horns, running her lips along the cool familiarity of their texture. Only time would tell what this creature sought from them.

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The duo was out once more patrolling Helovia, well kind of. He was hoping to come across his sister, mother, father, or brother. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen his parents, and it had been way to long since he had seen his father. The stallion felt anxious, had something happened to them? His heart hammered in his chest as he flew next to his companion. Fire trailed behind the deer eagle creature. He looked at her worry clearly etched on his face. She bleated at him and tried to send reassuring thoughts to him. He accepted them and they smoothed out some of tender edges around his heart. 'Parelia is a cream, white and teal Pegasus, you'll know her when you see her. Areli is smoky black with golden dapples and eyes, and has a golden wolf with her.' He felt her excitement boil in her young heart at the thought of a playmate. He couldn't help but smile as he explained what his brother and father looked liked as well. 'I wouldn't bother trying to play with Kiara, she can be... testy.' He smiled fondly at the memories of his father's grumpy white tiger.

Suddenly the scent of many others caught his attention and he looked down. His heart picked up speed when he saw the monstrous creature on the beach and a horde of horses around it. Was this another false god? 'If anything happens, I want you to protect as many of the foals as you can, ok?' He glanced at her before picking out two forms below him. Joy erupted in his heart as he dove for the ground, Isabella at his side. As soon as they touched down the rougaru shifted to her wolf body. He smiled as they picked their way through the crowd. His smile only grew as she spotted Rexanna. He turned towards her smiling and dipped his head to her, Tembovu, and a couple foals. "Hello Rex, it's been a long time." He smiled warmly at her before addressing the massive stallion. "It's nice to see you as well Tembovu. I just wanted to stop and say hello." He dipped his head once more before heading to Lani. Isabella meanwhile slipped off to tail Ilios's sister and golden wolf.

He stopped behind her grinning brightly before trying to gently touch her hip. "Hey Lani, will you come with me? I have someone I want you to meet." His eyes sparkled and his white tipped tail whipped around his hocks. He prayed she would follow him, but he had to go to Areli either way. He turned and slipped carefully in between the bodies. He followed the Isabella's feelings until he found her behind his sister. His voice was bright and joyful as he called to her, "Areli!" Unableto contain himself he raised forward his neck aiming to embrace her own. She was so big and he couldn't believe it. "Sister when in the world have you been?!" He laughed and stepped back to look her over. Isabella pranced to his side and whined trying to get the girl's attention. Her tail waging so hard it moved her whole body. They were both thrilled to have found their sisters. 'See if you can make friends with Bee, she is super sweet.' Without another thought the silver wolf bounded to the gold and bowed her tail still going a million miles an hour. "Areli, this is Lani." He bit back the words he wanted to speak, since he hadn't had a chance to speak to Lani about it yet. Even as they spoke he kept a watchful eye on the beast, unsure how this was all going to go down.

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They came. And they came in spades.

The partially scaled breast of the blue-green man swelled with pride as his eyes fell upon those who flew, swam, ran, and magic'd their way to greet him. He couldn't hide - nor did he try to - the smile that parted his lips, revealing teeth of varying sizes, lengths, and from apparently different species all together. Still, he looked quite handsome as he stood, a creature right out of the blue lagoon, being surrounded by those he had called.

Many offered him greetings of varying ranges of glee and excitement. Many more asked him questions - his name, if he needed anything, who he was. But of course, as more and more arrived, he thought it better to save his introductions until at least the majority of the little island upon which they stood, was full.

 "Hello, and hello, and hello!" He tittered, his voice buoyant with mirth.  "All in good time! I shall answer all, in good time!" He laughed, his eyes meeting each of those who arrived, half repeating what he had said each time a new question was asked.

Aquila was one of the first to actually draw his attention. This shouldn't have been surprising, since the two so drastically appeared to be cut from cloth that at least bore some resemblance.  "Ni parolu poste de la maro." He whispered, in a voice meant only for her.

As it seemed as though the trickle of those who had heeded his call was beginning to finally slow, he drew himself up to his full height, shining eyes falling upon each and everyone of them.

 "I have been called by many names over the years. Such is expected to happen when you have lived as long as I have." His smile grew deeper as he again made a sweeping gaze of the crowd, someone managing to impart a few seconds of eye contact to each of them.  "Some of my names can be spoken only by the aquatic species who live so deep that they have never seen the sun. Others, are expressed as bubbles of air that float in pockets away from clumps of coral or algae, eventually making their way to me. But you, my new friends, may call me Kisamoa, or Kis." He had found that many liked to abbreviate names. Was it perhaps because their lives were so short, that they felt the need to save precious seconds wherever they could? He didn't pretend to know, but it was alright just the same.

"Much of what you have asked of me, can be answered by telling you who I am." He swallowed, his smile widening. He had waited so long for this.
"Many of you have been visited by strange creatures over the years, who have imparted gifts to you. Some have eggs, other trinkets seemingly made just for you, but all hold some sort of allegiance to the four Gods of these lands." He paused, waiting to see a spark of recognition on their faces.  "Consider me no more important than any of them -" A subdued and humble glow now coloured his teal cheeks.

"I am a distant cousin of the God of the Earth, and as you might have surmised, it is over the seas that I lay my claim. Do you know how much land there is, hidden beneath the waves? " A pause. A smile. "That is why you do not see me often - if ever - for it is to those often forgotten creatures and those endless vistas that I dedicate my time."

Seagulls circled lazily over head, as the staccato rush of the waves seemed to punctuate each of his dazzling and sincere glances towards each of them.

"Dominion over all of the earth and all of the water is a job that requires immense dedication and effort. With the new lands that your Gods have heralded this way, I have temporarily left the blackened waters of my home to assist the Earth God, here. Perhaps some of you recall a land that was blackened and deadened. It saddens the Earth God to see it so, and thus I have come forth, to rehabilitate it, however I can."

Who I am? Check! Why I am here? Check!

But they had asked him something else - if there was anything he needed, if they could help. And of course, that's why he had called his new friends here in the first place, now wasn't it?

"Now friends, I do not mean to be impolite and skip over hearing each of your introductions, but I am afraid that in the interest of duty, I must. For you see this is not a holiday for me, and I have quite a bit of work to do here." His smile faltered, and a look of disappointment glazed his reptilian-looking features. "But. Hey..." It appeared as though an idea had just come to him, and suddenly his smile widened. Kisamoa took a step forward, lowering his head and looking at them all eagerly. "..if you were to help me ... why then I could finish my work a great deal faster, which would leave me more time with all of you! And you know.."

A small filly had caught his gaze. She was a pretty thing, accompanied by a great grey wolf. His eyes sparkled and his smile widened, revealing that odd assortment of teeth again. Above her, a sparkling crown suddenly appeared. It was created primarily from coral, adorned by various diamonds, seashells, and sea-stars. As it neared her forehead, the gentle woooosh of the ocean could be heard faintly coming from within one of the shells. "...I am always happy to thank my friends for their help." He concluded, as the ocean-themed crown gently touched down on the girl's head. Faintly behind him orbs of magic appeared, but only for a second, before disappearing once more.

"So?" He asked, straightening once again. "What say you? Will you help me?"

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There was a reason he didn’t tend to like gatherings. Horses tended to gather…and then want to speak. His name drifted across the murmur of voices and the tasseled tail flicked back slightly. But that voice he couldn’t draw his ears back upon. Rexanna….A hot breath rolled against his shoulder and the whole focus on the child dropped completely. Yet…he doesn’t pull away. He didn’t draw back. Instead the gold let it be. Accepted her hello. A simple notion, but one foreign to anyone who actually knew the gold. Earth eyes filter back to her as her soft touch brushes against him, making his breath hold (he was allowing it but he wasn’t exactly used to it). “Rexanna…” It exhaled as she stepped away back more normal distance.  

The cloven hooves step back as a dark shadow appeared at his side. The crowned head turned back to a small stag at his side as the mare greeted her child. “Couldn’t give me more warning?” but the deer only shrugs, his attention was on the center of the crowd, and his worry for it had drawn him close. The gold was oblivious still as the cream mare turned back to him. His golden harks alert and catching every word, in ever tone and drop. So they were searching for something…her other half was missing. Immediately some ghost that did not belong to him, or even have a face to him, rose up. The crowned head rose as well. Was this the work of Calstron? A bitterness grinded his teeth as he thought of the devilry, but his tongue held. Rexanna knew she need only ask….And it wasn’t his right to drag to the light her nightmare…

So many strange allowances this mare was given, but none were pondered on too deeply. It simply was….If he thought about it too long the complicated web would only grow. It would weigh too much to support itself, and it just might collapse. That could not happen-again.

Again his name cuts across the low murmurs and this time the harks do pin and jaded smile grows. He knows that voice too. “Tembovu.” The Cheshire cat lulls. My what a fun time to meet the whole family. The gold again makes room as the child takes center stage again. In the background the gold wondered how the girl took all this. From what he remembered she had been quite independent….far beyond time for mother’s kisses and fatherly embraces. Yet he hadn’t the time to ponder long as the attention turns to him yet again.

‘Rexanna tells me…’ A pang in his heart involuntarily strikes (he hadn’t been able to control it lately). There was so much she could tell….hard earth eyes flash to her but instantly melt as the the elephant king moves on. Harks still lean back though, untrusting. The gold was not one to enjoy playing games when he didn’t know what cards were still out. So his words were cautious. “I do hear the seaside is lovely this time of year.” He wanted nothing more than to look and question the gilded mare, but ever cautious his eyes do no dare to look to her again. Instead he’s all smile and pleasant expressions.

Of course, what the elephant king suggests is something of interest, and the false bravado shifts to genuine curiosity. Though, as usual the gold wouldn’t have choose some specific words….transgressions …quite strong in the gold’s opinion for what was only a little romp or two. But the offer of a job was so tempting the gold didn’t even bother to interrupt or correct. Instead his head only tilts and his eyes begin to come alive. It was, in truth, a real reaction. The gold was honestly, trilled. How long had it been since he had something to target, something to really trail? Sure the months of lashing out wherever he pleased had been wonderful…but there was something in this offer that the gold was ever so greedily grabbing at. It was a target, a regret of hire, and an admittance of need. All of which smoothed the gold’s ego, and pressed the curl of his lips up ever higher. “I’ll see what I can do.” The stag at his side presses, signaling the coming of others, and the Laureling takes the opportunity and the broken attention to dip his head and step back.

He shifted through the crowd looking for those he knew, and avoiding them. However he was also becoming ever more curious about the creature at the center of it all. His growing questions though were soon answered by the creature himself. The gold came to a halt at the periphery, watching, listening, with interest.

The Laurelin didn’t exactly trust this creature, the smile was, in his eyes, too similar to those he had himself made to settle deals. To all the smooth creature, Kris, words, the gold only looks on with a cutting gaze. He watches the vague twists, the subtle hints. The idea that the gods would ever impart their powers to others, to deputize, without showing their vain faces about seemed….odd. Though the God of Earth was the most likely of the four to do so, the idea just….didn’t add up. It didn’t help that these lands were never…secure feeling anyway. Never, settled.

However… was the gold ever to say no to someone who…seeked to toss a little, life into Helovia? Not exactly… Perhaps if he was more religious he might have held. Perhaps if he owed a great deal to one of them he might have held. Perhaps if he wasn’t still riding a slight high such as that he had from his acceptance of a little side job he might have held. Damn if he had just gone home as he had wanted he would have held. But the gold was a curious creature if nothing else. Besides, words were words, they never really called forth connections to deeds for the gold. Loyalty was such a fickle thing….

So for sound reasons or not a smirking gold stepped at last from the shadows with head high and sharp eye. None of the others had dared moved, but the gold was never one to wait to follow others. “What did you have it mind?” He hissed low, meant to only be heard by the creature and those nearby.

"talk talk talk"

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Thranduil speaks to Tembovu, and Rexanna then moves to the side front and questions Kris.
His words are clever and bright

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More had come. More had approached and spoken to the creature from the deep. But none were of consequence to the seaborne mare in this moment because he had spoken to her.

Spoken to her in Akvian.

Gills gaped open, frozen mid-gasp as her too-large and never-blinking eyes blinked repeatedly in shock. "Ni parolu poste de la maro.” The whispered words echoed through her mind—a mind now unused to hearing her native tongue. For so long, now, she had simply thought and spoke it on her own. But now… now she stared blankly for long moments as he spoke to all those who had gathered. And though he spoke of restoring blackened earth. Blackened earth? What did dead earth matter when they were of the sea—and he could tell her of her people?

Face-fins flare out in aggravated anticipation, barbed tail stirring beneath the surface as she waited for him to finish answering all of the their questions—but he had told her that they would speak later. And, if it was true that he knew of Akvo (for he knew her language), then she would assist him in whatever task these gods had given him. For, as he said, he would be done ’a great deal faster’ with their assistance. And the faster his tasks were done, the sooner he would tell her of her people.

There was a part of her, a fierce and vociferous part, that screamed to lukton for the answers now. But this was the first shred of hope that had been given to her—and though all things in the warrior wished to immediately posses control over it, it was too fragile (—too precious—) to risk losing it.

So, instead, her throaty voice sounded from her scaled lips, “Vi havos mian helpon.” It was quiet, hushed with shock and hope and gasps for air. And her head rose, both proudly and with purpose, ridged skull twisting in the direction of the black, dead earth. The spit of land was too far to see, but she was painfully aware of where the rocks were that held her anguished, spilled blue blood.

And, for the first time, the seahorse began to think on how to heal earth.

lukton = fight
vi havos mian helpon = you will have my help

Aquila has her mind blown by the creature speaking Akvian to her and then offers her help.

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Quick as the rising tide the crowd swelled, until what seemed to be half of Helovia's entire population stood gathered on the beach. Alright, so maybe she was exaggerating but there really was a whole lot of people milling about, and the sound of mumbled greetings, delightful exclamations at seeing long missed friends and shouted questions towards the ocean-born creature filled the air. The din was incredible; Erthë grimaced in discomfort and flattened her ears against the poll to block it out, the large wings ruffling and swelling as bodies pressed in against her from all sides.

The summoner however seemed very pleased indeed by the onslaught of horses. His - its? - smile broadened for every additional individual that joined, and when the stream faded to a trickle and he began to speak, it sounded to Erthë as though he was announcing some sort of festival or offering a real treat. Tone and intent aside, the young mare listened intently as questions were answered and intentions revealed. The creature, naming itself Kisamoa, called itself a relative of the gods - the very idea sent a shudder of mingled excitement and unease through the pallid girl - and mentioned lands to the south in need of aid. Frowning briefly Erthë recalled flying over the area on her way to the Veins, and remembered what Mauja had said about the place.

'Once called the Spectral Marshes, it was now deadened land...' or something along those lines, wasn't it? Somehow connected to the appearance of the terrible wraiths, a plague that had displaced all the herds from their lands and forced great change upon Helovia. Erthë now wished she had asked for more details on the matter when she had the chance - all she had to go on now was vague hints, her own guesses and the growing lump of discomfort in her guts that she couldn't find a reason for.  

"I hear that place was infected with a horrible plague. How do you intend to handle that kind of disease? I wouldn't want to see my home ravaged by wraiths, like what happened in the past, if it can be at all avoided."

Erthë gazed intently upon the patchwork being, listening carefully for every turn of word and phrase should he reply. She was glad to hear he wasn't an enemy but it didn't mean she was about to trust him explicitly either. Never before had she heard anything about the gods having relatives beyond their own children, never before had any such creature appeared before them. Was it cynical of her to be suspicious? Was this where she ought to place her faith in the good intentions of the gods and obey without question? If so then it was too bad. Erthë was too greedy for knowledge to refrain from asking, too jaded by what she'd seen in the past to jump into anything blindly. The Moon would hardly approve if she stopped thinking on her own or ceased acting according to her own nature and will.

"I would be glad to help with the restoration of the land, though I hope there won't be a need for combat..? My name is Erthë, of the World's Edge."

It's too cold outside for angels to fly
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Erthë agrees to help! She basically asks whether the wraith plague infection will be a problem, and whether there will be fighting. :)

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So many faces, so many players, so many acts and stages waxed and waned their way along the waves, and Erebos was an eager entity amongst them, eyes fixated on the strange creature floating along the lagoon. There was a contortion amongst the rippling tides – of nerves, of apprehension, of glorious confusion, and he thrived alongside it, querying, questioning the lengths of the mysteries intertwined within the throng. Chaos unwound the coils of his essence and made him all the more audacious, listening in on the resounding questions, twisting this way and that, smiling at those he knew and those he didn’t – always with some sort of attention sprung right back at the oceanic titan (he’d never seen anything like it before; it’d certainly never drifted towards the surface, where he was prince and pauper, rushing past sea gulls and crashing through utopia). Before long, the crowd surged and swelled, some towards the shadows, lined on the outskirts, and others pushing ever closer, sniffing and pawing and gesturing with the same curious wonder as the rest. Orsino might’ve hissed and growled, had he been capable of taking on the whole world.
But the thing spoke again, and the boy was captivated all the more, of names (Kisamoa), of allegiances to the Gods, a cousin to the Earthen one, and all the land, all the terrain, beneath the everlasting sea (the parts he’d never seen, never would, because the youth only rested on the plane, a drop of dust on an endless field of blue). Then there was the asking, the commitment, of help and guidance, support for a land the warrior had never visited – it’d been decrepit, decayed, mauled before he’d ever had the chance – and if they were fervent, willing, to assist. Erebos offered contribution, enthusiastic and avid, across his tongue before Orsino could even combat him with resistance and irritation. “I’d be willing to help!” His ears turned slightly to Erthe (wanted to smirk, wanted to laugh, remembering the last time he’d seen her, and all the frustration, the amusement, that had come with it – the moments hadn’t been as exhilirating as he’d wanted them to be, but it’d been a worthy diversion amidst blood and bone) as she expressed her concerns. She wanted to know about wraiths (his father had told him of the time they’d been forced into catacombs, when disease had spread, turning friends into foes), about combat (which he wouldn’t mind), but didn’t prolong his sentiments on the inquiries for long. Orsino muttered something about manipulative Gods - like the days when the Moon Goddess had spread her murdering finesse into her puppets and marionettes – but Erebos ignored him for now. If something dangerous, something vile, something treacherous occurred, he’d endure it. He’d always had. “What would you like us to do?” He tilted his head in a kind gesture, in a friendly smile, in an inquiring manner before the rest of them did the same. It would be something else to do – something else to commit to – besides vengeance and destruction.

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The masses arrive like birds called to warmth: more and more and more, all crowding around the call. Your ears twitch now and then as their bodies slide past yours. Voices mingle in the damp air, but only snatches of words meet your ears, and you dismiss them, content to wait for the truth standing before you. Why speculate now? Maybe because the stranger stands silent, as if he knows how many he expects to answer his summons. Again, the word ghosts through your consciousness (god). Is this what one looks like? Is this what your grandmother is like...?

The presence of someone nearby draws your attention, and one dark eye cocks back to fix upon a familiar face. "Zyanya," you remember, though you were a bit younger then, and a bit more stubborn. Your voice is a little deeper over the syllables now, and much softer. Something in the same family as a smile touches your face, and you nod at her, but your attention drifts away soon after. Or — maybe it's more apt to say your attention is stolen by the demanding voice of a younger colt across the meeting. Ears up, head up, you answer Iskra's summons with a wave of one wing, but you don't budge. Iskra stands surrounded by strangers, though one of them — the sunny boy — you recognize. No desire to join the group stirs in your breast. Zyanya's presence at your side is a more welcome silence. And anyway — a moment later someone else is shouting your name.

Head swinging the other way, you squint at the girl back on the bridge. From such a distance, you don't quite recognize her, but you think maybe she's from the Basin? You definitely recognize that bossy little voice, and with a snort you answer, "Come and see!" Challenge rings in your voice; your tail twitches, and you stare at the girl a moment, waiting to see if she accepts. It's only the sound of more familiar hoof beats that grabs your attention away — "Vesper!" darting through the crowd to join you. "What do you think it is?" she asks, but you can only shrug, embarrassed to voice the private theory hanging in your head. Dark eyes follow the path of the zephyr as it goes ahead, and for an instant you hate the stab of jealousy in your gut — that ugly feeling. (why her?)

She asks if you want to join Iskra, and you glance at him again, distracted already from his call. "No." The word isn't angry, isn't anything but blunt, as you glance from the boy to the god again. Where you stand now is good enough, for now. Maybe later you'll find him again and ask him what he thought of the stranger, but for now a cloud passes your mind when you think of him, a cloud absent from your present company. You direct your gaze across the gathering again, only just catching the big shadow of your father approaching from — somewhere. When did he get here? You acknowledge him with a look before you look at the main spectacle once more.

It's beginning to speak.

A waterfall of words leaves its mouth. Most of them go in one ear and out the other, though important bits stick — like god of Earth, like help, like Kisamoa and the gift bestowed to a girl you don't know.... Intrigue prickles through your mind like cold water, and without meaning to, you step forward once. Your head cranes up, up, to view the man over the backs of the crowd. Others already ask the question on your lips, so you wait silently for it to be answered before you speak, too.

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Uhm.... @Zyanya @Iskra @Larue @Vesper @Mesec
Tried to answer you all and make sense! Virga doesn't say anything because he's waiting to learn what Kis needs help with.

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So much happens. Within moments a crowd assembles around you, basically the entire population of Helovia massing in response to the stranger's call (and how did they all here it? Did they really just happen to be on the beach - all of them? In the middle of fall? It's quite fishy, if you think about it.

But of course you don't. Wouldn't want to go breaking down any carefully constructed walls, now, would we?)

The stranger seems content to wait for the crowd to stop growing, and so you wait, too, your bright eyes taking in the assembly of Helovians with something akin to awe. @Erebos is the first one to really make an impression on you, the older boy you met once before coming to stand beside you in a show of friendly support. You grin at him - "Whaddya think is gonna happen?" - but your voice is drowned by the myriad of others, and before you can really get a response even more people show up. You try to catch sight of familiar faces, craning your neck back and to the right, until suddenly you feel something odd and whip your head around, coming face to face with a small, horned filly whose teeth are inches from your metal side.

For a second you can only stare at @Esinakh, your face awash with abject confusion. People have reacted oddly to your absent wing before, but very few have tried to it. "Uhh..." you manage, before your eyes slip past her and to the colt who sulks by her side, and suddenly a lightbulb goes off in your head. @Arakh was one of the collection of kids at Gaucho's death, you remember, and though you do not know his name, the combination of the memory and the distinctive barring on the childrens' legs is enough to suggest that these must be more of your countless half-siblings. Your expression softens into a smile, and you laugh good-naturedly at the curious girl. "You can touch it, if you like!" you inform your sister, "But I'd rather you not bite me- your teeth look awfully sharp." You wink at the boy, trying to pull him into the game. They may not know you're related, but now that you do, well...

Let it never be said you aren't a sucker for family.

The next voice to pierce through your reviere is one you'd recognize and welcome any time. "Själ!" you exclaim, delight illuminating your features.  "Ansgar! I dunno," you answer in a whisper, as though this reduced decibel will somehow make it easier for you to converse.  "But it's pretty cool, right?" There is no denying the earnestness of your smile, the excitement in your eyes. You nudge the princesses's shoulder, warmth blooming at the simple fact of being in the presence of your friend. A lot has changed in the short time since you saw her last, and you want to tell her everything- but before you can, the Stranger is speaking, his voice a rolling wave above the assembled crowd.

Kisamoa, he says he is, a cousin of the Earth God. Does that mean he's related to Isopia?, you wonder, and crane your neck unsuccessfully to catch sight of the Mountain Queen. He says he left the blackened waters (Water can be black?) to seek out your help, and instantly your ears perk up. You are, after all, a particularly good helper, a hero of small stature but excessively large heart. Already people are volunteering, their voices rising in offering of assistance, and yours is quick to join- with a string of questions, of course, tacked onto the end.

"What happened to the Black Land?" you wonder, though the question is addressed to Erebos and Själ as much as Kisamoa. They seem very knowledgeable, especially the older boy. "Ma said it died after the wraiths, but why? Is it sick? How come nobody goes there? Maybe we oughta get all the healers together to try an' clean out the infection, before we go into it? An' the warriors, in case there's monsters? An' then the crafters can make armor. An' spies can go scope it out first, of course." Your mind and motor mouth run a mile a minute, assembling a plan with far more zeal than thought. You look to your friends for their opinions and approval, thoroughly exhilarated by the idea of something so big. This is much better than getting attacked by giant tigers and nearly dying, you decide.

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A girl has no place at a meeting such as this, but a girl remains nearby nonetheless. The lightning mark upon a girl's neck sparks nervously, its flickering light casting shadows upon a girl's crown even in the bright sunlight. To an outsider, a girl might look dangerous, as though a girl may, at any moment, release a cascade of electricity to zap anyone who comes too close. Perhaps it is for the best, since a girl still cannot stand even the lightest touch upon a girl's hide. Even now, standing at the back of the crowd, carefully separated from the masses, a girl finds herself flinching away from each imagined movement of a stranger towards a girl's side.

The creature is impressive, its voice enticing and joyful. A girl finds herself quickly enamored with Kisamoa, the regal steed of the deep. Our gods have cousins? What an odd thought that is, especially when a girl has only limited experience with even the normal better-known gods of Helovia. A girl has only ever seen the Earth God - Kisamoa's cousin, apparently - in passing, and has heard only tales of the great Sun, the playful Spark, the cunning Moon. And in all those tales, a girl has never once heard of a creature who hailed from the depths of the ocean. If anything, a girl has always assumed that the Goddess of the Moon holds dominion over the tides.

Well, what does a girl know, anyway?

Though a girl does not speak to confirm or deny assistance for the immortal, an affirmative nod is given. A girl has long since wanted to get away from the confines of the Falls, to branch out and begin a girl's own adventures. What better way to do so than to follow the call of this strange god? (Well, in truth, a girl can think of many better ways, but this does sound like ever so much fun!) This will be the perfect distraction from a girl's problems: the absentee mother, the increasingly-scattered father, and the need to prove that a girl is more than the sum of a girl's parents.

A girl will help the sea-god.

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The sunset mare and the kitsune watch idly as the creature begins to speak, soaking in the information that he offers with interest. Persephone is decidedly more nervous than her companion, while Alecto is nearly wriggling with glee by the end of the god-cousin's speech. The way the sea-stallion talks is charismatic and alluring - just the type of thing that the Earth Medic has long since learned to avoid. Her father had shared those same qualities, but he had lured her in to do his bidding and made it nearly impossible to escape. An almost imperceptible shudder courses through her at the memory. Meanwhile, Alecto's emotions flicker through the bond: there is excitement and eagerness, and Persephone comes to understand that her kitsune's friendly, playful nature is again getting the better of her.

Don't run off, the sunset mare warns, her mind-voice plaintive. Though Alecto does not respond with words, the little fox-creature settles dutifully at her bonded's hooves. She feels the fear and anxiety in the unicorn, and that, more than anything, serves to keep her rooted firmly in place.

The god-cousin seeks to restore a black and deadened land. The description does little for the sunset mare, who has explored only the smallest sliver of Helovia. Unlike many of the others who are assembled, the mare doesn't even know the stories of this land, and her polite expression twists into a frown. If the stallion is telling the truth, then she will be more than happy to help however she can - after all, she is a medic now, and restoration is her job - but she cannot help but harbor lingering doubts about the beast's intentions. Only time will tell, she sighs silently to Alecto, then adds her own affirmations to the growing cacophony of voices.

"Persephone speaks."
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The princess grinned happily at her knight in shining armor, pleased to find that his greeting was just as delighted as always. She had been worried, that day in the Forest, not just for @Zèklè but for their friendship - but the Mountain was far away and Själ was by his side, and if that wasn't indicative of their respective relationships to the stallion, then she didn't know what was. Besides, it was in her ear that the boy was whispering conspiratorially, and though the great din of voices surrounding them made it difficult to make out the words, she felt special all the same. Ansgar chirped cheerfully upon her back in a griffin's greeting, and then suddenly everything else came to a halt because the weird creature was speaking.

Kisamoa, cousin of the Earth God, king of the darkened depths of the sea. The girl's head tilted slightly to the side, her eyes narrowing as she attempted to reconcile this new knowledge with the information she had stored away on Helovian deities. There were four, this she knew well: the Earth, stoic and gentle; the Sun, passionate and fierce; the Moon, dark and conniving (if she hadn't known better, she'd have assumed the Moon to be her mother's patron); and the Spark, mischievous and flamboyant. Aside from that, the girl knew very little. The Time God, Master of Spark, had granted her mother dominion over the north once upon a time; the Moon Goddess, Mistress of Water, had murdered the Empress after her fall from grace.

How strange, she commented to Ansgar. Does this make Kisamoa a fifth god? Can gods even have relatives that aren't gods? Of course, she knew of the demigods and -goddesses, but somehow that seemed different. They were still mortal, as far as the girl knew, and they didn't have any special power, did they? But this creature, ruler of the land beneath the seas, was more than that. That he did not outright claim godhood mattered little to the princess; in her mind, he was already nearly on an equal pedestal with the rest of them.

She hadn't noticed @Erebos before, but when he spoke up to offer his assistance to the creature, the princess turned to crane her head around Zèklè's body to grin at him. In response to Zero's many queries, the girl merely shrugged, a blank look in her eyes. She hadn't the slightest clue what they all meant by the Black Land, and she was unwilling to speak up in front of both Zèklè and Erebos about her lack of knowledge. "We'll help, too," she spoke up then, raising her voice and hoping that Kisamoa would hear her. "Ansgar and I can help scout," she added to Zèklè, his infectious excitement bringing a grin to her face.


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As soon as the stone bridge had risen, Duir came scampering across it, and so he was at my side when the being opened its heinous mouth, and began to speak. While I’m relatively calm, albeit a bit wary of being noticed by certain individuals in the gathering, Duir hums alongside me with nervous and excited energy.

He is called Kisamoa, a weird name for an equally weird dude, and I can’t help but smirk a little that I was right all along about his ocean God status. That he’s some wandering, unnoticed family of the more common deities of Helovia is somewhat surprising, but even more interesting to the gold marked prince is that he seeks to mend a land the Gods had left rotting for many years.

I snort softly along the outskirts of the gathering, wondering if the Gods knew how fickle this made them seem. It hadn’t been a year ago they were stealing from magically tainted realms, seemingly content to let the Deadlands be, well, dead, and if I was this Kisamoa, I would certainly not be so cheerful about having to clean up someone’s many-year-old messes.

Of course, many immediately pledge their service to the sea keeper, many of them people I can name. Erthë’s voice is probably the most aggravating, despite the pertinence of the question she poses, but my scowl is quickly stolen by my blade brother’s cheerfully given allegiance. The knife in my chest twists as I force my eyes away from him again, looking again at the peculiar Kisamoa, my tongue stilled and ears eager for the creature’s reply to all the questions moving through the air.

We not help? Duir asks, glancing at me, while some boyish pegasus near Erebos prattles on about his half-minded theories on how to fix the Deadlands. I meet my buck’s eyes for a split second before looking back out at Kisamoa, whispering my reply: "Depends on what he wants us to do."

[ OOC: Rikyn maintains skeptical distance and silence, moodily judging Erebos’ new friends. ;D ]

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Soon the thunder spoke. The seas prophet Tilney might assume. He was a creature not of beauty but of great intrigue and clearly of magnificent importance if Father Earth had sent him.
Watching closely, Tilney observed as each humble Helovian put forth their word to the creature now known them as Kisamoa - what an extraordinary sight it was. Generally the different nation were fighting, now each member seemed to be gathered in unison to help a giant sea cow.

The dead land? is that what he spoke of? Tilney had heard stories of the place, or whispers more like.

Again Tilney thought of father earth - if it was important to him, it must be important to all of Helovia. It was the God of the Earth who overlooked their habitat - their world would surely turn to chaos if they were to lose his favor.

A grin found its way to Tilneys maw, watching each Helovian give their pledge to Kis. And then finally there was a gap, there were looks among the cautious speakers. Somewhere interrupted (it was a HUGE crowd) and some could hardly be heard, though it was evident that Kisamoa would receive all the help he needed.
Waiting until the voices died, and for the crowd to disperse, Tilney stepped forwards to observe the creature.
"Kisamoa..." he mouthed the word curiously, then realised that a creature of the sea would likely have an insanely keen sense of hearing. "I will help you, Kis!" Tilney soon chanted to him. "I am a doctor. I know lot's about plants from the west, the south and even the north! not so much the east though.... i've not spent much time there..."
He dearly wished not to take up any of Kisamoas time, but he hoped by now most of the crowd had gone, and he daren't introduce himself.
"Is it the dead land you need help with?" Tilney whispered.


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He is a strange creature, and I am sure it is a he because he looks like a he, so I will call him a 'he.' He does not notice me, although his gaze aligns briefly with my own blue one, it is no sooner that he is reaching out across the heads of all those gathered. A sponge, soaking up the attention now directed his way. So many faces, smells, voices, questions, some barge ahead of others, some act as though they are more important than everyone else. All of them are silenced as that same, sing-song voice calls out to the crowd, hushing fears and brushing inquiries aside. "Hello and hello, and hello!" he speaks, lips pulling back into one of the biggest grins I have ever witnessed, perhaps aided by the atypical structure of his mouth. "All in good time! I shall answer all, in good time!"

I blink up at him slowly, as he speaks of things that five months ago I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams. Things that I still have not seen, yet hear whispered from the lips of horses and nature alike. He tells of the Gods, of their might and of one in particular; the God of Earth. A name, I have a name and I am enthralled by that alone, just barely hanging on to the rest of his grand speech. This seems to happen often, my curiosity so stolen and passed around by what others would consider nonsense. To me it is life, a distraction from the stone filly lurking somewhere amongst the swarming bodies, my Mother who was not there to welcome me home from my harrowing journey. I am not so deaf that I would completely ignore the masterpiece (strange, beautiful-) standing so close I could smell the reef radiating off of his rubber-like flesh. Kisamoa, Kis, naturally. "... If you were to 'help' me, why then I could finish my work a great deal faster!" Maybe I was not listening to the whole thing, maybe I had missed a good deal of the information he offered. Yet who was I to walk away from such an opportunity, every nerve in my brain screeched in protest as my jaw unhinged to reply "I would love to grow flowers, and trees too! Can I help you too?"

Everyone wanted to help it seemed, suspicion arose as it should have, but nobody said 'no' to his face. Suddenly it felt as though conversation was getting off topic, probably because the Kisamoa had stopped talking, his pretty voice sunk back into his foreign lungs. I look up at him with bright, expectant eyes while those around me inter-mingle and initiate. I know so few, Syrena, the black one, the bully and "Virga!" In our last meeting I had not the confidence to cry out as I did now, voice lifting to be heard above the cacophony of chit-chat. Here my surprise and joy was so great and so sudden, my chest ached as logic attempted to catch up with the riptide of emotion flooding through my system. He probably did not even remember me, so long ago it was that we had briefly exchanged words - yet for some odd reason lost hope was not something that tended to keep me at bay.


ooc - get's side-tracked and agrees to help because she heard him ask for help lol speaks directly to @Virga :D
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The sheer number of Helovians that descended upon the beach was a little overwhelming - was there anyone left in the herd lands? Should she get back to the Edge right this second so that there was at least someone there? This would be a prime time for an invasion although, Alysanne mused as her thoughts ran away from her, what sort of army was just sitting and waiting around for the next mythical creature to crawl out of Helovia’s oceans and distract herd leads everywhere?

Thankfully, the arrival of others meant she had a distraction. She nudged Anzanie affectionately as the glazier came to stand with her, but also to give the painted mare a touch of encouragement. Aly definitely felt better now that she had someone standing beside her.

She nodded back greetings to Orithia and Erebos, trying to bite down the feeling of panic that rose in her when she saw the young blue unicorn. She bore the scar from his horn on her flank but it had been her own doing, and she was glad to see that he seemed no worse for their spar. Kiada joined the group, though the filly didn’t come over to say hello - and was oddly without her brother. Alysanne frowned to herself but made a note to ask about him afterwards. Lyanna caught her attention next, moving her wing in a question of whether Aly had flown here - and a bright chuckle escaped the queen as she nodded her response. Without much trouble even!

Others came and Aly smiled and nodded to the familiar faces - until her sister joined her on her other side. “You know me, my dear. Can’t resist a mystery.” She whispered back with a chuckle. For all their teasing, she relaxed considerably with Iona nearby. Whatever happened, she had faith that they could handle it together. It seemed rather unlikely that the sea creature would have gathered them all together just to smite all of Helovia.

Naerys joined them a moment later and Alysanne melted at the sight and touch of her daughter - grown now but forever her little girl. Any feeling of safety quickly turned to protectiveness - she was surrounded by her family, true, but she was readying herself to fight to protect them. She turned to nudge the girl gently and whisper back a response to her question. “I’m not sure yet, Nae.”

She listened intently as the creature began to speak, addressing the crowd and the reason he had come. Her brow furrowed when he mentioned the dead lands, recalling the marshes she had only visited once or twice befor the wraiths had taken over and killed the land. That was years ago now.

Without any new questions to ask - Alysanne contented herself to observe - waiting to hear if they would be told just how they could assist.

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At some point between the question he asked and the slew of answers that came next, Sacre was joined by someone familiar who looked… Different? At first, the innocent fox boy couldn’t quite pin point what it was about Ranjiri that was different, but her familiar companionship was comforting and Sacre returned her kind touch with his own velvet black nose. “Ranjiri” he cooed, inviting her into his company, whilst both Inari and Ríona slid down from their perch to greet the gold-touched hybrid. It was then, with a slip of his gaze, that Sacre realised she looked a little… Plumper than usual? Perhaps she had found better grazing in the Hidden Falls and she was becoming a bit more rotund than usual. Yet, in all the fox boy’s befuddled thoughts not once did it cross his mind that it might be something else, something more miraculous and very common in mares. Even at five years old Sacre still exhibited incredible ignorance to the simple ways in which the world worked. “How have you been?” he asked, skirting around the entire thing with a sudden interest in staring at her face.

Turning back to the sea creature he considered it, scales and everything, the jaunty way he had called them and the lack of portals into different worlds with scarier Gods lurking. “I don’t know, it seems nice” he replied with his extremely in depth evaluation of the entire situation. For the life in him Sacre couldn’t think of anything that a horse of the sea would want from so many gathered Helovians. Perhaps it was bored… Everyone got bored once in a while.

When finally it appeared that the gathering crowd was beginning to fill the island, the creature began to explain himself, first by giving a name. That was always a good starting point.

Kisamoa. Kis.

Ki—what” Inari tilted his red head, now sat between Sacre’s odd coloured ears. “Kisamoa” Sacre helped his bushy tailed friend as he tried again “Kissamoo?” the fox boy laughed. Close enough.

The explanation continued and Sacre furrowed his brows, wondering if the other Gods also had cousins. Did that mean Kisamoa was a Helovian God? Or just a God, any God? Was he even a God? Or was he just one of those strange creatures? The questions continued to rack up in his mind as one lead to another and to another until his head hurt.

A sea lord maybe? Sacre was making up titles now. Yet—how did they know this was a distant cousin of the Earth God? It wasn’t like the old turtle was here to prove it. “How do we know you are who you say you are?” he asked a little unsure if he should just agree like the rest seemed to be, if he was stupid to raise his concern. However, he had lost a sister the last time something strange had happened. "The Earth God isn't here to prove your claim" was he just meant to go with blind faith? What if it was wrong?

On the other hand, the dead land had been, well, dead for so long that the fox boy also wanted to voice his with the rest, to help this water lord. He unconsciously shuffled a little closer to Ranjiri whilst he considered his thoughts and the conflicts of trust and need. Finally, he came to the conclusion that, as a Nurse, his first duty was to the health of Helovia. “If you can free the land of disease… We will help you” the fox boy decided with his two companions nodding in agreement.

Directly talks to Kisamoa and @Ranjiri

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