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[OPEN] SWP :: Once upon a wave :: (Intro)

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It was not the strange water-creature upon the sands that the silent mare saw first, but the crowd. Oddly enough, it reminded her of the market back home, a stretch of beach that was always lined with vendors hawking their wares. Natives of the city, like her, had been forced to slip through the small breaks in the crowd, careful not to jostle anyone too harshly for fear of being branded a thief. Especially when they were plain and unadorned, like her. At least she had known which stalls had the best prices and the best quality items, unlike the tourists that often caused the blockade.

And it was the tourists that Xolani was reminded of now as she halted upon the sands with her head tilted to one side, a bemused frown on her maw. Even in the Dragon's Throat, where her herd and family lived, it was rare that she saw this many gathered in one place. She was not particularly bothered by it, since she had long since learned how to blend into a crowd - but it was so unnatural in the Helovian wilds that it gave her pause all the same.

There were few familiar faces in the large group, and even these she knew more by face than by name. A flash of longing filled the mare's chest as she realized that she was looking for a familiar hint of teal that simply wasn't there. Even so, she wasn't alone; the Dragon's Throat was represented by a large brute that she recognized only from their most recent herd meeting as their newly named Gladiator. He didn't seem to be on edge - in fact, everyone in the crowd seemed to be curious and almost excited - and so Xolani edged closer, slipping into cracks between the bodies with a familiar ease. She walked across a strange bridge, half swept along by the other bodies surging forward, until finally she could catch a glimpse of the creature that had called to them.

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Vinati appeared beside @Mathèo with a smile, having recognized the colt's telltale glow from the newly-formed bridge.  As the girl looked around the gathering, her pretty blue eyes found several other recognizable forms:  @Zèklè, who had made the Gaucho-golem; @Tae, the ghost-child who had been so interested in Vinati's magic; and several others that she recognized without being able to name.  Still, all of them had companions who had joined them in the gathering that surrounded the strange sea-creature, and thus far, Thèo appeared to be alone.

The young girl, still no more than a season old, had been wandering along the beaches of Helovia after sneaking walking across the Dragon's Throat bridge behind someone with a key. How she would get back home was still a mystery, but she had no doubt that her wandering would lead her in the proper direction sooner or later. Even as a child, Vinati had an almost careless faith that everything would work out precisely as it was meant to with no added effort on her part. So she drifted this way and that, forever a pretty leaf upon the wind, content to go wherever the world's turning took her.

And so it was that she had stumbled across the gathering.

"What is it?" she asked Mathèo, her voice hushed, as though speaking too loudly might startle the creature and send it scampering back to the depths.  Indeed, the newcomer seemed to be very far out of its natural habitat, what with its blue-green body, the gills that fluttered this way and that upon its cheeks, and the antenna-horn that protruded from its forehead.  She had not arrived in time to see its transformation from marine creature to equine, but the whispers and shouts throughout the crowd clued her in all the same.


tl;dr Vinati stands beside Thèo and marvels at the creature.

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The unusual filly floated in on the Orangemoon breeze, every ounce of her being filled with curiousity and intrigue as her pale wings lowered her further and further toward the ground. The Isles had been a constant tease for her every time she peered out into the ocean with lilac eyes filled with longing. Her mother was absent most days, as the marked filly would watch her come and go from days spent out on patrol, she never failed though, when she returned to check in on her daughters. Tasokh had disappeared too, eventually, leaving Verro with a strange sort of sadness not unlike what she had felt when she'd seen the body of her father.

She'd had enough, and with the unusual call which boomed from the isles, she had thrown herself into the air and willed her wings to take her.

She landed with a soft thump, delicate and gracefully stepped off of the currents and into the white sands. Lilac's immediately spotted her sisters and her brothers, though she didn't make a move toward them yet. She did note Arakh however, and made a bit of a note to go over and say hello a bit later. Her eyes quickly landed on the strange creature who had called them there. Unable to contain it, an uttered nicker of delight escaped her painted maw as she bounded forward instead toward it, her steps touched with consideration and overflowed with childish wonder. Where one might have recoiled and proclaimed it an unusual, foul oddity, Verro found a strange sense of otherworldy beauty for the sea-equine. In comparison to her father, mother and twin — she was a bit of an oddity too.

"You're very pretty." She commented outloud, nose extended as her hooves finally stopped a respectable distance from the horse-fish, hoping that he wouldn't be too off put by her attempted physical greeting — seeing as the other horses, pegasus and unicorns around her had probably already voiced their welcomes and pleasantries.

"Are there more like you under the sea?"

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It hadn’t been exactly easy. The constant switch backs the turning corners, but the golden was ever the art of his maze. Ever cautious when he needed to be. It wasn’t that he exactly liked hiding. This was after all the Laurelin. Yet he’d noticed, as did Haldir beside him, that the sound was small….and untrained. This was not some larger thief in the night. And that struck caution…and curiosity. So after the inevitable happened, and his trail was lost to her, he paid her the same curtsy.

The twin. Gold harks pin back as he watches the filly continue on towards the isles beyond the Flats. Her slinking poster, her serious frame were not out of character, but out of context. The gold’s earth eye scan the salts for her pair, the one which had seemed to be joined to her at the hip, or at least a mother…..a father? Nothing…but a gathering. Snorting the golden crowned head raises, distastefully. What was a lone filly doing tracking him? (And not a badly either, practiced, though as before, untrained) In the fields ever ago they had ended on pleasant terms, Haldir’s pride excluded. The stag, keeping his more visible distance sneered at the thoughts, but the golden only smiled, and shed his beloved black cloak to walk towards the girl’s shrinking form.

The child seemed too interested in looking for something that her senses of being looked at seemed temporarily turned off. It was only when a booming voice broke the quiet cat and mouse game that the smile of the gold faded and his attention refocused.

The gold did not forget many things. The strange being at the edge of the isle with its odd pieced together look and its calling together of Helovians was….familiar, and he had the scars to prove it. Tasseled tail began to flick as he eyed the far shore with unease, especially as fate tried to make it easier for others to cross, and a gathering formed. The gold backed a step. Lately, gatherings hadn’t exactly been his thing.

But Haldir as always was there to but up the roadblocks. ”Must” Harks pinned back down, and a dark face found the stag beside the bonded. “Oh?” The moon eyes looked to the gold, but in them also was an unhappiness about the current meeting on the isle. The contrast to the usual caught the gold’s attention. ”Yes. Rexanna’s girl.” Shit. Earth eyes roll and the crowned head turned back to the bridge, where already the babe was disembarking. His tail whipped at his sides in frustration. He certainly was not feeling very charitable today….but Rexanna….and besides, his questions were still unanswered. It seemed clear she was searching, but for what? Perhaps her other half? And if she was…she was after all Rexanna’s child. Growling the gold stepped forward, his harks pinned back and his blood pounding quicker. One way or another...he doubted anything good was on the far island.

Cloven hooves stepped silently onto the sand, and crowned head rises to haunty heights. Others he saw, some he knew and some he did not. He avoided those he knew (glad to see their numbers small and unimportant) and hide behind those he did not know. Thankfully, big, weird, and egotistical was keeping most eyes on him, and though the gold was slightly curious himself, and one hark did stay trained on the creature and the questions asked of him, for the moment he stalked silently to the child. Haldir, not so bold still as his bonded, hung back. Whether he approached totally unknown or not he could not yet tell, but his hissed voice cut through to her as he closed in. “Your tracking skills need work, spitfire.” It came as a tease at first, but then his whisper cut lower. “Why did you follow?” The world may be receiving its grand end in some strange new being, but the gold was ever the Laurelin. Let’s just say, he believed in multitasking.

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Approaches @Kiada and speaks to her. Haldir hangs back by the bridge.

Permission from Skylark to say Kia had followed him a bit from the Festival.

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Even with the cooling of Orangemoon, the earth grew warmer as she headed southward—nearly making the tiny, yellow filly turn back towards home. The north was always safely cooler than the southern climates she occasionally wandered towards. Though, normally, she only ventured as far south as the Dark Forest. It’s deep shadows and thick trees made for perfect setting for tricking unsuspecting travelers. The tart youth reveled in it.

But, for some strange reason (perhaps the cooler weather or her sudden, intense wave of boredom) Larue headed further and further south. Past through the darkest part of the forest, past where it lightened once again, past strange flats that stretched on forever (the salt water felt tingly against her candy coat), and finally to the coast. Candied teal eyes had swept up and down the shoreline, seeing a few others gathering there as well.

The sea’s splashing and groaning had caught her ever-alert attention, then. With wide eyes she watched the bridge rise from the very water, soft pink lips slightly agape. She cautiously waited —brought about only by the warmer temperatures she found herself in— for others to cross the bridge before she tried it.

And the others made it seemingly fine. So her rosethorn hooves pattered across the stones, bones, and seaweed. Slowly at first, but then her tiny form broke into an apprehensive trot as she was left behind the others. Though she abruptly stopped after cresting the bridge’s rise, eyes honing in on the strange creature that had emerged from the surf.

Though she was a naturally curious filly with an exuberance for life that youth so oft endows, there was something strange about this creature. Something her youth instantly doubted, causing her limbs to halt halfway across. Perhaps it was because it resembled the hodgepodge monsters of her nightmares. Perhaps it was some underly lilt in his words that youth’s innocence picks up. Or perhaps it was simply because he was different. Regardless, the filly hung back on the bridge, curious but apprehensive gaze sweeping those gathered--and landing on the winged and horned black body of Virga. "Hey! Hey, Virga! what is it?" She called to the featherless colt, perching forward in an amusing mixture of caution and enthusiasm. And then she watched and waited.

Rue hangs out 1/2 way on the bridge, hedging her bets and calls to @Virga to ask what is going on :P (I hope it's okay that Rue knows his name from the meeting? If not, I will edit!)

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It hadn't been too hard to change course when the call had rumbled from the Riptide Isles, and while Tyrath maintained the ideal that he was no sheep, and he could not be summoned by just anyone or anything which hooves, claws or paws dwelled upon Helovian soil — his curiosity couldn't be sated, and eventually he had reeled in the air and flown with fervor toward the Isles.

Familiar faces pepper the Prince's vision as he descended in a slew of molted feathers and heatless embers, from the Giantess who he had met on these Isles, to his own father — cushioned between mares he noted with a blank expression and exasperated snort — though he spotted none of his skull marked brethren among them. Cloven hooves sunk deep within the white grains, having landed a short distance away to make room for his ever expanding wingspan to be stretched out and folded up against his sides comfortably.

"Hello, Giantess of the Earth." He murmured toward the Demi-Goddess as he passed her, with an offered smile on his fanged maw. It had been awhile since they had last met, and that meeting had been filled with enough confusion and hurt to still sting the young colt. "I hope you're well, and you too, Hubris." His head tilted toward Hubris with a gentle snort toward the Bronze Dragon. One day, he'd have a Dragon like that, a friend and an ardant companion to share his life with. He would of stayed longer, but there's a note of unease and hesitance at the thought, that she wouldn't like his company on the account that he is a son of Volterra.

"I'm gonna go check on my apa, maybe the fish-horse will try and eat him, who knows?" He stated after a moment with a toothy grin, and then offered the earth girl another small and Hubris a nod. "Hopefully we'll meet again." He turned a little slower than usual, in order to hopefully view any kind of 'yes' or 'no' response from the Mountain Goddess, he moved forward toward the mammoth he called father and drew to a stop beside him.

"What do you think he wants with us, really?" He wondered with a grumbled breath, long tail coiled around his hocks with a twitch."And who is this?" Crimson pits turned toward the pale and pink mare who stood beside the behemoth with a quzzical glance, caught between displeasure or general tolerance, depending on who she was and why she was next to him. Wasn't there enough of them already? He wasn't against mares being around his father if it was for more platonic reasons — if she was around him for anything less than a pleasant conversation, this just might be the day he socked Volterra in the jaw, for the good of himself, Tyrath and his current overflowing list of siblings.

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She wore her scars as her best attire.
The gilded mare sighed as she stepped in the recognizable hoof patterns of her first daughter. Her head lowered, nostrils flaring as she took in the varying scents. Marembo ran across in front of her and Tembovu, his tiny paws grabbing at the earth beneath him while his head hovered above the ground, taking in the filly’s scent. Lifting her head, Rexanna continued to walk but turned it to face the Elephant King, a solemn smile crossing her lips. “Remy doesn’t smell him. Kiada was just here, though. We’re still on her scent.” Her voice was soft as it rang to him, her head swiveling back toward the route they took as it began to open up.

Soon, she found herself among the small gathering as they crossed over a bridge. A strange beast called out to them, telling them to cross. It was strange and left a sinking feeling in her stomach – remembering the beasts they had fought in this land previously and how many of her herd mates and friends had gotten injured. Her brows furrowed slightly, hooves picking up speed as Marembo raced across the bridge. “Thranduil.” Rexanna’s ears tipped backward briefly, still unprepared to hear Marembo’s voice. However, as Rexanna’s gaze surveyed the crowd – she only had eyes for the Laurelin and her daughter.

Spotting Thranduil, she broke from the side of Tembovu, hoping that perhaps Kiada would be nearby the gilded man – and to her relief, he was questioning her as they arrived. Relief blossomed in Rexanna’s breast as she came up to the side of Thranduil, aiming to press her muzzle gently into his shoulder in greeting. “Hello Thranduil.” She began, lowering her head to Kiada to press her muzzle to the child’s forehead. “Not getting into too much trouble, are you Kia?” She questioned, half-jokingly but hidden behind sadness that seemed to filter through every word she said. Turning her attention back to Thranduil, she offered him a sad smile. “Thank you for keeping an eye on her. She got ahead of us while we were looking for her brother.” Her voice was strong, but laced with frustration and perhaps a bit of regret. Her head swiveled back toward Tembovu, making room for him beside the trio, wondering if perhaps he had more to add as she motioned to him with her words.

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Speaks to @Thranduil and Kiada, arrives with @Tembovu !
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Aelfwine’s nose captured the scent of a variety of different herdlands. They were still fresh, obviously a large grouping had just passed through this area. So of course the dappled doe was going to investigate. Her cloven hooves danced across the earth as she sought out what had prompted such a gathering. Her heavy crowned head lifted high into the sky, emerald gaze scanning the world around her in wonder and curiosities. She had never visited this land before, and she found it remarkably intriguing. As she broke from the entrance, she could see a variety of creatures trailing across a makeshift bridge – a bridge that appeared to have been created by plenty of things Aelfwine had only ever really heard of and never quite seen despite all her travels. Her pink snipped head lowered gently, pressing against the compass she carried around her neck for comfort from a brand new event.

She tiptoed along, falling into line behind a few other mixtures of equines and unicorns, crossing the bridge seemingly effortlessly as her emerald eyes trailed across the crowd, seeking familiar faces. Alas, she had no luck, but as she turned her head she spotted some plumes that seemed all too intimately familiar. A smile spread across her face as she made her way through the crowd to Graasvoel’s side. Perhaps she was oblivious or just didn’t want to see the beautifully pigmented woman that stood beside the man as she pressed into Gaal’s side, her treemarked rump bumping against his hip as she lifted her head to him with a smirk. “Hello again, handsome.” Her voice was quiet, but aimed for only him.

What she wouldn't give for another night like they had experienced together. If she hadn't noticed the creature that seemed to have appeared from the ocean's depths, she would've probably recommended that they skip out on whatever this was just for the sheer idea of having a good time.  

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Rubs up against @Graasvoel ;)

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It had taken a lot of persuasion to get Esinakh to leave the Edge and come to the beach. After their last disastrous experience here, Arakh is unsurprised at his beloved sibling's reluctance to return to the scene of the crime. To him, sand is not an enemy; it is not something to be hated or feared. Sister-calf, however, he knows does loathe the grainy monstrosity, and so by proxy Arakh does, too. And perhaps it is selfish of him to try and get her to come with him, but he just has the feeling that something is going to happen on the beach today.

So they travel, and the colt is careful to stay close beside his sister at all times. She does not need protection, but it is his duty as her brother to give protection even when it isn't wanted, so he lurks as close to her as he possibly can without actually touching her. When they reach the bridge, Arakh is just as confused as his sibling; he edges closer as though to reassure her, but really he's reassuring himself that she is close by.

He's sorely tempted to admit that he was a fool to drag Esi here with him, and lead her back to the comfortable sanctuary of the Edge. But what a coward he would seem like, if he admitted his nervousness! He has to be strong for his sister, so with a loud huff of confusion and a flattening of his ears, he plods onto the bridge.

Half-expecting the bridge to eat him, his stride is quite slow; it hurries as he sees a crowd nearby, however, and realises that if the bridge didn't eat them then he's probably safe. He waits for Esi at the end and seeks to press his muzzle reassuringly against her side, then allows his blue gaze to drift around the gathered horses. It stops as it sees the source of their interest; a creature that simply looks too strange to exist, a creature that is simply not-horse.

Arakh's lower jaw hangs loosely as he goggles at the bizarre animal. Only Esinakh's words draw him from his stupour, and he narrows his eyes warily at the odd creature. "Not sure. Esi stay close to Rak, just in case." To his considerable consternation, no sooner has he spoken than Esinakh is leaving his side to head towards a much older colt with a metal wing. A burning pang of jealously jumps through the lad's heart and he snorts crossly, pawing at the ground and launching himself after his sister. What could make her want to leave him to try and touch some randomer?

The boy lurks close to his sister's flank, glaring at the metal-winged colt as though he had made Esinakh abandon all sense and move towards him.

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usgh sorry for the awfulness of this post. Rak stands by @Esinakh and glares a lil bit at @Zekle


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“Shall we go?”

Sacre asked his foxes as he too had caught the vision of a sea mangled horse atop a coral, where a bridge now lie to access it, but his two beady eyed friends seemed less inclined than they usually would to chart a course to the gathering crowd. Whilst they were curious and enthralled by what was happening, all three companions couldn’t help but remember the last time something weird had happened in Helovia… back then he had lost two family members. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know what was happening this time, though just from looking he couldn’t see Roux in the crowd or anyone he knew in particular apart from the Edge Queen. Between where he was now and the cluster of strangers—the present felt very lonely and isolating. With that one depressing thought he had his answer to the question he had asked his two fox friends. Yes; he would go see what was causing the commotion. Otherwise he’d mope himself to death watching the magic from a distance like the pitiful sob story he was turning into. Besides, there was a crowd of horses over there he had never met before.

The weight of two small friends jumped onto his back and the blue eyed fox boy began to make his way across the spontaneously convenient bridge that had formed seemingly on command by this… sea horse? By the time he had shuffled his way into the crowd, pardoning himself if he bumped into anybody on his mission to get a better look, most of the questions he had had already been asked. Suppose that was the consequence of being fashionably late to the party. Settling into a stand near two fillies, Sacre took the chance to look around to see if he had missed Roux, but to the sinking of his heart he found no sign of his red twin.

Instead, he turned his attention back to the sea creature who had called them over, his eyes bright with intrigue and devilment. Should he say hello or was that stupid? He already looked a little odd as his two foxes tried to scramble up his neck to the top of his head to get a better view. “Have the Gods sent you?” he asked of the sea horse instead, wondering suddenly if perhaps this was the four of them meddling or maybe this was a God, like the Riftian Gods and an imposter. Besides, it wasn't a simple task to create your own bridge in a moment and call the residents of Helovia forth with one call. Why had it waited so long to meet them? Why now? Was something going to happen? The edges of his expression echoed with wariness and a reluctance to openly greet the new stranger, even though his face was brightly lit with his genuine, boyish smile.

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the Elephant King

The Elephant King and his Aurelian siren followed his daughter’s small, dainty hoof prints. Navy eyes watched Marembo skitter across the earth, small hand-like paws grasping soil and scenting it deeply with his nose. He was as determined as the parents to find either of their wayward children. Mbwene followed, chortling in annoyance at the polecat’s quick movements. He sighed softly in response to Rexanna’s gentle voice. At least the were close to one child. An ear flicked sideways, forever listening around them, as he followed after Rexanna.

“Helovians! You have no idea how long I've waited to meet you.”

The call was faint, muffled by the surf. But the Dorobian stallion still heard some arrangement of boomed words. His head rose, muzzle reaching out to touch Rexanna’s flank, to indicate that they both should pause for a moment. But his woman continued walking, following without pause to find her child (as a mother is pushed to do). And so she crossed the bridge ahead of him, and the crush of other crossing equines separated them for a few moments.

He took the time to search for Kianzo in the group of crossing creatures. Not finding him, the King’s gaze landed on Rexanna alongside both Kiada and the Laurelin. His brow furrowed slightly before his long strides carried him to the gathering. “Thranduil,” his head dipped slightly in greeting, before his head dropped to Kiada’s withers. Gently nuzzling her fuzzy, black mane there, his ear tilted to listen to Rexanna tell the Laurelin that they were looking for their son.

He blinked once, thinking as he slowly rose his head. “Rexanna tells me you should join us in the Edge,” his eyes shuttered once, “An act of goodwill, such as finding our son Kianzo, would help pardon your transgression—“ his words cut off for a moment as his eyes caught sight of a particular blushed dove that stood before a strange watery beast “—against the Edge.”

Only now did he realize just what everyone was gathered for—and who must have made the loud call. The father had been so focused on finding his lost child that it had consumed his attention. His head slowly rose higher, muscles beginning to swell beneath the thick buckskin hide. Navy eyes sharpen on the creature, recalling the battles that had last happened on these Isles. His tail slapped against his hocks in agitation, quickly shifting from searching father to protective King. Though he was with his family, he still did not like how close and vulnerable Orithia was.

And so his attention shifted from Thranduil to the immediate situation.
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Arrive with @Rexanna following @Kiada ; Talks to @Thranduil and then notices @Orithia and the creature that called them all here.

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Tutti was a sneaky sneak, and had managed to slip away from the Edge unnoticed by bother her mother and her brother. It was quite an accomplishment and as her tiny hooves danced across the land as she made her way ... whichever way she was going she couldn't help but feel extremely proud of herself. At first she didn't take much notice of the others that were heading in the same direction she was until there were a lot of other horses all heading in the same direction. So she followed along to see where they were all going, because if there were that many horses then there had to be something really cool. She could see what it was and take Zubari there later and show him.

With that thought in mind the girl raced forward, swerving between the older horses, sometimes bumping into thim and calling out an apology as she continued to run forward. But she stopped dead in her tracks when the land ended and the ocean began. One delicately curled ear tilted back against her dainty skull and she snorted, remembering the sharks that had attacked her when Poppy had taken her to the beach. There was no way that she was going to swim across and be fish chow again no matter how badly she wanted to see what was on the island that everyone was swimming to.

She paced along the beach for a few mnutes, her eyes still on the island when, suddenly, a bridge began to form. At first Tutti didn't trust it. She put just her forehooves on it and pressed down, then reared up and slammed her tiny hooves into it. When it didn't seem to give under her slight weight she shrugged her shoulders and darted across. As she made it over she took note of a few things. 1. Poppy was there. 2. There was something on the beach that she was positive was a sea dragon that Poppy had told her about. 3. Poppy was there with a woman and a girl she hadn't met yet. 4. There was a freaking sea dragon on the beach.

Being the sneaky sneak that Tutti thought she was, she tried to slip past Tembovu unnoticed and made her way as close to the sea dragon as she could before she stopped. "Hi!" She called out to it. Her tail wiggled with her barely contained excitement. "I'm Tutti. Are you a sea dragon? My Poppy told me that sea dragons live in the water."


ooc:// Tutti shows up alone and tries to sneak past Tembovu and get close to the creature to ask it questions.
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His hooves carried him as quickly as they could. Their prints lined up with exact precision in this sisters. She never roams off alone, what is the deal? Hooves moved and shifted faster and faster. His golden eyes watched the last glimmer of his sisters gold disappear into coats of the others. A huff escaped from his maw, and his smooth body slid between two bright colored horses that were like his sister. One was a female talking to his dad, the other a man.. A creepy, golden, snake like unicorn. Bright eyes looked to the man, and he almost let them narrow upon the man. He put a smile on his face instead. Eyes darted to his father talking to the golden snake man. Why was he standing next to this woman, who was she, and why was he not with mom? The boy felt something boil and burn in his chest. Who was that young girl that looked like the golden lady, and father.. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! His attention snapped away from them, he had to find his sister. Father can explain this later...

Quickly moving away from the little group( that always seemed to follow his father.) His small body blended and melted into the others around, and soon the boy would be out of his fathers viewing. Growing golden studs moved in the chaos of the others asking questions, and they all tried to shift closer. The boy wanted to dig his horns into the next creature that bumped into him. Ears pinned to his skull. He just wanted out of this place, why did his sister always drag him near strangers? Other Filly's and Colt's stood back from this beast that washed ashore, but NOO NOT TUTTI. Grumbling the boy slid past some other twin and he finally came behind his twin.

He wanted to frown, he wanted to turn away, he wanted to give zero fuck's about the sea dragon she was ranting about.He was just there for her. Eyes were calm in the storm, but inside the monster, the beast was screaming. Get away from this place, he wanted to run; tutti was to busy making casual conversation, with a sea monster."Tutti come on, I don't think we should be so close... I want you to see something standing near father." He pulled at her mane watching the sea beast. His eyes would glare with insecurity, but he but on his mask. Hiding his true emotions from the world.
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It seemed that I wasn’t the only one drawn to this place, and this bridge definitely hadn’t been there when we had come here with Papa.  But it seemed that everyone was sure in a hurry to see what was on the other side, so I decided to follow the others across the bridge - comforted by the thought that there were others my age crossing the bridge.  Soon I’d be able to fly on my own, but I certainly wasn’t willing to test my wings over such a long distance and over the sea. 

And I knew I’d never seen this many horses in one place before! There were certainly a lot at the gathering where the mother fish had asked us questions and given me Everly’s egg...but nothing like this. What could possibly bring a crowd like this across the sea?  I recognized a few faces from the Basin and a few from the Edge, but there really weren’t many familiar among the crowd.  My heart thundered in my chest for a moment at the prospect that maybe Mama was here since so many had come, but after a few minutes of searching, it was evident that she was not amongst those that had gathered.  Everly confirmed from above with a single, sad squawk but did direct me off to the side of the gathering.  My heart leapt at what I saw. 


Virga stood alone. Seeing him standing by himself sent a flicker of pain through me because Virga should never be alone. But there he stood.  So I made my way to his side quickly, quietly with little fanfare which is unlike me but this whole gathering was enough of a scene that I probably didn’t need to make one of my own.  I drew to a halt next to my brother and stood for a quiet moment before speaking.  “What do you think it is?” I asked him, quietly, trying to see through the sea of those who had already gathered to no avail.  I tried to peer through the mass of legs, snorting when it didn’t work.  Perhaps more dramatically I stood on my hind legs - using my wings to steady myself as I tried to see over the top of those who had come.  That too, failed, and I tucked my wings away at my sides after creating quite a interesting picture, I’m sure.  “Ev, can you go look?” I finally asked, and the little zephyr chirped twice before turning and making her way towards the front of the crowd.  

I looked back to Virga and offered him a sheepish smile before looking to see if I recognized anyone else that had come.  It was then that I heard someone shout Virga’s name and peered over Virga’s back to see Iskra, the colt from the beach standing with another colt who I hadn’t met.  “Virga, do you want to go stand with them?” I asked, taking a few steps towards Iskra and the other boy. 

“If not, I’ll stay here with you,” I said, simply, content to let Virga be the one to make the final decision.

-- V E S P E R --
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Didn't you know that Poision is always Pretty?

Her slim body moved around the lands. Adventuring and getting away from the Edge for a bit. After the whole thing with Ron she needed a breather. Knowing that there was a moon doctor that refused to heal the wounded angered her. Rage poured from her heart, but thank the lord for the wonderful moon doctor that came to her aid. The paint woman did her job, and she did it well. Lyanna healed when the other refused, and Raeden respected that. Maybe she would find a trinket for her in their travels. Teal eyes bounced from body to body as she noticed that they were going somewhere. Tin came to a halt and green eyes looked into her bright teal ones. Should we follow His head cocked asking her what they should do. Then a call came from the air around them. Golden shoulders shrugged I don't see why not.. With that said, the pair continued on.

They followed behind the group to catch a glance like everyone else. A herd of horses gathered around the shore and silver flecks brightened as her eyes caught a black stallion a few feet ahead. Eyes shifted to Tin and he concealed the pair. They moved through the crowd blending into their surroundings. Once she stood next to the black man Tin revealed his magic and silver orbs flared with sparks. "Did Ya miss me Big boy, or should I say Rikyn?" Her words whispered closer to his ear and a smirk fell upon her maw. With those few words the pale specter continued towards the others. Then her eyes caught a creature who was beautiful to look at.

Others crossed the bridge, but this beast landed softly on the sand of the beach. Of course another woman was with him, but what is a casual hello? What Ron did not know, wouldn't hurt him. I mean she still had a burning desire to be with him, and to be his. They were not anything official right now though, she was not HIS mare yet... (By that she means He was not HER stallion yet. Ron would be hooked on her like a heroin addict.) Teal eyes scanned the large beast, and the specter could not help but smile. Cream hooves mover her feminine curves closer, and closer to the testosterone filled man. Casually she smiled to the mares. She could not be rude to them, especially around such a charming man. "Hello" Her head dips slightly to the colored winged woman, then to the antlered girl. Teal eyes looked to catch the gaze of the strange man. Silver burned deep in their teal depths. A charming smirk fell upon her maw for a moment. "I am not too sure what is going on over here. The Magic of Helovia always has a surprise for the dwellers. Let us hope no one will get hurt this time. " Her eyes shifted towards both mares. With a quick glance to the stallion a devious look fell upon her face as she turned away. Her perfect tail swayed over the ground her cloud like body walked on. The pale specter wanted to see what was going on, and she did not want to piss any women off... right now...
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- I O N A -

Iona had always been overprotective of Alysanne ever since the two had been attacked by the demon in Nocturne.  She trusted Alysanne’s ability to protect herself, what she did not trust was what was hiding in the shadows in Helovia.  Especially now that the Edge had been the victim of repeated stealth attacks.  Her sister was still newly crowned, and she feared that others were testing the Edge for weaknesses.  Iona was going to make damn sure that no one tried to test Alysanne directly.

So no, it wasn’t that she was following her sister exactly.  It was more that she just so happened to fly a routine patrol in the same general region where Alysanne had decided to gather herbs.  It was hard for the painted pegasus to realize anything had happened until she looped back over the northern shore of the island and saw that a bridge had materialized from the sea and that equines and unicorns were freely crossing from the mainland.  Iona felt a sinking feeling in her stomach and instantly set out to find Aly, but was confronted with a sizable group who had already come to the shore.  

And, of course, there was Alysanne, standing front and center at the front of the group.  Iona, paying absolutely no attention to the others and what the bloody hell they were all looking at cut sharply across the group allowing herself to land in close proximity to her sister and eventually take her place at her twin’s side.  ”I swear I lose sight of you for 10 minutes...” she grumbled, under her breath, finally finishing her appraisal of her sister and turning to look at what had captured the group’s attention. 

A sea creature. Literally. A creature made of sea or so it seemed to the specter’s untrained eye.

“Er. Hi there,” was all that a thoroughly distracted Iona could think to offer the creature. Oh, Iona. Ever the linguist.

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Her landing was imperfect; she’d come down much too quickly, too horizontally, and hadn’t thought to generate a down-draft before her hooves sliced through the surf, her momentum driving her forward like a stone skipping across the waves. One skip. Two skip. Three skip, and four, and, ‘Oh, stop, stop, stop,’ she thought frantically – she was coming closer and closer to the visitor, and as keen as she was to get a good look at them, she’d rather not do so from the proximity granted by collision. Tucked into his usual nest on her withers, his tiny claws digging into her flesh, her companion yowled. Yes, Snapdragon,” She had to cut her speed. She’d done it before, she’d just been so enthralled, she— “I know, would you please,” And Ultima hauled her long, tapered wings up, “Stop,” Forced them forwards, like a trap springing shut, Naggi—gah! And came to a sharp, sharp stop. 

Right in front of the sea-horse. So close she could see the gills flutter open and close. So close she could see the sinews in its mane wriggling now and then, as alive as she or any of the spectators gathered. From the corner of her eye, she could make out Queen Alysanne, her sister, and the Mason boy from the Falls; the girl had seen them all from the air, of course, but that was en masse. They were composite parts, just like the flotsam and jetsam that made up this— Gentleman? Creature?

“Well,” she said brightly, cutting herself short in the beginnings of what would surely become outright staring. ‘Suppose this is better than just smacking right into them. What if they broke?’ Dipping into a polite little curtsy, she used the gesture as an opportunity to take the smallest step backwards. Whatever this visitor was, friend or foe, a fair share of breathing room was more than reasonable to give. 

Drawing back up to full height, Ultima gave a curious cock of the head. “May I ask – to what do we owe the pleasure?”
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I'd found Vastra again, that slippery little weasel of a sister, and thank all the gods for it! What am I supposed to do without my own dearest ginger?! (Cue that one song from that one musical which is totally a thing that I know "You and me should be a team / for any dream or any scheme / that's how it should be done!") I had had it just about up to here with no one being around, so as she decided to go exploring I stuck close, no way she's getting away from me this time.

She led and I followed, coming to a wide shore, kinda like the one by the Throat but also nothing like that at all. But there was water--and cane we just TALK about water for a minute!? And of course by water I mean the ~~OCEAN~~. Lets be honest, anything smaller might as well be a piddly-ass little puddle but the ~~OCEAN~~ is like the coolest damn thing I've ever seen. Like how does it just go on and on and on and on like that? It stretches forever and I can't even tell where it goes but I...(sigh) I GO there!

(We'll save wrestling with existential longings for when I'm a bit older, shall we?)

Holy shit, what's that voice? Holy shit look! A Bridge! I follow Vasa across and damn are there a LOT of people here. Seriously, this is the biggest gathering of people I have ever seen...I suuuuper casually glance behind me to see of Mom is still following us. Not like I'm scared because obviously if Vasa needs protecting I and 100% capable of kicking all necessary asses, but you know, just checking. To be sure that EVERYONE (including the weird kelp-horse thingy/amazing denizen of the sea) all know the deal, I stand close to my sister and sling a companionable wing over her back. "I think it's part fish...better watch out for our noses, eh?" I "whisper" to her, indicating the aquatic beastie.

i must go down to the sea again
for the call of the running tide
is a wild call and a clear call
that may not be denied
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It's not stalking when it's her own children, is it? No, it's simply....hidden following.

That's exactly what the grey mare finds herself doing, for no other reason than she's curious about what could possibly be dragging her two youngest children away from her warm bosom. She isn't the possessive sort of mother, the kind who will follow her foals until they're practically at adulthood; she is content to let them make their own decisions and their own mistakes, within reason. Her inner mama-bear will happily rear up at any sign of danger, but overall she fancies herself as a fairly laid-back dam.

It's sheer boredom that leads her to follow her newest offspring. She hasn't got a lot else to do, and she is deeply interested in what they seem to be so eager to get to. So as not to cramp their style (in case they're going to meet friends - she would hate them to become known as The Poor Twins With The Creepily Smothering Mother), she keeps herself hidden from them. She also leaves Dominus behind, because despite his predatory instincts making him rather good at tracking and stalking, he is prone to breaking her cover should anything tasty cross his path. So, alone and feeling an odd thrill of delight about her behaviour, the silver soldier follows her twins under the cover of trees and foliage.

It isn't long before they arrive at the beach, and Nyx sees both Arakh and Esinakh make their way across a bridge she's quite sure wasn't there when she last came here. Feeling her familiar sense of trepidation at the idea of deep water, the grey allows her curiosity to get the better of her and lead her across the bridge. She keeps a good distance from her children, as though she'd just happened to be heading in the same direction as them, then trots merrily towards them as they gather nearby. "Hello, dears," she greets, attempting to press her muzzle affectionately to each of their sides. Hey, she'd promised not to embarrass them by obviously stalking them, but that didn't include public displays of affection.

She sees her older daughter, Oizys, nearby as well. The girl's inner darkness and aloofness gives Nyx a pause for thought as she considers whether she should really approach the grey filly, but that doesn't stop her from doing so. A huff of greeting is given to the young gargoyle before the mare turns to settle a safe distance between all three of her children. For the first time, she sees what they're looking at - amidst the milling hoards, there's a thing. A sea-stinking, odd thing that looks like nothing on earth, and which Nyx openly stares open-mouthed as she lurks amongst the crowd.


Stalkery stalks @Esinakh and Arakh to the beach, greets them and greets Oizys as well. Gawps at the sea creature.

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The sight of so many on the outskirts of the Dragon's Throat raised a silent alarm in Cathun's mind.  Quietly, he stalks to edge of the ocean, making his way toward the cluster of Helovians near the Riptide Isles.  When the call rings from the unseen stranger, his ears pin back, a mere flicker of flame against flame.

The burning man approaches the crowd nonchalantly, despite being a ball of fire, sizzling as the spray of ocean slaps his figure.  Sparks fly occasionally as the wind whips about the pyre of his frame, making him take extreme caution in the crowd to not burn the flesh of those nearby.  He takes to standing at the back of the crowd, waiting patiently to cross the landbridge to where the majority are now standing.

In the middle is the reason they are here, he supposes.

The creature itself is an ode to the ocean, leathery flesh of blue and scales.  Wild seaweed and seastars cling to where his mane would be.  Something about the expression on his face sits uneasily with Cathun, but he thinks it wise to simply observe instead of forming metaphorical waves about a creature who is no more conspicuous than himself.  Steadily he crosses the sodden bridge, steam rolling from underneath the pillars of fire that were his legs, despite his attempt to approach as quietly as possible.

When you look like a tiny version of the sun, it is a little difficult to travel incognito.

He settles in behind the crowd, close enough to hear the conversation, yet far enough to keep the occasional ember from floating toward anyone.  When unusual folk appear in Helovia, it is almost never a good sign.  Let's hope this breaks the rule.


ooc -- Cathun is standing off toward the back trying not to draw attention to himself.

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