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the ocean loved her and knew everything that made her.
and every time she’d walk to the shore,
she’d smile at the ocean
because the waves told her story.
“We’re almost there,” the ocean mare assures her company, flashing the bluish gray-roan mare a bright smile over her shoulder. Flicking the length of her leonine tail across the ground, she climbs higher, cloven hooves picking their way carefully over the familiar terrain. In the miles that have passed since leaving the Threshold, Helovia’s climate has changed rather drastically. Summer has since given way to autumn, allowing the temperatures to drop and give relief from Tallsun’s fierce heat—even more so the higher they trek.

Sapphire nostrils curl as Tiamat inhales the highland air, savoring its crispness, flavored with fresh pine and fertile earth. While the blue maiden is undoubtedly accustomed to the ocean, created for the ocean, the boundless love she harbors for her mountain home is obvious. This is her home—she feels at peace here, safe, and loved. It is true she misses her father ocean often, but he is never more than a few days’ journey south, and here nestled among the mountains’ peaks, she is ever closer to her dearest mother. She wouldn’t trade this home for any other.

Nimue, too, cherishes their highland valley. The fact that it had been her birthplace, coupled with her bonded’s adoration filtering through their connection, causes the young Leviathan to grow more eager with every step to return home. She floats in between the two mares, soaring as she would through water. Shy at first, the blue orca has since begun to warm up to the massive stranger. She whistles to Narcissa occasionally, short low-pitched sounds of timid curiosity, large ice-blue eyes glancing almost bashfully towards the roan. The oceanic pair intend to make a friend out of her yet; for Tiamat, she already considers Narcissa a comrade—women of the north.

Raising her head, the blue Mender pricks her ears forward. Gesturing to the other mare with a smile, she picks up a springy trot, her hooves crunching over the frozen grass. Cresting the precipice and slowing between the rise of two mountains, she looks down upon the Aurora Basin, framed in the soft glow of early evening. “This is it!” She exclaims to Narcissa, giggling once before leading their new soldier into their home. The ground levels beneath them, and they are surrounded by snow-frosted peaks. “Isn’t it beautiful?” She asks breathlessly, white eyes shining with glee as Nimue releases a long, high-pitched whistle of joy.

notes; Yay! Welcome Narcissa and Darkrise! :DD

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The journey from Helovia’s threshold to the lush valley of the Aurora Basin had been fairly silent, mostly on Narcissa’s part, for two reasons. Firstly, the warrior spent much of the travelling taking in Helovia’s various lands; she was greatly surprised by the variety of habitats, but memorising it all in case she needed such knowledge at a later date took a lot of concentration, anyone who said otherwise was prideful and pretending. Secondly by nature Narcissa was quiet, she did not gossip and she did not make small talk. When she spoke it was either to argue, to insult or in most cases, to say something valuable and important. Of course she did not ignore her travelling companion, or rather companions, but neither did she attempt to engage the other in conversation. Squeaks and looks were thrown her way by the interesting little creature that had apparently bonded herself to Tiamat; whilst Narcissa did not necessarily smile at the companion (she rarely smiled for that matter) she couldn’t help but give Nimue an interested glance or two for the Leviathan was truly a unique creature and for her to share a connection with an equine was something the roan mare had never seen.

As the three approached the Aurora Basin the journey became steeper; Narcissa’s strong legs and powerful shoulders eating up the climb easier and yet she stayed slightly behind the lithe Tiamat for she did not know the way. Though she would not care to admit it, the beast was somewhat nervous about meeting her new herd. Not because they posed any threat to her but because she knew she was hard to like. With an abrasive and stubborn attitude coupled with her potty mouth and habit of ignoring orders she was not the perfect herd member or even a good friend; in fact Narcissa was very taken aback that Tiamat had apparently taken interest in her and perhaps deep inside somewhat elated that for once she was not overlooked as difficult and uncontrollable. Nevertheless this oceanic mare was a rare gem, and it seemed unlikely that all Aurora Basin equines might consider her friend material.

The pace picks up and Narcissa moves into a trot, a surprisingly graceful movement despite her size. Laid out before the three was the basin, indeed as beautiful as Tiamat had described.

“Yes.” She breathes in admittance, cyan eyes scanning the mountains that sprang from snowy ground and hot springs. Caves carved into the rocks, something she was not unfamiliar to; Narcissa hoped she would like it here and one day call it home.

@Tiamat thank you so much! I'm very excited xD I hope that Narcissa and Tiamat can be friends, it would be nice for Narcissa to have someone to actually open up to since she doesn't ever to do that >< I apologise that she is not the talkative sort right now tho xD Anyone else is welcome to join this, I would love for Nar to meet other herd members!!

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this town is only gonna get worse

Sometimes, this place feels like the end of the world. Now is such a time: how the sky goes on forever if you tilt your head a certain way, how the air howls cold songs inside your lungs, how the mountains are like teeth bared, waiting. You drink it in and your heart beats reverence. You drink it in, and every fiber of your body sighs home. You're a small thing still, insignificant against this backdrop of glacier-cut valleys and arctic sky, but you love it even if you don't quite understand what love the word means.

Today, maybe, your heart's a little weak with love. You woke up this morning and reached for Mama and she was gone. You knew she would be and still it felt like tripping into a hole, like waking up on Armageddon eve and the world is beautiful, but it's wrong. It's still wrong. You woke up a long time ago, but here you are, pecking at the dirt around the borderlands like a lonely crow. Maybe a part of you hopes to glimpse your father again, or Vesper, or even Mama come back from her important mission (a part of you whines, weakly, what is more important then me?). Anyway, those particular distractions are lacking.

Those are — but not others.

Unfamiliar strangers climb now into your valley. You watch from far-off at first, just a black speck against a backdrop of much more interesting land. But your heart bleats like a pitiable thing and it nudges you toward them, and with nothing else to do, you obey. You obey.

And by the time you're up close, you realize you probably know the blue mare. You've been in the Basin long enough to glimpse most of the herd, at least, in meetings, and even though you usually have better things to think about, you recall the utter weirdness of her color. You don't know her name, though, or anything else about her. Your body draws up out of instinct, out of manners, so you're sort of presentable by the time you make a weird whistle-call to the strangers. It's like hello, only less civilized, which fits you anyway: you're like a boy, only less civilized.

It's remembering Mama that makes you stand up straight and look at them, at all.

"Hullo," You say eventually, when you're close enough. That odd habit of staring hasn't diminished in the least; you stare at them in open curiosity. And you're sure you've seen the blue mare before, but the giant — and she is a giant — would have stuck out more, wouldn't she? Your eyes crawl down from her withers to the stripes on her legs. Neither woman has wings.

Your own wings flex and fold again.

"You're new," you guess at the big mare, tilting your head. It might be menacing if you were bigger, but you're just a boy still, sullen and odd. "I'm Virga." You don't welcome her; you've never seen anyone welcome a stranger before, and any rules to the ritual evade your knowing. If Mama were here, she would lead by example and you would be tame. She is not here, though. She is absent, absent, and you're alone with this home you love but also fear. Alone is such an unsavory way to be.

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@Tiamat I hope y'all don't mind me crashing :)

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