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The world is a terribly droll thing, as of late. Peace, and happiness. Even all this death does not seem to have much impact on the drama that was usually so imbedded in Helovia’s nature. He does not long for war, no no no. War is so trifle, so overdone. But it is so easy to wave a hand across a glistening mirror of water and watch it…ripple.

Change was a natural part of life. And yet the more it changed the clearer it became that truly did not. The same old boring tales, the same old exhausting creatures, all believing they were unique. The first of their kind.


There was a reason he was not often called upon for duties involving the mortal realm. He was not the nicest sort, despite his love for the mortal equines. Quite like an elderly grandfather he believed tough love was the best way to help a creature grow, and he was not keen on babying them. And he was quite the tease and trickster, enjoying the frustrated huffing and puffing he would inspire in others with his words. But at last he had been appointed a task befitting his personality, a change that would take the population by surprise for sure. For he was a gift giver of something they had never seen before.

With a coy smile the sinuous serval wrapped itself around the tree limb he had perched upon, a caterwaul of sound beckoning those nearby to come and listen to what he had to say. As they gathered his spots began to smoke, his form flickering like a ghost as they gazed upon him, tail swaying lazily as he grinned lasciviously down upon them.

“Tell me, creatures…” he purrs. “If you could wish but one thing of the Gods, and have it come true, either for the whole of existence or just for you…” he disappeared and reappeared on another tree branch, staring down at them with a piercing gaze. “What would it be?”

- - -

This drop is for a VOTG prize! You have 72 hours to respond, and you don't need to have anything on your wishlist. The winner or winners of this drop will receive a new prize - a "God Chat", which enables you to 'summon' a god just for a chat (you can't use a "god chat" prize to quest for anything).


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There was a pull, a tug at the duo as they made their way across the Rotunda. Kiada had never been to this place, but she remembered it from the stories her mother told her – of how the land was one of her favorites, how it gave her the ability to forget about her worries and troubles and simply be at peace. Yet, as Kiada found her way here without her brother once more, Khairi fluttered above her with an unamused pull at their bond. The vulture was bored, and Kiada was trying to figure out what made this place one of her mother’s favorites. It was dull and boring, aside from the colorful glass that created colored streams of light. Perhaps it resembled her mother more than she originally thought – dull, boring, but with a spark of something unique. Perhaps that’s why her mother found peace with it. But for now, Kiada surely didn’t.

Of course, it wasn’t until she heard the sound of something beckoning them closer. Khairi instantly grew curious, beginning to fly in the direction of the call. His raptor’s scarlet gaze searching for the creature of the call. Kiada wasn’t far from his heels, however, using him as an extra set of eyes. And when they arrived, they spotted a sly feline wrapped around a tree. Her oceanic gaze immediately was glued to the creature as it began to flicker in and out, smoke billowing quietly from his spots. Kiada began to feel a bit closer to the creature, the flames that cascaded along her back – a pointless display, only useful for casting emotion, flickered with proud lions, courageous in their approach toward the grinning, smoking serval. His voice reached to her, and she began to ignore her surroundings, completely wrapped up in what the creature had to say. But when he finished, Kiada’s brows furrowed together as she thought.

Khairi landed upon her withers in a calm fashion, keeping his gaze on the feline as his bonded thought about what to say. If she had the chance to ask the gods anything and have it happen, what would it be? Well, she was still young. She still had a lot to learn and many events to live through, but there was one thing she kept on her mind, hopeful in the fact that nobody would find her stupid for asking. A simple request, at least so she thought, of being able to feel more useful than a pointless face among many other faces, only able to try and manipulate the best she could without any true power behind it. When she lifted her ebony head to view the serval, he had completely disappeared from the branch he sat upon to another tree branch. Her eyes followed, flickering to the new location before she began to pipe up. “I would ask to be useful, to have a purpose.” She noted, her gaze narrowing slightly on the serval. “To be more like my brother.”  


it was in my flaws,
I found a much deeper truth
and it is from them I bloom:
a black rose
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Basically she thinks her magic is useless (passive ftw) and is upset she can't really do anything like Kianzo can. Sooo I guess she would ask the gods how she could be more useful without having active magic. xD


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To the rotunda Tilney had ventured once again. Ultima's nightingale voice still rang about the forest with each bird's whistle; "a trove of peppermint!" he recalled her hooting. 
For a man who so enjoyed the company of others he was more than relieved to be here alone this day - Besides his journey to the Threshold to collect Manon he had made no such ventures away from his family or friends. There was work aplenty in the greenhouse and gardens, and now that his dear sister had found him he had yet another to add to the housing complex he and glasgow has invented among the biggest of the edge's trees - soon perhaps they'd have to craft a glass shelter, held up by the trunks of each creatures home tree. then they'd have a wonderful common room. Perhaps even a fire in the center!? 
Oh how perfect life was. 
That was until Tilney had quite enough of social interaction for ten years - the lad needed a break, hence his day trip to the Ancient rotunda. To escape into the wilderness had always been one of his most favorite things.

Orangemoon's frost was withering the undergrowth already - the threat of winters tide loomed. How the boy of the sun dreaded the pure cold that came with winter. A soft sigh escaped his ashen maw as he crossed by the rotunda, glancing up at the structure as he did so. Tilney could recall a precious time he and Arah lay and gazed at the brook below from the safety of the beautiful structure - he'd been here many times it seemed.

but gods, what was that sound?
The ginger boy danced sideways, dock flat between his legs. "heavens!" he uttered, his nose darting back and fourth towards any possible source of the noise. It had sounded like a fox perhaps? A very sick dog? Or a feline, yes, a feline - Tilney was quite sure however it was not a common tabby. Something about the call had sounded like this cat was beckoning, summoning even. Would it be wise to investigate? Surely it wouldn't hurt.
Tilneys approach was as quiet as he could be (so still considerably loud and clumsy), shifting behind trees and finding lower points in the undergrowth. Soon he saw it; a Serval. He had seen one similar the same accompanying Sikeax only that one was the subject of transfiguration apparently. A boggart.  

A tiny filly approached the tree the feline lounged in just as Tilney did, and it started Tilney enough for him to not say a word about it. What was someone so young doing all the way out here? If he knew Maude was venturing out into the wilds he'd hobble her to the home tree. Something even more peculiar happened next - the Serval spoke. He had seen stranger things in Helovia, so Tilney just smiled and watched the cat with wonderment before answering his question. 
"I was going to ask that the herds be united... then I realised something more important. I would ask that all evil would be banished from Helovia whether that be wicked creatures or just wicked helovians. Then perhaps the nations will be united once again and create a humble, whole Helovia"

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I wanna chain you down

She had wondered away from edge for a moment. The Specter was always looking for information to bring home, or learn more about. Her cream tresses swayed behind her golden perfect haunches. Hooves reached for the ground in front of them at a steady trot. Tin happily pranced next to the rose gold woman his cloven hooves raised high and proud in the air. Tall antlers reached reached above his small skull, and the flashy pair traveled the lands together. Orange Moon had dawned upon them. Raeden was not sure if she was ready for frostfall yet, it seemed to be coming so fast.The trees relinquished their green leaves, and they would soon be bare. Plants and other animals will go dormant, hiding for the frostbitten world. How would her son hold up in the cold weather? Questions swirled around her mind then the pair heard a call in the distance.

Green eyes found their way to Raeden and they both came to a halt. Tree's and bushes sheltered the sun above from the pair below. Teal eyes searched for the caller, but they could not find it. Her hooves fell into a canter. Falling softly on the ground below her hooves carried the specter closer to the sound of the caller. Tin leaped in front of the girl to try and catch a glimmer. He saw a young child, and then the man who denied Ron's treatment. Green orbs narrowed on the man and Raeden got the instant picture of who was there. The scene unfolded in front of her eyes, allowing her to know what was going on, before her arrival. Slowing to a walk the specter emerged from the bush to stand next to Tin.

She had heard what the strange cat asked before actually seeing the beast. Her eyes wanted to roll at the response of the bronze man. Words laced in venom wanted to spit at the man, but she held her tongue. The small filly only answered with a simple response. Poor thing did not know to much of the world yet. If only the girl knew that everyone was here for a purpose, it just takes awhile to figure that out. Silver flecked eyes fell upon the cat creature and thoughts made the mare ponder. She could not come out with an answer off the top of her head, then one emerged. "I honestly would ask them to heal all with disabilities. I take life for granite every day, and I have never sat down to think about it. There are some out there that have to quest for the gods to heal them. They go through trying tasks, and most of them do learn from their experience. It would be nice to cure disabled children when they are born. So they don't have to go to the God's, and carry out the quest alone. I could not imagine how difficult life can be for those children and adults." The honey coated words finished as the sleuth's gaze fell to the child then back to the cat. Raeden spoke the honest truth that was deep from her heart. If only her magic could help others more, then just curing infections.

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Dozing in and out of consciousness in the shade, near the trickling remnants of the Summer devoured brook, Duir and I are suddenly awoken by the caterwauling wail of some rude devil. Blinking angrily at the tree line, I mutter ruthless phrases beneath my breath as I nudge my still trying to snooze buck on the shoulder. Without waiting for him, I carry on, out into the wood.

"Let’s go see what’s died," I grumpily snort, the young buck glancing at me with curious wonder, as to why we’d want to see dead things, before bounding after me.

The path, short, reveals a peculiar cat like creature lounging in the branches. Fond of cats, I take the time to look upon its markings and sleek figure, the prowess of a hunter etched into its figure, but I also haven’t forgotten being rudely awoken. Others have arrived to look upon the oddly flitting and flickering magical beast, as well, meaning this beast, as annoying as it was, probably had something I wouldn’t mind having, too. Every time before that I’d come upon such a setting, someone had left with a boon.

I look at the buck alongside me, and smile, despite my sleepiness. This weird cat is definitely not magical lights, but maybe I’ll be lucky again all the same!

Sure enough, the wicked little thing straight up asks us what we would want.

That’s different, I think, listening to what the others say with only moderate curiosity. When Angry Lady pipes up, I look over at her cautiously; I’m glad she’s pretty far away from me when it becomes my turn to speak.

Her, and a male who spoke up before her, both want the most flowery trinkets a moron could ask for. And what do I want? The same thing as always…more power. Though, for a brief moment, the image of my friends and family, happy in the Basin, threatens to override my more usual requests.

"I wish to be stronger," I answer, the cold, smooth pressure of my mirror shifting weight in the tangled masses of my mane (where it’s been snared for some months) reminding me of another request, "or perhaps learn the magical value of the few trinkets I’ve found in my time here."

Or lack there of.

[ Rikyn is seeking to enchant the Black Mirror:
Enchanted Item: Desires a pendant which is comprised of a two inch long elliptical black mirror encircled by decorative white gold scroll work and diamonds. The pendant is capable of drawing another character's soul into it upon death, allowing the wearer to summon the captive spirits from the mirror in order to ask for their advice.
Upgrade for his magic:
Magic Upgrade: Dark x Shock | Pulse Upgrade: Increases the involuntary reaction so that the involuntary reactions also cause cellular damage, rather than just a lack of control. Potential effects include blurry vision, head ache, muscular pain or spasms, ect. ]

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He likes the flickering, smoking feline - immediately and without any additional information than what can be gleaned on first sight. Something in the way he slinks along the branches above them, no doubt entirely aware of the way it forces his audience to crane their necks and tilt their heads to see him, combined with the shameless marauders grin that spreads across his features as he lazes in the crook of a limb just resonates with the old stallion. He can almost feel the malicious humor in the cats deeply golden eyes.

‘Same.’ His companion sniggers from the back of his mind, conjuring an image of the servals spots littered across his bondeds hide, still blinking and billowing thin tendrils of smoke. A lopsided grin pulls at the corners of the stallions mouth in silent reply. Kindred souls indeed. Intrigued, he tilts his ears to listen when the creature finally speaks and considers his answer for several minutes before committing it to words, allowing the most eager of the group to fill the silence of his hesitation with their own rushed requests.

“It’s confusing to me," He begins, speaking to the assorted faces surrounding him as much as to the serval overhead. “Having living gods in Helovia. Where I was born there were no gods, or else we never knew of their existence. Accidents, consequences, the natural order - Things just happened. The universe had no regard for good or bad. You made your life through hard work, careful decision making, and blind luck all in equal measure."

"It was often morally unfair, in that the worst of creation might live a long and prosperous life without fear of punishment, and the good of society might just as easily suffer abuse and powerlessness for their entire lives, but at least it was fair in that everyone had the same random odds. It wasn’t personal when the world fucked you up."
Not personal, but every bit as painful and demoralizing, perverting. The stallions ears waver, drifting back to the protection of his neck and the python at his brow coils perceptibly tighter around one backswept horn in answer, his bulbous nose escaping the stacked loops of his body to rest against the base of the stallions right ear, loosening its tension by just a fraction.

“Here, with Ascended, Wise Ones, those few who have their prayers answered in the Veins of the Gods - There is no system. The gods answer when and whom they wish, give or take or change as they see fit, just as unpredictably as the impassive nothing of my home, but without the illusion of fairness in being random for all. These gods are not impassive. They play favorites, have mood swings, hold grudges.”

He pauses, focusing on just the serval now. “I would ask that the gods take a stance one way or the other. Come forward and lead their herds, take an active role in the politics of Helovia, or just fuck off and let the mortal live their mortal lives.”

OOC // Please don't smite him. He's old and crotchety and resistant to change. ;_; Also this is really cool! Thanks for everything you guys do. :3

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The beast is well used to these events know; he is practically a veteran. He is slightly more wary of them now, after what happened last time - he still can't shake the reek of undead dragon spittle from his skin - but that won't stop him from attending them. He wears the necklace from his last encounter proudly around his neck, knowing that his new armour can expand from it with a single twist of his mind to cover his body with diamond-hard dragon hide. Thus, when he sees a crowd of horses heading towards the Rotunda, he is quick to follow, with the usual excitement bubbling in his chest.

He recognises several of the faces gathered around the serval as he prowls closer and draws to a halt. There's Rikyn, asking for strength - good thinking - and Albrecht, probably asking for freedom from thorns in his dick. There's some stupid fucker who wants to rid Helovia of evil, and he receives a look of contempt from the young stallion. The question is a difficult one, and the black leviathan finds himself pondering for quite a while about his answer.

Of course, the leviathan is a fairly simple man, and he wants what every man wants; power. Strength. Fame. A plethora of virgins offering themselves for his pleasure. None of this, however, he feels inclined to share with the strange tree-entwined cat, as his innermost thoughts and plans are for him and him alone. In addition, he has managed to gain many of these things through his own deeds, without any help from the Gods, so to say he would beg on bended knee for the Gods to give him strength, power and the rest is not strictly true. He does not need holy help; it would just be a pleasant bonus, a helpful nudge down his path to glory.

There's something else he wants, though. Her face appears to him as if in a dream, and he quickly and guiltily smothers the image. Is Isopia what he wants more than anything? No - his ambitions have that title - but she is definitely up there on the top shelf of things he desires. This is also not something he wishes to share with the group. "Why, I think that would be between me and the God in question," he simply says with a grin.

Vol would just love a chinwag with Earthy about anything and everything.

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i've got my feet on the ground

and i don't go to sleep to dream

Macaria has become much more liberal in her wanderings – there seem to be no restrictions at all, really. Of course, if she gets that 'creeped out' feeling she almost always turns around...and each time she is forced away from one of her adventures she mumbles beneath her breath. “Always alone! If I were not alone I wouldn't have to turn around...” She'll dream up some ferocious, loyal companion-monster who's secretly a loving little thing. Never has she been so lucky though, to find an egg or pup of some sort to adopt and combine forces. Her brothers, her father, almost everyone she sees has a bonded friend...but not her, she mopes, she has yet to find any bit of company to journey around with.

The Rotunda calls with a faint whispering wind that quakes the fading (yet brightening) leaves and rustles the fir-needles. It smells fresh and crisp here today, she gathers, and there are quite a few bodies about, which is rather unusual. She pokes around curiously for a little while, finding wildflowers to tuck in her tail and hoppy little frogs to follow until they find a piece of water to escape into. The entire time she's nosing around she hums under her breath with her honey sweet voice. Her feet, though big, are silent while she treads over the curves of rubble with earth grown over them. Walking along she steps over the face of an ancient statue that fell countless eons ago and is veiled in the swaying emerald grass. Stepping up onto the smooth surface of the standing structure her feet scuffle gently,  muffled thuds echo off the ceiling and surrounding trees.

*Crazy screaming cat sound*

Her hair prickles on end and a shiver shoots down her spine. Her feline tail flicks and rises to curl above her back while her ears try to find the source of the bizarre sound. She tosses her forelock aside and reveals her golden eyes, bright and wide, searching. Almost numbly she begins to walk toward the sound and out of the rotunda, her face blank of any expression except wonder. She can see the butts of many colors from where she's starting to creep in. She finds her respective spot next to the old man who seems immediately huffy and troublesome. She steps over a few feet, making space between herself and the copper bearded stallion. She lets her hair fall back over her eyes while she looks around very briefly. Jealously, pathetically, she whines to herself about her lack of what everyone else has. It's like she can feel her mother's hoof bitch slapping her in the forehead - “Are you fucking stupid?” Her head shakes and she blows a breath through her nostrils, clearing them. “Pay attention, idiot, be grateful and stop your whining – you're almost a grown woman. Get a grip on yourself.” She swallows a lump in her throat and takes her turn after the last speaker. Her eyes focus on his smoking spots and in response her own splotchy rings begin their own magic – crackling and dancing from her steely fur, sizzling and falling at her feet.

Protection on my adventures, some company – a companion, something lovely and vicious.” She just blurts it out like the mere child she is and she's a bit mortified when she does. She barely listened to the other before, but now, in sudden reflection, she wonders if she was supposed to say something like 'help everyone, happiness for all, healers in every corner!'. She shrinks back, slouching where she stands and holding her tail tight around the side of her body, the plume twitching at her ribs. Her sparks still dance, she cannot turn them off now. Her self-esteem is in a pile at her feet, she's embarrassed and frozen. Of course, just to add to all of it her mouth has lost all sense of moisture and feels like she could cough dust.

Greeeeat job.


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She is seeking a Royal Leviathan | Tidal Wave , if that's what this is lol
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She had found herself drawn, as if by a magical force, to the Ancient Rotunda since the first time she laid eyes on the decadent structure. The hymn radiating from the cornices, the splash of color in the class, the proud columns stretching toward the sky, filled her heart with a joy. The familiarity of strong, purposeful architecture reminded her of home - not the home she had made here, in Helovia. No, it resonated with the home resting in her memories, in her heart, in the blood flowing through her veins.

The sculpted ivory peaks dancing amid the valleys of green, stretching toward the night skies and the stars twinkling above.

Her hooves itched with the sensation drawing her ever nearer to the place, now enveloped in the chilled embrace of Orangemoon. The trees surrounding the area had begun to paint themselves in a flurry of orange and reds, yellows and browns, a parade of colors flashing before her lilac eyes.

The wind carried the taste of sweetness, the promise of autumn to be gentle, and something more, something old.

When the gathering came into view, Zyanya is immediately surprised by the number. Some of the faces she recognized, including the scowling expression of Albrecht and the spotted figure of Kiada. Many more remain unnamed in her mind, but they are all drawn to a particular tree, not far from the structure she had traveled to see. Her eyes scan over the bodies, finding the perched form of a feline lounging easily, his figure a blur of smoke and whispers of memories gone. Like a ghost.

She steps closer, drawing in behind the majority of the crowd, yet close enough to capture his words in her delicate ears. She closes her eyes and sighs, the answer is immediately apparent to her, but she knew it would be an impossible wish to grant, even for the Gods.

"I would wish my family safe, wherever they are," her voice is quiet, probably not audible over the rambling words of those around her. "And happy."

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ELDALA's hooves had betrayed her today. She'd wandered again but this time to the place where she'd met her first, brief lover. What a reject at these types of things, she was. The Tallsun day was quiet until she heard an odd set of words. She waited on the edges while the others spoke and considered their words. Some were for the all of equanity but many left out free will in their requests. Perhaps, still others, were backhandedly insulting the gods they wished to speak to. Others were selfish, as she was sure her idea would be. Not because she wanted to be but because she didn't really have any ties in this land so deep as to wish for something universal for so many.

I mean what else would she wish for? That each horse got one item they wished for? That would be the only way to ensure that a horse got what it wanted and what god wanted to deal with all of that? Her mind veered back to the situation at hand. What did she want? She wanted a lover, or foals, certainly. But she felt as if the gods being spoken of probably wouldn't be able to help her with that one (If only she knew the humor behind that thought.). She wanted to be seen in a positive light by her herdmates, she wanted to make friends, she wanted to be a better crafter, she wanted her herd leaders to be proud of her and not cause a mere rolling of the eyes. She wanted, she wanted. She wanted many things but were any number of them befitting a request from a god?

It hit her like a rough wave, flooding her mind, and removing all other thoughts. It was a memory of her childhood and a story spoken many times. Eios had never been one to talk about his early life, before he'd arrived in Glassmeroe but the one tale he had told was a fantastical tale of magic and warring tribes of underdeveloped lands and of in particular, who'd raised him from birth. Eldala's mother had always been sure to remind her and her siblings that the tale was just a fun way of explaining something which otherwise couldn't. The hazelnut mare had, after a time, come to assume that it was a cover for some sort of atrocious birth story. What had been the best of bed time stories became something sad. But now that she was in Helovia, where gods and magic and strange creatures roamed free, the tale didn't seem so nearly absurd. In fact, now that she thought of it, the similarities were astonishing. No one called the gods "Father" or "Brother" anything but, if anyone were to be able to tell her about her Father's mysterious past, it would be an all-knowledgeable God, right? /But the others are all asking for greater things.../

Her small peak tilted to the side for a moment, contemplating her response. There was one to go just before her who mentioned that it was between him and the god...a brilliant response. It was one she certainly wouldn't have thought of herself and, now that he'd said it, she wouldn't have been able to speak something so similar. Instead, she goes for reserved honesty. The truth but without many details. When she finds a space for her to speak her request she does so respectfully but with a calm, easily heard voice. "I would love to speak with them about a matter of my past which is most important to me in order to find out the truth of it." The moment it was out she felt rather foolish but she wasn't going to take it back now. She was yearning for some way to remain connected to her family, to her past, and to find out anything she could.

..  "Words"

OOC: I saw some posts asking for things buut I decided to play it safe. xD Eldala doesn't know which God she'd prefer to talk to but it would be the Earth god so she can find out about her father's past (Eios)/not feel as if her family is all gone. (Since she has extensive relatives her still,lol)

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A  delicate, leggy foal made her way into the group. In spite of her big butterfly wings and many markings she was quiet as she moved amongst the gathered group. Her still-short presence did not command too much attention and she rather liked it that way at the moment. How else would she follow others around in the bushes? How else might she learn more about her fellow horses if she were too tall to hide? The little filly remembered how tall Mother and Father had been and she never wanted to grow that big....or at least for a little while longer. Being big meant horses expected so much more of you whereas right now she could do whatever she liked.

Her wild fairy eyes assess this new creature before her. He looked like an old mountain lion but all-together different. Perhaps they were related? Like Pegasi and Equines? Laume shrugs her foal-skinny shoulders at the thought and listens to all the words. Adults always had such bravely linear thoughts. Battle, thoughts of the past, creatures and items to gain. Usefulness? How BORING. The fae struggled to keep her eyes from rolling about in adolescent sarcasm. The one who spoke up sarcastically to the creature was sassy as a dung beetle and she rather liked his substance. Her little eyes looked him up an down real fast, assessing this unusually intelligent adult. A small smirk was visible on her face, if he chose to look at, before she took her turn to speak. "Why ask something of a being you don't know? I'd like to learn of them and learn from them before requesting something so petty as a gift or a wish fulfilled." Her voice is quiet but mischievous and wild. She'd wandered quite far today, further than she'd ever dared, but her mind was wide awake at this new learning opportunity. While the others were in this world for a reason most dire she was here just for fun and the joy of living. What use was breathing if you wasted the air?

  "words words"

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The liver stallion had been drifting through the air aimlessly, lazily almost. His great wings beat softly every couple of minutes, keeping him aloft in the air. At his side floated Veci, the boggart an ever-present companion to the muscled stallion. His wingbeats faltered for a moment as a loud sound, a caterwaul, rang through the air around the rotunda. Steadying himself again, the stallion quickly made his way towards the rotunda, lowering his altitude as he went.

Landing with all four hooves on the ground, he politely made his way through the throng of horses. He had heard the question as he had descended, and had begun to ponder what he would want himself. Or for the whole of Helovia. That made one think, and Veci tried to butt in with comments but Hector kept him quiet. Now that was a thought-provoking question. What did he want if he could chat with one of the gods? He of course would chat with the Sun God, as he simply was the highest god in Hector's mind.

"I... I would ask for everyone to find that one horse that makes them the happiest, that makes them feel like they belong. I would wish for those who want it to be blessed with a family..." he had been desiring family lately, thinking of his past and how his father kept his very parenthood a secret. Never would he let a foal of his feel that way or be treated like that. Any child that was part of his lineage would be known as a child of Hector, Guardian of the Dragon's Throat.

He would be proud to father just a single foal, someone to teach to fly. To fight. Someone to protect other than the Throat's citizens. The stallion wished for those who wanted a family to be blessed with one. The throat was family to him, granted. But he wanted more than just an extended family. He wanted his own flesh and blood. His own progeny. His own lineage. Others must want for that as well.

Text. "Speech."

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The gathering drew her in, like it had so many times before. With her head curiously tilted the young mare listened with interest to the question asked, and more intently still at every answer offered. She had never really paused to consider how vastly different the horses of Helovia were, but it was made so utterly apparent here today. What might have been a simple question was turned into something very complex, much like how the singular colors of warp and weft managed to form complicated patterns in a weave. It was quite glorious, somehow deep and clarifying in a way that set goosebumps rising all across her skin.

Some of the answers made her frown, others still pulled her lips into a smile. Little Laume in particular received a wide smile from the young acolyte, because the filly mirrored her own sentiments almost word by word. Indeed, Erthë too would like to know more about the divine beings, but she couldn't deny that she like so many others also craved more. In the depths of her heart, could she pretend that she truly desired only knowledge for its own sake?

She thought back to her recent encounter with her goddess, thought of the kindness the Lady had shown even though there had been nothing in it for her. Erthë wondered, not for the first time, why the goddess had appeared before her. Surely not only to help a child that had strayed onto a path that would lead only to dead ends and suffering, surely not just because the little hybrid lived within the shadows of the Edge?

Then again... why not. Perhaps there was no deeper purpose behind everything the gods did. In the end, they might be as free and boundless as any mortal, as chaotic and kind and unpredictable as either of these souls gathered before the smoking serval today.

Erthë wondered what she would ask of those beings, if she had but one more chance to do so. Would she ask for power or health or the purging of evil from the world? Would she demand their absence, or presence, or that she too might walk amidst the stars and be worshiped by mortals, just like they were?

In the end, she shook her head and turned her gaze upon the supernal being in the tree, thoughtful even as she raised her voice in reply.

"In the end, good sir, I hope I would ask for nothing more or less than honesty" she said, "as I do from everyone else I meet - and from myself."

After all, what did it matter in the end how strong she was or how healthy and happy everyone around her was, if people were unable to trust each other - or themselves? Evil would still fester in their hearts; health, happiness and prosperity would come to an end and no amount of love or companionship would be enough to overcome it.

That was what she believed, at least.

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Wide wings carry her thick bodice through the air, hovering through the sky without much of a thought. She is bored, feeling empty and without purpose. Cyan eyes are dull as they peer at the ground below her. Yet, something snags her attention and her mind begins to wander. What is going on down there? Weight shifts and the dame begins to descend from the clouds, all four hooves lightly landing on the ground as she does so. “Tell me creatures… If you could wish but one thing of the Gods, and have it come true, either for the whole of existence or just for you… What would it be?” She folds her wings and walks forward to the voice, slipping through the crowd of other equines to get a glimpse of this questioning soul. A smoking serval, wrapped around a tree branch. She hears the voices of the other equines, but she pays little attention to them as they list off their wishes. Nikoleta, she desires many things, she has a want for all the things that she can’t have. The girl is very aware that she cannot sit around and just wait to get these things though, she knows she has to earn them. However, this cat had mentioned the Gods. She was unfamiliar with these Gods, and one of her desires is to know more about them. What would she personally ask of them? That was a difficult question that she mulled over while the other’s continued to voice out their own desires.

Finally, she speaks, “I wish to be known for something. I want to have a purpose, but to do that I don't believe I can do it as I am. I wish for magic, or something to help me through my adventures. Perhaps a companion, one of the two, or both. I want to be great.” was that too much to ask for? Well, if they were Gods then perhaps her wish was just something they could easily conjure up for her. She decided she should not worry about it, even though perhaps her wish sounded selfish. There was no reason to quite mull over it, if the Gods wished to speak to her about this then so be it, if they didn’t then that was fine too.

The Lusitano mare then took the time to take a peek at the other horses. There were plenty of unicorns around, some were young and some were older, both mares and stallions. A dark stallion with a white face and read eyes, a pale filly with both wings and horns, another young pegasus, and then Hector. She didn’t know how she didn’t recognize him before, and she felt a little stupid for not even greeting him. Maybe now wasn’t even the time for this crowd to communicate amongst themselves, so instead she only made her way over towards the stallion and simply stood next to him. She had missed his wish, but perhaps she would ask about it later. For now, she would just have to be patient and see what would happen in this situation. What would the serval say now, would he keep quiet and let more equines come forth, was a god going to appear? She didn’t know and she simply stayed silent just for the sake of everyone else.

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Black-rimmed ears quiver, nerves strung suspiciously tight for the dark princeling, at the cacophony of noise that spattered through the air. He was lonely, but not alone. For he had followed his ivory-draped sister from their rapidly cooling herdland. Where she went, he did not know; but she seemed to move with a purpose.

A purpose she had not shared with him.

His ears tilted back, against the smoking purr of the branch-bound serval that apparated from limb to limb. But the colt had smokey, ashen magic of his own. And he had eyes only for his twin. This apparition of the gods did not hold a flicker to Kianzo’s main focus.

His eyes burned as he hung back from those that assembled; remained in the cover of trees that surrounded the Rotunda—and he did not even inspect the old, crumbling stones. No, he only studied his other half, graced with a white vulture. His own companion sat, equally still, at his black hindlimbs. Her similarly intent gaze, however, was on the serval. Keusi licked her jowls, before her lips parted as she fully scented the breeze, fleshy pink tongue lolled out.

”I would ask to be useful. To have a propose. To be more like my brother.”

The dark prince stiffened, head rising and ears pinning against his gilded neck. His eyes sparked with intensity, burning at his sister. She thought she wasn’t useful? She thought she didn’t have a purpose?

She was his purpose. Together, they were one. Never one without the other.

Even Keusi’s powerful jaws clamped close, hungry eyes leaving the serval as she looked at her dark prince, drawn by the powerful flow of emotion that was coming through their bond. It was unlike anything she had felt from him before.

It was a drop of humility. Was it he that made his sister feel this way? He remained still for a few, long moments. And then he broke his tension, fluidly walking up beside his mirrored half, pushing his shoulder solidly into hers, but remaining uncharacteristically silent.

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Random Event

The serval has little qualms with correcting, tricking, and eluding those who stand before him. His paws flex against the bark, sly smile almost too big for his grinning face as his tail sways hypnotically behind him. They all speak, except for one, and some answers are so ridiculous that the serval cannot help but let out a mocking laugh, gliding down and around the trunk of the tree to another branch as he surveys them royally. He replies to them in turn, invested in each and every response, for he does not make these decisions lightly. The first girl to approach mentions her brother, whose silence sticks out as he sidles up to her. Glinting black eyes pierce down upon the young girl.

"Your brother who disregards me? Young thing, purpose comes from inside you. If the Gods told you that your purpose was to let everyone walk all over you, would you ascribe to their commands?" With a flick of his tail he turned to the next equine, already bored of the twins with their youngness and their naivety. But it seemed naivety was not exclusive to only children, and the cat rolled its eyes and slipped down to hang indolently across the branch, eyeing Tilney. "And what happens in this peaceful world of yours, sir? The same actions every day, the same hellos, the same ticking clock. Would you not drive others to madness then? Peaceful creatures turned to devils, yearning for change." Perhaps he should let them ask the Gods these questions, receive a far harsher answer, but if he is to be called upon for this task then he shall steal the pleasure of twisting these plain little creatures inside out.

Raeden at least asks for something respectable. "How kind of you," he purrs, coal black eyes glinting as he dissolves into smoke to sit upon her shoulder. "But how can we learn if we do not suffer?" And he disappeared from her once more, prancing along the tree branches once more, imitating the odd gait of the creatures below him. A scoff is spared to those who ask for items, and he flicks his tail and they disappear, transported to the land they had previously come from. As if they had never been. He has no time for them, not when he desires philosophy and crinkled brows. Power and greed do not belong here.

At least he is then delighted by the umber elder who spits calm vitriol, and the serval's eyes gleam with anticipation. "So full of life, you are, for one your age. And faced with one of these gods...would your courage hold true, to tell them what you have told me?" After all, while the serval was capable of many magical feats, the Gods were nearly boundless in what they could say and do to the old stallion. Volterra, far younger, is boring. The serval narrows its eyes and with a flick of his tail a meteor shower of tiny, painful sparks descends upon the boy. "I am the one who grants that passage to their side, child. Do not presume you are above me." And then he is grinning once more, already moving on to the next.

Zyanya's voice is quiet, but he hears her nonetheless. "Oh? You would not wish for the safety of all? Is it out of love for your family, or shallowness?" The serval did not truly care what they sought from the mouths of the gods. That was not his place to question or care about. No, he wanted to make them think. He wanted them to grow, to hate him, to feel frustrated and confused. Only then could they change their spirits.

Eldala is next. "Do you think they pay specific attention to you and your affairs? Or is it desperation that drives you to them, praying for their omniscience to extend that far?" But the creature is not firm with only those who can withstand his temper, and the butterfly child is not spared for her sass. With a flick of his tail she would feel as if fire ants were crawling all over her body, stinging and itching painfully for a few long minutes.

"And whose fault is it that you are blind to their existence, child? Do not blame me for your laziness, there are many faithful souls who could have educated you. Or perhaps curbed your tongue." Children these days, really! Though he could not say much as the serval was and always had been a trickster himself, even as a kitten.

Hector is given a simpering, romantic look. "And what if they do not desire a lover? A family? Would you exclude them from your well wishes because of what your own heart desires?" Before quickly moving on to Erthe. "Honesty? You would take away the valuable time of a god to call them down and say "Please be honest throughout your eternal life. Thank you!" and leave? What a waste." If she had a specific question that she then implored their honesty perhaps he would have understood. But why would a GOD lie to a mortal? They had no reason to most days.

"And you, oh silent one? Have you anything to say regarding your sister's confession?" Ah, there. Everyone. Now to sit back and watch their amusing reactions.

- - -

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If the serval seeks to frustrate or anger Zyanya, he will have a difficult time.

The question he poses does not offend, nor does it make her reconsider her altruistic motivations for her request.  For a moment, she does draw her face in quiet contemplation, wondering if worrying about her beloved family were a shallow act on her part.  To wish for the safety, the well-being of one other than yourself... how can it be selfish?  Does wishing for the safety of a few discount or bar the safety of all others?  She thinks not.

The desire to see her family safe arose from the dire circumstances under which they parted.  With her younger sister already beheaded at the will of those who ambushed them on their journey to the North Haven, Zyanya had no reason to believe any they caught would be shown mercy.  The blind race to safety had been a blur, with her mother calling from behind her to run without looking back.  The screaming echoes of that voice could still be heard ringing in her memories.

Wherever they were now, she hoped they would be safe from such threats, as she was now safely guarded in the Aurora Basin.  Perhaps, guilt was the driving force behind her wish.  She did not know for certain.

She smiles at the cat, unlikely to move his spirit one way or the other, not likely to persuade him to believe her intentions.  "I do not believe the safety of all is possible, and even to ask the safety of a few is a hefty request," she says, honesty radiating from her voice.  "I would protect those I love first."


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Tomorrow is a hope. Never a promise.

The serval was sarcastic, dismissive, of his sisters reply. It caused a gnash of his milkteeth, ears pinned flush with his skull as mentions of others “walk all over” Kia flicked out of the serval’s mouth. He leaned further into his sister, dark muzzle raising to her white-rimmed ear, whispering fervently, “Do not listen to this tierboskat. No one will walk on you. We will have zaidi purpose.” The colt interspersed the bits of their language their father had taught them thus far, hoping it would lend some kind of unity between them once again.

His ears unpinned as he carefully listened to the lanky cat’s answers to all of those around him. Hid cunning gaze sliced from smoking spots to chided equid in turn, tail twitching with interest. What was happening here? Keusi’s jaws snapped loudly once, indicating her boredom. She was hungry, it flowed through their bond. But the colt ignored her, save for a warning raise of his back leg—promising a swift kick should she begin pester him with dark ideas. He needed to focus. Both on Kiada at his side and what was happening around him.

And, finally, the serval’s eyes turned on him with a taunting question. The colt’s gaze blazed with cold annoyance, but he still was uncharacteristically silent for a moment, thinking about his words rather than throwing them with reckless abandon with the intent to harm. Hadn’t he harmed his sister? “My sister’s confession is between her and I, now.” His reply was terse, initially, eyes darting to Kia’s. Then, however, he answered the servals original question.

“But I would ask what it is like, having all that power—” his gaze gleamed at the word, shockingly clear and truthful words ringing in his deceptively deep voice for his youth, “—Being all that power. How do they use it? Why do they use it?” His chest had filled, swelled with the thoughts of such forces, bright eyes now staring into the ridiculously smiling serval’s smokey face.

How do they control it? And what controls them?”

Though the colt was ambitious, as plainly showed by the fervent nature of his questions, there was no greed in his voice. He had but touched the essence of power when harnessing his own ashen gifts. He had but seen the significant of leadership when he had witness the Basin Lord and Lady call a meeting.

But the colt wanted to understand power. Not just see it. Or feel it. And the gods—the gods were the source of that understanding. So he answered the serval truthfully, sentences carefully crafted and darkly honest.

Only now does his brazenness shine through, “How is this question, tierboskat?”

tierboskat = serval
zaidi = more/greater

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Soon enough the other equines began to trickle in, varying ones of different species and herds – some without any herds at all she imagined – and began to give their input as well. She listened, halfway between boredom and curiosity as to what the other ones had said. She was sure not to miss the few faces she did recognize – Albrecht, Zyanya, and Eldala to name a few. Of course they were those that resided in her own herd, and she didn’t recognize any one else even despite her recent trips to the threshold and being out and about. So regardless of that in mind, the child kept her gaze on the serval, watching his smiling face as he gathered the information for everyone’s wishes.

Yet, before the serval had a chance to speak directly to her, she felt the touch to her side that seemed to hold a familiar welcoming touch. She’d know that feeling anywhere. And suddenly, her body stiffened, ivory rimmed onyx ears flicking back toward her inky faded neck as the flames along her back began to shift from deer of curiosity to turtles with molded fiery shells and elephants with their trunks raised toward the sky. A combination of shame and sadness that enveloped within her chest at the fact that her other half had probably heard her. Kianzo had said nothing to her which felt strange to begin with, he hadn’t said anything to the serval with the smoking spots, and she began to grow uncomfortable. But hope began to spark in her mind that perhaps the colt hadn’t heard her request.

It all seemed to crumble before her eyes as the serval made his way to her, stopping in front of her to question her further about her question. Still, the shame and sadness flickered in harmless flames upon her marbled coat. As the words left his mouth, speaking of how Kianzo disregarded him shined within her mind. She flicked an ear back toward the colt as Khairi stayed perched upon her back, watching the serval with keen curious eyes – mostly uncaring of whether or not Kianzo had been there or heard it, despite the embarrassment Kiada might have felt, he seemed to be the rock that kept her steady. Yet, the filly listened to the serval as he spoke, talking of purpose and gods, and if she would let those walk across her. Her brows furrowed momentarily, ivory marked skull facing toward her brother as he spoke. And she was surprised by his answer, the sound of arrogance that usually accompanied the colt was nowhere to be found. Still, Kiada agreed with his first set of words, gifting him the small nod before clearing her throat to answer the feline.

I would hope that if the Gods asked that of me, it would be for a better purpose. But I’ve never met a God, so I can’t be sure what their ideas are. So, tierboskat, no. I would not follow their command to let those walk over me.” She stood a bit taller, a bit prouder as her oceanic gaze looked toward the smoking, smiley cat. “I think, I would be asking for a chance at learning of them and the way they command presence. I want to be useful, yes, but I also want to be strong, and either hated or feared as I think they often are.” She added in, defiance taking over the forefront of her mind. She leaned into her brother then, ever so slightly but enough to acknowledge his presence as the flames upon her back warped and shifted into griffons, confident in her answer. And as the serval began to move onto the others to speak to them of their choices, she ignored them. Instead, swinging her head over to her brother to press her face gently into his neck. “I’m sorry, m’bale.” She whispered into his coat, sorry for acknowledging  her weaknesses when they were supposed to be so strong.

Then, it was Kianzo’s turn to speak of what he wished. All she had was agreement for him, and perhaps a bit of surprise at his rather calm demeanor.


tierboskat = serval
m’bale = brother

also, since Kianzo's appearance and the servals words, she's changed her mind. She basically wants to learn how to be useful the way the gods are in a way. She wants to one day be feared or loved, like the gods are, and she's just trying to figure out how to go about it, so what better than the source? :D

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Her eyes glimmered watching this odd cat creature move and speak to the others. His words were like whips as he snapped back to the girl asking why would she want to be like her brother. Golden ears twisted around and then listened to the creature talk to the ignorant bronze man. He but the boy right in his place telling him how boring and devilish the world could be with no evil. She wanted to nod her head with agreeing motions, but she decided to remain quiet and to herself. Oh how will this saint of a man react to the Cheshire like cat's response? Raeden let her mind wonder what the creature would say about her request. Soon she got her answer.

The cat purred a sweet tone to her response to him. His black eyes felt like they were digging at her soul, then he was gone. Silver flecks searched for the cat, but they could not find him. Then a weight perches on her soft golden shoulder. Her skull turns to the cat with a soft smile. He ask's her how do you learn with out suffering. Then he was gone, dissolving into black smoke. Thoughts raced in her mind and she nodded her head. Yes suffering helps you learn from your mistakes.... "You are right, learning from suffering is something everyone has to do. I have no intent to help cure all who suffer, but just ones that did not chose nor do anything wrong to deserve their disability. I strongly believe if you piss off a god and they take your site away, they are trying to teach you something. Just think of the children born with joint diseases, eye problems, speech disorders, and the slew of other issues. Genetics caused that not a god, or another person. They were born that way and they suffer through childhood and adulthood. No one asks to be brought into this world, it is not our choice... So I just ask why should those born with a disability be forced to live with it their whole life?  ." The mare ended her honey coated speech. She was not angry or spitting foul words at the cat creature, only her feelings. Raeden spoke with sweet tones, but they were proud to stand for what she believed in.  

Teal eyes watched those who asked for items and other things disappear. Tilting her head she listened to the cat speak to the rest of the group. He did not seem very pleased with what they had to say,  but was he trying to see how they would react in a conflict like situation? Lowering her crown skull to Tin she watched the scene unfold. An angry boy spoke up, he was pissed about what the beast said to his sister. Shaking her head Raeden knew that the cat almost wanted this response from others. She just sat back and watched the monkey show keeping her comments to herself.

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