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"In a sky full of stars, I think I see you."

Today was going to be a good day. I could feel it in my bones. 

Because today was going to be the day one of us learned to fly, and seeing as how baby down still clung to my wings in (inconvenient) places, it wasn’t going to be me. The thought was enough to bring a not at all ladylike pout to my dark lips, but it was fleeting. Today was still an exciting day.  Today, Everly would fly and take me with her even though my wings weren’t quite ready yet.  That had to be the next best thing to doing it myself, right?  

I knew that Ev had her reservations about the whole business of flying, but her wings were already fully mature.  She’d been putting it off since she was hesitant that I couldn’t go with her and she preferred to stay close to me.  I think she’s been a little bit overprotective since the moment she’d hatched.  But now it was my turn to help her, so today was our first flying lesson. 

Ev could feel my excitement and, in defiance, hopped to the very highest point of the branch I’d helped her to last night.  I just rolled my eyes at the dramatics even though I know exactly where she got it from. (Me. She got it from me.) “Come on, Ev,” I said, with a sense of true exasperation - though I may have embellished a little bit.  “You’re going to have to learn sometime, why not today?”

Everly let out a shrill chirp and resolutely refused to budge from her branch.  I huffed in frustration, but then decided on another method of removing said stubborn zephyr from the tree. 

“Please, Ev. Don’t make me go find Lucius,” I said, seriously, and that seemed to get her attention.  Lucius was the only other zephyr that she knew and my father’s companion to boot and I knew that Everly was fond of him. I still couldn’t believe I’d found my companion and my father all in the span of 48 hours. It had been busy and overwhelming and hard to process but life had normalized now.  At least to a point where I felt like I could handle things without mother, which was a good thing seeing as how she had been given an important assignment and was being sent away from home more and more.  Everly began to tentatively climb down her branch, finally relenting at the threat at tracking down the larger zephyr.  I stood beneath the branch and waited for her to leap to her preferred perch between my ears.

“You’ll be great, Ev! And soon I’ll be able to fly too. But today you’re gonna explore up there for the both of us,” I said, reassuringly, because I could feel her nerves however a prickle of excitement betrayed her.  It wasn’t natural for a zephyr to not want to fly, and I knew deep down she was doing it for my behalf. So it was my turn to help her along for a change. 

We cleared the trees and stepped into the open expanse of the Basin. The ground was starting to get sparse, a clear sign that the temperate season was over and that the cold would be returning soon, but it hadn’t turned to mud and would be perfect for today’s objective. Between my ears, Everly fluffed her black and silver wings in anticipation and let out a few nervous chirps as I stared down what would shortly become her runway. 

OOC: Open to all! Zephyr flying lessons :0
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What is there to do in the Basin, anyway?

Boredom grips you in its relentless fist. Your adventures south of home ended some time ago, cut short by a homesick, weary heart. They bore no fruit, anyway — you found nothing you wanted. Threads of a secret, black fear curl young tendrils into your chest, threatening to take root. Perhaps — perhaps you don't deserve the things you want, Virga. Perhaps you're a coward.

Not knowing how to fight the fear, not knowing anything except the double-time beat of your heart and the hot, hot fire in your blood, you plunge across the Basin. The minute pounding of your hooves resounds through your bones with every stride, and it feels good, and it feels fast, and so you keep running, your wings slicked instinctively close. A silly, youthful impulse: your body thinks it can outrun your head.

Well, it can try.

The trees scream past, and you weave through the shadows at their feet. Your young body, growing bigger and stronger every day, no longer tires as easily as it once did. You're a darkness, and you're strong. You run until the trees thin. You run until the sky opens up again, and head flung back, you brandish the narrow length of your horn at heaven, at everything daring to tower above you. In a moment of hubris, or of spite, you long to topple it all.

Your lungs, tired of sucking at too-thin air, tell your legs to slow and for just a moment, everything in you resists. Keep going, you want to scream. You want to run off the edge of the world, right into the sky. But even the muscles of your neck ache with that position and rudely, the lower world jerks back into view. There's the Basin, ugly in familiarity, the ridge of the mountains, the dull dirt, someone toddling along in the wake of it all like this is normal, acceptable —

Hey, wait.

You know her, don't you?

Now, honestly, Vesper isn't as familiar a sight as she ought to be. You've been on your own, doing Virga-centric things, ignoring the girl and whatever her own interests are. You've forgotten how she looks from far away, forgotten the way she matches you — almost but not quite. Elated, excitement already slick in your veins, you hurl a ringing, rumbling, garbled exclamation in her direction. Your body, sweating a little even in the cool air and unsteady with all your pointless running, breaks to an uneven trot. You ought to speak now, right? You ought to say something? You don't want her to leave now you've found her, but you're too busy staring, celebrating, to actually do much.

Heaving to a stop, you stare at her, the animosity gone from you black eyes. Joy replaces it, simple and shining. "Vesper!" you remember. Your voice, still young, fractures around the edges. It's a boy's voice, but there's a certain timbre beginning to fill it, a masculine edge creeping into the sound just as it creeps into the crest of your neck and the set of your stride. You give your body a good, rough shake and bound up toward her, your wings flapping in what's certainly a display of good cheer. "Oh! What are you doing?" And a moment later you stop, because a moment later you notice — you remember — the bird. Your eyes pin it down with quivering precision.

"Um," you say. More quietly.

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They were getting used to their new cave, it didn't feel quite as unfamiliar and the heavy scent of the Clovenheart lingered no more. It didn't feel as foreign, and returning to it at eventide felt was beginning to feel comforting. But the mirror, with it's unending, ebbing surface, whispering softly to her day and night, and oh, she wasn't quite ready to face it yet (or rather, to face the God behind it). So, the Haruspex slipped from her cave, trailed by her leonine plume and rune encrusted companion.

The maiden made the executive decision to go for a stroll around the Basin, see what they could find, and who they could learn from (these are excuses, of course, for if she were to see a potentially engaging partner to converse with, she would certainly turn around). They wove around pine and firs, stepping gently through flaxen colored dead grasses.

And then, a clamoring of harsh, but not heavy, hoofbeats. Frost pinned her dark ears, emeralds immediately searching for the quickest route away from whatever ruckus that was, but the ever sociable Altair sprang towards it, his curiosity piqued. She silently begged him, urged him to come with her, but a glimmer of stars in the daytime had the elk dragging her after him.

The pair reached a clearing, Altair in lead, dark ears pricked, intrigued by the children who had gathered. The colt didn't immediately strike her as familiar, but the filly, with her pupil-less silvers and spiraling horn, why, she seemed reminiscent of an old friend. Their likeness struck a dagger into the maiden's paper chest (why had everyone found brilliant lives but she? How come he got to move on and fly far, love hard, whilst she was stuck here, talking to mirrors?). It was just a coincidence, right? There was no way he'd have a child (or two?) living in the Basin.

But what if?

What if kept the Haruspex and her cerndyr in the clearing, what if kept their legs moving till they were only a length away from the star kissed children, what if opened Frost's dark lips and sang to the babes. "What are you all up to?" She stated softly, her features inquisitive, but only mildly so. Altair dipped his crown to the bird, smiling and snorting in excitement. 'Like moon boy's,' he commented on the subject of the fletching, twisting the dagger in Frost's already shredded chest.

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