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This trip was turning out a little longer than Mesec expected but he was travelling with children after all - soon they would be able to learn how to fly but for now they were earth-bound. Not that he minded, of course - he would happily take every moment with the two that he could get. Swinging north after a small stay over at the Secret Grove, Mesec spent the trip to the Edge distracting himself by telling Virga and Vesper about his mother and what he knew about the Edge. He had been honest about why they were going to the World’s Edge - because his mother had suggested it. Who’s your mom was the conversation that followed and Mesec was in the midst of explaining as they travelled. However small, they both had a little bit of god blood in them and he figured they had a right to know.

As far as he knew, they were the only other foals of a demigod walking around Helovia so he hardly had someone he could go to and ask for advice about this situation. He encouraged them to ask any questions they had - he had never had to explain these things to anyone before. “One day, I’ll take you both to the Veins of the Gods to visit her. We might even be lucky enough to see her in the Edge - she’s the patron god of this herd. Well, goddess.” He didn’t know how frequently his mother visited the Edge - probably just when she was called and occasionally for meetings but that still meant there was a chance. She said she wanted to teach him which implied they’d be spending at least some time together, right?

Who knew with her, though.

The small family group travelled throughout the day and finally arrived in the early afternoon - the Edge had certainly changed since the last time Mesec was here but he aimed for the iron gate that seemed to be pretty clearly the entrance they wanted you to take. ‘Appropriately pretentious.’ Lucius commented through their bond, eyeing the gate and thinking of the Goddess before going back to calmly preening himself where he was nested among Mesec’s wings.

Mesec eyed the iron structure dubiously but it was just an entrance, nothing to worry about. They were at the Edge, after all - there were bound to be some references to his mother here and there. It felt strange to be here but he hadn’t yet lost hope that maybe, maybe this was finally one thing that could work for him.  

His silver eyes looked down to the foals, a small smile warming them. “Alright I uh, I’m just going to call out and then we just wait for someone to come greet us.” He didn’t want to just whinny loudly without warning them why he was doing it. But, after making sure that they were both appropriately prepared, he called out and then there was nothing to do but wait.

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World's Edge, Mesec calls the place. A lot more information follows, and as you walk the words spin and stumble around in your brain, tilting and clattering off of each other like smooth stones. You never thought about your father having his own mother before. You'd always sort of assumed your parents just existed, like gods themselves, or like trees, or anything else in the world. Your head tilts and your ears twitch as you absorb this new information. Slowly, your hooves swallow distance, and the shape of the world changes so slightly it might be the same — except you know it's not.

"What's a god," you mutter at last when you do speak, and the timber of your voice is dull, almost uninterested. You don't even know if your father hears it. Your eyes track toward a nearby pebble and you flick it out of the way with a toe, your tail twitching. It's the change feeling like snakes on your skin. It's knowing you were ignorant before. Even now, grasping at your father's story, you fail to understand. You want to wrap your teeth around this word. You want to swallow it.

Your head only jerks up when you notice the landscape ahead changing: the glass glittering in the sun, the great gate rising like a predator out of the mist. Both ears snap forward and the look of boredom disappears. Now your gait slows; slows, to bring you behind the safety of Mesec's body where you can peer out around his haunches like a frightened chick. He tells you he's going to yell, but still, you startle at the sound.

You're such a delicate thing.

And here, here in this strange place with strange thoughts swarming your head, you feel as if you've somehow ceased to be a part of the world. Or maybe — you've never been more a part of it, but it's too big, and you can't fathom where you fit in all of this, what you mean. Your heart beats in a sick, crooked way back in the direction of north, where you roamed the valley like a prince and disdained the silence of the peaks, the unchanging features of the pines. You press your small body toward the only thing near enough and known enough to strip even a little comfort from, and a part of you really wants to go further and crawl under Mesec's belly and hide, but you don't.

we prayed for rain
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Tembovu & Mbwene
A soft nudge to his head roused the King from his dreams. A second, firmer nudge roused him from his slumber. And a third, even firmer smack of an elephant’s trunk made his head jerk up from Rexanna’s soft, warm withers. He blinked once, twice—trying to clear the disorientation of the sharp shift from deep sleep to sudden consciousness. His bleary, but wide, gaze landed blankly on Mbwene’s sharp, blue stare.

Call. From gate.

He blinked a few more times, for good measure. And then slowly, carefully, he extricated himself from embracing his golden love’s back. They had been curled around each other, exhausted from their intensive and elongated walk back from the Basin—elongated because they had taken a long, circuitous route: searching for their son. Kiada had revealed Kianzo’s absence since seeing a god’s serval in the Ancient Rotunda. She hadn't seen him since, and neither had Rexanna.

Thus the worried parents had slept late into the afternoon, apparently, the King realized as he trudged towards the Edge’s new gate. He blinked against the bright sunlight that filtered through the afternoon’s hazy mists. His mind took a while to fully wake up—he was unused to sleeping so deeply or for so long. It seemed that the long journey and his love’s presence lulled him into such a slumber—and they would need larger quarters to sleep in, rather than his small and underused bed of pine needles.

It was not long (but it was long enough) before the King caught the gate’s silver brightly glinting. And, just beyond the shiny lunar cycle stood a dark pegasus with two young foals. But he wasn’t just a pegasus—a horn curved up from his head, and his underside seemed to glow faintly. The man looked vaguely familiar—he had seen him somewhere before… though he couldn't quite place where.

And the King, in a moment of still-sleepy amusement, sidestepped around the lone gate (for their glass spikes were not yet present) and over the glass wall remnants. Though, he happily noted, that most of the shards were cleared from this particular area. “Hello there,” his low roll sounded thick and hoarse from sleep. He cleared his throat, and while he did Mbwene tottered forward, bright blue eyes on the two foals. She trumpeted a bright, brassy greeting, her trunk raised and outstretched towards their soft, downy feathers. “Hello little ones, this is Mbwene. She is loud, but she means well,” his voice rumbled with amusement, great head dropping slightly as he addressed the dark colt and star-brushed filly.

His heavy skull and thick horn then rose, navy eyes retraining on the children’s father (he assumed, anyway). “I am Tembovu, King here. What brings you to our borders?” Black rimmed ears tilt forward as he awaited an answer.

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“So your Mama is a Goddess?” I asked, still confused and figuring out how things like Gods and Goddesses worked. I’d heard others speak about them, of course, and I knew that they were special but I just wasn’t sure what it all meant. “Does that mean that she lives here?” I asked, gesturing to the misty woods that surrounded us. We had seen a lot of Helovia by now - Papa had made sure of that. But this place looked different than anywhere I’d seen before. And the bits of glass were certainly intriguing to someone who only had limited experience with all things magic.  I kept close to Papa’s side, but also kept a wary eye on Virga. I didn’t want to get too far from him in this strange place that I didn’t understand at all. Seeing him close kept me calm. I think this trip had been hard on Virga.  I missed Mama, I knew he did too, but I think that Virga missed the Basin more than I did and I worried about him sometimes. I also worried that I still hadn’t been able to find an egg for Virga, even though I’d been looking. I was determined to find him a companion so he wouldn’t ever be lonely...

Papa’s words drew me back to the present and send my mind back spinning in circles. “If you Mama lives here, did another God live in the Basin? Do you know them too?” I asked, wondering if maybe a God or Goddess had been living in the Basin without us knowing. Maybe we’d even met them! However that seemed unlikely.  I feel like I’d know if I met a God. But at the same time I guess I didn’t really know.  I waited a few more heartbeats before finishing my deluge of questions, “Do all the Gods have kids, or just Grandmama Moon? Do you think I can call her that?”  I waited another heartbeat before I looked up at Papa with wide silver eyes and an abashed look. “Too many?” I asked, quietly, knowing that my mouth often moved faster than my thoughts. Everly let out a squawk from her spot, nestled in my wings, as if it was the most painfully obvious question in the world. 

“Sorry,” I managed, with a sheepish little smile on my lips. 
When Papa finally stopped before a gate, I drifted back beside Virga, pressing myself against him when he jumped but saying nothing when he did.  My heart rate picked up when I heard footsteps in the crunchy leaves and pine needles and I pressed closer still to Virga, looking to him to see how he’d react to the presence of the stranger. 

But the most unexpected thing emerged from the gate - a large stallion accompanied by a creature that I’d never seen before! She certainly seemed friendly enough and I just had to see what it was. I took a few steps towards her and gestured towards Virga to follow as I closed the distance between myself and the strange, large-eared, long-nosed companion.

“Ooooh” I cooed at the creature, dropping one softly-glowing wing so that she could reach out and touch it. I giggled as her trunk met the feathers. “Nice to meet you, Mbwene!” I murmured, happily, even though I had no idea what she was.  All I knew was that she was amazing.  Everly perked up and climbed from where she had settled in my wings to the base of my withers and peered down curiously at the creature, letting out a series of chirps as she did.  Leaving my wing within the creature’s grasp, I turned to look at where the large man and father were speaking. 

Fully aware I was interrupting, but unable to contain myself, I turn to the man who had introduced himself to Papa. “Excuse me, sir. Will you tell me more about your Mbwene?”

-- V E S P E R --
"In a sky full of stars, I think I see you."

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Where there's no Law tying my heart from the start..


My head perked up at Chico’s mental shout, my mouth still full of grass. Bro?


Bro?? I didn’t know what he was trying to say; was he just getting my attention? The alarm in his thoughts cut through my brain, scrambling my thoughts and setting my heart to thumpin’. Bro??

The image in his eyes rebounded across my link, and I could see what he was seeing; from his vantage point in the sky, looking out for his ‘Bwenny like always, he had found the trail of the King and saw he was at the gate--but it was who he was meeting that was making Chico go all kinds of batshit crazy in my head. BRO.

It’s--OH, I finally figured out the image he was trying to send me, which was erratic and blurry with his excitement. But there was no mistaking that dark smudge sprinkled with a starry night. The grass fell from my maw. BRO.




And then I was bookin’ it.

How long had it been since I had last seen him? Far too long, like always, goddamn. But it was a good thing that every time I saw him my breast soared and I felt something old and good sliding across my skin, a warm, tingling sensation that reminded me of a balmy summer as a child with her big ‘ol brother. I felt giddy, and there was no time to wonder why he was here and whether or not it had anything to do with his Ma. I’d kept the thought of her on the back burner, to be honest; she was still a sore spot in the scarred parts of my heart, and thinking about her would throw this whole living in a herd thing in an uncomfortable spot-light me and Chico didn’t feel like occupying just yet.

So we ignored it. And we ignored any motives Mesec might have for coming here--political or otherwise, whether it was a business trip or something much, much dire. I wasn’t gonna allow anything to bring down my spirit as I shot through the herdland where he was being greeted. I was gonna be happy now, dammit. The time for serious shit was gonna come later.

“BROOOOOOOOO--” I was screaming as I ran through the misty land, all sense of decency forgotten in the moment; for that instant I was a little girl thing again, impatient because her big Bro had been gone for far too long and it was time to play with me for FUCK’S sake. I crested a hill and I saw them, then: Tembovu of course, with his big kind ass being all over the greeting part, and Mesec just like Chico had told me. I made a surge to go faster and my eyes widened and I was still screaming “BROOOOO” like a banshee and my heart was bursting and my teeth were flashing in a wide demented grin and I swear I was going to jump all over his ass and throw him to the ground like old times and--

--and I skidded to a halt.

My voice died in my throat.

I stood on splayed limbs, my chest heaving, my eyes wide and my jaw slack. Because he wasn’t alone.

He wasn’t alone.

Chico hadn’t seen these blips of darkness that accompanied Mesec--because they had blurred so easily against him because he had been so excited and they had been so small. So small. Okay, not that small (they were nearly as tall as I was, jeez) but there was no denying the gangly look to them, the knobbly knees and awkward legs and weird tufted fur that screamed child.

Children. Children that looked just like Mesec.

And I...kinda just stopped for a second. I swear my heart skipped a beat and I just stood there staring at them for the longest while, not daring to breath, my eyes getting wider and glassier by the minute. Chico dove down onto my back, zpsnk!ing into his lion-thingy form, his heavy wings folding as he grinned cheekily at Mesec, waiting for me to thaw out.

What? I said with my popping eyes sweeping between the two kids. Two of them. He had two of them following him, two little assholes with the audacity to look just like him. To look just like their daddy. What?? I said, but this time it barely came out, as though it were lodged in my throat as a scratchy whisper. My head still wasn’t catching up; I didn’t know how to handle it, didn’t know how to wrap my head around it. Mesec was a Pa. Mesec had babbies. He had done The Thing®.

“....what? But this time my voice was entirely gone and my lips moves soundlessly as my gaze switched to Mesec’s face, and I realized that the glassiness in my eyes was something that was unshed. Are you kidding me? Still soundless. I wasn’t sure what to do or what I was feeling--only that I was about to burst.


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Also I wanted to address the travelling questions one more time and then we can leave that alone for now <3

While Travelling:

Though muttered, Mesec caught the single question from Virga - smiling at him and trying to be as encouraging as possible because he didn’t sound too interested but he had still asked. “They’re uh… they’re powerful beings that control the magic and elements here in Helovia. There’s four of them - the Sun, Earth, Time, and Moon... who’s my mother and your grandmother. Together, they help keep balance in Helovia.” How much information was too much information to vomit at them at once? A little bit at a time, probably. He’d follow the train of their questions, see what parts they were curious about most and then flesh it out from there. He wanted to tell them everything about what he knew, about Helovia, his mother, and the other gods. And he would.

In contrast to the single, muttered question from Virga, Vesper was an unending fountain of them - asking them faster than he could answer them! Mesec had to laugh as they kept coming from her before she asked more quietly whether it was too many and then apologized. He quickly nudged her, his smile still bright. “No, no - questions are good. Ask me every single one you can think of.” He looked over to Virga too - this invitation was not only for Vesper (who had vomited questions) but for him as well. Whenever one of them had a question for Mesec, he wanted them to feel comfortable enough to ask.

Alright, now what was her first question? “Yes, she’s a goddess. But no, she lives…” How could he describe where the gods and goddess lived? They didn’t always need physical bodies but they were still around. “In the sky. So she can keep an eye on everyone in Helovia.” That was basically it, anyway.  

“There is another god for the Basin - the God of Time. I don’t know him very well but I grew up with his daughter and we’re very close, like you two are.” His voice was soft and filled with fondness as he thought of Roskuld - wondering where she might be.  

Mesec was silent for a few paces as he tried to remember what else Vesper had asked. Oh right, the kids of the gods. “All the gods have one child - there’s Roskuld the daughter of Time, the daughter of Earth - I call her Little Earth, and Aithniel the daughter of the Sun.” He hadn’t seen Aithniel in so long, not since a herd meeting in the Throat when everything was still normal, and he even missed Little Earth and her aggravating logic. “I think you can call my mother whatever you want. We’ll see what she thinks of it when we go visit her.” Mesec grinned at the two of them and Lucius thought quietly to himself how amazing of an effect the twins had on his bonded, temporarily soothing away the bitter darkness that clouded his mind.    

At the Gate:

They weren’t left waiting for very long. A large, tan unicorn accompanied by a small elephant approached them, stepping around the gate and sounding like he had just woken up from a nap when he greeted them. The loud trumpet from the elephant was surely enough to wake up anyone fully, however - it certainly startled Lucius where he lay nestled among Mesec’s wings. The zephyr stood and peered at the creature that was greeting the twins, eyeing it warily.

Mesec, for his part, found it easy to maintain a small but warm smile in the presence of the little elephant and the sleepy king. “Hello Tembovu. I’m Mesec, and these are my children Vesper and Virga.” He motioned with his head to the silver-speckled filly and the deep black colt in turn as he spoke their name, smiling with such fondness at them both as he did. “We’re here to join the herd...” Mesec almost said ‘if we’re welcome’ but the thing was, whether Tembovu was king or not there was a single authority that was a little bit over his head and she had told Mesec to come here.

And before he could even get out anything else - an unbelievably familiar voice was shouting at him. An echo of ‘Bro!’ coming from the forest had Mesec’s attention snapping towards the direction of it - his heart becoming so light it might actually rise up out of his chest and choke him with the sheer intensity of the happiness that voice inspired. Of all the places he had thought he might run into Roskuld he never thought it would be here. Suddenly all he wanted to do was race toward her, as if they were nothing but gangly foals themselves, and he shifted a little bit in his stance as his silver eyes searched impatiently for her before remembering he was in the presence of his children and a king, he probably shouldn’t just go racing into the Edge like a madman.

But the pure wave of joy when she finally crashed out of the forest, wild and insane and incredible as always, shouting at him he couldn’t help but shout back. “ROS!!” Mesec whinnied back at her, more stunned and elated at the sight of her than he had been at the sound of her voice.

The running-and-tackling type of reunion literally came to a stop when Roskuld did and for a moment Mesec didn’t get it, a frown darkening his expression for a moment. What could she possibly be looking at…. Oh. He looked down at Vesper and Virga and his grin returned - bright and embarrassed and filled with laughter as she stammered over the sight. She hadn’t even met Lucius yet so of course she didn’t know about the kids.

He shifted in his stance again, this time a little more awkwardly. “Uhh… Yeah. So.” His gaze flickered over to Tembovu and he ducked his head apologetically at the king, hoping he didn’t mind the rather loud reunion that was happening right now. “Ros, these are my kids - Vesper and Virga…” And then, because Lucius was standing now, peering his head to get a look at Ros and Chico and nipping at Mesec’s neck until he remembered to include him as well. “And my companion Lucius.” He couldn’t believe how amazing this felt, for his children to meet her - the one sibling that meant the absolute world to him.

And Chico! The companion that had been a little lizard that crawled onto Mesec’s nose was now a great, winged lion creature - sprawled on Roskuld’s back and looking as cheeky as ever. They were here. They were all here.

His silver eyes were glossing over but he quickly shook his head and willed the tears not to fall as he looked to the twins with a bright smile. “Kids, this is my sister - Roskuld.”

while the rain water washes away who you are
we'll go over the mountains and under the stars

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Tembovu & Mbwene
Mbwene trilled in happiness as the filly—Vesper, her father introduces—allowed for her trunk to meet the downy feathers. And they were as soft as they look, the little matriarch discovered as she gently ran her trunk tip along the wing’s underside, swirling a few delicate patterns in the fuzzy feathers. The feeling of another’s eyes brought her own bright blue gaze up to meet Lucius’s wary one—though he was quickly blocked by another Zephyr, as Everly peered down from Vesper’s shoulders and chirps a hello. The small elephant’s trunk left the caresses of the filly’s wing, reaching up with a soft toot of hello to the Zephyr. Though a sadness pulsed through her face and through her bond with the King—so many Zephyrs reminded her of Edgar, a friend lost because of the King’s transgressions.

But Tembovu swept his companion’s forlorn feelings (and the memories behind them) aside, instead focusing on the twin’s father. A lopsided grin crossed muzzle, despite the brief curiosity at the unsaid words that seemed to hang at the end of his ”We’re here to join the herd…” His head dipped slightly in affirmation of his request (though, unknown to the King, it wasn’t truly a request to come live in the Edge). “You and your children are welcome to join us—”

“—Excuse me, sir. Will you tell me more about your Mbwene?” But his deep rolling voice (now fully awakened) was interrupted by Vesper’s brightly curious voice. The Elephant’s grin grew in amusement at the overeager filly—though he tried to suppress his smile and holding back a chuckle as he glanced towards her father to see if he had anything to say on the matter of his daughter interrupting a King. (Though, truthfully, the Elephant’s fondness for children ran too deep for him to mind the interruption). “Yes Vesper, Mbwene is an elephant. She is my companion, just as you—”

But, again, the King’s low rumble was interrupted, this time by a far-off (but fast approaching) shout and pound of galloping hooves. The King immediately (and instinctively) shifted his large body towards the dark, star-marked twins so that he might be able to better shield or protect them from whatever rushed at them.

But he need not worry, for it was Roskuld that barreled towards the foursome (sevensome, including companions). And her shouts were curiously of ”BROOOO” as she ran full-tilt towards Mesec. The Elephant’s body relaxed slightly, shifting slightly to no longer block the colt and filly from the Sparklight’s onslaught. However, her onslaught arbuptly halted as her electrified eyes landed on the twins and her ”What?”s dissolved into soundless words and gaping lips.

Navy gaze crease with a confused curiosity at many things. Roskuld’s apparent relation to Mesec (his eyes swing between them as the man introduces his family once again); they looked nothing alike. But also at Roskuld’s over-bright eyes and obvious overwhemling, voice-stealing emotions. Even the Nightwing’s eyes grew filled with unshed tears.

The Elephant King shifted slightly, intuitively moving towards Roskuld in response to the tears that threatened her eyes. Again, his gaze swept between the siblings, “Sister?” His question was quiet, almost hushed, as he wasn’t certain if now was the most appropriate time to pry. But it wasn’t a prying question, more of a Kingly curiosity question as to what family was now inhabiting the Edge.

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Turns out your dad's a pretty popular guy. His call hangs in the air as you breathe in; as you breathe out. Then some of the strangest creatures you've yet seen are answering it. The first — the first is big the way mountains are big, and his voice booms like rocks falling when he speaks. Never have you been more glad to stand behind Mesec and peer out, especially when the king's.... friend.... rushes you, trumpeting in her own strange voice. What the hell? What the hell is she? The king sort of answers — Mbwene. Vesper has more to say about loud Mbwene than you do. You're busy just watching, your thoughts whirring as they struggle to wrap around the size of this king (king, like.... who was king of the Basin?) and the strange shape of his companion, and the place behind him, the place he owns, your new home...

Your head swings when another voice joins the cacophony of voices, and you remember very few times in your young life you wanted to run away so badly. It isn't fear hammering in your chest — not really. It's — it's the everyone, their voices mixing in the unfamiliar air. It's the World's Edge, smelling not of pine and earth and hot springs steam but something else, something bitter like the sea and damp like rain. It's this weird black and white girl hurtling up to you, crowing at your father, and you don't know her, don't like her, don't want her or the king or Mbwene anywhere near you at all —

If you were younger, wilder, you would run. You think about it, anyway. Words climb up your throat, begging to come screaming out, and one black eye swings back the way you came. You could go. You could run until you found a quieter place, a place full of the scent of pine and safety. But you don't. You are — you're obedient. Letting go of that little dream, you let your head hang, eyes boring into the dirt at your hooves. If you don't look at anything, if you don't acknowledge anyone, maybe you can pretend they're not here. Maybe you can numb yourself to the discomfort crawling like bugs under your skin.

So you're silent, but inwardly, angrily, you're thinking how much, how aggressively, you don't care about any of this.

we prayed for rain
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