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"Larue!" The shout rang into the morning, the sound of an exasperated mother already at the end of her tether. The start of Orangemoon brought a blessedly cool morning but Tallsun had raged enough that it would take more than a morning to heal the Basin’s greenery; rain and a long sleep through Frostfall would set it to rights, birth the trees and Johnny—too bad Larue didn’t hibernate. Aisling had woken to find her daughter already gone off and most assuredly causing some form of mischief or another--which was a problem because the little mare had specifically instructed the girl to wait until checking in with her before heading out for the day. 

Aisling couldn't understand it, how could the girl be so troublesome?! To make mischief was one thing, but no matter how hard Aisling tried, the filly seemed determined to ignore or dismiss her every word. She was trying, using her own mother as her model for what mothers should be and do and say. Lord knows Maera had been a saint to put up with her and her two miscreant brothers, and so Aisling had tried her very best to emulate all the qualities she remembered so fondly. She tried to be patient, tried to be calm. Strived always to be understanding and comforting, and wise. When Larue “misbehaved” she tried to be strict, but fair. The hardest thing was trying to remain stoic in the light of her daughters antics when what she wanted to do was laugh and join in the fun as Johnny seemed to do.

The little mare sighed, glancing back toward their cave to where Johnny and Jellybean lay, holed up in hibernation as he received from a trying Tallsun. It had been one thing trying to keep tabs on their daughter when he was around to help, but now she was ready to pull her hair out. "Larue!"
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He was deep in his cave wondering through the old herbs that have lived their days out. The beast would bring them from the shadows, and place them into the burning fire in the middle of his cave. Scents swirled and rose through the air of his cave, and they eventually found their way to the mouth of the cave. Once the shadow was done his cracked hooves emerged from the depths of his darkened cave. Stone cold eyes looked to the land around them. It was shifting and changing with the seasons, mud slides were rampaging through the lands. Lowering his demonic skull to the ground he looked to the ground below him. Luckily he was on the side of the mountain that was built with the stone and rock. In the quiet of the day his black body shuttered to the sound of a mare screaming a name into the mountain's of the basin. His Heavy skull turned and his gray eyes narrowed out of curiosity. In the distance he could see a white mare moving through the land. Cracked hooves moved from their spot, and he descended down the sharp rocky path.

The malevolent looking beast finally made it to the soft ground below. Muscles moved under his scared pelt, contracting and relaxing with every step. A call came from the mare once again screaming the name of a creature. Cold eyes narrowed upon the girl as he got closer and closer to the white being. Finally the demonic beast stood nest to her. His stature towered over the small girl, and his dark appearance brightened the girls pure white pelt. His eyes settled over the girl for a moment, then a smile fell upon his maw. It was cold, nothing warm like others might give to someone they first met. He tried though, that is all that mattered. Nox tried to feel warm and welcoming, but the cold mountain beast was not very good at it.

A deep voice filled the air around them as his pace slowed to mares. "Hello." The words felt like death warmed over, but his eerie manner was trying to be welcoming. New people was just not his thing. Cold eyes looked away from the girl to the path in front of them.
"If you are looking for someone I can hep you find them. If you want me too..." The deep voice trailed off offering the girl some help. He knew she might flip shit on the demonic beast, and tell him to go away. It was worth a shot, Nox was not doing anything better right now. For a second the beast wondered how his cold personality and lifeless like body would be accepted by this mare he had never seen before.
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The lemony-filly winced at the tone of her mother’s voice.“ “Crap,” she muttered under her breath, flaxen tail that was slowly replacing foal-fuzz flicked at her rose hocks. Lemon-freckled face rose from the hole she was widening with her small, candied hooves.

Quickly, the mischievous girl swept dried grasses and twigs over her most recent favorite pastime: digging holes to trip unsuspecting unicorns. She knew mother would scold her for this, exasperation and disappointment on her angelic, prim-and-proper features. At the meeting, Rue had thought her mother cool for being appointed head spy. But now.. Now she was back to boring ol’ mom. Always telling her not to do the things the filly found most fun in.

Bounding away from the tiny pit she had dug, she headed in the direction of her mother with nothing but pure innocence plastered on her yellow and pink face. It was harder to mask the triumphant and mischievous gleam in her bright teal eyes, however. “Yes, mama?” her sweet, sing-song voice she had inherited from her mother called as she trotted pertly up.

Her candied ears were perked, though she slowed as she saw another near her dam. He was a dark beast, with two sweeping horns. Her gaze was assessing—he didn’t look like one who would take kindly to one of her pranks. So she would have to be sure she wasn’t around when he fell into one of her traps—though that took most of the fun out of it. What good were tricks when she wasn’t there to see them work?

“Who’re you?” her neck craned up to look at the man who was so much taller than her mother and herself. Though he wasn’t truthfully that tall, they were just that short. Cheekily she waited, bright eyes darting from mom to stranger. Vaguely, she wished her dad wasn’t so sick from Tallsun’s heat. He was far more willing to play her games than mother.
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To hold all the promise of blue-velvet dark and stars

Aisling’s head turned at that approaching footsteps, eyes seeking for her daughter’s tiny pale yellow figure only to be met by the form of a dark shape moving up the path. There was a tiny flutter of fear in the pony’s heart, this one matched so well all her childish imaginings of a the dark villain with a heart as black as his coat…But that was nonsense, she knew that, even if it did spring first into her fanciful mind. A stranger was a stranger, and judging on their location and his clam(?) demeanor she judged he might be one of her new herd mates. As her first few months here had been spent mostly holed up with Johnny and Larue, Aisling had only met a few others and was eager to rectify that.

She smiled at the stranger, or at lease tried to. Even for Aisling’s normally sunny outlook and what appeared to be an effort on his part, the stallion still presented an intimidating facade. He loomed over her, not nearly at tall as Einarr had been, but less…wholesome, and his voice was like ice as it cracked over her. And yet, he was offering help? “Ah, hello…” her voice was unsure and her eyes darted around his person trying to discern amy possible ill will and found none. “It’s my daughter, you see, but she likes to wander of a mornin’. I wouldn’t trouble yourself, she’s—just there!“

Aisling’s dismissal of the stallion’s offer was mercifully cut short as the lass wandered up, smile sweet as summer sunshine. The fae often had to work rather hard not to be a pushover when her girl smiled at her, even if the filly was tart what mother didn’t think hers wasn’t the sweetest, prettiest lass the world had ever seen. “A stór, you were supposed to wait before running off like that.” She admonished her daughter, reaching out to tug the lemony forelock. Her words were soft however, she was already starting to forget her annoyance. Now that her daughter’s whereabouts where not a mystery to distract her, Aisling turned again to the stallion with a smile a bit more genuine, eager to make, well…acquaintances, if not friends. “I am Aisling, by the by, Thief in the Basin, alongside Rexanna. This here is my daughter Larue; she quite often forgets her manners.”

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