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[OPEN] SWP :: Once upon a wave :: (Intro)

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It had been with no shortage of frustration that Vastra arrived on the southern banks of Helovia, lured by a strange booming voice, only to discover that an awful lot of water separated her from the gathering on the other side.  What was going on over there?!

If she had a companion like her mother she could send it over to scope things out but as it was, she was on her own with a set of wings that were only just starting to be less down-covered. With a huff, she paced back and forth along the beach trying to riddle out a solution (or to work up the nerve to squash her curiosity and turn away from this New Thing).

Luckily enough for her, something wonderful happened.

With a tremor underneath her hooves, her brown eyes watched in fascination as stones and all manner of things started to collect and make a bridge. Vastra was pretty new to the world, sure, but she had visited this coast enough times to know that this bridge had not been there before. Her lessons on how she should avoid strangers had been minimal - and they certainly went right out the window when she had needed to approach strangers to find out if they had seen her family. Besides, how was she ever going to learn anything if she didn’t explore? If she didn’t ask questions?

So without hesitation, the red dun filly stepped onto the bridge and trotted across it. She paused intermittently, not out of any fear that the ground might fall out from beneath her but more so that she could inspect the rocks and bones and bits of driftwood that had been used to construct the bridge. It hardly seemed morbid to her that there would be bones - and on one of her stops she considered picking up a few strange ones she had never seen before. But she hurried herself along, the curiosity about the large group of horses gathering on the island outweighing her fascination with the bridge she was taking to get there.

Without a peep she mingled herself into the crowd, not recognizing anyone and not caring who she stood next to - her bright eyes were only focused on the New Thing - the strange sea creature that everyone else was looking at.

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The sea gradually begins to congeal together, forming piece by piece into a vaguely horse like creature with all its parts improvised of repurposed fish segments and salt water vegetation. The creatures hairless, glistening skin appears wet and possibly sticky or slimy, though the stallion has no interest in moving close enough to touch it. He steps hastily off of the makeshift bridge the creature summons, relieved both for its temporary existence and for its sturdiness in holding him and the few others trickling across above the waters surface, and moves to stand among the assembling crowd, silent while others clamor with questions and introductions.

He can't imagine why the sea-unicorn would be so eager to meet his terrestrial neighbors. None of them are so interesting or exotic looking as he, though several are flashy and foreign looking in their own way, whether genetically or magically. Some are familiar to the bearded stallion, names and previous encounters jumping to the front of his mind as his eyes sweep across their faces. The Queen of the Edge, Alysanne, whom he saw for the first time at the aurora festival. The muscular Volterra, who stands virile and imposing as ever. The Reapers son, Erebos, and one of Rexannas most recent twins, thankfully the female Kiada and not her obnoxious brother. The as yet unnamed asshole is here, slinking around the edges in wary curiosity. Even the half fish, Syrena is here, her strange skin and partially scaled top line seeming to draw a connection between the two seafarers.

"Some relative of yours?" He asks, drifting to where she and a young tricolored filly stand quietly. There are many others, more lining up in a semicircle around the unknown creature with every passing minute, and he studies them carefully while they study the anomaly now stretching and shaking itself free of the oceans grasp.

"Alby talks" 'Strom talks'
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albrecht & strom
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The discovery of my father had mostly darkened my spirits. My body still let wisps of steam off, lighter than it had been before, but it still came. The only positive thing was the discovery of a younger sibling, a sibling I could protect and love.

But now I found myself wandering from place to place, to scared to find the dragons throat, and to nervous to return to the sanctuary of the edge, despite the safety I knew I would surely find there.

Slowly though I made my way closer to the edge. My searchings today led me to and island. The Riptide Isle. That was where I planned to make my bed for a few nights. As I flew over the channel I noticed something rather peculiar though, and despite my plans on finding some nice brush to sleep under, I was pulled towards the gathering of equine creatures. As I landed, I realized they were all looking at someth- I mean, someone. I think. I knew no one, and only two I recognized from brief encounters, so I remained to the side by myself, instead gazing at the creature that had emerged from the water. What was it?

"Excuse me, but what eactly... I mean who exactly are you?"

For a moment I was pulled from my sullen mood, and emerged into a curious young colt again. Thankfully I had something to take my attention from things I shouldnt have to think about at my age.


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the sea is hell and i am its fury
The Riptide Isles were as close to home as the seahorse would ever feel. They were a paltry memento—but still a vestige of familiarity lapped on the sandy shores and curled around the colorful reefs. So she swam in the warm currents (though the tides were beginning to grow cooler with the season). Strong limbs and webbed hooves scooped water and sand alike as she meandered along the seafloor. The gill slits of her shoulders open and closed with abandon, enjoying the refreshing sensation of salt filtering through them. Fresh water was so bland, and it made her gills sore and swollen after a while.

But salt—here she was at home. Sharp teeth snapped at a few fish; though she was not truly hunting. These were merely possibly snacks, should they be too slow to evade her jaws. None were, so she was empty-mouthed when she slowly ascended and breached the surface.

Though something peculiar caught her unblinking gaze (even the beads of salt water on her corneas did not elicit a blink). A gather of equines along the beach—how strange. It was rare to find another being in the Isles many shores, let alone a group of them. But her sharp gaze did not linger long on the many, normal Helovians on the shores.


Her eyes trained on the creature that erupted from the waves. It was an odd combination of sea parts, but it was still quite obviously not of the same make of those on the beach. Like her. She, too, was clearly not like those gathered.

Her powerful heart began to beat faster, long limbs starting to churn against the waves as she dove—she could swim faster when submerged. Was he from the Rift? Was he from home? What had happened to her people? To Akvo? The thoughts were more frantic than she expected, and pushed her hard towards the shore.

So it was with a heaving sides and sucking gill-slits that she emerged from the waves, following behind the strange creature that came from the depths. “Do you know of Akvo?” Her throaty voice asked loudly, clearly, and firmly between gasps for breath.

She was swimming, comes up behind the new dude and asks about Akvo.

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It is her, her. I can smell her before she arrives, I will never forget that brazen aroma of lightning and rotting blood that seemed to cling to the edges of her being. Although I could not see her, I knew that she could not be far, all of the memories I so delicately stored away came rushing back in a prism of disgust and horror. For a moment I am spell-bound, forced to relive that sunny afternoon beneath the torment of her awful monsters, I could remember the terrible 'CRACK' of splintering bone between her companions beak. My eyes smart and the sound of hooves bring be back from my reverie, just in time to catch a sight of blue. This is no ordinary blue, no... this is her, Syrena. The gentle, watery scent that always pervades her presence is calming, nipping at the heels of such horrible images as they are replaced with something more pleasant. Perhaps that is not the only reason they go, some of it might be the sense of safety that envelopes me as the mare steps within touching distance. In that moment I want nothing more than to bury myself against her legs, but no! I am getting too large for that.

I was growing, and even as my desire to cling came rushing forward, I was suddenly made aware of something else. I could see, I could see the handsome beast standing tall and excited on the sandy inlet, pale eyes grazing over the multitude of spines accumulated around the beach. Although I was not the tallest, I was tall enough that I could throw my nose over Syrena's withers. How was I only just noticing this? Have I been so stuck in the little cave of my mind for so long, that I forgot to actually pay attention to myself? My legs tremble as a short tremor courses abruptly through the sand, shifting feet and disarming guards. For the first time in my short life I got to see the bizarre and unnatural bridge as it burst up from the water, all number of sea-material; bones, drift-wood, even sea-stars! All came together to form a path to the lithe... well, stallion.

A mare, bright as white light stepped forward from the crowd, one hoof in front of other, wings brought forth in a defensive stance before finally making contact with the unnerving structure. She was the first, and in a moment of thought I wanted to join the blushing woman, I wanted to be bold too. Some part of me knew it was for show, I wanted to leave that stony filly behind, but for the most part I just did not want to be left behind. It was a familiar feeling now, a sharp tugging against my chest, long legs jerking nervously. "Come on Syrena! I wanna get a better look!" She has not spoken, and while a horned stallion has come up beside her I pay him no mind. My attention is easily drawn from him, to beast, to blue and it feels right. I am like water, sliding between bodies, brushing against shoulders and wing before coming up for air. It feels weird being ahead, striding onward with a confidence that could not possibly belong to me, not with my hind-legs swaying dangerously in my eagerness. Yet I do, glancing back in the hopes that Syrena has not abandoned me before taking my own adventure over the make-shift drawbridge.

The other side is no different then the last, maybe a bit coarser, but still relatively the same. That is, excepting the dainty sea-monster that stood so brightly at its highest knoll. He is excited, it seems to vibrate away from his borrowed figure in a way that tugs my own dark lips into a smile. "Hello, I am Bathsheba." I say softly, shyly, ears flicking forward while my nose dives in toward my breast. "Do you have a name down there? Is it the same as up here?"


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You are summoned. Though instinctively your contrary nature pulls back hard against the call, curiosity proves a stronger impulse than spite. Who belongs to that voice? Who so tremendously demands your presence? God, echoes a small voice, a half-thought, and though you banish it immediately, the word lingers. You have yet to encounter such a creature, though the blood of one rushes in hot, disquiet rivers through your veins. Distantly, your thoughts turn to your father, to Vesper, to Mama and all the turmoil your life has been these past few months. Anymore, you don't remember how to exist peacefully.

You go. You were always going to go.

The ocean roars and sighs into your ears as you pick your way toward the beach, down the beach, a lonely dark figure small against the shore but not so small when you approach the gathering already formed up ahead. You're half-grown now and lanky, your bones pushing out beneath a thickening winter coat at all sorts of odd angles. Black, oddly feathered wings twitch and clamp to your sides. They're small compared to the wings of others — small even folded, twitching and uncertain. You don't miss the difference, but your body language draws no attention to it as you approach, your hooves loud on the bridge of stone (that's new, isn't it?). And dark thing that you are, lonely thing that you are so intent to be, you skirt the edges of the bodies, your head craning up and around, horn brandished at the sky.

That — in the middle.

What is the word for that?

You wonder if you'll learn, should you linger. With nothing better to do, with questions whirling through your head like swift birds, you stall out. Though you think you recognize some of those nearby (the dark man, the girl with fire limning her spine), you don't approach. You claim your own space away from the faces you know, the faces you've glimpsed, the faces you will forget after leaving here. And you wait. You listen. You wonder what there is to learn in this part of the world.

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It was only at the behest of Rak that Esi left the Edge, especially after the last, terrifying experience at the ocean. Even the water—what she usually relied on the cleanse her of the filth that threatened to blot her out—left a scum of salt on her dark grey coat. But brother-calf insisted; he said there was family and good things in the south. Father (a deep voice and blurry, flaming form to the filly) had taught him to fly. Or, at least, had begun to teach him to fly.

But the moment their small hooves met sand, her body revolted. Downy feathers stood on end and clay welled in grey clumps along her back. Not again. She did not ever wish to be coated with this gritty, white substance for as long as she lived.

But Rak had pleaded, cajoled, and otherwise comforted her (as only he could do). And so the calf twins somehow made it across the sands, only to stall on the shore across from the Riptide Isles. For, even if the filly was willing to enter into the ocean once again (which she was not), the distance was too far for herself to make. Rak, the stouter and larger and stronger twin might be able to. But not the slender, small, delicate Esi.

So it was almost with relief that the calf bleated and began to turn back towards home—only to be interrupted by groaning, creaking, and splashing. Her head slowly spun, pale eyes wide as rocks, bone, and other sea refuse rose from the depths and created a bridge over the strait.

Tentatively, and mostly because of her brother’s curious insistence, her tiny hooves began to patter across the strange, dripping bridge. Warily she eyed the hodgepodge of items she stepped on—paying particularly close attention to the wads of seaweed and bones. Though, by staying close on brother-calf’s heels, she was able to make it across.

And there were so many equines gathered around a creature—who also was a hodgepodge of things, just like his bridge. He pale, pale eyes watched him closely, suspiciously. There was something (perhaps the lack of symmetry her mind so desperately strived for) about him that her foalish instincts just did not trust. “What you think, Rak?” Her voice trembled slightly as she quietly asked him.

But then her gaze wandered, drawn by the sun’s glint on metal. Except the metal was uneven, rugged, and growing from a colt’s withers. Immediately, instinctively, her body started moving towards the bay colt with titanium on his withers. She needed to clean it off, to smooth the uneven surfaces of the metal. She was careful in the sand; it would not do to get it all over her body again.

But then, with her small, white-marked muzzle outstretched towards him, she froze—realizing that this was not someone she knew. So biting off metal from his shoulder was, perhaps, not the wisest choice.

She nickered softly to the colt, eyes darting from the strange newcomer to the metal she so badly needed wanted to clean. And she waited.
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The commotion drew her attention more than the shout of the creature (which she did not, in fact, hear). The crowd forced her hooves to shamble over, carefully walking the shoreline toward the gathering of equines near the water's edge. At some point, a landbridge spawns from the water, sprouting outward as if by its own will. Her slow pace grinds to a halt, lavender eyes wide with surprise, her head shaking as if to dispell the daydream clinging to her eyelids.

The attempt is needless, for this strange occurence is reality, refusing to be dislodged and causing her to feel more and more confused.

Helovia, Zyanya knew, held magic that her former home had long since lost. Perhaps, this was a common event. However, judging by the sheer number of people piling across the bridge toward the Isle, she thinks it unlikely. Quickly, she sets about moving again, closing the gap between herself and the oddity drawing so much attention.

Upon crossing the bridge, her eyes scan the crowd for familiar faces. She sees a few from the Basin, but thinks her company not to be very welcoming. Albrecht had all but screamed in her face upon their meeting, and the others were passing acquaintances. It is with relief befitting a child that her eyes snag on a small, dark body - a boy she remembers from the forest. As if only a foal herself, she makes a bee line for the boy's side, coming to stand next to the lonesome star colt and offering a warm smile before directing her gaze to the main attraction.

Of all the strange things she had seen in this land, this takes the lead for the most odd. Flesh looks more like some dried hide, decorated with random scales and gills. The blue, green, teal - whatever - hue of the creature reminds her of the sea, along with the seaweed in place of his mane. Silent, she stands, mouth screwed tightly shut in hopes she will not offend this... stranger

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After many days of wandering in relative solitude, seeing a crowd surprised the pair. Bee heard them first, her wolf ears picking up the jumble of voices just barely discernable over the tumbling of the waves. You, she called silently through their bond. Come. Found something.
The girl replied, trotting out of the jungle to meet the sandy-haired pup. Did you find Mama? Though their conversation remained unspoken, the wolf could sense the urgency in the young pegasus’ tone. They had been looking for Parelia for a long time, and every day she could sense her other half growing increasingly desperate. Though Areli hadn’t dared to verbalize it, Bee knew her thoughts—whether her mistress wanted her to or not—and the wolf had perceived that the girl was dangerously close to despair. She had not seen her mother for nearly a year, when Parelia had decided to leave the Falls.
Of course, the timing of it all wasn’t entirely her fault. They’d had a run-in with some stray time magic just beyond the Threshold, and what had been a matter of hours for the pair had apparently been months for the rest of Helovia. Parelia’s trail had naturally gone cold, but the girl blamed herself. What if she hadn’t wandered off? Why hadn’t she just gone with her mother when Parelia had announced her intentions to move to these godsfosaken islands? The Riptide Isles, Areli remembered. It was the only clue she’d had to her mother’s whereabouts, and upon emerging into the late summer, she had headed straight here. However, there had been no sign of Parelia…perhaps until now. Mama? Areli repeated, breaking into a canter. Don’t know, Bee responded from around the corner, her dark eyes scanning the crowd gathered on the beach. Only one was vaguely familiar to her; the rest she did not know. Can’t see, the wolf told her as she approached, scattering sand. Big crowd.
Let’s look,
Areli thought back to her, slowing to a trot. The group of strangers was a little intimidating to her, but most had their backs to the girl and her wolf anyway—looking at something (or someone), she presumed. It didn’t really matter what it was, maybe whatever had drawn the crowd together on her mother’s doorstep had also attracted Parelia. 

tldr; Are's back after a run-in with some pesky time magic; approaches the crowd looking for Parelia

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A voice shakes within the calm and you cannot help the feeling of dread that permeates to the marrow of your bones. For moments you stay still, trying to listen over the thrum of your heart for the hint of the devestation that has followed seemingly every stranger to your home. And yet, there is nothing—nothing but the cool breath of the wind blowing through the trees, through your lily-white locks to kiss at hot skin, the rush of the waves along the shore. With a sigh, you abandon the heaviness in your heart, curiosity (fear) getting the better of you as you move towards the sound, unsure of just what you will find. You are not the least bit surprised to stumble upon the cluster of others soon enough, given their tendency to flock to all of the strange things that have happened, all gathered around something that seems other-worldly.

As you inch closer, your eyes flick through the crowd almost absentmindedly, smiling at the blue boy, surrounded by others, shoving down the thorns of a feeling you don’t quite understand. Still it clutches at your breast, hot and heavy; your brows furrow and you look away from him, your languid steps stopping as you eye the creature once more, seeking distraction. You cannot decide whether it would look stranger on land or within the sea, and while everyone else seems to greet it, as if they have forgotten the destruction that stranger things have brought, you only stand on the outskirts, watching, waiting, hoping that it is nothing more than it seems, that nothing malicious follows in its wake.


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A bridge began to form and for a moment the child’s eyes lit up. Her head tilted ever so slight as she surveyed the event before her as the creature molded from the ocean’s depths began to speak, calling them all to cross the bridge if they couldn’t swim. And so she followed. Khairi landed gently along her withers, her flames flickered around the vulture in shapes of elephants as they trailed and held each other, trunk to tail to form a line.

Quickly, she glanced around, spotting a few familiar faces – yet the pang in her gut was evident as she thought about joining them only to remember that her brother was nowhere to be found. She had a purpose here, probably not the same purpose, but she was seeking the colt, looking for the boy with everything she had to bring him home. So when the first blushed Pegasus crossed the bridge and others began to as well, she lifted her ink dipped legs and carried herself across the water on the makeshift bridge – slowing down ever so slightly in curiosity of whether or not the ocean man would destroy it and leave them all to fend for themselves afterward. The filly was young, but she wasn’t stupid, she knew she wouldn’t be able to swim across.

When she finally reached the other side, she continued to stay silent. Everyone else would ask the questions she wanted to, and so she’d wait for the answer instead of repeating with wide eyed curiosities at the intriguing sea creature.

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She crossed the bridge, but still hangs on the outer circle. I didn't know if I needed to post again to have her cross the bridge or not BUT HERE IT IS ANYWAY.


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S  U  N  J  A  T  A

Life in the throat had been warm, and it was almost slightly too overbearing for the blue stallion. He kept his disgruntled attitude to himself, knowing how to save face instead of complaining brilliantly in the face of others. Instead, he did his best to stand beside his fellow herdmates – even if most of them completely disgusted him (especially when he found out his leader was a unicorn) – but still, he stayed silent and watchful. His ocean gaze always watching, and deep down Sunjata was never trusting.

Today marked his first day of adventuring outside of the herd and learning the layout of the land. His massive wings in all shades of blue flapped and soared against the winds as they chilled his plumes and the rest of his body. It was a welcome respite from the heat that bore down upon his back among the dusty sands of the Throat. His eyes trailed the earth below him, beginning to see the bits of islands splattered among the waters reflective surface. It didn’t seem interesting, until he spotted little dots of creatures and a bridge begin to form. His attention was completely distracted now as he dove from the sky, large wings carrying his body further toward the gathering, landing on the side where many creatures had crossed by.

Upon landing, Sunjata pulled his wings up tightly, his snow white head held high to look over the group. He spotted many faces, none quite familiar aside from Volterra. His nostrils flared ever so slightly, noticing how many unicorns and equines and children had already gathered – but his distraction shifted ever so slightly as he spotted a pale blushed Pegasus, a beautiful woman of course from this distance. His thick legs carried himself toward her, letting his gaze trail across her in admiration for a few moments before dipping his head to her if he so happened to capture her gaze and stood alongside her silently, attention drifting to the creature that had seemed to summon all of Helovia to him.


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The sheer size of the gathered crowd was what had initially caught Isopia's attention. She and Hubris frequented these isles more than any other land - for it was her Father who had heralded them into this world, and because of that, she felt no small amount of obligation to ensure that they thrived in his absence. So, as more and more appeared on one of the closer isles, Isopia took note. And despite her lack of love for crowds, she glided lower.

Her red cape billowed out behind her, and as Orangemoon painted the world in bright oranges and yellows, so too did the leaves on her pauldron change colour to reflect the change in season. The big mare landed a few meters away from the outside of the circle of horses, her quad horned skull poised towards where the new commer stood, addressing them. She hadn't heard much of his introduction, but there were still a few around her offering greetings.

So he had wanted to meet them, did he? A sceptical hardness fell over her death-marked facial features, as she found an occupied place within the group. Her golden eyes fell briefly upon Zero, and she suppressed the smile that wanted to form on her lips. He must be loving this, she quietly thought. There were a few others that she recognized (though as her eyes passed over Volterra, there wasn't even a hint of recognition for him, much less anger or hatred. Those memories were long gone now), but her mind was singularly focused upon the new commer.

Had they all so quickly forgot what had happened the last time someone just appeared in their midst? Especially in one of the newer lands? Was their collective memory so short that they would greet this political alien with a warm welcome and open arms?

Silently Isopia allowed this judgement to cascade off of her, instead choosing to merely observe what would come next, ready to intervene should that become necessary.

Iso lands and just observes!

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The boy thought that he knew what his beloved twin was up to, but would never say so. She had been much more keen on exploring the world than ever before, but importantly, she'd been keen on exploring places other than their homeland. Places far, far away from the icy tundra where they had been born. What he didn't know was whether this was to show him that the world held so many more opportunities than their frigid home could provide, or whether she was trying to acclimatize him to a warmer biom. Either way, and even if he was wrong about her intentions, he didn't mind following her in the slightest. She was of course, all that he cared about. He would have followed her to the ends of the earth merely to see if the sun set any differently there.

Reasons didn't matter. Home didn't matter. Weather didn't matter.

Only Romina did.

The question of how will we get across was quickly answered as a bridge suddenly appeared from the mainland to the island where a quickly assembling-group of Helovian's stood. Ru' would have carried his twin on his back if it proved necessary (despite how waterlogged and heavy his coat would become if he had to swim), but he didn't have to.

Following her lead, Ru'in dutifully trailed behind his more slender, graceful counterpart. His gruff gaze cast warily around the group - hating crowds - and eager to release some of his frustration on any who would try to bother Romina.

The twins had been born long after the Riftian wars, and despite the stories the boy had heard of them, there was only curiousity in his gaze, no fear. Then again, Ru' feared very little. Instead, he was intrigued by the way the bridge had magically been formed out of items that seemed near at hand, silently marvelling at this display of craftsmanship.

"Who dooh yew thihnk he ihs?" He rumbled in a low voice, his tusked-muzzle pressed close to Ro's deer-like ears.

Ru'in follows @Romina across the bridge!

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Sweetly and silently the girl joined those assembled.

The isles were not so far from the sandy shores of her home that she had been ignorant of the way many had taken flight, heading towards the scattered assortment of islands. Being one of the few without wings in the Dragon's Throat, Kolr was forced to make the trek on land. Though because of the way her knees twisted inwards and her hooves pointed towards each other, the young girl couldn't even run towards the excitement. Instead, with eyes full of curiousity and a heart that already seemed to feel like a caged bird, she began the trek.

A light sheen of sweat covered her pale coat when she finally arrived. With dismay, her bright blue gazed surveyed the water that bordered the mainland upon which she stood, and the island where the group was gathering. Many were eagerly plunging into the frothy waves, easily swimming across. Kolr swallowed with a forlorn frown. She had never tried to swim, but doubted the her pigeon-toed legs would be any more useful in the water than the were on land.

A sad sigh escaped her lips, as she resolved to go back home, rather than lingering like an outsider on this embankment. Just as she turned to leave, a voice cried out from below. Turning, she watched as objects rose from the water, creating a bridge. A delighted and youthful smile lit up her delicate features as she hobbled forwards, head bobbing slightly with each step, until she had arrived on the other side.

She looked around with silent fascination, wondering where to go, or what she ought to do. Without much thought, she decided to join those she recognized (one of which was Vastra, a girl she had seen around home). Limping forward, trying to appear as small and unassuming as possible, she stood with the others, though said nothing.

Kolr limps over, standing sort of near @Vastra

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Being raised by the Dragon's Throat as a community, rather than simply by one or two parents, Thèo had developed a fairly healthy streak of adventurousness. He had found the herd was more interested in teaching him things, rather than disciplining him. He supposed that was because implicitly they felt as though that sort of thing ought to come from his parents. Luckily though, he was fairly mild-mannered to begin with, and so despite his lack of disciplinary-oversight, he was turning out to be a fairly well-rounded boy.

The Rip Tide isles were quite close to the Throat. Closer if he could fly, but all he had managed so far were short glides among the dunes - and even then, it was really just glorified falling. Despite being a pegasus, he really didn't mind walking. It gave him a chance to investigate the world around him - to notice the way the landscapes often blended into one another, and yet how distinctly different they ended up being.

Thèo hadn't seen the creature emerge from the water, but he had noticed almost immediately as a handful of horses congregated on one island in particular. It was odd really, that with so many of them around Helovia, that you only really found them in groups when something was happening - a herd meeting, a God appearing, etc. Rarely did anyone ever just hang out in a large group. And so the appearance of such a group signalled to the pale child that something was likely happening.

Like many others, Thèo was relieved to see the bridge appear. He would happily have swam across, but if something exciting was about to happen, he didn't want to be exhausted from the swim. He easily ambled over it, right on the heels of a pale filly he recognized from the Throat. Though rather than standing with a grouping of other Throat foals, Thèo stood off to one side, bathed in a beam of light, happy to begin this adventure solo.

Briefly his pale green gaze scanned for Iskra, or Luther. He didn't think that he saw either of them, but given how many were here, they very likely could be without his knowledge. He hoped that if they were though, that he would find them soon enough.

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"Seestra. Look!"

The pair had been out monster hunting. The twins had learned that their monster (and yes it was their monster) had been on the prowl lately. So they had taken to following any traces of it that they could possibly find. It kept their minds occupied, and kept them away from the Throat. Having something to do helped Tae cope with all that had happened recently. The death of their Father, the reappearance of their mother ... The new leadership in the Throat, and even more recently, the murder of their brother. It was too much, and everything at home reminded the girl of how fractured their lives had become. Only when she was with Grusha did she feel as though everything might be alright.

"Do you see?" she whispered again, her pale eyes now focused on the bluefish-green creature that had appeared from the waves. Already several were arriving, and, as they watched, a bridge seemed to form out of the rubble around the isles.

"Come." She finished, spreading her wings and leaving what was an obviously cold trail, in favour of heading towards where perhaps a new monster had just appeared. As she flew, her hellhound and wolf were forced to run across the bridge beneath her. They ran almost perfectly beneath her, as if racing her shadow. Tae landed off to the side, leaving plenty of room for Grusha, and no one else. Despite all those that she recognized here, she had no intention of socializing. If this was just going to be a... A gathering where everyone held hands, or praised the Gods or whatever, she wanted no part of it. However if this was a new monster...

A small smile parted her lips as she scanned over the weird new arrival, wondering if it had fish bones inside of its body as well as equine ones.  

Tae flies over with @Grusha

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Great wings splashed with ebony, ivory, and tawny hues soar over the currents that flow and rise from the ocean’s rough surface. This air was not nearly as steady or even as the land’s thermal; but it did provide a continuous lift, for which the heavy stallion was thankful. Rather than having to pump his great wings to rise, he merely needed to adjust his large primary feathers to accommodate the swirling currents. And this was mostly done by instinct, for most of the vulture’s attention was focused on his flying companion.

Saartjie’s colors leapt across her skin in the intense, maritime sunlight. Her feathers were iridescent—a quality that had made the Jola House’s feathers puff up with jealousy. After all, theirs was the House of Opulence, should not that beauty belong in it’s courtyards? So it had created quite the rift between Jolas and the Kahares when Saartjie had been promised to Graasvoel (as he was of the Kahare House).

But adolescent lust does not heed such things. And unfulfilled adolescent lust often times will follow in to adulthood—a need that begs and pesters to be slaked. So it guided his sharp, red and yellow eyes across her lithe and elegantly flying body—at least, it did until the pair glided over the Riptide Isles and an intriguing sight.

Kyk!” His gruff voice called above the whip of briny breezes to her, a wing tip tilting slightly below them to indicate the strange creature that stood in the surf surrounded by a colorful assortment of Helovians. His sharp gaze tracked beyond Isle to a—bridge? Vibrant irises constrict, honing in on it’s odd construction.

But he was quickly distracted from the makeup of the bridge by who was crossing it. A certain blushed woman from Uumalah, her ivory skin and delicate body recognizable even from the air, walked across the bridge and stood firmly in front of the strange creature.

The vulture blinked a few times as he sank from the skies, looking over his shoulder towards Saar. Uncertainty churned in him; he wanted to see Orithia, yet wanted to remain alongside Saar. A sigh escaped him, knowing that abruptly pulling up and trying to leave the scene would elicict a torrent of questions from Saartjie.

So, with a thump and spray of sand, he landed far up on the beach. And he tried (but miserably failed) to keep from staring at the sharp, testy woman whose quarters he still stayed in the Edge.Wat dink jy is dit?” his gruff murmur was aimed towards Saar, though his gaze was clearly distracted as he glanced from the strange creature back to his colorful partner.

Kyk! = Look!
Wat dink jy is dit? = What do you think it is?
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Flies in with @Saartjie , awkwardly notices @Orithia , and hangs back on the beach

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[Forgive me for I have skimmed]

He didn't know where they were going, but he didn't care, because at least it was somewhere. Mom didn't leave the desert too much, but occasionally they crossed that bridge on those fire wings; whens he got that wild sort of look in her eye, something sharp and fervent, something desperate.

As always Iskra did his best to stick with her, but whenever they crossed into new areas his excitement was difficult to contain and a couple of times his youth overwhelmed his sense of duty and cast him away from her on quick and prancing feet. Now was another one of those times as he bolted across the bridge to the isles, teal eyes wide with disbelief at the amount of horses that had gathered. This was a party! He'd heard there was something like this up north, but his mom had been too tired to go, too sad to dance. Maybe they'd brought the party closer to them, for her sake (and his)?

"Theo!" Iskra called as he recognized the golden glow of his herd mate while scanning the crowd. He ran up to the gray boy and made to bump his shoulder in familiar greeting. "Hey! Are you here for the party too?! How exciting!" Iskra's features broke into a broad grin and his crest feathers lifted faintly from behind his ears with the visible joy rushing through the young colt. Still grinning he glanced back into the crowd, and there spotted another familiar face, though this one was darker, quieter than Theo's. "VIRGA!!!" Iskra hollered over to him, gesturing with his bobbing head that the little raven colt join him and Theo.

At some point Iskra would notice the sea monster that everyone had actually come for. He was a bit hidden behind everyone, especially for someone so short.

Stands beside @Mathèo and yells for @Virga to join him

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The Throat wore on her today. Most of the time she welcomed its warm, rough embrace. She'd linger in the shade by the oasis, or trail alongside the golem that did its best to mimic the Wildfire. Some days though, she needed to escape it, to let the weight of him remain in the sands and the heat and the rocky monolith, if only so she could breathe a little.

Today was one of the latter days.

She drifted through the wilds, her child in tow, though she barely tended to the growing boy. He was reminiscent of Zekle, doing as he was told and sheltering among her with a need she could only partially return. She wondered if what made them the same was that they were boys, or if its was the lack of twins. Either way they were both a stark difference from her daughters, but all were her children.

Their children.

She was reminded of that when she glanced at Iskra and found his father there, a cold stab against her heart that set ice to her veins. Ampere glanced away and continued to wonder, but part of her wanted to know if she'd ever leave Gaucho in the desert when he trailed after her every waking moment.

Eventually the isles came into view, and though Ampere slowed upon noticing the crowd, Iskra sped up and vanished. She frowned, and as the blue of her stare coasted the crowd for him she spotted her daughters and eldest son. As always Tae and Grusha were together, and Zero seemed to have a friend of his own. Not wanting nor needing to intrude on their independence, Ampere moved closer but remained in the back, surveying her children, especially once she noticed the strange being that had attracted everyone to begin with.

Another monster? She wasn't sure she had a fight in her today, but she'd do whatever it took to protect her kids.

[hello awful Ampere post]


Mentions Tae, Grusha, and Zekle. Is just standing in the back observing.

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