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[OPEN] love, it is a razor, that leaves your soul to bleed

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Ampere flew this patrol with a lackluster enthusiasm. She only even bothered to heed the task because Kygo urged her to, thinking that work of some kind, any kind, might alleviate some of her heartache. It had managed to in the past, but that had also been a different kind of ache. There was difference between a lover's spat and a lover's loss.

Still, Ampere went, intent upon praying to the gods when they got to their destination. Perhaps one of them could bring her clarity, or understanding, or reassurance of some kind. Ampere had never really though much about death before - what happened after? Was Gaucho just gone, a remnant only in her memories and the genetics of their children? Was he a star, shining down upon them at night; that seemed so ill-fitting for him (never mind that stars were actually on fire, they seemed like a dark sort of light, belonging to the night and the moon instead of the day and the sun. They were cold, Ampere imagined, which Gaucho could never be.). Was he part of the gods now, or the earth, or any thing?

Times like these Ampere wished she had more faith; even if a god did answer her, would she believe what they said? She was someone who took things for their face value, and to her, Gaucho was gone. That thought left a dark pit of despair for her to fall into, a clearly Gaucho-shaped pit.
She felt his weight too, and though she knew it wasn't actually him weighing on her, some sort of heavy specter on her back, she still marveled at the fact she could get airborne with it there.

The wind, normally something that could buoy her heart, was just a substance to travel on, a means to an end on this day.
What poor company she must be for her herd mate, a are she'd barely spared a glance to before wordlessly embarking with her. She seemed new, Ampere thought distantly, so what did she know of the loss of their leader? How could she ever sympathize with this hurt?

The veins neared soon enough and Ampere began to descend.

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Sabia did not want to wake up this morning, everytime she opened her eyes it was another reminder that she had something growing in her that she didn't want there. Then of course there was the decision on what to do with it once born, would she give it to the man that did this to her? No...if it is a colt he could raise it to do exactly what the man did to Sabia. Kill it or give it away? Perhaps, all she knows for sure is that Sabia cannot bring herself to care for it. Sabia was not a bad person,she was a good person with a bad thing happening to her.

This patrol would hopefully take her mind off things, or at least thats what she hopes when Sabia is told she is going on patrol. There is a pretty blue and black Pegasus that hardly even looks at Sabia before taking off. Maybe she has something bad happening to her too. So Sabia takes off after her into the sky, awkward with her pregnant form, she was showing but wasn't as swollen as other were...yet.

Not before long they arrive at their destination, a good thing too because Sabia was growing tired. As she lands Sabia takes in the odd landscape she had never been here before. Folding her wings to her sides Sabia looks to the mare and questions "what is this place used for?" At first Sabia was hesitant to ask, the mare seemed like she had a lot on her mind but Sabia couldn't help herself.

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 Notes:  Well you get a pregnant Sabia, in despair. Maybe they'll be good for one another.

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As her wings swept back and her tail feathers splayed to break the wind, Ampere landed with an easy grace afforded to a lifetime of aerial preference. Even with her absent mind, she touched down gently, her hooves faintly clicking against the stone beneath as she walked.

Settling her feathers after a ruffle, Ampere's ears twitched at her partner's query. "Prayer," Ampere said simply, not seeming to promise more as she continued forward. Though her answer was brief and direct, she wasn't annoyed by the question or the idea of conversation, she just didn't have the heart to actually carry it.

After a cursory glance at the surrounding area, Ampere strode towards a dilapidated shrine that could only belong to their patron god, the Sun. Quietly the blue mare paused before it, her dark muzzle reaching out almost tenderly to brush along the cracked and worn monument. Her lips moved in un-heard whispers, as her whiskers and maw moved down the length of the shrine, until her head bowed against the floor. That itself wasn't enough for the normally less-pious mare, not in this that she asked, and so gingerly Ampere folded her knees down and kneeled before the Sun's shrine.

"Sun," she beckoned, her voice cracking, but she knew that the gods listened to hearts and souls more than voices anyway. Then she paused, as if suddenly unsure. What did she want of her god anyway? A sign that Gaucho was alright? That wouldn't really ease the absence she felt here and now. A reason for taking him? Death was unreasonable, and unavoidable, she already knew that, it was just a matter of accepting it. So what?

"Can you tell him that I love him, please."
After all this time, she couldn't remember if he ever knew how much he mattered to her. All the fighting and the yelling and the fucking, had she ever told him that she cared about him?



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