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[OPEN] SWP :: Once upon a wave :: (Intro)

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“how long is forever?” asked alice.
“sometimes just one second.” said the white rabbit.


The seaside is so beautiful this time of year. Chilly, windy – the only sound is usually crashing waves and foam sifting over beach sand. Quite tranquil, actually, and a drastic turn from her usual permafrost world. Her eyes find it easy to blur and drift, her thoughts doing the same, tumbling like waves and peacefully dispersing. It is easy to mediate to the breaking crests of turquoise waves.

For a while they're stuck in the flats, why she was there, she doesn't really know – just wandering, trying to hunt down herbs and guests for the Basin festivities. No luck in the world of mirrored clouds and rippling shallow pools. Phrixus finds it easy enough to guide her out of the psychedelic knot of a place that is Halcyon Flats.

To the waves please, to the Isles, we never go there much anymore.” Her voice floats into his mind with no evidence outside of their bodies. Her cropped tail slashes and she picks herself up into a canter, her body unshackled by the weariness of the Flats (it's confusing nature is something she finds tiring for her mind) and thus she kicks her heels in a sudden rush of liberation. She can smell the salt, her cloven feet can feel the softening soil sinking under her. The long tips of still green sea-grass bend and shudder in the gentle breeze blowing off the coast. The isles can be seen as the pair soar closer and closer, one by air and one on foot, over the small pebble-pocked hill and down to the wetted sands below.

Stuff in the water maybe?” Her anxiety trickles up to her airborne companion, she watches him as his blue eyes carefully picks the landscape apart. He's huge for a raven, not of typical size, more like that of an eagle. His broad wings only need to push once or twice, keeping his heavy-ish body afloat fairly effortlessly in a smooth gliding motion only a few feet above Tangere's glossy twisted horn. He takes her hint and flaps a bit harder to gain a few more feet and few more feet per second. The pale bird makes wide circles around where the unicorn will be entering the water. It's oddly calm today, he thinks to himself; the thought travels back to Tangere as well. “Too calm?” Her inner voice chirps back to him.

Maybe..” the bird's thoughts conveyed themselves back to the caverns of her own mind with a bit of uncertainty lacing it. Between them something crackles, like sand falling into sand, steadily and static it sticks on the airwaves for half of a second and in that moment both parties know the cause of the irregular phenomena.

There is magic here, somewhere here.

Tangere dives for the water with no restraint. Her winter fur isn't quite in full 'bloom' but it's puffier than normal, for her sure, and sucks in the salt water like a sponge. The cold bites at her muscles, penetrating her first layer of fur and teasing at her second, threatening to touch her skin. There's hardly any turbulence as she breaks into a easy swim, paddling with a very generous current (which she's never witnessed here before). With a worried croak her bird dives down to her, circling around her horn and then just calmly falling back to follow behind as her feet finally find rock and sand below. There are so many gathered already, gathered just beyond where she washes up, on another part of the beach. “OH! Go look, go look, I'm right behind you!” She gives him a silent request and dives into a canter across the sand. He takes his cue then and accelerates toward the group; he makes his typical circular formations around them from a respectful height, the sea-creature's image relaying back to the piebald unicorn while she finds a spot on the edge of all the others. She doesn't look for familiar faces, though there are sure to be many (so many here!), but just skirts respectfully on the outside of the massive group, weaving to stand in the front. She tries her best not to be rude which causes her to trot through the fingers of water reaching out from the vast sea beside them. Everyone speaks up but she does not, she only looks for eyes and a mouth among the squiggling debris – it's even weirder up close than from the vague image transmitted from her companion's thoughts. Her pink lip curls with mystery while she leans in, lurching somewhat, mouth slightly unhinged with awe. The jolt of Phrixus' claws grabbing at her soggy withers awakens her from her gawking sort of pose. Now they both stare, heads tilted [opposite] to the side with curiosity, and a hint of suspicion.


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From on my knees make me a Hercules

When her adventurous children were drawn toward a gathering by a voice that carried far over waves and water, Megaera was not inclined to let them follow. She would of course, not let them stray far from her sight and for several long moments considered descending from her high soarning to turn them around and away from the group that gathered on one of the isles. The mare had no desire to see or speak with anyone that wasn't her mate or her children or Cera...or Gaucho... and would easily have shunned adventure and new experiences this day in order to see Vastra and Castor safely gone from here and tucked away.

It wouldn't be fair to them, she knew, to keep them chained to her side. Her two youngest children should not have to pay for what had happened to their older sister (whatever it was that had happened) but Meg was still not comfortable in letting them wander unsupervised. That is how Asavvi, who had barely wandered from the safety of their home had vanished without a trace. It didn't help either that the last time Helovia had seen gatherings like this, there had been battle and death that came in its wake. Meg brooded darkly on the battles of the rift gods as the landed roughly to stand behind her children. She spoke to no one, but her black eyes scanned the crowd before turning to study the strange aquatic creature that had drawn so much attention. She loomed behind the little red dun filly and the black-blazed bay colt, a protective shadow. Agreeing for the first time in days, the eagle soared above them all.
"Talk." Gwaihir
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Chernobyl had been among the isles for a night and now today. She spent the last night under the openness of the quiet waves, unhindered wind and of course – a clear sky and a bright, building moon. She snuck away from the Falls the night before, though she doubts that she really 'snuck' anything; she was let loose for a moment. Even though that harvest moon Isopia promised her [her true release] has yet to arrive, tonight she gets to breathe something other than the mists of the Hidden sanctum.

Her decisions, based on the squirming, twisting, fluttering little fetus ever growing within her womb, have started to lean more toward perhaps making herself a useful part of their ranks, eventually. The rebel life is no life for a very young child, she herself never really enjoyed it much.

A commotion on the beaches makes her ears flip upright, tightly pointing as straight as they can. She readjusts her stance and gathers her vision to focus between the fronds of tropical foliage, squinting to catch the details of all of the shuffling bodies. Wings, horns, colors, magic, companions – everything converges all at once and Bull can only here the voice, a rather eerie yet chipper voice, stating it's delight to see the swarming Helovians.

Well shit, no sense in standing back here then, eh?

Her oil-black body rolls forward, her sweeping trot moves across the sand and palm stumps, taking a place somewhere behind the re-caped woman (Isopia). She quietly watches among the many others that seem to hold back, lurking behind the core circle of closer horses. Many speak, many do not, some push and shove and others patiently wait with caution in their eyes. Bull does not charge forward, she hangs back with propped ears and half-hidden black eyes.

- - - - - -

if i had a heart i could love you,
if i had a voice i would sing.

crushed and filled with all I found
underneath and inside, just to come around
more, give me more, give me more

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The Transcended didn't feel much like socializing, but when Astraeus called her attention to the strange gathering below, she could not help but tuck her wings and fall to join them.

At the center of the mass of Helovians was a particularly odd creature that gave the mare pause.  Blue-green skin that she didn't completely believe was covered in hair caught her eye first, followed by an odd horn that was shaped almost like an antenna save the bulb at the end.  If she had arrived a few moments sooner, she might have seen the dolphin-like tail that had vanished in favor of legs; as it were, she approached warily from the sky, touching down at the outskirts of the gathering before moving closer.

The assembled were perhaps no less strange than the creature they greeted.  Sohalia recognized horses from all over Helovia, both herd-bound and outcast alike.  Many of them vied for the attentions of the sea-creature, but others, seemingly wary of its intentions, hung back.  The Transcended fell into the latter group, so she lingered close enough to speak to the creature should the need arise, but not so close to appear overly friendly.  Her gaze flickered briefly over the familiar faces in the crowd, picking out Vinati's young visage across the way.  If it came to it, she would know who to protect first.

Astraeus, a lightning blur in the sky, soared across the crowd to land carefully upon Vinati's haunches.  - I watch Nati, - he told his bonded confidently.  - You watch stranger. -  The mare offered a silent affirmation.  She loved her zephyr for many reasons, but this ability to split her attention through him had to be one of the highest on her list. Her attention turned back to the new arrival, waiting for him to speak, listening to the murmuring around her to catch up on what was happening.

"Talk talk talk."
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As she does every time she arrives somewhere, the first thing she does – and I mean the first thing is to try and locate her brothers, her father, anyone at all that she recognizes. It seems in this huge group, this enormous gathering of many Helovian faces from all around, from every corner; there is no Reginald, there is no Father, no Abraham. Her cloven hooves pad cautiously across the bridge, her golden eyes watching the calm yet frothy waters below. The crowd is gathering with density just ahead and her sorrow for the lack of familiar faces fades, or at least moves to the back of her mind for now.

She's glad to curl her lionine tail and head for the excitement, it was always nice to flee from bad feelings and into a brand new adventure. She jogs cheerily toward the group, brushing shoulders and passing closely but making eye contact with no one, just dipping through bodies to find a spot where she's facing the creature made of sea-stars and ragged, slimy sea-weed. She reaches toward him, it, sort of, but recoils gently before truly extending her muzzle for a traditionally nose-bump hello.

Those eyes, bright golden saucers, take the creature in fully. From toe to tip, it was quite an interesting thing to take in, she thinks to herself. Her ears twitch at first, one laying down, but after a few second they both spring up and her bubbly voice cannot hold back any longer. “Hi there...” She flicks the long gray forelock out of the way, letting one her eyes blink at him out in the open. “Where is it that ... you come from?” Others are talking, greeting, asking, and she's sure that her small voice is buried deep beneath everyone else's clamor of talk and noise, as is her plain, dappled body (though she is big, she feels so dull and gaudy). Without any broken concentration she just watches on to see what might be next.

dare my wild heart

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this old world has brought me pain
               but there's hope for me again
The Riptide Isles have never been on the sunset mare's list of places to go, but on this particular day, she finds herself arriving upon the shores of the mainland nearby in high spirits. It seems that it has been no time at all since the herd meeting where she, and several others, were named Earth Medics, but Persephone has embraced the role all the same. In just the short time since the announcement, the mare has found herself growing more cheerful, more outgoing, more energetic - everything she has ever aimed to be. It seems insane that only a year ago, she was lost and alone and afraid within the borders of Helovia. Now she can't imagine herself anywhere else.

Alecto frolics alongside the unicorn, content to stay put for once. The mischievous fox has a penchant for finding trouble, and it is part of the reason why Persephone has brought her so far from home today. In solitude, the pair of them can rest and relax. But their comfortable silence is interrupted by a boisterous call from the opposite shore, and they joins the many others who flock to see its source. The growth of the crowd makes her uncomfortable, and she finds herself wondering if perhaps it might be best for her to simply turn around and go back home. At least there she has only to suffer large groups when a herd meeting is called, and even that is better than this. At least those horses are her family, even if it is only in name.

A bridge appears from boiling waves, and Persephone finds herself half-herded across by the other mostly wingless creatures who have found themselves stuck on the wrong shoreline. She applauds herself, for if this had happened only a moon ago, she might have fallen into a panicked fit and run for home. Now, though, with her newfound position on her shoulders and her newly hatched companion at her side, the sunset mare has found the courage to face whatever comes her way. As long as it isn't too scary, anyway. In any case, she finds herself alongside the colorful form of @Ultima, one of her fellow Medics. With a smile to her herd mate and a polite dip of her head to the elegant creature who has emerged from the waves, Persephone waits in silence.

"Persephone speaks."
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she’s a mystic in the sense that she’s still mystified by things

The little fae mare moved through the cooling landscape with a light feet and a lighter heart. Orangemoon’s reprieve was growing ever more pronounced and that gave her a rising hope that soon the only blight upon her happiness would be removed; once Johnny was well (and she firmly kept herself thinking when and not if) Aisling could see no other barriers to her complete and utter contentment. She had a home, a task she was doing will in, Larue was growing strong and well, and now she had a new joy in little Sorcha.

It was a strange and wonderful thing, the bond that had bloomed between Aisling and the newly hatched dragon. The experience of having a companion had been described to Aisling before, and if had sounded ever so pleasant to have a friend always by your side, but this connection was so much more that the mare could have conceived of. The love she had for Sorcha was similar to what she held for her precious daughter, maternal nurturing, but here there was a binding of should, a shared heart—a shared life—that was simply staggering. She felt the push and pull of emotions from the little thing, so young and innocent that she could almost experience that world as she once had, free of fear and doubt and pain. Not that Aisling had’t been sheltered from the worst the world had to offer, but the dragon’s clean slate was o untouched and sweet it had brought tears to her eyes.

As the traveled now, the little puff of green feathers and scales clung the her favorite place: the end of Aisling’s long braid. Thrilled with the saying motion and the mare walk, the little dragon twilled warily as she swung back and forth. Not able to fly yet, the feathered dragon had quickly decided the was the best place to travel, as long as Aisling kept her pace slow and steady. She watched everything that passed with an exuberance the spilled into Aisling and had the mare grinning ear to ear.

When the pair came across the bridge that was leading to some type of gathering, the lighthearted Aisling strode forth without hesitation. To both of their surprise, they came across Larue hesitating at the bridge’s midpont. Sort gave an excited chirrup at the sight of the familiar face and Aisling walked them over. "What do we have here, mo chroí?” the mare asked with an affectionate nuzzle on the girl’s neck. She trained her eyes to take in to multitude of figures on the isle, both familiar and unfamiliar. She was pleased to hear Larue call out to friends, pleases the girl was making them, and gave her a little nudge. ”Well go on and see then, and don’t cause any trouble!” The last she said with a conspiratorial wink that obviously stated ‘make as much trouble as you please, I’ll look out for you.’ Aisling was starting to accept that she couldn’t hold herself up to her own dam’s standard of motherhood. Trying had been driving a wedge between she and her Little Lemon with no Johnny around to balance out the fun and so Aisling had as of late had been leaning mor unto the realm of ‘to thine own self be true’.

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Stops on the bridge wit @Larue and encourages her daughter to join her friends.
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"Zero!" a voice cried from the back of the crowd, preluding the almost effortless arrival of the dark princess. Her golden eyes were wide with excitement, her voice breathless with the effort of squeezing through the large group to take up a place at his side. "What's going on?" she added in a whisper, not wanting to seem entirely oblivious to what was happening. All she knew so far was that Ansgar had seen a strange creature emerge from the sea. The mental image that the flying griffin had sent to her brought Själ to the strange bridge that had been called to help the wingless cross onto the Isles.

There was one other horse standing near Zero, but Själ's attention was on the blue-green form of the creature, and thus her jealousy was held at bay. Ansgar drifted down from the blue sky above to land easily on the girl's haunches, squawking a greeting to Zèklè before beginning to preen her feathers proudly. One beady eye was focused on the stranger, for the pair had heard many strange tales of unknown gods and distant lands, and one couldn't be too careful. What if something happened and Zero needed help? What if they all had to turn and run, and a stampede across the bridge (which the creature, no doubt, would tear apart beneath them) was all that could save them?

You're being morbid, Själ interrupted dryly. Ansgar grumbled only slightly, but her actions and her mentality stayed the same. With a roll of her eyes, Själ regarded the sea-horse shrewdly. "Why did you want to meet us?" she asked, her question more curious than challenging. After all, what was so interesting about their melting pot of odd horses? Sure, some of them had wings or horns or magic or any combination of the three, but surely to creatures who could sink to the ocean's depths, all of that was just... boring. What could possibly have coaxed this creature from its home?


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A girl closes her eyes to imagine something fantastic, and when she opens them, she hears the call.

This girl prances to the shoreline, following the gathering bodies until she finds herself surrounded by strangers, standing before a foreign creature who can only be described as god-like, though she is sure that it would be blasphemous to say so aloud. Either way, she is awestruck by its appearance: the smooth blue-grey-green of its skin; the strange, horn-like protrusion from its forehead; and even the cheerful, charismatic way it greets them all. This girl is not usually taken in by such common pleasantries, nor is she idiotic enough to not realize that this creature could pose a threat - but she is not alone, and surely all of them combined could overpower even such an odd being as this, whomever it may be?

She sees her mother across the way and pointedly ignores her, closing her eyes again as though she can will away a bad dream. Bodies press in on her and she flinches, moving carefully through the crowd until she finds herself on the outskirts next to a dark mare tinged with blue lightning. She feels an immediate kinship with the stranger, her own flickering marking sparkling and shimmering as it reaches for the strange mare.

Away from the center of the crowd, this girl can breathe again. Here, her skin does not prickle with each gentle whoosh of wind as a stranger passes by. Here, the errant flicking of tails to shoo away the years last flies cannot bring tears to her eyes. Here, she can be free once more of the confines of companionship.

This girl waits to hear the reason for the siren's call.


Directly mentions @Ampere
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Perhaps it is something more than fate that brings the oceanic pair to the ocean this day.

They are already on the shores of the Halcyon Flats when the booming, deep call echoes over the crystal waters, so it is impossible for the mare’s attention to overlook this mysterious voice. With large white eyes staring off in the general direction of the Riptide Isles, it is with no small amount of shame for the mare that despair is the first emotion to bloom from her fragile, fledgling heart. Memories suddenly leap and writhe to the forefront of her mind—images of hate, bloodshed, and violence. Memories of war.

That is what the last alien creatures had brought the people of Helovia.

Tiamat feels guilty to expect the same now (she knows she should not burden the shoulders of this mysterious creature with the sins of others) but with her glass heart aching beneath all of the devastation from before, how could she not?

She is tempted to turn away and not look back, to spare herself from reliving the pain that haunts her, but the gentle and quiet prodding from her companion convinces her otherwise. Nimue floats to her bonded’s side, staring up with crystal blue eyes, questioning these feelings that are foreign to her young mind. Not wanting to tarnish the little whale’s spirit with her own unease, the blue Mender brushes Nimue’s cheek, before leading them both towards the beautiful land that had once hosted such a horrific event.

The makeshift bridge does little to relieve Tiamat’s anxiety (that’s how they had come last lambs to the slaughter).

Still, she pushes on, focusing on the sight of the crowd and the brushing of her companion’s fin against her shoulder. As they draw closer, the Mender recognizes several faces—many of whom share her beloved mountain home—and reminds herself (again and again) of the profound goodness in this world. It is this that she clings to when she reaches the gathering, long lashes blinking before she lifts her eyes to the creature. Her breath hitches in her throat, and her heart dares a thread of hope. “Are you the ocean?” Tiamat gasps, unsure of the magnificent beast could even hear her.

notes; Approaches warily, fearful because of what happened at the Rift Wars, and speaks to the creature.
For her,
the ocean was more than a dream
it was a place she

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r o h a n
It is with no small amount of suspicion that the Warlander heeds the call of the mysterious voice. Undoubtedly like many others, he has not forgotten what had happened the last time foreign beasts had invaded Helovia (of course, those monstrosities had ridden in on the coattails of their own gods).

In contrast, this particular creature seems to have arrived of his own free will, calling to them openly (dare he say amicably?) and presenting himself on a silver platter to the people of Helovia. From a strategy standpoint, Rohan scoffs at this beast’s foolishness—they have defeated gods. This alien could be felled just like the others. Then again, wouldn’t it also be beneficial to collect as many of them as he can in one place, in order to annihilate them all at once?

The stallion’s brown lips purse in his thoughts, troubled by both possibilities. Still, knowing that in either situation he cannot abandon a fight, the Warlander picks up a stiff trot towards the shores of the Riptide Isles. His gait is broken due to recent injuries that have not yet fully healed, but this minor annoyance does little to deter the warrior’s path towards the gathered crowd.

A grunt escapes from his nostrils when heavy hooves sink into the sand, his sore muscles straining at the extra effort it takes to traverse this particular terrain. Lifting his head almost defiantly, Rohan fixes his eyes on the peculiar oceanic creature, his gaze narrowing skeptically. Despite this beast’s apparent geniality, the Sergeant is not one to drop his guard easily. “What do you want with us?” He demands among the throng of others, the depths of his voice booming in the alien’s direction.

While not completely cynical, Rohan will not trust blindly, like some of those huddled around him.

notes; He approaches skeptically, and questions the creature.
If you trust your rebel heart, ride it into battle
don’t be afraid,
take the road less traveled on

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and from the rain
comes a river running wild
that will create an empire for you
Since I’ve kind of been stalking Volterra since we met, I’m not far when he reaches the shores of this island. (Well. I’m not sure stalking would be the right word, because that would imply that I’m trying to hide—when in reality, I could care less if he spotted me. He did promise to take me to Kid, after all). Anyways. I’m a little ways to the big stallion’s left, not quite next to, but within earshot. My eyes narrow and I scoff to myself when his harem of ladies comes flocking to his shoulder (it’s really no surprise why Ma had hardly told me about him. It’s obvious their relationship wasn’t conventional).

It isn’t long before the ember-bellied boy joins the motley crew, a face I instantly recognize from the talking tree incident. He’s my brother, apparently, and one of many (I exaggerate; but really, as I take note of the gaggle of girls he has swooning at him, I’m beginning to question how many of us are running around). Fortunately I don’t really care all that much. I’ve already looked for the face that I really want (need) to see.

He’s not here either.

Huffing to myself, I train my sour gaze towards the sea creature that everyone’s been gawking at (I mean sure, he’s pretty weird, but my curiosity has been momentarily dampened (crushed) by my disappointment). Instead I entertain myself by glowering at anyone who huddles too close to me, or pin my ears at those with the audacity to bump into me, or just generally shooting any random stranger with a bitter, moody glance. I have a feeling I’m not going to be leaving this place anytime soon, so I might as well make the best of it. Right?

notes; Omg I'm sorry for the complete crap ;-; basically she just hovers around @Volterra and gives anyone and everyone a bitter glare.

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Was it weird to follow your kids to keep an eye on them? Mesec wasn’t going to follow them everywhere but when there was a booming voice beckoning the citizens of Helovia toward and island and a mysterious bridge allowing those that were flightless to cross without issue - well, call it being protective but he wasn’t about to just let them go over there on their own. There weren’t a lot of peaceful, mysterious beings that washed up on the shores of this place.

While they trotted across the bridge, Mesec and Lucius glided above - joining the leagues of Helovians that were coming.

There were bound to be some uncomfortable run-ins but with a little bit of luck, everyone would be too focused on the creature. Mesec noticed them though - easily picking out Little Earth, Ampere and her many children including… he dropped several feet, forgetting to maintain his flight when he spotted the blue and brown form of Zero.

Catching himself, Mesec resumed gliding across the water - willing himself not to fall apart or to fall at the hooves Zero and beg for forgiveness in front of all of Helovia. Instead, he shut out those thoughts as best as he could and focused instead on his children. Skirting around the group, he landed near them - his daughter, son, and a small pale unicorn filly that he did not recognize. A small smile distracted him from his darker thoughts as he caught the sound of other foals calling towards Virga - it was wonderful to see that his kids had friends.

Silver eyes flickered from the children and toward the sea-creature, or what he could see of it through the crowd, and waited with the rest of them to see what happened next.

Oh, I see stars rushing through my mind, colours have no time to fade
Oh, I found out there's another side where the sea and sky collide

artwork by Nikkayla

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in this world full of people there's one killing me
and if we only die once i wanna die with you

I had flown south from the Deep Forest with no particular destination in mind. I only knew the insatiable desire to keep moving because if I was moving I was busy and if I was busy I couldn't grieve. So I flew until my wings hurt and then I flew some more and before I knew it I was nearing the island that had appeared when the Earth God had come through the rift.  On the land below there was a gathering of horses, some of which I knew, but most I didn't. The ones that could fly were flying toward the island and the ones that couldn't were crossing a bridge that I didn't remember ever extending from the shore to the island.

I tilted my wings downward and began my descent toward the island and the growing crowd. I landed heavily on the warm sands, my wings folding tightly against my rounded sides. On the ground among the crowd it was much harder to make out who was who, and every now and again I could hear a voice that was faintly familiar -- voices from a previous, happier life. I began to move through the crowd and as I did I began to notice who was there. Sohalia, Mesec, Thranduil, Volterra, Cathun ... Sacre.

It was Sacre that I chose to stand beside. I didn't know him well at all, but everytime I'd talked to him he seemed to exude a calming, comfortable aura and I needed that right then. "Hi Sacre." I murmured softly and I offered my muzzle in greeting before turning my eyes back to the creature that seemed to be what everyone was gawking at. "What do you think it wants?"


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these dead men walk on water
cold blood runs through their veins
"Seestra. Look!"

At Tae's urging, Grusha turned her head toward the island where there was in influx of horses. One ear tilted back and her bone-pierced nose twitched as she watched them all. She wondered what they were all gathering for and why, but she also wondered if such a huge gathering of fresh meat would be enough to lure their monster out of hiding. They'd been tracking it ever since Gaucho had died because it gave them both something to keep them occupied. In their searching they'd eventually found what was left of Rhoa's body and she'd harvested what bones she could and they'd continued their search, but everything seemed to lead to dead ends. Maybe this could be the break that they were hoping for.

"Yeah." She answered when Tae asked if she saw. The antlered girl finally noticed the creature that was, what she assumed, the reason for such a large gathering. That, she knew, was what her sister was looking at. "Thath not our monthter." The larger twin said. "But it thill hath boneth." And she was always looking to add to her growing collection. She turned her head back to Tae and asked, "Do you think our monthter will come out for thith?" She looked back at the crowd. "All he can eat right there."

But somehow, she didn't think the monster would be stupid enough to take on so many horses at once. Judging from the state of Rhoa's body it preferred to attack like a coward.


Grusha was obedient and abandoned the trail she and Tae had been following in favor or venturing to the island. Nashoba ran across the newly formed bridge below her, tongue lolling out of one side of his mouth. She landed heavily in the sand beside Tae, her eyes fixed firmly on the sea creature and she wondered how many other strange creatures roamed Helovia.


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By the precepts of her purity

The fragile ocean shook and broke beneath her in foam and sound as she watched the revival of the landbridge as it rose from the depths of the ocean once more.

She sat in her boat, sat; wind swirling and twirling around herself and her tiger shaped compagnon. Her eyes were big. Gold, shimmering like suns and framed by a frown, but big. What she was witnessing was both disturbing, amusing - but still more astonishing, wonderful, than all else she had seen in the last few seasons. For some reason she had assumed that quiet and peace had returned to the lands, but alas(?), it would appear that another peculiar creature had slipped into their midst. Or maybe slipped was not really the right way to describe it. Maybe it was more comparable with a stormy day, dark clouds gathered above their forest of living and let live and this creature (an equined fish? A fishy equine? Another form of equine) had fallen like a tree on her (their) path. But unlike any tree, and perhaps unlike any ordinary sea-creature as well, this being was warmth, passionate. Invite trailed the edges of its voice as it rang and sang over the breaking water surface, and light blossomed from its body as Helovia went forth to follow her to the island on the other side.

As did Maren, although it was a lot easier for her as she sailed her boat like she always did. (though much wider-eyed than would have been formally accepted by the Official (Unofficial) Dragon's Throat Water Patrol Regulations). Mr. Teatime had pushed himself in front of her, causing her to almost miss the aqua equine turn her scaled fin into proper hooved hind legs. That’s interesting, her thoughts decided to point out. Or maybe they were Mr.Teatime’s thoughts, since her tiger companion had been thinking exactly the same, she realized moments later - unsure if that should worry her or not. Then again, wasn't the whole of Helovia chanting it along with them? Both silently and aloud?

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Saartjie thoroughly enjoyed the time that she spent with Graasovel if only because he could not seem to keep his eyes off of her. The lust in his gaze fueled her pride and she often tested the boundaries of what she could make the stallion do with just the promise of her flesh. She had asked him to show her Helovia and so the pair had set off. Helovia's landscaped seemed to be ever changing and she likened it to a chameleon whose skin was constantly changing, never settling on one hue for long. The forest gave way to fields, which then turned to yet another forest, then what looked like sand, then finally an ocean.


Gaal's voice and the tip of his wing directed Saar's attention down toward the ground where there was a massing of horses and a strange creature. One in particular drew her attention -- her dead brother who she had not seen since she'd left him in the Threshold. She'd already begun to descend toward the island, regardless of whether or not Gaal wanted to -- though she was pleased to find that he was of the same mind as she.

She landed far more delicately on the sands than her companinon and she tucked her wings against her sides, glancing only briefly at Gaal. "Ek weet nie." She answered his question. "Jy hier woon langer as wat ek het. Don't you know what kind of creatures are here?" She huffed her answer and question, because no sooner had they landed a horned slut was rubbing herself against Gaal.

Then there were two.

Saartjie, ever the jealous woman, rolled her eyes at the display and ignored whatever greetings were cast her way by the two. They weren't worth her time, as far as she was concerned. The multi-colored woman flicked her tail, gave Gaal a side-long glance, and made her way over to where her brother stood. "Die Olifant Algemene is aan die Rand." Was all she said because she didn't apologize.


Ek weet nie - I don't know
Hy hier woon langer as wat ek net - you lived here longer than I have
Die Olifant Algemene is aan die Rand - The Elephant General is in the Edge

ooc:// lands with Gaal, ignores everyone else and goes to speak to Sunjata

Love left me hollow
I'm with you in the end
Cold, crippled and shallow
Don't leave me here again
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 He has wandered the the Riptide Isles more times than he can count, always with the pathetic hope that the damned portal that trapped him in Helovia would magically appear and teleport him back home to the Rift, where he belonged. But of course, no such thing happened, or ever would. His only hope was Ultima, whom was probably dead by now. He doubted she possessed any girl scout skills, what with her every whimsical want and need attended to by her ladies in waiting and the obsessive pampering provided by her superiors. No, there was really no hope that Ultima lived. It had been months. Even a year? He could not say; time eluded him, just as Ultima had managed to.

And yet he continued the hunt, because it was his path, and the only path he knew.

It was a similar day of hopeless wandering and searching when he came across the massive gathering of Helovians, with their antlers and wings and brash colors. Rift residents were not particularly modest in their appearances, but he at least knew them to have a more wild, savage look to them, and often any sort of outlandish mutation was for a very specific reason, not merely for decoration, but for survival. He kept his distance, watching them prance and swarm around a sea creature he cannot quite make out, due to the ever shifting crowd and the distance he remained from them. His eyes roam, searching, searching, ever searching…

No, it cannot be, could not be...


He recognizes her instantly, her wings, the colors of her skin and the bold red marking borne proudly on her forehead. She looks older, he realizes, the lines of her body not quite so awkward and gangly than when he first knew her, when he and Minerva…

No. He could not think about that past--that dream--now.

He hides himself better from Ultima’s sight, reluctant to join the crowd but believing his best chance at blending in is to, well, blend in. And so he crosses the disturbing bridge in a hurry, blending among the others, always moving and shifting and never standing in the open. He watches from the shadow of his cover, waiting like the rest of these lemmings milling around. Obviously these Helovians are expecting something from the creature. And so he resigns himself to waiting, because he too, is patient. And he has waited far too long to find Ultima to screw things up now.

// waiting and watching without interacting with anyone 

these scars long have yearned for your tender caress
to bind our fortunes, damn what the stars own.

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Is it any surprise, really, that Naerys would be out roaming somewhere conveniently close to where something was about to happen? Since her birth two years ago, the filly had been present for many of the major Helovia happenings; the Ark, the changing of Helovia's turf, battling the foreign 'gods'. She was just a small foal when the Edge decided to invade the Falls but, to be frank, she didn't like to think about that particular event because it marks the destruction of her family - the beginning of her hatred for her father. Hatred that inevitably stems from the pain of what she views as his abandonment (and honestly? she's not far off). So it comes as little surprise when the strange, booming voice interrupts her wanderings and calls forth to all Helovians.

For only a moment she pauses, standing on the beautiful mirrored surface of the flats with her teal gaze turned to the islands. The islands where she fought to protect her mother, only to end up with tar burns on her back legs. The islands where she held Mauja, while the white queen shattered to pieces following his daughter's death. So much had changed for her on those islands and now, now something was calling to her... to them from the isles. In truth, her hesitation is short lived and soon the brown and white mare launches herself into the air and soars across the stretch of ocean to the most prominent of the islands on the other side. It wasn't difficult to spot the gathering crowd or the strange creature that had called to them, but it isn't until her turquoise eyes settle on the familiar black and white form of her mother that she moves in to land.

Her descent is oddly graceful and the landing somehow gentle and once her hooves are settled onto the sand, she tucks her wings and moves through the crowd to her mother's side. Mauja's absence is almost immediately noted, as is Caenan's but her mother's presence is enough for the young mare (besides, the last thing she needs is the distraction of her favorite pirate when it isn't clear if this particular being is friendly or... not.) "Mama." her warm voice is hardly above a whisper, and she reaches forward to touch her soft muzzle to Alysanne's shoulder. "What's going on?" Naerys asks her softly, hoping her mother knows more than she does. Though she only addresses her mother, her curious gaze never once leaves the strange new creature. Naerys isn't quite that trusting - especially after all that's transpired.


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permission for all except death and dismemberment.
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Since his disappearance all those months ago the Isles had called to him. The moon doctor had unfinished business and it certainly wasn't like this hard working patriarch to leave loose ends.
South was his trail, ducking through the narrow pass between the Secret Grove and the Thistle Meadow and then onwards across the western plane of that same meadow. Tilneys stride was nothing short of confident, hardly breaking its rhythm for anything. He was a man with a chest full of courage and heart, or was it merely air? A block of fakery and nothingness, although perhaps something fake was better than nothing. The bronze man pretended he was brave at least, pretended he could face those ruthless tides again.

Perhaps he was wrong to scrutinise the waves. While they had taken him away for seasons on end, starved him and thieved his flesh of anything good, it had also been the waves that had ended his demise at sea. They had brought him to the sand, the sand which had brought him Ultima, and Ultima who had brought him home.

The gathering was hard to miss, but the ghastly creature was even harder on the eyes. The physician prayed the monster was not dangerous, nor on the prowl for a meal. Standing silently behind the crowd out of earshot and any gazes Tilney tossed his verdant gaze, focussing on members of his own western flock - Both monarchs were present, the words edge specters and various others. However, when Tilney caught the sight of his sister under the wing of Graasvoel, those emerald eyes narrowed. Taking a moment to deduce and observe, he noted how his dappled blood stood virtually pressed to the man - and so Tilney uttered a breathy prayer for his sisters virtue, and tore his gaze away. As much as he wished to greet dear Aelfwine, it would make his skin shake having to speak to her while she stood pressed to a stag.

Now his eyes found Ultima; The newly appointed Earth Medic of the Hidden Falls. May the knowledge he had bestowed on her serve her well.
Tilney still couldn't believe she was gone. He would assume he and the family they had become meant little to her now, and so the bronze man daren't utter a word to her. She had left the nest; one they had built starving and afraid. it was up to him to be happy for her rather then sour, but the ache in his heart was not easing.

Soon the flaxen man took his place beside his king. Greeting the Elephant with a nod, Tilney watched ahead at the creature. His antlers were at the ready should he need to defend himself, though he also checked his mane and cloak for the herbs he had stored before leaving the edge, making sure nothing essential had wriggled out on the journey. He was ready to defend the flock ,the king and queen of his homeland, but he was also ready to learn; a thousand questions flooded his mind about this creature and what it might want.

//stands next to senpai (tembovu) and waits for shit to go down

Art by araxel @ DA

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